How the bronnote engine of an electric screwdriver works. Metabo BS 18 10mm Li-Ion 1.5 A · h 18 in x2 case 48 n · m

Pros and cons of a brilliant electrical screwdriver

With an electric screwdriver, it is easier to carry out repairs. The tool works for the battery, it does not have a wire that interferes under the feet. Great for both beginners and professionals.

Шуруповерт Metabo BS 18 замена движка, разборка и смазка механики

Brightless electric screwdriver is a device equipped with bustle electric motors. Performs the following functions:

  • Twisting and unscrewing screws, bolts.
  • Cutting threads.
  • Drilling materials of different thicknesses.
  • Stiring building solutions.

Important! Household products are characterized by the average battery autonomy and small power. Used at home. Professional models do not require a charge for eight hours. With their help, you can drill metal or concrete structures.

The composition of the bronnial screwdrivers includes the following components:

  • Frame. Make durable plastic. The material has increased wear resistance to mechanical damage.
  • DC motor.
  • Control block. Regulates the rotation of the electric motor shaft.
  • Gearbox.

Important! Cheap models are equipped with a gearbox, which includes plastic gears. They wear out quickly. Because of this, the equipment fails.

Design and principle of action

The development of semiconductor technology led to the fact that manufacturers decided to exclude the collector and brushes in direct current engines. The electronic amplifier was replaced by mechanical contacts.

In models with a br. Current flowed through the conductor, causing the formation of an electromagnetic field. The occurrence of torque, which provides the rotation of the motor shaft, contributes to the magnetic field of stator windings and anchor. To maintain rotational movements, the voltage to the conductors should be supplied according to a given sequence. Such a function is assigned to the collector node of the engine anchor.

How a browned engine works

Despite the absence of brushes and collector, the principle of interaction of the electromagnetic and magnetic field in the BLDC engines remained unchanged. The difference lies in the supply of constant voltage to the stator windings in certain time intervals, which will imitate the work of the collector.

The strata of the bronnial engines are equipped with 3 pairs of windings, so the voltage is supplied to them alternately. First, the anchor with a permanent magnet turns to the position of the power lines of the magnetic field. When the voltage is supplied to the next pair, the anchor continues rotation. Magnets begin to interact with the newly formed magnetic field. Such reactions continue until the voltage is supplied to the windings.

Самый БЫСТРЫЙ ремонт Аккумуляторной Дрели Metabo BS 18 LTX BL

To strengthen the torque, 2 pairs of windings are used, the voltage of direct polarity is supplied to one, and the reverse. Controls the supply sensor of the rotor position.

Which electric screwdriver to choose

From the diversity of the tool available on the electric tool, you can recommend inexhaustible screwdrivers of the following both Russian and foreign. Bosh, Encor, Hilti, Vorthy, Dewalt, Ermak, Makita, Hitachi, Ridgid, Aeg, Greenworks, Black-Decker.

The choice of a specific manufacturer and its model of an electric screwdriver depends on the tasks that will be assigned to this tool and on the existing budget.

According to the reviews of most buyers in the Russian power tool market, the most confidential screwdrivers enabled the most confidence. “Makita” and “Interskol”.

If the choice in favor of a bronnial tool is obvious, then it is not so clear. What battery it should be equipped with. Here you can give two recommendations:

  • For regular professional work, lithium-ion batteries are preferable. They allow an unlimited number of reloading, do not have the so.Called “memory effect”. Included with them should purchase a reliable professional charger. Such batteries work exactly as much as it is spelled out in their guarantees-about 4-5 years.
  • With rare amateur works, nickel-cadmium batteries or nickel-metallo-gidthride are more profitable. Over time, X resource is not spent, it depends on the number of use cycles. Another advantage, in addition to the budget price, is frost resistance.
  • With a long break in working with an electric screwdriver, you need to store a tool with a disconnected battery. The optimum storage temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius. Away from heating devices and sunlight. If an oxide film appears on the contact sites, then it must be removed with a solvent recommended by the manufacturer (in order to avoid damage to the tool itself). Usually these are ethyl alcohol.Based compounds.

The principle of operation of the BDKP

In a blessed electric motor, the role of a mechanical switch is played by an electronic converter. This allows you to carry out the “turned out” scheme of the BDKP. Its windings are located on the stature, which excludes the need for a collector.

In other words, the main fundamental difference between the classic engine and the BDKP is that instead of stationary magnets and rotating coils, the latter consists of motionless windings and rotating magnets. Despite the fact that switching itself in it happens in a similar way, its physical implementation in the best.Bearing drives is much more complicated.

