How many cubes are in a walk -behind tractor. Hinged equipment for the NMB-1 UGRA motorblock

Motoblocks Neva. Characteristics, instructions, modifications, oil, belt

The first uniform tractor “Neva” was released in 1984. The manufacturer’s website does not specify which MB-1 or MB-2 is. Nevertheless, the story of this model has many years.

The very first instruction manual that 1992 managed to find. Judging by it, the first motoblocks gathered in Novgorod under the direction of the Red October enterprise. If anyone needs an instruction manual for the old Neva MB-2 Neva MB-2, 1992, you can download it here.

The Neva Unoa Tractor MB-2 of all modifications, complete with cultivators, is designed to process the soil with milling and loosening in personal plots, in the gardens and gardens of individual use. The uniform tractor with the above hinged or trailed mechanisms, tools and devices can perform work on plowing, interference soil processing, pumping water water, haying, snow.Smoothing, harvesting areas, transportation of goods up to 150 kg.

You can easily install a lot of useful attachments and trailed guns on the Neva walk.Behind boobs and from an enhanced plow to a mower and a snowman. The original design of the gear-type gearbox in the aluminum case provides a traction force of at least 180 kgf, which guarantees high performance when working on heavy soils.

Switching transfers allows you to choose a convenient speed for all types of work and transportation of goods (up to 4 speeds forward and 2 back). The Neva motoblocks have a shutdown of one of the drive shafts, which allows you to easily turn around even with 8 mills. You can choose the right position of the steering wheel, for example, when using a double cigarette light and high soil.Spaceds, as well as turn the steering wheel and control the walk.Behind tractor without spoiling the finished furrow.

The Red October Plant Neva installed only Japanese and American.Made engines and categorically does not use Chinese.

Engine. The uniform tractor is equipped with a 4-tactly single-cylinder engine of one of the leading world manufacturers, or manufactured at CJSC Krasny October-Neva. A three.Armed pulley is installed on the output shaft of the engine (VOM), designed to transfer torque from the engine to the gearbox and to the active drive gun (mower, snowman, etc.)

Neva MB-2 has a number of modifications such as MB-2B-6.0, MB-2B-6.5pro, MB-2B-7.5pro, MB-2K-7.5, MB-2N-5.5, MB-2S-6.0pro, MB-2S-7.0pro, and MB-2-9.0pro, which are equipped with different engines. Depending on the modification, you can choose the one.Based tractor suitable for you by power, performance and country manufacturer.

Detailed information about the engines for the Neva MB-2 walkover is posted on the corresponding page of our site.

How to choose a single tractor in 2021?

And so, a new one, 2021 came, and an important, but not the most pleasant event occurred in the garden technique market. The cost of the metal increased sharply in the world market, which means that all the equipment, including motoblocks, has risen significantly in price. How do we live and which one.Like tractor to choose in 2021 we will discuss with you today.

3 basic issues. To which the buyer should answer:

If you entered this article, then you are obviously the owner of the site and obviously tired of waves with a shovel, engage in potato planting and cleaning manually, mow the grass with a scythe, weed, hill, and t.D. Therefore, you began to choose an assistant who will replace your manual labor with a modern mechanized. From the whole variety of offers in the market, you are most likely confused. A huge number of models, brands, engines, gearboxes, different wheels, functionality, mountains of attachments, all this is too complicated and not clear to the simple buyer. At least at first glance it looks extremely difficult and incomprehensible, today I will try as simple as possible and briefly explain everything to you and help with the choice.

First question. Which you must put in front of yourself, this is what your planned area of ​​processing is, and how heavy the soil. This is the very first question that we ask our customers. I want to draw your attention, it is precisely the processing section, and not the entire area on which you have a house, a bathhouse, a greenhouse, etc.D. Because I often hear:.”20 acres”, and then we begin to find out with the buyer and it turns out that 20 is the entire site, and it is ready to put into processing no more than 5 acres.

