How the ignition on the chainsaw works. Electronic ignition scheme on the chainsaw features of the design, the principle of operation and the special repair specialty.

Chainsaw ignition system. Device, verification and adjustment

The ignition system of the chainsaws is a number of details that form a spark when starting the engine engine. In most cases, the ignition system is a fairly reliable node, but sometimes, for various reasons, some of its details fail. Let’s study the features of the repair and adjustment of the basic elements of the gaspile ignition system.

The ignition system of modern chainsaws consists of a list of important details. The main structural elements are:

The ignition system also includes the ignition coil, an interrupt and condenser. The coil is responsible for turning on the core and the transformer winding. Candles in the design of the nodes consist of lateral and central electrodes, an external case and an insulator.

The interrupter and winding of the coil in the design are connected sequentially. Turning off the interrupt occurs due to the presence of a fist on the crankshaft shaft of the chainsaw. The ignition system is located to the left of the crankcase and is attached by means of a nut and two studs.

During the launch of the chainsaws using the flywheel magnets, a magnetic field forms, which crosses the coil. Provided that the contacts of the primary winding are in a closed state, a weak current is formed in the ignition system. If the contacts are in the open state, then the magnetic field is not formed, which leads to the appearance of high voltage in the secondary winding. Subsequently, the current is supplied to the candle, which sets fire to fuel to launch a chainsaw.

STIHL chainsaws, and specifically the MS 180 model, is used to a greater extent for harvesting woody rock and performing different systems of work. Stihl 180. STIHL gaspile ignition adjustment adjustment. Stihl 180, video. Similar equipment is used very often thanks to a large list of functions and abilities. The main feature of such a model is reduced vibration, which is very lively. Naturally, in the process of using a chainsaw can fail, but it means that it will have to be renovated.

Problems with a carburetor

A feature of the STIHL chainsaw carburetor is the presence of a 1st screw responsible for setting up idle. During the operation of equipment, it is always necessary to pay attention to the frequency of rotation during idle. It will help to adjust this a few simple actions: checking the air filter, as well as a spacing grill.

It is worth noting that the repair of the Carburetor of the Stihl chainsaw is considered a laborious process. The article examines the adjustment of the spark plug for the Stihl 180 chainsaw. If for some reason it stopped starting, it is necessary to fulfill the following:

The main malfunctions and their elimination

If you run the saw the first time, there may be several reasons. Most often, the problem is related to the spark plug:

  • Wear of the electrode or damage to the ceramic insulator;
  • Loose fit of a removable cap (if any);
  • The sparking along the ceramic winding, a sign of which is the brown residue on the outer shell;
  • Cracks in the cap of candles (saw with such a problem will continue to work, but can hurt the user when touching).

If there were no problems with the candle, it is recommended to inspect the wires coming from the coil. They can be broken or have other mechanical damage. Ruptures of the wires inside the isolation are possible, therefore, sometimes these disorders cannot be detected by visual examination.

The cause of the breakdown may be shutdown. It is easy to check them. To do this, disconnect the wires from the module, and then check the ignition. If after disconnecting the spark appears, then the switch must be replaced.

Device and principle of operation of the chainsaw engine

The most important mechanism of the chainsaw is the motor. The units under consideration use internal combustion engines of gasoline type. Such ICEs consist of one cylinder, and have a two.Stroke functioning system. In more detail about how a two.Stroke chatefering engine works and works is described in this material.

It is to the engine that additional mechanisms are connected, due to which the finished benzo tool is obtained. The device of a two.Stroke chainsaw engine consists of the following elements:

  • The cylinder is a case, a round hole is located inside it, along which the piston moves. The cylinder has a ribbed structure, which is done to ensure heat removal
  • Piston. A part that moves up and down, while moving the crankshaft movement
  • The connecting rod is the part due to which the piston with the crankshaft is connected
  • Crankshaft. A part that, when rotating, creates useful work. This is the rotational energy used to drive the chain of the chainsaw

The design of the cylinder contains channels through which the fuel-air mixture is supplied for its ignition, as well as the abduction of the resulting exhaust gases. The chainsaw engine works on a mixture of gasoline with butter. This is necessary in order to ensure the lubrication of a crooked-shaped mechanism, as well as the walls of the piston and cylinder. For this, the fuel mixture does not immediately enter the combustion chamber, but into the capacity of a crooked-shaped mechanism. Having lubricated the parts, the mixture is pushed into the combustion chamber, where it is compressed with the subsequent burning.

ignition, chainsaw, works, electronic

The following mechanisms are connected to the engine:

Stihl 031 AV points to electronic ignition conversion.

