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of the best chain saws Husqvarna

Husqvarna made its first chainsaw in 1959. The machine has undergone many changes since then, but the time-honored design has been preserved. Husqvarna power tools have not only become popular over the years, they’re also what sets the trend today. It would seem that the device has already been perfected over the years of research, but even now the choice of a good model raises a lot of questions. Our editorial staff decided to find out which brand saws break sales records and are most demanded by experienced users. The result is a popular rating of the best chain saws Husqvarna, according to buyers and independent experts.

Carburetor Adjustment

From time to time the Husqvarna 365 chain saw may need a carburetor adjustment. In order to regulate the carburetor, it has special screws, which are marked with the letters (H), (L) and (T).

  • (H). is responsible for the maximum number of revolutions;
  • (L). for traction and low RPM;
  • (T). adjusts the idle speed by opening or closing the fuel shutter.

Adjustment begins by setting the screws (H) and (L) to the standard position, which corresponds to one full turn of the screw, from the fully wound state. After that it is necessary to start the saw and using the screw (L) to find the maximum idle engine rpm by twisting or unscrewing the screw, once the maximum idle rpm is found, the screw (L) is turned counterclockwise by ¼ of a turn. The position of the screw (L) is found. If you want to increase or decrease the idle speed a little, you can do this with the screw (T). Further, the maximum speed is regulated by the screw (H). This is best done with an electronic tachometer. If this is not available, you can regulate by ear until the saw has plenty of power.

To learn more about the adjustment process, you can read the instruction manual.


Even in its counterfeit status, the Husqvarna 365 XP chainsaw is capable of competing with budget-priced models of equal power. CubCadet CC 3352 and. One of the few advantages of these machines is the warranty offered by retailers and a developed network of service providers.

The Husqvarna 365 XP chainsaw is one of the most controversial models on today’s garden tool market. On the one hand, it is the Chinese equivalent of Husqvarna 5200 chainsaw, which has almost nothing in common with the Swedish brand. On the other hand, this fact does not prevent the 365 model from being in demand among customers, because the chainsaw has such important qualities as reliability, durability and high performance.

The construction of the Chinese chainsaw includes the same elements and mechanisms that can be found in any saw made in Europe. Beside these features the Husqvarna 365 XP chain saw has several additional options that allow it to stand out against other gardening tools. Among the design features of the Husqvarna 365 XP chain saw are:

  • The presence of a durable magnesium-aluminum crankcase allows the chainsaw to successfully cope with its tasks even during prolonged work under extremely high loads;
  • The Husqvarna 365 chain saw is equipped with a high-quality oil pump that has the function of distributing the lubricant onto the tool’s chain. If necessary, the amount of oil can be adjusted;
  • The saw chain tensioning screw is easily accessible, so the operator does not have to remove the protective hood every time;
  • The decompression valve in the device is responsible for reducing the pressure in the cylinder of the Husqvarna 365 chain saw;
  • Angled handle makes it easy to operate the chain saw. Controls are on the side cover, making it easy to adjust the Husqvarna 365 XP.
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Among other things, the Chinese manufacturer has equipped Husqvarna chainsaw with an effective system of easy starting, the presence of which extends the life of the motor and other components of the model.

husqvarna, differs

Husqvarna chainsaws (Husqvarna). models 137, 236, 240, 135, 365 specs, repair, how to tell fake

Goods counterfeit is a widespread phenomenon, and it did not bypass chainsaw market. I would describe the current situation with counterfeit chain saws in Russia with two words. “horror” and “beauty”. I will try to explain it by the example of fake Husqvarna 372HP chainsaw. Fakes chain saws can be divided into two types: those that tried to look like the original and others, about the similarity of which they did not really care. This story will be about the second one.

There are several chainsaw models that are mass-produced by our Chinese friends. We are only interested in three, which can be conventionally called “ChainSaw 4500”, “ChainSaw 5200” and “ChainSaw 6300”. These chainsaws have parameters, performance characteristics and a fairly recognizable appearance. Exactly these chainsaws you can see at people who will soon be selling fakes on street intersections and internet flea markets.