Second question. What work do you want to do. Clear business, cultivation with cutters, plowing plow, hilling, transportation of goods. But work with active attachments is more important. Rotor mower, snowman, blade shovel, pump, potato.Capt. Why is this question so important. The fact is that there is a huge amount of Chinese equipment on the market, which is not able to work with active mounting equipment, since the design does not provide power not through the belt, not through hard vomi. And today it seems to you that you will not use active attaching equipment, you need to think for the future and worry in advance that it is available and it can be connected to your motoblock.

The third. A very important question is whether it is possible to connect the selected unoic tractor to the adapter. Sooner or later, everyone who begins to work with a walk.Behind tractor, get tired of walking after him and begin to look for options so that you can do work sitting on a comfortable chair and turning the steering wheel to work on their site. This is inevitable, therefore, when choosing a technique, immediately ask what adapter can be connected to it and what is its functionality.

Let’s start with the simplest. The same.Based tractor is a device consisting of:

When choosing an engine that will be installed on your walk.Behind tract, you must be guided by a large number of parameters:

Let’s immediately divide all engines into branded and copies (fakes).

Walk-behind tractor with Diesel engine. Electrical system troubleshoot (basic)

  • Chinese production: Lifan, Zongshen, Hammermann, Weima, Dinking, Brait, Kasei
  • Japanese production: Honda, Yamaha, Subaru
  • American production: Briggs Stratton

These motors are installed on almost all motor blocks of the Russian producer, avant.Garde, agate, Ugra, Neva with a capacity of 6.5 to 12 l.With., as well as on the motoblocks Belarus MTZ, Grashopper, a Sich motor with a capacity of 9. 13 liters.With. The resource of such engines is from 1100 to 5,000 motors. As a rule, all motors are designed for year.Round use as they have a lightweight start. One-cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooling. The greatest popularity when choosing a walk-behind tractor is Lifan 168f-2 engines for 6.5 l.With., Lifan 170f for 7 L.With., Lifan 177f for 9 l.With., Zongshen GB270 9 L.With., Wima 188f for 13 liters.With., Honda GX200 on 6.5 l.With., Yamaha x300 for 12 l.With., Briggs Stratton I/C for 10 liters.With., Briggs Stratton Vanguard 6.5 l.With.

The leader in the purchase of a middle.Class walk.Behind tract is the Lifan brand, approximately 70% of customers give their preference to this particular brand. No wonder, spare parts are in every store, there are pennies, motors with a cast.Iron sleeve work out their honest 1000 motors, high maintainability, low price of a new motor.

Among the heavy technology, the leader still remains weim 188f for 13 liters.With. Since the cost of a walk.Behind tractor with such a motor can differ greatly from the version with the Honda engine by 9 liters.With.

The highest resource declared by the manufacturer has the Briggs Stratton Vanguard 6 engine.5 l.With 3000 motorized hours, Yamaha MX175 and MX200. 3000 motorized hours, Yamaha MX300. 5000 mothers. True, and walk.Behind engines with such engines are simply running out of cost.

My opinion is this. Any motor presented in the line is high.Quality, but breakdowns are found everywhere. Serving, or repair Japanese, American engines are extremely expensive, often the banal replacement of the starter goes out in cost as a new Lifan or Zongshen engine. Therefore, I recommend buying equipment with a Chinese, factory engine. The difference in the cost of the walk.Behind tractor, as a rule, compensates for the purchase of a second such engine. Having worked on Lifan, your laid for 10 years, it will be easier to buy a new same motor, and you will still win, because the same.Based tractor with such an engine is much cheaper than at once with Japanese or American.

Types of devices

All modern motoblocks can be divided into several categories depending on their possible load and functionality.

