How much oil to fill up the brushcutter.

How much oil to put in a grass trimmer per liter of gasoline

Gasoline mowers. quite common tools, used by owners of garden and homestead farms for mowing grass and making hay. common tool names are the terms “grass trimmer” and “lawn mower”. The main difference lies in the design of the motor. the expensive segment of the devices is equipped with four-stroke models, and the cheap ones. with two-stroke. The latter option has advantages, including low weight, ease of use, and low cost.

The most important condition for the work of two-stroke models is the preparation of the fuel mixture, based on the proportion of gasoline and oil determined by the manufacturer. The simplified design of the motor does not provide a separate channel for lubrication, so engine oil is added directly to the gasoline. Violation of the correct proportion leads to a significant reduction in the resource of the tool and even to its failure. Let’s understand what composition is required for gasoline trimmers, how to properly prepare the mixture and what it can affect.

What oil to choose

For the effective operation of the grass trimmer, it is necessary to select oil for two-stroke engines. This is due to the absence of an oil sump in such a device. Depending on the chemical composition of the oil, the following classification is distinguished:

  • mineral. based on petroleum distillate, suitable for low-power machinery and with air type cooling, but requires frequent replacement and can only be used in good weather during the warm season;
  • semi-synthetic. suitable for garden equipment with air and liquid type of cooling;
  • Synthetic. based on esters, they do not require frequent changes and can be used at any time of year.

Oil for 2-stroke engines is characterized by good solubility and a feature of complete combustion. For the grass trimmer it is recommended to use a lubricant that is suitable for air-cooled devices. Most often the packaging indicates that the oil is intended for garden equipment and is labeled TA, TV or TC. And the latter is the most preferred.

Often manufacturers of chain saws produce a suitable oil, so you can make the choice easier by selecting a fluid of the appropriate brand.

Which petrol VIKING Lawnmower to buy?

VIKING electric and petrol self-propelled lawnmower: reviews

The Austrian company VIKING announced itself for the first time in 1981. Heinrich Lechner is thought to be the founder of VIKING. In the small town of Kufstein, he was building garden shredders. The world saw the first VIKING lawnmowers in 1984. Since 1992 the company underwent intensive development.

The reason for this is believed to be the connection of “Viking” with “Steel” company. They have been making chainsaws. But since 2001, the VIKING company can boast a very extensive product range of lawnmowers, which are in great demand all over the world. Today this brand has become a favorite in the production of garden tools.

What are the differences between the lawn mowers “VIKING?

At first it’s important to note that the customers have an opportunity to pick up a lawn mower, which works either on gasoline or on an electronic engine. There are also battery-powered models.

Their average power is around 4 kW. Working width may vary, as well as cutting height. The cutting system is usually centralized.

If we consider the small-sized models, they are equipped with an eight-stage mechanism.

The grass catchers in the set are of sufficiently high quality. Their volume in the main is depending on the power of the lawnmower. Reinforced frames are installed in all models. Lawn mowers do not really need any maintenance.

HOW TO GREASE YOUR BRUSHCUTTERS GEARBOX. A commonly overlooked part of the brushcutter.

Cleaning the blades after the lawn can be quite easy. The wheels of the devices have double bearings. Because of this their service life is significantly increased.

VIKING lawnmowers can only be repaired in a service center.

Reviews of the petrol VIKING MB 248

This lawn mower petrol VIKING reviews have excellent. Many buyers of this model are preferred because of the low fuel consumption. The performance of the device in all this is within the norm. Designated lawnmower has a power output of 4 kW. Working width of the blades. 46 cm. Mowing height is then at least 25 mm.

It can be adjusted with a lever. The cutting system is centralized in this case. The power of the device can be changed in steps. VIKING CF 248 lawn mower blade comes standard with a metal blade. In total, the manufacturers have provided 8 different modes. For country houses, this mower is excellent, and on average it can handle an area of 1200 square meters. м.

What they say about the ME 235 electric model?

