How much oil to fill the gearbox of a cultivator

What oil to fill in a gearbox of crawler tractor?

In the basic equipment of each agricultural equipment there is a gearbox. To replace the used fluid take transmission, thus prolonging the life of the engine.

What and how much oil to pour into the motoblock gearbox:

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  • Neva MB-2. summer composition TEP-15, which does not lose its physical properties even at.5. In winter they fill it with TM-5, which can withstand up to.25. The fill volume is 2.2 liters.
  • Neva MB-1. TAP-15 and TAD-17 in 1 liter capacities.
  • Belarus 08H-09H and Salyut 5. in summer use M-10G2 and M-10B2, in winter use M-8G2.
  • Oka MB-1D1. transmission fluid TAP-15 or TAD17I.
  • Tarpan. TAD17I or suitable analogues.

What is it??

As the name suggests, the single axle tractor. Is a tractor, that is, a power source that can drive multiple implements, just like a four-wheeled farm tractor. A true single-axle tractor has the same rugged, high-quality construction you’d expect from a traditional tractor: all-wheel drive, automotive clutch, commercial gasoline or diesel engine, and attachments. The big difference with a motorized block is that it is smaller, has only one axle, has a set of handlebars rather than a steering wheel, and obviously you are walking behind it rather than riding it.

What are the rules in the U.K?

According to Thames Water, 6.7 million drains are blocked each year in the U.K.

Water UK explains some of the problems associated with draining oil and grease into sinks:

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6.7 million drains are blocked each year in the U.K. Credit: Getty. Contributor

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How much oil do I pour into the gearbox of my Neva MB-2 motorblock ?

Like things like baby wipes, grease, fat and oil are a big problem.

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They give tips on how to properly dispose of waste oil, encouraging people to make a grease trap out of containers such as margarine barrels, plastic pots and jam jars.

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All waste oil should be collected there after cooling

Oil should not be discharged into the sewer system; not only does it cause clogs, but it can also be successfully recycled.

Культиватор из бензопилы

How much do power tillers cost?

Power tillers cost from 1,600 to 5,500 with power from 6 to 16. As a general rule, the bigger the model, the more attachments it can work with. Most implements range in price from 150 to 2,000, although there are some that exceed that price.(For example, a hay baler costs almost 10,000.) Used machines can be hard to come by, as these machines can often last a lifetime with proper maintenance and care.

What kind of oil to fill in a single axle tractor: types of oils and instructions for changing

All machinery needs good lubrication. Especially, such a complex mechanism, such as a combustion engine. Forcing it to run dry. One hundred percent sure way to kill the engine in a short time. If the oil level is insufficient or none at all, metal parts rub hard against each other. The temperature rises in friction. The engine overheats to its highest degree. This leads to its failure. Also such an unpleasant process as wear and tear of rubbing parts happens, very quickly. In general, such mechanisms are hardly restorable.

All of the above, of course, also applies to the motor-block engine. Whether it is gasoline or diesel, in any case, this element is working under a very decent load. That’s why pouring oil into a single axle tractor and taking care of its regular lubrication. first job. Especially since oil does not only serve a lubricating function. Its role is also to retain carbon black and soot (caused by combustion of fuel), as well as the smallest metal particles (produced by abrasion of parts). Hence the main qualities of a good oil. Viscosity and thickness.

Besides, it is necessary to remember that a power tiller has a gearbox that also needs to be periodically lubricated, otherwise its wear time will be reduced by hundreds of times. This capricious element will always be the first to break down, because its teeth, like those in any gearbox, touch very closely and are in constant motion. Shortly after the failure of the gearbox is always followed by the failure of the motor as well.

To avoid such situations, you need to know what oil to pour into a single axle tractor, how often to do such manipulations, and what brands of oil are suitable for a particular model of power tiller. About all this we will tell in this article.

What oil to fill in the gearbox of crawler tractor??

What oil to fill in the gearbox of motoblock or cultivator, and the frequency of its replacement, the amount of. is a data that every owner of such equipment needs to know What oil to fill in a motoblock gearbox

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Mark of crawler unit Type of oil for crawler gearbox
MB. 3, MB. 4, MB. 5 TAD-17i or MS-20
Agat TAD-17I, MS-20

The device

A gearbox is a special device that is a part of any crabby block design. It is this part that is responsible for converting and transmitting the torque that is generated by the mechanical gears. Gearbox is actually what powers a single axle tractor, making it work.