In terms of the degree of load, these types of devices are distinguished:

  • Ultra.Light motoblocks. Which are designed for work in small areas (up to 20 acres). The main differences between such units are not a large capture width (up to 30 cm), so you can work with them on narrow furrows and aisles. Light weight and handles that can be removed allow you to transport such motoblocks in the trunk of a car. For the most part, such models are equipped with two.Stroke engines and work on a mixture of gasoline and special oil.
  • Light motoblocks (universal). Models of this type are distinguished by their weight (up to 60 kg) and powerful engines. The width of the cutter is 50-90 centimeters, which makes the unit more productive, unlike the previous type. However, it is almost impossible to work with such motoblocks with narrow furrows. Such models are mainly equipped with four.Stroke engines that have a large efficiency and intensive combustion of fuel.
  • Medium motoblocks. This species differs in large mass. Up to 100 kg and motor power up to 7 liters. With. Most of these models have a gearbox and the presence of two speeds. All this simplifies work with the machine and allows you to easily move even in densely planted areas. The large weight of the device makes it possible even with the most dense and complex soil.
  • Heavy motoblocks (professional). These models are an ideal option for intense loads. They are often used in farm and agrotechnical farms, utilities. These machines have a gear gearbox, a full.Fledged gearbox, up to 16 liters. With.

Motobobok class.

Motobobes are divided into 3 classes.

Lungs. Motobobes weighing 60-80 kg., Designed for plots of 10-20 acres. Engine usually 6 or 6.5 l.With. Motobobes of this class are able to perform all work, transport goods weighing up to 300 kg., work with any active mounting equipment. Bright representatives of the light class: mobile for MKM-3, MKM-4, Neva MB-Compact, Uno-Total Tractor Vanguard, Zeleeen MB-501. All light class motor blocks are set by milling cutters, axes extensors, 4×8 wheels. 4×10. Additionally can be installed soil.Spaces.

Medium. Motoblocks with weighing 80-120 kg., Designed for plots of 10-50 acres of land. Engine have a power of 6-10 liters.With. They are able to work with both active and passive hinged equipment, transport goods weighing up to 500 kg., Sometimes they have the function of unlocking the wheels, there are options with both wedge.Density transmission and with a power selection shaft. Bright representatives of the middle class with belt transmission: Oka, virgin lands, Neva series MB-2, MB-23, Agat, Weima. Motoblocks with VOM: Ugra, some modifications of Weima.

Remarka: back a little to cultivators, there are cultivators Fermer, Asilak, Shtenli in the characteristics that are written that they have VOM (power selection shaft). Indeed, they have the so.Called VOM. And here the cognitive dissonance begins. If Fermer/Asilak has at least real VOM, then SHENLI go with a fictitious. In Shtenli VOM, it has constant rotation, does not correspond to the diameter for active attachments, t.E. In fact, it is impossible to use it. And Fermer/Asilak does not import active mounting equipment for their motoblocks. At its core, it is impossible to use models of manufacturers and other Chinese analogues as a walk.Behind tract with active attachment equipment, so in fact they remain cultivators with VOM (which is not functional). This is generally one of the most important nuances for which I started this article. In real life, it is impossible to exploit the Chinese uno.Based tractor with VOM.

Heavy. Heavy.Class motor blocks with a mass of 170 to 240 kg. Usually used in areas from 20 acres to hectare. They are heavy, have a massive appearance, a gear gearbox, a differential blocking function, power selection shaft. Engine power 9-13 liters.With. Wheels 6.00 x 12 with a regular or high tread, or 6.50 x 12. Passive attachments and active data are aggregated to these motoblocks. Active attaching equipment is connected through VOM, including the milling. Passive, through a special coupling device. This class of motor blocks costs quite serious money, attaching equipment is also very expensive, one cutter is active in cost will be about 1000 Belarusian. Most often, such motoblocks are used on farms with a decent territory of processing. Although private individuals often use such motoblocks in areas of 20-50 acres. On the other hand, the uniform tractor of this class, with a set of attachment equipment at the cost of a mini.Tractor approaches the price. Here we must weigh all the pros and cons. Bright representatives of the heavy class: MTZ (Belarus), Sich Motor, Grasshopper, mobile for G85, mobile for Ghepard. They are actually identical, have small differences in the gearbox, engines, gearboxes.