Brighting electric screwdriver: rating of products of world manufacturers

To date, screwdrivers are very popular in the construction sector. It is worth noting the equipment that has earned the special respect of many users around the world. Bosch, Metabo, Pit, Stanley’s Bright Broat Frozen are the pride of the electrical tools market. Reliability, effectiveness and comfort are the main postulates of their work.

Bosch GSR 18 V-EC. Expensive, reliably and high quality-this is how it is possible to characterize a browned drill-electrical screwdriver represented by a German company. Thanks to the compact motor, the battery device has characteristics that put it on one step with a network tool. It is the Blessed Technology that allows the presented model to function on a heavy surface without the risk of quick battery discharge.

As for the body of a bronnial electric screwdriver Bosch, it does not exceed the dimensions of the battery. The advantages of the presented model are:

  • Powerful torque with a soft level adjustment function;
  • Mechanical transition between the two steps of the gearbox;
  • The presence of two high.Power batteries in addition to a gastric motor.

Bosr Bosch GSR 18 V-EC Besting Electric Scurry is expensive, reliable and efficient

It is interesting! In addition, this model of Bosch bronnote electrical screwdriver is characterized by a rich configuration. Case, liner for it, as well as a magnetic holder for bit. Everything is provided here to create comfort during operation.

Dewalt DW263K. This is a powerful and reliable unit represented by the famous American brand. The model works from a standard 220 in. The branded engine of an electric screwdriver is capable of developing power to 540 watts, and the torque at the same time reaches 14.5 n/m, which meets the highest professional criteria.

Note! The presented model is able to quickly and tightly tighten the screws and bolts, including large details.

This tool will easily cope with wood work, and will also become an excellent assistant in the process of installing metal structures.

The Stanley SBH20S2K model is equipped with a durable battery, which is protected from a recharge

Among the additional advantages of a shameless electrical screwdriver of Dewalt are also:

  • The possibility of prolonged work in conditions of increased load;
  • The function of adjusting the screwing depth, which is provided due to the head that is included in the kit;
  • The possibility of smooth regulation of the number of revolutions;
  • The presence of a powerful motor with overheating.

In addition, the product is supplied in a special suitcase, which guarantees convenience in the process of carrying.

Electric screwdriver battery: which is better to purchase.

The functionality of this power tool. Types of batteries. The most popular models, their characteristics.

Metabo PowerMax Bs Basic. The pride of a German company. Impressive users with their performance and power. Despite the compactness, the level of clamping is the highest. This indicator is 36 n/m. A mini-approval is able to work daily for many hours-along with professional models.

Metabo.Shameless electric screwdriver has the following advantages:

  • High level of clamping;
  • The presence of a flashlight;
  • Smooth speed set;
  • The possibility of both drilling and screwing, as well as unscrewing bolts and screws.

Despite the compactness of the Metabo PowerMax BS Basic model, the squeezing level is 36 N/m

In addition, this tool is very conveniently located in the hand and does not slip out. Due to the possibility of adjusting the torque, in one of more than twenty positions, it becomes possible to drill different in terms of solidness of materials.

Stanley SBH20S2K. A shock device with a bronnial type of engine can be used both for performing standard tasks, and for the purpose of drilling holes in stone, brick and concrete. This model is equipped with a durable battery, which is endowed with protection against overheating and reloading.

As for the rest of the useful functions of the STANLYY Bestardly electric screwdriver, among them it is worth highlighting:

  • Long work on one charge of the battery;
  • The presence of 23 rotation modes;
  • The presence of the backlight function;
  • Batteries are not inclined to discharge on their own;
  • The gearbox consists of durable and resistant gears.

The presented model is recommended for those users who do not want to overpay for the famous brand and are looking for a truly powerful device with an ideal value for the cost and quality of quality. This product can be entrusted with absolutely any tasks that it brilliantly cope with. From twisting small screws to drilling by any drill.

Zubrov DAI-18-2-LCC4 is equipped with an electronic brake, reverse, spindle blocking function

Zubble DAI-18-2-LIC4. Brightless electric screwdriver of the bison is intended for drilling holes in various materials, and is also used to screw and twist screws, screws and screws. Thanks to modern technologies, the dimensions and the mass of the tool have significantly reduced. Improved controllers contribute to an increase in the service life of the battery. The presence of an electronic brake, reverse, the functions of blocking the spindle, the possibility of charging in just 60 minutes made the operation of this product as convenient and effective as possible.