  • Flywheel. Is located on one part of the crankshaft, and it serves to ensure centrifugal force
  • Clutch clutch is a mechanism by which the chain rotation depends on the number of engine speeds
  • Milter. This part, which carries out not only a decrease in the sound of the motor, but also directs the output exhaust gases in the direction from the sawmill
  • The ignition module and a candle are devices responsible for the burning of the TVS
  • A carburetor with a segmenting sleeve is a separate element that provides mixing a gasoline.Oil mixture with air, and supplying the finished TVS to the cylinder. The spacer is the connecting part between the carburetor and the cylinder, excluding the overheating of the first mechanism

The power of the chainsaw engine depends on the volume of the fuel chamber. The larger the volume, the higher the power. Not only two-stroke engines are used on chainsaws, but also 2-mix motors.

It is interesting! The main feature of the power supply of the chainsaw is that the speed of the shaft reaches the maximum value of 13600 revolutions per minute. The development of such a speed with a crankshaft excludes the need to use a gearbox on a chainsaw. A lowering gearbox is used mainly on electric saws.

The engine of the chainsaw in the section is presented in the photo below.

ignition, chainsaw, works, electronic

Next, we consider the device and principle of operation of the components of the parts and mechanisms of the chainsaws, which will certainly be useful in the search for various kinds of tools of the tool.

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Carburetor repair tips for gas trimmer for grass

For example, the adjustment method described above may not give positive results with an excessive number of turns on the spring supply spring and, as a result, the impossibility of optimal reduction in the level of gas supplied. To eliminate this, you can shorten the spring yourself or buy a new one according to the instructions.

Many owners of black cutters, buying oil, follow recommendations for the preparation of the fuel mixture.

Yes, often information about mixing gasoline and oil indicated on the bank differs from the testimony in the passport of the trimmer for the grass. As a result, black soot can form on the spark plug quickly, which will lead to a drop in power and an increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, when preparing a working mixture, follow the recommendations specified in the operating instructions. In most cases, the ICE mileage coefficient is 1:25. It is worth noting that many tool owners prefer to prepare fuel “by eye”, which will inevitably lead to the rapid wear of the piston braid in the case of a decrease in the portion of oil and the formation of soot on the light of the ignition with an increase in the amount of lubrication ,

    Correctly selected tips for adjusting the carburetor of a trimmer for grass, the above will not only avoid overheating of the engine and increase fuel consumption, but also significantly increase the service life of other parts and components of the tool. Pay attention to the work of the bush cutter in all modes and timely carry out the regulated service and repair the tool.

Gas braids for grass, like all gasoline tools for the garden, are not easy to serve. You can and should repair, configure yourself. For example, self.Government by a carburetor using a home.Made brush. The point is five minutes.

Kustorez carburetor is a knot in the energy system. In it, as in any carburetors, there is a process of mixing air and fuel (gasoline) for subsequent supply to the engine cylinders.

How to adjust the ignition on friendship

The spark on the candle should flash strictly at a certain moment. On friendship-when a piston with a portion of the fuel-air mixture approaches the candle, not reaching 4 mm to VMT. Only with a precisely adjusted moment of sparking will the engine work normally. Deviations are called early or late ignition.

With small deviations in one direction or another, the engine will work worse (shortage of power, overheating, excess of fuel, poor start). With more significant ones, it will not work at all. Can shoot at the exhaust system or at the carburetor.

Mechanical chain breaker Friendship is simply regulated.

Before adjustment, you need to check. Perhaps the attachment of the entire system platform is weakened and it was checked. It is checked by the coincidence of factory labels (screens) on a metallic.Based ignition and engine crankcase. As a rule, they are knocked out in the form of strips in the right upper part of the ignition and must match. If there is a displacement, it is adjusted.

The maximum gap (at the peak of discrepancies) between fists (contacts) should be from 0.2 to 0.4 mm. Ideally 0.3 mm. Checked by a calibrated probe in the position of the piston NMT. This gap can increase above the permissible due to a decrease in the thickness of the contacts (burnout, grinding during cleaning). It is corrected up to 0.2-0.4 mm by turning the adjusting screw due to the eccentric, with the weakened attachment of the site of the entire interrupt.

But the spark arises at the time of the start of the contact connector, therefore its adjustment is more important than the maximum gap in the NMT. Когда поршень не доходит до ВМТ 4 мм, контакты прерывателя должны начинать расходиться. This provision is also regulated by turning the screw due to the eccentric. Most often this moment is checked visually.

For a more accurate adjustment, you can use a 12 V light bulb with two wires powered from the battery.