The engines of world manufacturers are installed on the motoblocks of any class. Most often, you can find motors on motor blocks of light and middle class:

Lifan, Loncin, Zongshen. Engine of Chinese factory production, most often you can find a series of 168f. 6.5 l.With., 170F- 7 l.With. And 177F-9 l.With. Installed on the motoblocks of the eye, ore, avant.Garde, agate, virgin lands. Motors declared themselves as highly rental, high.Quality, resource from 1100 moto/hours, inexpensive in maintenance. And higher, depending on the modification.

Briggsstratton. An American engine for engines for garden equipment, engines are also assembled in China. Most often, Briggsstratton engines are found on motoblocks: Oka, Ugra, Neva, Agate. With a capacity of 6 to 10 liters.With. One of the inexpensive engines is the version of the RS 950. With a capacity of 6.5 l.With. The resource of which is as in Lifan from 1100 moto/hours. The next engine. This is the Vanguard series at 6.5 l.With., Resource of this motor from 2000 hours. And engine BS I/C 10.0 l.With., high.Quality, resource engine Vanguard from 600.

Honda. Japanese engine production company with a capacity of 6.5. 13 l.With. Aggregate both light, medium and heavy motoblocks. Honda engines can be found on motoblocks: Oka, Ugra, Agat, Neva, Belarus, Mobile K. On motor blocks of the middle class, you can most often find the Honda GX200 engine with a capacity of 6.5 l.With., on heavy motoblocks GX270. 9 liters.With., GX390. 13 L.With. All Honda engines have a huge resource, are one of the best professional engines installed on motoblocks.

Yamaha. Premium Japanese engines. The power of the engines installed on the motoblocks is 6. 12 liters.With. Can be found on Neva Premium segment on the motoblocks. Reliable, resource motors won the hearts of consumers.

My recommendation will be this.

If you, choose a single tractor and want to save money when buying, choose with the engine: Lifan, Briggsstratton RS, Kasei, Hammerman, Kohler, Dinking. This will give you the opportunity to buy a high.Quality unoic tractor at the minimum price. The resource of these engines, depending on the quality of service (oil and t.D.), will be from 500 mothers. This is somewhere 5-7 years of work. After this period, you buy a new engine for 100 and work the next 5-7 years. I will reveal the secret, customers who buy the premium segment engines work on it for 7-10 years, and when replacing they also buy Lifan, since the new premium engines are very expensive. For those who are afraid of Chinese engines, although groundlessly in the segment 6.5 l.With., I recommend Honda GX200, or Vanguard. Whoever wants more power, we take Yamaha, Briggsstratton I/C 10 liters.With., Subaru EX-17 (21). The same-based tractor will initially cost much more, but you will receive a resource 2-3 times higher than with Lifan and the hedgehog with them. But, we must remember that any repairs, if God forbid, will be avoided at the cost of the new Lifan engine. Replacing a carburetor with work on Honda engine will actually cost the cost of Lifan 168f 6.5 forces. Therefore, in such cases, consumers prefer a replacement for a new Chinese motor.

Which one.Like tractor is better?

This is quite simple, but at the same time a difficult question can be answered very simply. Which one.Like tractor is better? The one you have.

But this is of course all the lyrics. And the question is really serious. Since when choosing a walk.Behind tractor, the buyer cannot formulate a complete list of works that he needs to perform today, and which, potentially, in a month, two, six, and also does not take into account the functional purpose of a particular technique, does not take into account his own return or physical capabilities.

You see, choose a single tractor, it’s how to choose a car. And in this regard, when choosing a car, a person poses a lot of questions for himself. Comfort, fuel consumption, number of family members, liquidity for sale. Choosing a washing machine, housewives also pose a lot of questions for themselves, energy consumption, load weight, number of functions, etc.D. But when choosing a walk.Behind tractor, a very small number of people, put questions in front of themselves. And how will I work on it? But can I go for equipment at the pace that is laid down by the manufacturer, but can I plow with a plow, and what is the attachment and t.D. Of course this does not apply to all customers, but the lion’s share of customers is just trying to poke a finger at the sky, at random. And God forbid, if you immediately fall into our caring hands, and we will be able to find out the volume of tasks, works, your physical data and select the technique that is optimally suitable for you. But if you accidentally fall into the hands of illiterate output stores, for you it can become a real tragedy, without exaggeration of this word.