The technology of counterfeit production is as follows:

Whether or not they look the same as the model listed on the paper, and the fact that the model listed on the paper even exists, is irrelevant. Completely. Yes, absolutely! Yes, “it doesn’t happen that way”, but that is the point. When all this bacchanalia started about 5 years ago the paperwork had either Husqvarna 5200 or Husqvarna 4500. But there are no such models at all, and the authors of fakes were forced to modernize the production. they started to print more believable stickers. Thus chainsaws Husqvarna 365XP and Husqvarna 372XP appeared on the market. If you descend to the provided links you will find that the fakes not only do not resemble real Husqvarna chainsaw models, but also have no logic in their marking. You can have two different saws with labels “Husqvarna 372XP-20″ or two absolutely identical saws with different labels. I consider this fake to be the height of craftsmanship:

A chainsaw that was supposed to be a fake STIHL chainsaw (white bottom, yellow top) was labeled Husqvarna. Yes, it’s crazy, but that’s really how it works. fake sellers don’t even care about the plausibility of the appearance.

For reference, this is what a real Husqvarna 372XP chainsaw looks like.

This story will be about a man who more often signed as “Yuri” and indicated the place of residence around the subway station “Vyhino” in Moscow. Yuri started out like everyone else, with chainsaws “Husqvarna 365XP” and “Husqvarna 372XP”, but unlike his street colleagues he worked in the place of increased danger. the Internet. To combat the vilification of their products Yuri brings to the market chain saws “Husqvarna 365HP” and “Husqvarna 372HP”. All 4 models are posted on the Internet with the same photos.

Apparently, our hero was little confused by the fact that the pictures read “Husqvarna 372XP”. This chainsaw was offered at a price of 2500 to 3000. Same photos, “moscow, vykhino” address, description and one of the two phone numbers 8-916-016-. or 8-915-353-. (The ads have all the numbers, I just do not show all. prjavasi, however.)

recently, in 2013 I suggested that all ads “Husqvarna 372HP chainsaw” are fakes and was met with indignation “and the examination was carried out?”. But Yuri from Vykhino realized already in 2010 that fakery and so goes from the photos and works ahead of time.

I admit that the first time I bought it during a cursory glance, and only then I realized what it was. This chainsaw was offered at the former price of 2500 to 3000. And again the pictures, name, address, description and phone number indicated that the seller was the same on all the lots, and it was our hero again.

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However, Yuri wants to sit on two chairs and puts both chainsaw options on the same ad sites, with the same contact information under the same name “Husqvarna 372HP”. Paleo!

Novelty! Husqvarna 372HP chainsaw (with a plus sign in the name)

No, I did not mix up the photos. This is not a previous Husqvarna 372HP chainsaw but a novelty of spring season 2011. a Husqvarna 372HP chainsaw (with plus sign in the name). И

It’s a marketing success! Yuri is now not just a bullshit salesman. he sells a line of chain saws and is the exclusive distributor of Husqvarna chain saws. HP (do not forget that he also has a Husqvarna 365HP). And it’s not a problem that on all his chainsaws it says “Husqvarna 372XP”.

And again our hero is not standing still. Husqvarna 372HP chainsaw has outlines similar to the real Husqvarna 372XP chainsaw (the bastard found such air filter and starter covers somewhere). Yuri is again expanding his product line.

And again, no. I didn’t get the pictures mixed up. These are not pictures from previous versions of Husqvarna 372HP and Husqvarna 372. Now you see the novelty of fall 2011. a chainsaw Husqvarna 372XP-d. Price. strictly 3500 and not a penny less!

Why do you need an instruction manual for your tool

Even if you have worked on a Drujba or other saw, a new tool packed in a box is a mystery. And only the technical documentation allows you not to make mistakes during the assembly and start-up phase. You should first read the instruction manual for each Husqvarna chain saw.

Each manual includes:

  • How to work safely to prepare the tool, the operator, and the workstation. Considerable space is devoted to safe handling of the saw unit.
  • Assembly of the saw and its tensioning is described in detail with demonstration images. How to correctly fill the fuel system. How to start and stop the tool.
  • Rules of safe work and how to adjust the tool for comfortable work and minimum kickback are described in details.
  • Maintenance and repair of main assemblies is described step by step. Here is also a suggested maintenance schedule for the saw.
  • In the technical specifications of the equipment collected parameters of the nodes, which will be required for repair and replacement. It is necessary to pay special attention, the chain for a chainsaw Husqvarna should be acquired according to the characteristics indicated in the instruction. Only low-profile saw blades are good for amateur use.

