How the chain is adjustable on the chainsaw. How the chain is placed on the chainsaw and regulated

Rules for replacing and stretching the chain on the chainsaw

The chain tension on the chainsaw affects not only the normal operation of the unit, but also the safety of the operator working with it. Basil is a very traumatic tool, and a weakened saw chain can lead to sad consequences. In turn, an overly stretched chain increases the load on the tool. Therefore, before each launch of the device, it is necessary to make sure that this important element has the correct tension.

Fast verification of the tension of the chain is carried out very simply: you need to take up the tooth and pull it up. If the chain is stretched correctly, then the tail will be immersed in the groove of the tires by 1/3 of its height. Excess of this indicator indicates excessive tension, and a decrease in the indicator. Of a weak.

Normally, the saw should move freely along the tire, without the application of special efforts. If the movement of the element is difficult, this is a sign of excessive tension.

With a strong tension of the cutting element of the chainsaw, the tire begins to heat up and grind, the load on the engine rises, and it quickly wear out. It is forbidden to turn on the unit with a weakened chain, since when sawing it can be clamped and cut off, which is dangerous for the user of the unit. The chain can fly off the tire and injure the limbs, while it is often damaged itself and damages the tire. Also, working with a weakened chain element leads to a unilateral tire wear, after which the device stops making even cuts, and takes the saw aside.

Why the chain flies?

Slippage of the chain and slipping from the tire is often associated with wear. Due to the intensive loads, the metal is gradually deformed, dull and stretched. With wear, the chain can increase by a length of 1 cm compared to the original size. In this situation, you will need to install a new circuit.

With problems with the tire during the operation of the power tool, vibration occurs due to the weakening of the fastener bolt. Usually with a slight spanning of the fastener node there is no sagging circuit. To eliminate the problem, just tighten the tire and check the tension.

If the asterisk is improperly fixed, you will need a chain stretch. To get to the asterisk, you need to remove the protective casing on the engine, candles and air filter. At the installation point of the candles, a lock is attached to fix the piston.

With the help of a universal key, a clutch disc is scattered clockwise, then tighten the leading star, fasten a filter, candles, put on a protective casing.

Negative consequences of improper adjustment of the circuit

Check checking and a chain stretch is included in the mandatory list of preparatory work.

It depends on how much it is possible to put the chain correctly:

  • The duration of its subsequent operation;
  • Safety of sawing work of increased complexity;
  • Engine and chainsaw resource in general.

The tucked headset dramatically reduces the performance of the work, initiates excessive loads on the power unit and transmission. There is also overheating of the tire and excess of fuel.

The glued chain can fly off the tire or tear. The formation of traumatic moments is partially or fully eliminated by emergency stop systems and captors, which allow with greater or less success to unravel the chain of the chainsaw and determine its suitability for subsequent operation.

The installation of a part with damaged or deformed links can lead to uneven wear of the guide tire groove and other undesirable consequences.

How to determine the size and step of the chain

For chains of chainsaws and electric saws there are three single important parameters:

Table 1 indicates the distances between rivets, which will allow the owner to correctly determine the step step. In addition, in the instructions for the original electric saw or chainsaw, a step, length, number of chain links will be indicated.

The total length of the chain depends on the exact number of teeth on the inside. You need to calculate the number of drive links, this will be the length of the chain.

Example: For a tire of 40 cm, you can use chains for a different amount of teeth, for example, by 57, 56 or 55. The number of teeth will depend on the model.

chain, chainsaw, placed

How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

The mistake will be assumed that the same chains can be worn on all tires 40 cm long.

It is also important to know the thickness of the shank (drive link). The shank holds the chain on the bus. In order to understand how the thickness of this part should be measured, see table 2.

Table 2. The thickness of the shank.

For unprofessional chainsaws, the most common is the chain step 0.325 inches. Such chains are ideal for chain saws with a capacity of up to 2500 watts. It is better to select a chain not yourself, but with the help of a seller or a specialist who work with a component for chainsaws and electric saws.

Chainsaw Chain Types Explained

How to check the correct stretch?

Figure 1. How to check the tension of the chain

To ventilate the tension quality, you should smoothly pull it in the middle part of the tire.

The permissible level of the exit of the tails of the cutting links should be no more than 2/3 of their length.

You can determine the need for a lift by the following signs:

  • The appearance of a creak and rattle in the location of the main leading star;
  • Weakening of the tightening of the protective mechanism, fasteners of the tire;
  • Singing when sawing, strengthening vibration and noise.

The chainsaw decreases productivity and the operating time increases. Even when sawing soft varieties of wood, the chain begins to get stuck in the groove, the turnover and smoothness of the course are reduced.

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Tension mechanisms

Before you find out how to stretch the chain of the chainsaw, you need to understand the mechanisms of performing this task. The tension adjustment is performed using the classic version presented in the form of a bolt compound.

The chainsaws of professional purpose have adjusting mechanisms that allow adjustment by moving the lever or turns of the discs. If tensioners are used for stretching, then the degree of screwing is fixed with special counterparties.

It is interesting! The adjustment of the tension is performed along with the movement of the tire, since the degree of stretch depends on this element.

The chain should be stretched to a certain point. It cannot be strongly pulled, as this will lead to a premature break, and you can not leave a weakened. Adjusting procedures should be carried out exclusively on the tool in a cooled state. When the tool is heated, the circuit is stretched, so the adjustment process will be wrong.

chain, chainsaw, placed

The negative consequences of improper adjustment include excessive overheating. With severe overheating, the links wear out faster, teeth are blunted, stretching occurs, which eventually ends with the need to buy a new part.

A step.By.Step installation algorithm

Checking the degree of tension is an important point, since the consequences of incorrect adjustment can be fatal for the sawmill. The quality adjustment quality of the chain tension can be determined by:

  • When moving the product manually, it should not seize or signs of the severity of its movement occur.
  • The cutting element must be checked for the weakness of the tightening, for which to take up the link and try to pull it up. The normal value of the tension should correspond to the exit of the shanks from the tire (in its middle) no more than 2/3.
  • In the process of moving the device, there should not be creaks and other extraneous noises.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the chain should never be adjusted to the hot, as this will necessarily lead to a number of negative consequences. As a result of such actions, not only the tire and chain, but also the leading star may be replaced.

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Proper adjustment of the circuit

The quality of the chainsaw is largely dependent on the correct adjustment and tension of the circuit. If the chain has a normal length, then this process will not take much time and effort.

Important: during operation, the metal heats up and expands, which leads to lengthening the chain. Periodically check the tension and adjust it.

The processing process looks quite simple and is performed for several minutes:

Important: a properly stretched chain easily moves along the tire with a slight effort of the arm, without making extraneous sounds and without stopping. At the same time, with proper tension, the links should not sag.

Why is the chain on the chainsaw

The adjustment of the chain stretch takes only a few minutes without experience, and with experience. Less than a minute. Monitor the correct stretch not to monitor, and not to monitor. It is more expensive for yourself.

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