Let’s try to figure out what options you have if you decide to buy a single tractor.

Disservice. You have your own personal or summer cottage and your neighbor has a single tractor. In this case, you will come to him and naturally begin to be interested in which one.Like tractor is better to take for yourself. It just so happened, alas, that not a single owner of a walk.Behind tractor is in any case admitted to you that he has problems with technology. He will tell you about his own, about the tasks that he performs and ultimately recommends you to buy exactly the same. Since he is the best, the most powerful, etc.D. This kind of consultation is a conditional trap. Because all people are different, and for your neighbor it can be the norm, for example, something to the walk-behind tractor, somehow improve it, can do its own repair. And for example, you treat this quite categorically, believing that the equipment should initially work, and not force you to redo something. Therefore, in order to avoid such a trap, you need to find out the model of a neighboring motor block and, at least read the reviews, watch the video reviews and find out all the strengths and weaknesses of this technique.

Own cones. If you do not have neighbors, relatives, and generally surrounded by one who has no experience in operating this type of technique at all. Here you will have to shit the Internet, articles, reviews, forums, reviews yourself. Trap of this method of choosing a walk.Behind tractor is very simple. There is no consent between farmers and gardeners, from the word completely. Everyone will praise the technique that he has. Therefore, you will see a lot of conflicting information, someone will shout that China is cool, someone will be with all its might to praise the Neva technique, and someone will categorically say that it is better than the MTZ and the Sich motor does not exist. The problem of modern videos is that we can either find a review on some kind of single tractor where you will tell you about its characteristics, or a video where it is performed on it or another. That such information and such a video format gives you, absolutely nothing. For example, you can enter a request to the milling of MTZ in the YouTube search bar and be impressed by how cool it is an active mill to the earth in the fluff. But you can never determine what volumes the one who shoots this video is processed for you. For example, you have a summer cottage for 6 acres, and the leading video of the 2 hectares of the Earth, in which case by buying an MTZ, you actually cannot work in your garden. Exactly, like the opposite side, you are shown by a video of the Motobille K, beautiful, colorful video, advertising the incredible efficiency of this baby. But the author of this video has 2 hundredths of the Earth in cultivation, and you have 40, and what do you do with such a baby on your site. Therefore, the video, reviews and various kinds of advertising information should be approached very carefully and with the maximum share of skepticism.

Objective reality. The easiest, and like a reliable way, is to come to a trading organization, touch the equipment, and get a complete and detailed consultation of the seller. Within the framework of Belarus, this is actually the most unsuccessful option for buying equipment. There are a lot of reasons for this. And now we will gradually analyze them.

Modifications and motor gamut

Thanks to the search for technological and design solutions to update the model range of equipment, the company has released several modifications of motoblocks. The farmer can choose the technique of any power and performance, taking into account the country-manufacturer.

The most common modules are the following:

  • Machine MB-2K-7.5. Has a Russian engine with a capacity of 7.5 liters. With. The weight of the unit is 98 kg. Soil processing depth. 32 cm. Characterized by simple management and comfortable operation.
  • Module MB-2B-6.0. Equipped with an American engine with a capacity of 6 liters. With. With an electric launch, has 4 speeds forward and 2 back, weight. 98 kg.
  • MB-2B-6.5. Differs in a more durable design and power of 6.5 liters. With., has improved pneumatic fires with axle extensors and weight 94 kg. Soil processing depth. 20 cm. An economical, comfortable model with high traction and resource characteristics.
  • Neva Unoa Tractor MB-2B-6.5 Pro. Equipped with a Briggsstratton gasoline engine with 6.5 liters. With. The depth of cultivation is 25 cm, weight. 89 kg. Number of gears. 4 forward and 2 ago. Designed for long.Term work in large areas.
  • Model MB-compact-2B-6.5 RS. It differs in small weight. Up to 65 kg, with a low depth of plowing. Up to 20 cm, is equipped with a wear.Resistant Briggsstratton engine with a capacity of 6.5 liters. With., additional mechanisms for remaking the walk.Behind tractor and the possibility of expanding the functionality, also has 2 transmissions forward and 1 back.
  • MB-2C-6.0 Pro. Idented by the Japanese power plant EX17D with a capacity of 5.7 liters. With.
  • MB-2S-7.0 Pro and MB-2S-7.5 PRO-motor blocks of a heavy series with the latest Subaru EX21D carburetor engines with a capacity of 7.0 and 7.5 liters.With. Respectively. Used for professional work in areas of large area.

