How the Tornadica is different from the Tornado

With the Tornadica hand cultivator you no longer have to dig through the soil in search of annoying weeds.

The root extractor does everything for you, much faster and with better quality

All you have to do is lower it into the ground at an angle, turn it, and lift it up. With the root extractor even the smallest roots will be on the surface!

The cultivator can be used to remove weeds with a well-developed root system without damaging the roots of the crop.

Then it can be used like a fork: To catch roots with its tines and place them in the compost pit.

The cultivator can be easily disassembled into three parts, which makes it very easy to transport and store.

TORNADO Root Remover Cultivator

Every year in the spring gardeners start the season with digging, loosening and planting on their dacha plots in anticipation of a great harvest. Most of them use ordinary shovels and rakes, getting tired and then suffering from back pain.

But many people have already tried modern, handy tools that make work easier and do not harm their health.

One such device is the popular Tornado cultivator, with which you can: dig over, loosen, remove weeds. And all this without any of the usual back strain and without having to shovel large, heavy chunks of soil.

How does the Tornado/TORNADICA Root Remover work?

Its design is made so that with a minimum of effort you can effectively work on your land. The central pin is surrounded by sharp prongs and the upper handle is curved for easier handling.

  • Place the tool on the ground and, exerting slight pressure, turn it clockwise.
  • The tines will sink into the ground and capture the lump of earth because they are bent at a certain angle.
  • 4 tines encircle the root system of the weeds, making it easy to pull them out.
  • Lift and shake the tool slightly.
  • The weeds, pulled out with the roots, are on the surface, all you have to do is pick them up and throw them away.

When used, the Tornadica cultivator

  • Does not disturb the soil structure;
  • preserves the ecosystem and beneficial microorganisms;
  • Does not overturn layers and retains moisture in the soil;
  • Even manages virgin land;
  • Does not harm earthworms.

Convenient handle is height-adjustable, allowing it to be adjusted to the height of any person. The tool gathers and disassembles for compact storage.

Working the soil up to 20 cm in depth the Tornado not only cuts the weeds but also uproots them with the entire root system, which prevents their development from root remnants.

To avoid slipping of hands and blisters, we recommend the use of additional neoprene grips. soft grips.

Elderly people who could not cultivate their land plots without assistance can easily cope with the tool. The happy owners of Tornadik root remover note that the processing of the garden is much faster and easier.

Everyone who likes to work in the garden, but wants to facilitate this hard work is recommended to buy a cultivator Tornado / Tornadika. It will help to do all the necessary work on the garden quickly and efficiently, preserving health and without unnecessary stress on the spine.

Manufacturer: Russia, Bryansk region, “Intermetall

We offer to buy a Tornado hand cultivator in our online store at a bargain price. Courier delivery in Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Boxberry pickup points in major cities. We also send goods by mail to Attention: limitation for delivery by mail and Boxberry no more than 3 pieces in 1 order, if more is needed. delivery charges are negotiable with the operator.

TORNADIKA (Tornado) hand cultivator

Material Metal, hardened steel tines
Steel grade 5
carbon High Carbon
Hardened steel Yes
Tine size 20 cm
We are an official factory representative Yes
Package size 10,3 x 18 x 58 cm
Gross weight 2.54 kg
Color yellow
Country of manufacturer Russia

tools in 1

The Tornado hand cultivator can be used instead:

  • of a hoe when you want to loosen the ground;
  • spades, if you want to make a hole for planting or digging a garden;
  • Root remover, for effective weed control;
  • Fork, for carrying weeds, grass or soil into compost.

Advantages of the Tornado tiller

Care must be taken when operating the machine to avoid injuring your foot with the tool tines. Well-closed shoes must be worn for work. When disassembling or assembling the tool, the sharp part should be buried into the turf or directly into the ground.

Tornado mini hand cultivator

Cultivators mini Tornado (Tornadika) have all the best qualities of “big brother”, but are used where the most delicate treatment of the land is needed. Used for loosening the soil, if plants have a weak root system, for loosening flowers and berries. Tillage of root sections of bushes and trees. The mini cultivator is well suited for harvesting beets and potatoes. They are very effective and handy for collecting fallen leaves in the fall, and digging holes for transplanting seedlings in the spring.

How to use the Tornado (Tornadica) hand-held mini cultivator

“Dwarf”. the cultivator got its popular name because of its light weight of 700 grams. It looks like this: a strong steel handle (high-carbon steel, grade 45) with sharp metal teeth. When we start to turn the working part, tines enter the soil and loosen it.

Some varieties of mini-cultivators can be additionally equipped with a pedal lever.

Tornadika mini rotary cultivator has a completely different design. Tillage tool combines the functions of a ripper and a plough. The knives are fixed on the drum. The drum rotates the soil and loosens it.

Advantages of the Tornado mini cultivator (Tornadika)

Specially designed curved handle takes the load off your lower back and distributes it evenly to your shoulders, abdominal abs and arms.

Cultivator helps you do more work and less fatigue. Three times the manual soil cultivation speed.

Telescopic handle is height-adjustable. Setting the height from 87 to 95 cm, you can work with the best comfort without bending over.

Tornado mini hand cultivator does not disturb the fertile soil layer, because the soil layers are not turned over. Microorganisms and earthworms are preserved during cultivation. The soil is saturated with moisture and oxygen.

You buy a reliable, high quality, durable and convenient garden tool for a minimum price.

Easy and quick to assemble. When not assembled, the cultivator consists of three parts, so it does not take much space during the winter storage.