Lawnmower Coil Sparking System. How it Actually Works. Basic Principles! By Craig Kirkman

The minus of the battery is connected to the weight of the engine. One lamp indicator is connected to the plus of the battery. The second wire of the indicator bulb is pressed to the case of the mobile isolated contact. If the contacts are closed, the light shines.

Ignition malfunctions

Most often we think about repair after the chainsaw stopped starting, or visual signs of serious breakdowns appeared.

Signs of ignition malfunction:

  • The chainsaw is started, but it works unevenly (troit), often sneezes and shoots;
  • The power of the chainsaw fell noticeably;
  • With a sharp press on the accelerator, failures are observed in the operation of the engine;
  • The chainsaw is poorly started on cold, very troit until it warms up;
  • Fuel consumption has increased significantly;

If such flaws appeared in your chainsaw, then it is time to conduct diagnostics, adjustment, and possibly repairing the ignition system.

Determining the localization of a malfunction:

First of all, it is necessary to inspect the candle, if a lot of soot has accumulated on it, then the cause of the malfunction is most likely associated with the work of the carburetor, the piston group or the quality of the fuel. If visually the candle looks good, it does not throw it and it is dry. Make sure there is a spark.

  • Remove the candle, put the ignition cable on it;
  • Using pliers with isolated handles, press the candle thread to the motor body;
  • Sharply pull the starter handle and make sure there is a spark;

Spark plug with a nut for a chainsaw

If there is no spark, we change the spark plug to a new one and test again. After making sure there is a spark, start the engine. But what to do, even if there is no spark on a good candle? We continue the search:

  • Test an electric cable for a cliff and insufficient contact with the spark plug. We check the serviceability of the spring in the cap of the nursing and the presence of contact with the armored vehicle;

To check the serviceability of the wiring, it is best to use the tester.

You can set the right gap with a probe, they are not a deficit and are available for a small fee.

Diagnosis of a malfunction multimeter

It is possible to determine the malfunction of the ignition coil can be determined by the so.Called hardware method. However, for this you must have a multimeter with which diagnostics is carried out.

Step.By.Step diagnosis of ignition by multimeter:

  • We set the multimeter to the position in which the arrow is at a mark of 200 Ohms.
  • We study the instructions of the chainsaw. We find out the optimal resistance for the coil winding installed on our model (in most modern chainsaws this indicator ranges from 3-5 Ohms.);
  • We connect the multimeter to the primary winding of the coil and measure the resistance, if it is normal. Continue testing;
  • We connect the multimeter to the secondary winding of the coil, compare the obtained readings with the operation manual;
  • We connect the multimeter to the coil hole into which the wires are inserted. If the device gives normal indicators, we come to the conclusion that the coil is serviceable. If the measurement results are far from optimal, you will have to replace the node (coil) with a new one;

Step.By.Step adjustment of the fuel of the chainsaw:

  • Diagnose a malfunction;
  • We dismantle the protective cover;
  • Remove the module with a nursing and electric cable. We conduct their visual inspection, if necessary, replace with a new one;
  • Install the ignition module, but do not tighten the mounting screws to the stop;

We determine a plot with a magnet on the flywheel;

Important: special attention, when repairing the ignition of a chainsaw, should be given to put the correct clearance between the module and the flywheel.

You should also check if the flywheel clings to the module counterweight. If this happens, perhaps you have failed a bearing or a backlash has formed on the shaft.

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The principle of operation of a contactless ignition system

During the rotation of the crankshaft of the engine, the distributor sensor forms voltage pulses and transmits them to a transistor switch. The switch creates current pulses in the primary winding circuit of the ignition coil.

At the time of the current interruption, the high voltage current is induced in the secondary winding of the ignition coil. High voltage current is supplied to the central contact of the distributor. In accordance with the procedure for operating the engine cylinders, the high voltage current is supplied along high voltage wires to the spark plugs. The spark plugs are ignited by the fuel-air mixture. With an increase in the speed of the crankshaft, the ignition angle is controlled by the centrifugal regulator of the ignition ahead.

When the load on the engine changes, the regulation of the ignition force angle is produced by a vacuum ignition.

Husqvarna gap on the ignition coil

Often we encounter situations when the instrument users come with a faulty ignition. Often it is faulty, but often the ignition coil to the breakdown of the tool does not have. Below are described acts to check the serviceability of the ignition coil

Primary checks of the complex of accounting programs of ignition.