In the series of chain saws brand Husqvarna we will consider the most popular in the backyard.

Husqvarna brand

In 1689, with the blessing of Swedish King Charles XI, a weapons company for the Swedish army was founded. It takes its name from the city in which it was located and the river flowing there. Decline in military activity forced the company to look for an alternative to weapons production. Sewing machines, household appliances, bicycles, heating boilers, etc. are produced in Sweden. At the end of 1959, the first motorized chainsaws were produced. At first they required two operators. In 1975 Husqvarna produced the first million chainsaws.

Husqvarna 51 7 pin vs. 8 pin (full chisel) cutting speed and torque difference.

Husqvarna makes electric chainsaws, gasoline chainsaws, cordless chainsaws. Gasoline saws can be designed for home, semi-professional or professional use. Husqvarna chainsaws for home use are not designed for frequent and prolonged use. This saw can be used to cut limbs, thin trees, or to make firewood. Professional chainsaws are marked with letters XP, as seen in the photo. Semi-professional models are indicated as multi-purpose chainsaws. Household or domestic. usually these are easy to maintain and lightweight models for home, cottage, for work in a small garden.

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Enjoy modern technology with Husqvarna

Brand features a more modern design and reliable operation. Users note some of the best models:

  • Husqvarna 135. Used as a household saw for cutting logs, wood, and boards. The motor cover is quick-release, which makes it much easier to replace the plugs in the motor. Vibration level is very low, making it easy to work with.
  • The new Husqvarna 240 has already gained recognition from users. Great for the cottage or hardwood garden. Has rapid start and fast gasoline delivery.
  • One of Husqvarna‘s original Husqvarna 236 chain saws. Very convenient for home use. Lowest exhaust emissions; Lowest possible combustion gases. It saves gasoline, is tuned for low rpm and runs as fast as possible.
  • Low noise and vibration even at maximum load;
  • There is a noise reduction system;
  • Powerful piston group and crankshaft generates high torque;
  • easy and soft starting;
  • Effective cooling system;
  • Internal parts are easy to replace or repair.

Original Husqvarna 372-xr chainsaw differs from the Chinese fakes in several features:

  • Chinese fakes can be sold even in small construction stores and markets, original Husqvarna chainsaws are sold only in large construction supermarkets and stores;
  • A Chinese copy may have the number “20” in the tool name, for example “Husqvarna 372 XP 20”, while the original chainsaw does not have any numbers after “xr”;
  • original chainsaws cost three times as much as a Chinese knockoff;
  • An original chainsaw has a metal plate with a serial number that you can enter on the Husqvarna manufacturer’s website to obtain technical information about the machine.

372XP-20. this is not how they write power on real Husqvarna chainsaws The labels on real Husqvarna chainsaws do not write power

and higher, Chinese copies of such tools are sold at a price of 5 to 8 thousand. In Ukraine the original Husqvarna 372-hr costs in the range of 22-24 thousand hryvnia. The cost of a chainsaw in the U.S. is about 550.

Pluses and minuses of Husqvarna

One of the pluses of Husqvarna chain saws is their price, as a rule, it is a little lower than that of STIHL tools, although the difference in some cases is insignificant. You can also note the quality of tool assembly and the materials from which they are made.

Husqvarna chainsaws are produced in many countries, including the factory in the town of Khimki near Moscow.

husqvarna, differs

The most popular model, for example, the Husqvarna 135 has a slightly lower price than the competitor STIHL MS 180. We will compare these models in more detail later, but meantime I would like to note that the technical solutions Husqvarna, it is clearly traced European standard of environmental friendliness. This means that the company primarily cares about the quality of the tool’s exhaust, which in some cases makes it sacrifice the maximum power of chain saws. A prime example of this company policy is the X-Torq For. this system is useless, t. к. In our country there are no strict standards for the quality of the exhaust.

It is worth noting that prior to 2020, Husqvarna 236 and 240 models, had a number of factory defects, which the company had to upgrade these chainsaws to fix. specifically, the chainsaws had defective carburetors and piston rings. After 2015, this fact was officially acknowledged by the company, they also provided a complete list of defects that existed in models 236 and 240.

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