Why buy a Tornado mini cultivator in our store

Buying gardening tools from us, you are protected from low quality fakes, since we sell only original goods of the plant “Intermetall”.

Tornado hand cultivator. price, reviews, features

The Tornado hand cultivator is an excellent solution for small garden plots, and is easy to use even for retirees. With this device, it is effective to loosen the soil, dig over the ground, mix fertilizers and fight weeds.

The unusual design of the device distributes the weight evenly over the whole body so the back does not strain or hurt the next day as it would be with an ordinary shovel or fork. This hand cultivator has rave reviews mainly because of this effect of gentle load distribution on the body. And also because of the high efficiency and versatility of its use. If previously on the processing of their site, loosening the soil, digging soil you spent several weekends, while leaving time for rest did not remain at all, with the manual cultivator Tornado you can easily manage in one day.

Another advantage is its low price Due to its high quality materials it will last for many years

In our catalog you will find many other effective and quality products for gardeners. You can buy them in St. Petersburg or anywhere in our country through the Internet with a convenient order form. We have the goods directly from the factory, favorable prices, professional consultants, as well as fast and convenient delivery throughout the country. Buying a hand cultivator, you significantly simplify the task of cultivating the soil and taking care of plants and freeing up your time for recreation and family!

Tornado hand-held root cultivator (TORNADIKA)

Tornado hand-held root weeder is a versatile tool for weeding and loosening soil. Sturdy metal tubing base with spiral tines turned counterclockwise. With the help of hand cultivator any gardener, regardless of gender and age can make digging, loosening the soil, remove weeds, and even transplant plants such as strawberries. For maximum comfort for all family members can be adjusted to the height of 160 cm and above.

Special design takes the load off your back and spine and distributes it evenly to your arms, shoulders and legs, thus making you less tired. Unlike a shovel or hoe, the cultivator not only loosens the ground but also removes weeds, without having to bend over, just pull and shake out the weeds. The teeth, screwed along the spiral, do not tear the roots of plants, so the cultivator can be used for loosening the soil near fruit trees. When digging with a shovel, the top most fertile layer is buried, disrupting air and water exchange. The Tornado cultivator touches 20 cm of soil, improves air exchange and preserves the natural environment necessary for cultivated plants.

Specifications: Type: hand cultivator Manufacturer: Tornado Tine material: tempered steel Loosening the soil to a depth of 20cm Collapsible design of three parts Maximum length: 120 cm Individual package with a convenient handle Weight: 2.7 kg Overall dimensions: 60x19x19 cm Manufacturer: Russia

The TORNADIKA hand cultivator is a root remover with a wide range of functions. It has already gained the respect and love of gardeners because it removes big and small weeds, digs up and loosens the soil while keeping your back healthy!

Tilling the ground has never been so easy Unlike flammable and unwieldy power tillers, our tillers are safe and easy to use. Unlike a shovel, there is no strain on the spine and back muscles are strengthened while working with the cultivator!

The manual cultivator is height-adjustable, so you can work upright without bending over. This significantly relieves the load on the lower back and distributes it evenly to all parts of the body, which is important, especially for the elderly and people with spinal problems. The cultivator does not overturn the fertile soil layer, maximizing the preservation of all micronutrients, moisture and earthworms deep in the soil, which is beneficial to the crop.

4 TOOLS IN 1 The TORNADIKA hand cultivator can be used instead:

hoe, when you need to loosen the soil; shovel, when you need to make a hole for planting plants or dig a garden; root extractor, for effective extraction of weeds; fork, for transferring weeds, grass or soil into compost.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN The cultivator has a telescopic handle that easily adjusts to almost any human height, allowing you to work upright without bending over and quickly adjust the tool length to varying accessibility to the ground.

The TORNADIKA hand cultivator is designed to evenly distribute the load between your arms, back, shoulders and legs during work. You can adjust the telescopic handle according to your height and needs. Curved handle makes it easy to work. The spiral tines quickly prepare any soil for planting, even in an abandoned area or during drought! Compared to a conventional shovel, the cultivator lets you work three to five times more effectively. Tests show that a woman with a cultivator does the work 3 times faster with a shovel than a man with a spade when digging the same size or smaller plots!

Remove weeds and loosen the soil in just 3 simple steps: The secret of the TORNADIC is the swirling tines at the bottom, which can penetrate up to 20 cm deep into the ground and extract all weeds or loosen the soil without damaging your crops. Get rid of weeds or prepare the soil in just 3 easy steps:

Ruggedness, reliability, durability The tool is very easy to use, its length can be adjusted in three positions. The maximum height of the TORNADIC is 85 cm to 103 cm at a weight of 2.4 kg. Tiller is durable and long lasting, since its working part is made of forged and hardened steel by hand, which enables it to cope with almost any type of soil.

Potato digger. a helper when working in the garden

In many cases consumers buy the Tornado potato harvester together with the cultivator. This tool also does not put excessive strain on the spine, greatly facilitates work on the ground.

Hurricane, Tornado, Cyclone – What’s the Difference?

The design of the hand operated potato plough allows the operator to dig over the soil and remove the tubers with little or no damage. No need for body bending. The disassembled Tornado is compact and can easily fit inside a carrying bag.

Tip! Optional Tornado handle pads, available separately, prevent the handles from slipping and improve handling.

Many users of the Tornado cultivator do not buy a potato digger separately, since the cultivator itself does a great job with it. Digging potatoes with it is one of the favorite activities of dacha owners.

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