The mentioned VIKING lawn mowers have mostly positive reviews. This model is very easy to handle. The handle is of sufficiently high quality, and to keep the device under control comes out with jewel-like precision. In the service of this mower actually does not need.

The blades in the device are provided very sharp. Lawn mower successfully copes with small grass. Of the shortcomings it is necessary to highlight the low power of the machine. It is therefore more suitable for small lawns. Electricity consumption of this modification is within the norm.

The engine in the ME 235 lawnmower rarely breaks down.

MB 448 Lawnmower Overview

The compact design of the VIKING ride-on mower sets it apart from other machines. The cutting system in this case is rotary.

Because of this the lawnmower can work for a long time without interruption. Rated power of the machine is in the 3 kW range. The small cutting height of 20 mm.

Grasp width, according to many, is good and is equal to 30 cm.

The maximum mowing height the user can set the 60 mm. Engine in this case, the manufacturer set the asynchronous type. The wheel drive is of the rear type.

Deck mower CF 448 is made entirely of plastic, but it is strong enough and the load can withstand a huge. Noise levels are similar to those of standard lawnmowers.

The MV 448 gives out 50dB at 5 meters. The standard set has only one nozzle. Blades are installed by the manufacturer of the paddle type.

The advantages of the MV 2

This model is valued by consumers for its high performance. Continuously work it can about 3 hours. With all this the engine does not actually overheat. That was accomplished with a good cooling system. But this modification also has disadvantages.

What kind of petrol and oil to fill the VIKING lawnmower and how often to change the oil? First it is necessary to emphasize rather thin blades in the complete set. It is very difficult to adjust the height of this model.

This is due to the fact that the lever is fixed quite firmly. It is also important to note the high vibration. If you work on uneven ground, the shaking is created a lot. That’s why the handle starts to vibrate really badly.

It’s difficult to control the MB 2 lawnmower in this situation.

much, fill, brushcutter

VIKING Lawnmower oil change at the end of the season

oil change at the end of the season. Four-stroke engine with lightweight design and no oil.

VIKING МА 339 petrol lawnmowers

This model can boast just great features. The power of this machine is 4 kW. The grass catcher bag is large enough. It disengages very quickly during use for cleaning.

The mowing height can be adjusted in this case. The working width of the blades is optimal. The cutting system of the lawnmower is based on the rotary mower. Only one mowing head in the standard package. In total there are five modes to choose from.

Handle height can also be adjusted in the MA 339.

Consumer reviews of the MB 3

This VIKING lawnmower will not suit everyone, but it does have certain advantages. Customers praise its easy handling.

Knife speed is easily controlled with a single switch. The off button is in a convenient place and this is good. The disadvantages are the rather large size of the device.

Husqvarna oils

Lubricating fluids increase the life of the engine and indirect parts, ensures long operation without failure.

Husqvarna all-season oils are among the best for garden and construction equipment. Protects the engine immediately at startup and instantly lubricates faraway components. Characterized by soft texture, anti-corrosion properties, works in a wide range of temperatures and at high speeds.

The benefits of Husqvarna oils

  • Suitable for the use of low-quality gasoline;
  • Helps save fuel
  • A thick film of oil protects the engine from wear and corrosion;
  • reduces wear and tear on the piston and cylinder;
  • Due to its high viscosity the oil easily reaches the rubbing parts;
  • special additives prevent deposits on the crankcase;
  • reduced maintenance costs;
  • Low volatility, resistance to oxidation processes;
  • environmentally friendly and biodegradable components.

Engine oils for 2 and 4 stroke engines

  • snow blowers;
  • chainsaws and chain saws;
  • lawnmowers;
  • trimmers;
  • blowers;
  • power tillers;
  • garden tractors, etc.

Summer oils and all-purpose variants for year-round use are available.

Skid Pro Skid Steer Industrial Brush Cutter New Gen

Husqvarna 2-stroke HP HP oil 1 liter API SG. the best selling oil in Russia. Its advanced formula is adapted for use in harsh Russian latitudes with low-quality gasoline. Synthetic additives protect the engine from wear, deposits and corrosion; suitable for any machinery with a 2-stroke engine.