Moto-blocks of MB-2 are combined according to the scheme of a single-axis pedestrian tractor.

Technical characteristics of the NMB-1 Ugra motoroblock

The parameter of the technical characteristics The value of the parameter
Masses are structural (with a cultivator/pneumatic fires), kg 85/84
The mass is explosive (with a cultivator/pneumatic fires), kg. 91/90
Transportation weight, kg. 61
Pinomatic wheels traction force, kgf (KN) 100 (0.98)
Type force with metal wheels, kgf (KN) 130 (0.98)
Transport track, adjustable, mm. 405, 695
Road clearance with wheels, mm. 170
Full weight of the towed trolley, kg. 350
Wheel tires 4.0×10
Gap between the electrodes of the spark plug, mm 0.5 0.7
The course of the engine control lever on the control and regulatory board Full. The lever should be on the emphasis in the extreme positions when turning the gas lever
Free stroke of the clutch lever, mm 3 5
CGS tire pressure/cm² 2
Maximum speed (pneumatic furnace/primrose), km/h.
1 transfer 3.61/3.5
2 program 5.88/5.7
3 program 8.52/8.25
Reverse 2.28/2.2

Experienced gardeners note that the road clearance is up to 170 mm and a low center of gravity give high stability and exclude damage to plants during operation. The ergonomic control system and the variety of adjustments make the operator the operator comfortable, minimize harmful effects on the operator, soil and plants.

Varieties of motor blocks NMB-1 Ugra

Model Engine Power l.With.
Ugra NMB-1N2 Honda GX200 6.0 l.With.
Ugra NMB-1N5 Briggs Stratton 6.0 l.With.
Ugra NMB-1N9 Robin Subaru EX 17 Premium 6.0 l.With.
Ugra NMB-1N11 Kadwi 168f. 2A 6.5 l.With.
Ugra NMB-1N3 Vanguard 6.5hp 6.5 l.With.
Ugra NMB-1N7 Lifan 168F-2A 6.5 l.With.
Ugra NMB-1N10 Robin Subaru EX 21 Premium 7.0 l.With.
Ugra NMB-1N12 Greenfield 6.5 l.With.

We give an excerpt from the user’s leadership. Where the modifications are indicated depending on the installed engine.

The most popular motoblocks with Subaru and Lifan engines.

Difference of the modifications of Ugra NMB-1N and NBM-1M. Caliper (corner gearbox). Transporting number. 12.73. For NMB-1 (m). Rush number. 25.46. For NMB-1 (n).

Oil in the gearbox. TSN-10 GOST 23652-79 or any other transmission oil corresponding to SAE: 80 85W API: GL3 GL4

The volume of refueling. 1.7 liters for modifications NMB-1 (H); 1.5l-for modifications NMB-1 (m)

Frequency of replacement. The first replacement after 30 hours, add during maintenance, check the level every 10 hours, replacement. Every 100 hours of work.

Neva one.Axic tractor on a caterpillar drive

Although in the basic configuration, the Neva Motobobes are equipped with wheels, you can buy a caterpillar console for your unit. Neva’s caterpillar motor blocks differ from wheeled analogues of increased cross.Country ability in rainy or snowy weather and allow the use of the unit at any time of the year. You can buy caterpillars for Neva walkways, or you can make them with your own hands using improvised means.