How an electric screwdriver works

Let us consider in more detail how the device works depending on its design:

Battery and network

Most users already roughly understand how the electric screwdriver works. But sometimes even experienced craftsmen have questions. Therefore, we consider the principle of work in more detail:

  • It all starts by pressing the activation button. Unlike Bulgarians, in screwdrivers they are usually combined with a regulator. Therefore, the stronger to press, the greater the speed of rotation.
  • For the tool to really work, when you press, there must be a secured current supply to the electric motor. For this, you need a battery. Usually their voltage is from 9 to 24 V. From the battery, the current is supplied to the button due to which the device is activated by pressing.
  • In the button, several contacts are closed simultaneously and the polarity for the electric motor changes.
  • Two wires from the battery are brought to the button, change polarity and go to the motor.
  • The power arrives at the motor, then the current is transmitted to the rotor winding. For this, magnets are intended in the tool, due to which the rotor spins. A gear is fixed to the rotor shaft, from which the moment goes to the gearbox.
  • On an electric screwdriver, the gearbox consists of several gears. Due to this, the energy passes from the motor to the cartridge.
  • The gearbox is fixed with the shaft, where the cartridge is fixed.
  • A drill or bit is attached to the cartridge.

Shock and unstressed

The main difference between the shock and unstressed electric screwdriver is as follows:

  • A shock mechanism has been added to the mechanism of shock electric screwdriver. It is he who drives the drill and increases the torque.
  • In an unstressed drill, instead of a shock mechanism, there is a gearbox.

Important! In the presence of a shock mechanism, there is more difference between shock electric screwdriver and a shock drill. It consists in the difference in the direction of the blows. At the drill they are longitudinal, in electrical screwdriver perpendicular. Most of all this difference is noticeable when using a nozzle for twisting nuts.

Brush and brilliant

Brightless electric screwdriver is deprived of a collector node with brushes in engines. This mechanism consists of brushes rubbing on the rotor, due to which a magnetic field is created. That is how the rotor of the motor begins to rotate.

In the browned, this mechanism is replaced by a transistor block, which carries out this switch.

Getting rid of brushes made it possible to increase the efficiency of the electric motor, thereby improving the operation of the entire device.


According to most parameters, a brilliant electric screwdriver is better than brush: it is more compact, more effective, safer and more durable. But the high price makes the purchase of such a tool for everyday use not always justified. If you do not need an autonomous tool, then a budget wired model with a collector engine like a special BSHE-400M is enough for all tasks. It makes no sense to overpay for an improved engine, and the power deficiency when powered from the outlet will definitely not worry.

When choosing an autonomous electric screwdriver for rare home use, savings also make sense. If you do not need to twist the screws with hundreds, it is enough to limit yourself to a battery model with a traditional collector engine, such as p.I.T. PSR 24-D1. After all, the cost of such a device is approximately twice as lower.

For semi.Professional and professional use, the choice, brush or brilliant electric screwdriver is better to take, you can remove. Definitely, overpay and take a model with a modern engine like Dewalt DCD777S2T. Worth. You will pay more, but get a more convenient and autonomous tool that will better cope with the tasks, thereby allowing you to earn more.

What is a brilliant motor

The development of semiconductor electronics in the 1970s led to the understanding that the collector and brushes should be eliminated in direct current engines. In a gastric engine, an electronic amplifier replaces mechanical switching of contacts. The electronic sensor determines the angle of rotation of the rotor and is responsible for the control of semiconductor switches. The elimination of sliding contacts made it possible to reduce friction and increased the service life of screwdrivers.

Such a motor provides higher efficiency and less susceptibility to mechanical wear. Brastard engines have several advantages over collector:

The insides of the motor can be completely closed and protected from dirt or moisture. Transforming electricity into mechanical force, nozzle motors are more effective.

The speed depends on the voltage, but does not depend on the centrifugal force, and the engine operation is carried out in the established mode. Even with current leakage or magnetization, such an unit does not reduce productivity, and the speed of rotation coincides with the rotating moment.

When using such an engine, there is no need to use the winding and switch, and the magnet in the design is characterized by a small mass and size.

Brastard engines are used in devices, the power of which is in the limit up to 5 kW. They are irrational in equipment with greater power. Over, the magnets in the design have sensitivity to the magnetic field and high temperature.

What’s better

The advantages of the browned motor are larger. The first is the efficiency. It is 90%, and the analogue has only 60%. If easier, then with the same battery capacity, inverter screwdrivers will last longer without recharging. This is an important characteristic if you have to work in the distance from the energy source.

The weight of the brownly model. This reduces the load on the hand and facilitates the operation. Comparing the characteristics, we can say that inverter electric screwdriver is more useful, more effective and reliable. The only problem is the cost.

Any tool will break sooner or later. If there is no need exactly, and the model will be needed for infrequent household use, then many choose cheap brush engines. However, when it is required to take a device that can last long, it is recommended not to regret funds and buy a browned electric screwdriver.

Electric screwdriver is selected based on preferences. The brilliant model is more useful and will be a more profitable purchase if the user can afford to invest in the tool.

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