Please note! How to distinguish Husqvarna oil from counterfeit:

  • HP two-stroke oil is available in 1 liter only, price from 799 p.
  • The top of the bottle is laser engraved in black or yellow.
  • On the side is a bar indicating the oil level, the divisions are notched at 100 ml.
  • The date of manufacture includes not only the day, month, year but also the time of manufacture.
  • Instructions on the back are completely in Russian. There is information on certification, precautions, storage conditions, factory and importer in
  • In addition to the logo and barcode there is part number # 5878085-12.
  • Marked “Made in Sweden,” no other official manufacturer.
  • Dial at the bottom of the bottle: the center of the circle shows the year and the arrow points to the month.
  • Test ring for opening, H (Husqvarna) logo engraved on lid, with protective aluminum foil underneath.

Husqvarna chain oils

To prevent wear and tear, special low-viscosity oil is used to lubricate the chain and protect the saw bar. Effective in cold and wet conditions. It can be easily washed off with soap and detergents.

Air filter oil

Impregnates the filter and collects dust particles before they get into the engine, thereby increasing its life and durability. Removable with soap, biodegradable.

See the full Husqvarna catalog of engine oils in our dedicated Husqvarna store.

  • Free same day delivery in Moscow.
  • Self-delivery.year. Moscow, metro station Tulskaya, Vladimirskaya str. Pavlovskaya Street 27/29.
  • Shipment by transport company to any region

To buy Husqvarna oil place your order online or call or if you want to consult with an expert.

What gasoline is right for your grass trimmer?

The brand of gasoline appropriate for a particular model of tool is usually specified in the instruction manual. If you ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations and fill the tank with fuel with the wrong octane number, over time the device can simply fail. Grass trimmers are available with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Their refueling and maintenance is very different.

Gasoline grass trimmers with a two-stroke engine

The power trimmers equipped with a two-stroke engine do not have a separate oil supply system for the lubrication of moving parts. Therefore, they should not be filled with pure gasoline, but its mixture with motor oil. Remember that you have to use special oil designed for two-stroke engines. Use of automotive engine oil can damage the tool.

grass trimmers with a two-stroke motor should be filled with gasoline AI-92. Of course, it will be able to work on gasoline with a higher octane number. But when fueled with AI-95 gasoline, the engine will overheat and run rough.

Mix oil and gasoline in correct proportions. If there is too little grease, the piston surface and cylinder walls will get scuffed, then the piston ring will collapse, and the engine will jam. Too much oil is not so critical, but will also lead to unpleasant consequences. Fouling of the piston will occur and the piston ring will get caked which will cause a loss of power.

Usually the proportions of gasoline and oil are specified in the instruction manual for the tool. Many manufacturers prescribe a ratio of 50:1. for 50 parts of fuel one part of oil is poured. It is therefore necessary to have 20 ml of oil for every liter of fuel. If the engine is worn out or the tool is working with a heavy load, you can bring the amount of oil to 25:1, pouring 40 ml per liter of gasoline.

Gasoline grass trimmers with a four-stroke engine

Grass trimmers powered by a four-stroke engine have a more complex design. Gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers from where they are pumped into the engine. Do not use lubricant designed for two-stroke engines.Gasoline for grass trimmer with such a motor must be brand AI-92 or AI-95. Using fuel with a lower octane number is not recommended. it will lead to unstable engine operation.

Many trimmer manufacturers strongly advise to use lubricants produced under their own logo. They often cost more than counterparts that are sold under other names.

Is it worth it to overpay for a brand-name oil??Companies that make gasoline tools, do not produce fuels and lubricants. They buy these products from oil companies and then repackage them in their own-labeled containers.

much, fill, brushcutter

That’s why you can safely buy a suitable oil from any manufacturer. The main thing is that it corresponds to the parameters of the engine.

For those people who have a dacha or a country house, very often there are difficulties with overgrown grass on the plot. As a rule, several times a season it is necessary to mow and get rid of overgrowths.