Before testing the ignition module, check the properity of the subsequent parts of the chain:

  • Candles and switch
  • The condition of the candle cap: should be tightly attached to the candle, the high.Voltage wire is aggressively fixed and does not even fly out of the cap and coil, the matteral of the cap does not contain cracks
  • The high.Voltage wire is not damaged over the entire length, the contacts and connections of the wires are dense and do not even have traces of corrosion
  • Visually evaluate the absence of cracks and visible flaws on the reel body
  • Pollution of conductive parts and nodes remove
  • By the ability, change refueling: you will like gasoline bad

The meaning of these actions is to exclude from the list of probable defects that it remains to make our client elements of the chain, not counting the coil. If our client remains in order to move on.

ignition, chainsaw, works, electronic

Why is not a bad spark for. Little physics of the process.

The quality of the spark is determined by its ability to set fire to a correctly formed air-fuel mixture in working criteria. The initial settings of the consistency are carried out in the spark differently as it is also called a breakdown of a breakdown from an electronic current pulse developed by the ignition coil. Here the place is actually instant heating of the molecules of gasoline and oxygen, from which factors they come into a chemical reaction of combustion. Then it applies entirely to the volume of consistency at a normal speed of 30-40m/s, forming the front of burning a certain form. The process of existence of spark and ignition occurs behind 1-2ms.

It is clear that any differences in the characteristics of the spark leads to incorrect work. There are many circumstances of such deviations. Common:

  • Inolble in temperature, the operation of the ignition module: it works fine for a cool coil, heating stops working. Manifests itself in the usual work of the motor for cool, and refusal to warm. This is justified by the fact that the snuffs of the coils are diodes, transistors and capacitor. A malfunction at least any of these parts manifests itself only when warming up.
  • Faulty candle. We will not repeat here here. You will find the material in the web.
  • Bad contact, rust at the junction and a faulty switch to clarify here we will not
  • Duffed (transmitted, melted, etc.D.) high.Voltage wire. Here, too, what remains to make our client understand

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Often, checking the accounting (software) of the ignition for the presence of a spark that allows you to keep in the way: they turn the candle, put it on the case and, pulling the starter’s handle, twist the flywheel. And look at its surface. If there is no spark completely, then here what remains to make our client understand. However, it is often observed. In this matter, remember that when such a check, the conditions for the formation of current in the circuit differ from the workers, and specifically the pressure of the motor of the engine is 7-10 above the atmospheric, the temperature of the motor of the motor is about 1000 degrees, since the candle hole is open, the flywheel is spinning more and more often. And the situation appears: the spark is visible, and the engine does not work correctly. The reason is one. Checks were held in non.Working criteria.

Such implicit breakdowns of tricks are that the malfunction of the electronic complex of accounting programs is incorrectly attributed to breakdowns of the carburetor, cylinder-piston group, and t.D. In this version, they incorrectly re.Enrich the mixture, change the carburetor and CPG. In other words, the error in the diagnosis increases errors in the settings and excessive costs.

What to do? When checking, evaluate the quality of the spark. She can be strong. Chap and colorful. In the circumstances of the highest pressure and temperature, it will be able to set fire to a correctly formed mixture. The weak spark will not do it. Ignition occurs later or does not occur at all. A bulge appears during the operation of the motor, the motor does not develop, vibration, detonation appears, the effect of a blast shock may seem in the starter.

Ignition!Install a gap on a chainsaw. In one minute.

Allows you to correctly determine in the situation when when disassembling and replacing the ignition module

I ignition module testing methods.

The only correct method for diagnosing the serviceability of the ignition coil is to change it to a pre.Working test standard: if after the shift our client remains as it should, then the thing was in the reel. If you do not have one, then we are moving on

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To exclude the likely malfunctions of not familiar wiring and shutdown buttons, temporarily conducting the check to disconnect the control wires from the coil.

  • Measurement of reel resistances. This method is not applicable every time: VO-1, you should know the characteristics of the resistance resistance of the coil windings. Secondly, ignition, in addition to the inductance coil, contains semiconductor elements to form a suitable high-voltage pulse. As mentioned above, their malfunction can only appear when heated. For the correct measurement of the module, you need to turn off the armored vehicle and caps from it, which is impossible to do without consequences. We conclude, reliable measurements are likely when the correct characteristics are known and they are carried out in working criteria.
  • Using a device that checks the presence of a spark. It is installed in the gap of the chain between the candles and the high.Voltage wire of the ignition coil. The device is expensive and is used for the most part in harsh service centers. As a typical example, a tester allows for accounting (software) of the ignition from Stil Zat 4. The cost is 30-50.
  • Using candles. Unscrew the candle and attach its case to the cylinder. Pull the starter and watch the spark between her contacts. Myth Method of Approximate does not give a complete idea of ​​the state of the ignition coil, because the candle is not under pressure and the flywheel will spin more harsh due to the lack of compression in the engine (the candle is turned)
  • Barbaric method. It is used for their own horror and risk in hopeless situations.
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