On its quality, as well as on the correct lubrication of its components, will depend on the service life of the whole motoblock, as well as its normal functioning.

For more details about the gearbox see

Depending on the model of power tiller, be it Caiman, Patriot Ural, Patriot, Texas, Pro Arab or any other, reducers may differ from each other by some design features. Conventionally, gearboxes can be divided into several types:

  • Gear reducers. In this case the reduction gearboxes act as an intermediary between the engine and the wheelbase of the walking tractor.
  • Reduction gearboxes. These units achieve an increase in power output while reducing the total number of revolutions. These reducers are preferred because they have an air-cooling system that allows them to work at maximum load.
  • Reverse gear units. The main advantage of these gearboxes is the ability to reverse the tractor. However, units equipped with this type of gearbox do not show high performance and speeds.

Regardless of which particular gearbox is used in the design of a motor-block, they all consist of almost the same components:

  • shaft;
  • The gearbox housing;
  • The flange and its mounting;
  • V-belt pulley (or chain pulley);
  • The ball bearing;
  • sprocket;
  • drain plug;
  • steel washer and nut;
  • input shaft.

These components traditionally make up the gearbox itself. How well they are lubricated will determine their performance and service life.

Otherwise, with insufficient lubrication, the parts will be severely worn, because they come into contact with each other during operation, and the resulting friction negatively affects their surface.

Cultivator oil: Selection and change

One of the most important factors affecting the engine is oil and its timely change. To determine the best oil for the cultivator it is necessary to fully study the principle of operation of the device itself. Only then is it possible to accurately determine which oil is right for your machine.

How the Caiman power tiller works

As the Cayman model range is intended mainly for gasoline or diesel fuel, the internal combustion engine (ICE) is responsible for its operation. Through the transmission and clutch on the camshaft of the internal combustion engine, and as a result, the shaft drives the wheels and the machine starts. When the engine is in working order, a person turns on the first speed and begins to control the construction. The attachments of the machine then work with the ground, which can be changed depending on the task.

Cultivator Oil. Choice and Replacement

Stable operation of the moving mechanisms of the power tiller is provided by the introduction of lubricant, produced in the form of oils with different density, properties and additives. Oils are consumables that must be replaced at intervals clearly defined by the manufacturer. Lubricants are essential for protecting your power tiller components against heat, corrosion and wear.

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Peculiarities of oil choice

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The main criterion on which to base the choice of gear oil is a list of gearbox specifications and manufacturer’s recommendations. Each vehicle has its own section in the instruction manual, which specifies what designation of lubricant is recommended by the brand manufacturer of the machine. If you use a fluid lower in the category according to the API table, the unit will wear out and break down faster. On the other hand, if you choose a gear oil which is higher in one category than the recommended ones, it does not give you any practical advantages. First of all, the owner will have to pay a lot more, because the cost of such products is much higher.

In the absence of recommendations. If there are no special instructions, it is necessary to select gear oil according to the technical characteristics as follows.

  • For Trucks. The operation of systems present in trucks, where there are no hypoid gears, will be effective if an oil not lower than GL-3 is used. On the other hand, there are some exceptions. For instance, a light GAZelle needs only GL-5 oil, which is filled not only in the rear axle but also in the gearbox. When selecting the characteristics of a gear oil for models with hypoid gears, regardless of the technical complexity of the design, the choice is limited to products with GL-5 marking. Application of lesser grease leads to insufficiently good protection of the hypoid pair against scratches and chips.
  • For light duty vehicles. The situation is slightly different in passenger cars. Driving axles are filled with GL-5 synthetic gear oil, while manual transmissions require GL-4. Before making the purchase the owner should remember that GL-4 oils are not produced in the territory of the Russian Federation. Imported products of this level are much more expensive than Russian lubricants with GL-5 standard.

When selecting semi-synthetic gear oil, you should check its viscosity beforehand. It is necessary to be guided by the following reasoning. Lubricant with a viscosity of 24 kv. mm/s at a temperature of one hundred degrees Celsius, it is preferable for replacement under the condition of operation of the vehicle in the southern hot climate. If the machine is operated at moderate atmospheric temperatures, it is better to use products with index 90. When selecting transmission oil for automatic transmission, you should pay attention to the products with indices 75/80/85W-90. The last category may be unsuitable for operation in severe winter conditions. Gearbox oil with index 75 allows you to forget about the troubles associated with the problematic work of the box, even at.40 degrees.

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