Neva motor blocks on a tracked drive have high patency and can be used in adverse weather conditions

Making caterpillars with your own hands

If you want not to buy a caterpillar drive for the Neva walk.In, but to make it with your own hands, then for this you will need the following materials:

  • The same-based tractor itself, equipped with an axle blocking function and a 4-stroke engine;
  • Transport tape or pair of car tires of large diameter for the manufacture of caterpillars;
  • A pair of additional wheels.

Information about which units are and how to choose the most suitable model. A brief overview of the characteristics of various motoblocks.

The easiest version of the caterpillars for the Neva motornote, reviews of which indicate high design efficiency, this is a design from a transport tape. For its manufacture, you will need a tape with a thickness of at least 7 mm, as well as on an additional wheel on each side of the unit. So that the caterpillar from the tape lasts longer, you can flash it along the edge with a thick fishing line.

Helpful advice!Additional wheels for a caterpillar walk.Behind tract can be taken from an old car. The main thing is that they precisely correspond to the native wheels in diameter.

It is better to use old car tires for the manufacture of caterpillars with your own hands

Also, a caterpillar unit from the Neva motor block with an American or Japanese type engine can be made using car tires. Tires for this will need a large diameter and with the correct tread pattern. It is best to choose tires from a tractor or a large truck for this. The process of manufacturing caterpillars from tires is divided into the following stages:

  • Cutting in tires of tracks for caterpillars. To do this, you can use a special boot knife, which you need to moisten with a soap solution to facilitate the rubber cut process.
  • Cutting from them lateral part. This can be done with an electrician with small teeth.
  • Removal of excess parts from the inside of the tire.

Plus caterpillars from car tires. This is its increased strength and reliability due to the whole structure. The minus flows from the plus and is that the length of such a caterpillar is severely limited by the length of the tire.

In addition to this caterpillar for a walk.Behind tractor, you can make from belts or chains. In the first case, it is necessary to interconnect several belts with a wedge.Shaped profile. The connection is made using soil.Spaces and rivets. For the second option, you will need two chains of the same size.

When installing caterpillars on a single tractor, use a water.Cooled engine

Before making caterpillars for the Neva aggregate, you need to correctly calculate their parameters. If the caterpillar is too high, then in the corners the same.Based tractor may roll over. In addition, it is better to choose a water.Cooled engine model for the installation of caterpillars, since this design has a large load on the engine and can lead to its overheating.

CAIMAN VARIO 60H Unoa Tractor

For summer cottages, it is better to buy a single tractor strong and reliable, like an unit from Caiman.

  • The motor for 6 horsepower is suitable for working with complex areas;
  • The gasoline engine is not demanding on the fuel and does not need expensive maintenance;
  • Thanks to the belt transfer of power to the hitch, the components of the motor will not suffer when the milling mills are stuck;
  • Weight 57 kg and small sizes allow you to store one.Axic tractor in the garage and transport in a trailer or a small cargo machine;
  • Control levers are on the steering wheel for the greater convenience of the operator.

Unoic tractor Hooper 900 MQ

The best power model of a walk.Behind tract for any work in the garden, in a personal plot or cottage.

  • 4-stroke engine is low-haired and economical;
  • A wide protective wing prevents the entry of dirt and stones on the operator when working;
  • The best maximum plowing width. 1200 mm to prepare land for landing;
  • The belt type of adhesion does not require intensive lubrication, unlike disk analogues;
  • The cast.Iron corps of the rotor is resistant to external influences;
  • Thanks to the motor for 7 liters.With. The device copes even with virgin soil.

Unine.Based Patriot tractor Victory X Drive 440107501

The best unoic tractor for a private house in terms of price/quality ratio.

Home made tractor.

  • Power. 7 horsepower for long.Term intensive work in the garden;
  • The depth of equipment is 30 cm for better saturation of the fertile soil layer with oxygen;
  • The gear-proper gearbox is wear-resistant and reliable;
  • Universal for the use of any mounted mechanisms;
  • Equipped with the front wheel for greater stability in deep cultivation of the Earth and heavy mounted equipment;
  • Ergonomic handles for convenience.
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