Currently, the market offers a wide range of equipment for the garden and vegetable garden. One of such assistants can include a lawnmower, in other words. trimmer for grass.

For the effective and long-term operation of such equipment, it is necessary to fuel it with high-quality fuel or properly prepared fuel mixes.

Oil for brushcutters. how to choose, in what proportions to dilute

Many of you have in the household petrol-powered tools, for example, in a private home can not do without a chainsaw. You know, making firewood for the winter, it comes in handy at construction and repair, and in general, it is a very useful tool. If a country house also has a decent-sized plot, then to fight the grass simply requires a trimmer for grass or a lawnmower, which also work on gasoline.

Of course, you can buy them as an electric, but not everyone likes to pull a 30-meter extension cord to mow overgrown areas with knee-deep grass. That’s why most people prefer to work with gasoline-powered tools. As you know, you need to add a special oil for two-stroke engines. Here we will talk about it, because it’s a very important aspect, if you do not add oil and add in the wrong proportions, then your engine very quickly “kreaknut” and your way will lie in the service center. To avoid all these troubles, add only quality oil in the right proportions.

The most popular for chainsaws, brush cutters and trimmers are products of the famous company STIHL. It comes in two packages. 1 liter and 100 ml. If you work a lot, a liter bottle is enough. The capacity of 1 liter costs 250, and 10 ml. 60. If you take the big one, the savings are obvious.

Oil is added to petrol in proportion of 1 to 50, so for example, you add 100 ml of oil to 5 liters of petrol. As you can see, a small bottle is great for getting 5 liters of gasoline mixture to fuel a chainsaw or grass trimmer. On the large bottle on the side there are special marks, by which you can determine how much oil you have poured out of the bottle. If you bought a large 1 liter bottle, buy a 20 ml syringe at the drugstore. It’s really easy to use. 1 syringe of oil for 1 liter of gasoline.

The recommendation is to use original brand oil for your machine: this is the ideal solution, because it has been developed and tested specifically for STIHL power tools. Note that Stihl has its own brands, such as VIKING (popular models of gasoline trimmers). Use Stihl oil for those as well and you won’t have any problems at all.

If you put more gasoline mixture than you can use, it is best to store the remainder in a metal canister or in a glass container. Never store the mixture in a plastic bottle. Certainly, if you use up the rest in a couple of days, you can pour the rest of mixture into a plastic bottle, but if the mixture will be stored for a long time, then either a can or a glass bottle. The thing is that the gasoline mixture corrodes the plastic bottle, there are microscopic deposits of plastic in the mixture, and it is very bad for the engine. Keep it in mind if you want your tool to work long and without problems.

The second most popular oil brand is the notorious Hooksvarna. Of course, when you think about it that way, more people use STIHL chainsaws, at least all my friends and their friends use them in their work.

But there are those who cherish Husqvarna tools and I understand them, because I personally do not see much difference between Husqvarna and Stihl, both tools are of very high quality. But I’ve seen some happy Husqvarna chain saw owners. they say these saws are great. I did not saw it myself, but I always listen to what people have to say. So if you have a Husqvarna power tool, it is better to use a special brand oil for it. I don’t think anything bad will happen if you dilute the gasoline with Stihl. But if the manufacturer recommends you to use only his products, then that’s what we’ll do.

You can find liter tanks on sale. It has a black stylish bottle with the same labels on the side so you can see how much oil has been poured out of the bottle. To me, it’s exactly the same quality. It’s 270, a little bit more expensive.

Both are high quality, cost about the same, each diluted at a ratio of 1 to 50. So you can buy any oil and of course it is better to have the brand of oil that your tool has, because everything will be perfect, just the way the oil company advises. Have a good sawing, mowing and a long, trouble-free life with your power tool.

Rules for filling the mixture in different engines

The main rule is to keep strictly the ratio in the mixture for two-stroke engines and not to use such compositions for four-stroke engines. Also observe the principle of “seasonality”. after a long stay of fuel in the tank, drain it and replace it with fresh.

It is practical to prepare some of the mixture for later use. Comply with regulations when storing it:

  • Store gasoline-oil composition no more than 3 months, because it stratifies;
  • Use a container for storage that does not let in sunlight. Keep it away from direct sunlight;
  • Do not put the tank near heaters.

The result of calculating the fuel mixture:

For more convenient measuring of the necessary volume of oil in milliliters, use a medical syringe of larger volume, it is not expensive, available at any drugstore. Or use any measuring cup with graduations.

Our calculator will help you calculate the right oil ratio for your power tool, like: boat motor, chainsaw, grass trimmer, lawn mower, etc.д. In other words you can independently and for free calculate the correct petrol to oil ratio for two-stroke engines. Mixing instructions in the photo below.

Important, before starting the calculation, read the instruction manual of the tool, in particular: refueling volumes, fuel mix ratio. This data will be the input for the correct calculation.

For your convenience, the resulting result can be printed out on a printer by clicking the “Print” icon. We will be glad to receive your constructive Комментарии и мнения владельцев and feedback on our service.

Keep in mind that gasoline tools have a running-in period and the gasoline/oil ratio differs from the recommended.

Gasoline for grass trimmer

The specialist for garden equipment with 8 years of experience

Gasoline grass trimmers are ideal for the care of the site due to their mobility. These lawn trimmer models require periodic fuel changes. It is necessary to approach to the choice of gasoline with knowledge. Do not skimp heavily on the purchase.

How to choose a gasoline for your trimmer

Gasoline for lawn trimmers should be chosen according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you do not comply with them, the engine will soon break down. Unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 92 or 95 is often used to fill the grass trimmer’s gas tank.

Filling the grass trimmer with AI-80 gasoline can lead to device failures due to its low technical characteristics. Note that after the purchase of fuel can be stored for no more than 60 days, but it is better to reduce this period.

Polyethylene canisters are not used for storage, t. к. in contact with the internal walls will generate static electricity. An accidental spark will cause an explosion. Although, there are special plastic canisters marked “flame”.

Fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

Trimmers for grass, which are equipped with a two-stroke motor, do not have a separate system designed for oil supply in order to lubricate the working parts. For this reason such devices should not be filled with pure gasoline, but with a mixture of fuel and engine oil. The latter must be specifically designed for two-stroke engines. The use of automotive engine fluid will lead to premature engine failure.

Preparation of fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

Gasoline for a mower with a two-stroke engine must be of the AI-92 type. The engine may overheat and run unevenly when using AI-95. Gasoline and oil should be mixed in the ratio 50:1, where 50 is fuel and 1 is oil. It turns out that you need 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of fuel.

If the engine is worn out or the tool is operated with a high load, the proportion 25:1. If there is not enough lubricant, it can cause burrs on the cylinder walls and piston surface. The piston ring is then destroyed, causing the engine to seize. Too much oil and gasoline is not critical, but it can lead to carbon deposits. The piston ring will then get corked which will reduce the power of the unit.

Proportion of oil and petrol for the fuel mixture

Gasoline for a four-stroke engine

Four-stroke power tools have a more complicated design. Oil and gasoline are poured into different reservoirs, from where they are then pumped into the engine. For a mower with such a motor, you need gasoline brands AI-92 and AI-95. It is better not to use fuel with a lower octane number, because if there is not enough grease, the cylinder walls and piston surfaces will burst.к. this will result in unstable engine operation. In addition, do not use grease designed for two-stroke models.

How to fill your weed trimmer

The ready mixture of gasoline and oil can be stored for no more than 3 months (pure gasoline lasts less). Dilute enough fuel for several uses of the grass trimmer. In general, prepare:

  • gasoline and oil that is suitable for two-stroke motors with air cooling system;
  • metal canister and mixing container;
  • respirator;
  • gloves.
  • Fill a container of suitable volume with 1 liter of gasoline and add 1/2 the required amount of oil.
  • Mix gently, keeping a good distance from open flames.
  • Add the remaining half of the oil to the fuel and mix everything again.

General recommendations for fueling a grass trimmer with a two- or four-stroke engine:

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