How to adjust the carburetor of the stihl chainsaw. How to adjust the carburetor on a Chinese instrument

Repair of the chainsaw of Stihl MS 180

Qualified repair of the chainsaw of Stihl (“stihl”) in the company “Direct Hands”. We are the official service center of this brand. This guarantees clear observance of technologies and the constant presence of original spare parts in your own warehouse. Turning to us, you can restore equipment as soon as possible and without overpayments.

Stihl MS 180 chainsaws are one of the most popular chainsaw models in the world. Its advantages:

  • Effective chain brake Quikstop, which ensures the necessary safety during operation,
  • Anti.Vibration system,
  • Ematic chain lubricant, due to which the saw chain lasts longer, and the oil consumption during sawing has decreased by almost 50%.

STIHL carburetor adjustment

STIHL 180 chainsaw. Device and adjustment of the carburetor

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaws are designed in such a way as to make their operation as allegedly asleep as inexperienced users as much as possible.

To do this, some settings available on more powerful StiHL models were abolished in the carburetor of the saw.

But there is still an opportunity to set up, and repair, as well as adjusting the Carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands, is possible.

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Stihl carburetor device

So, the STIHL MS 180 carburetor is developed and produced by the subsidiary of STIHL, called Zama. Original carburetors, on their building have a company logo guaranteeing product quality.

Stihl chainsaw carburetor device

Combustion of a larger fuel volume increases the amount of energy formed, which affects the power and speed of processes.

The damper is installed on the shaft of the carburetor passing through the entire body.

At the output of the shaft from the housing, a mount for the gas cable is installed, a cone.Shaped, adjusting screw responsible for configuring the idle walk is located nearby.

By twisting the screw, you can slightly adjust the position of the shaft and the shutters installed on it, thereby increase or decrease the idle stroke, opening or vice versa covering the damper.

Repair of the carburetor Stihl 180

Repair Carburetor cleaner Stihl 180.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw STIHL 180 Videos

If certain malfunctions occur, and the presence of experience, you can increase or reduce the fuel supply by increasing the gap when the needle valve is opened.

To increase the feed, the rocker of the needle valve in the distribution chamber must bend up, and to reduce, down. Thereby adjust the needle and, accordingly, valve throughput.

Do not adjust your own adjustment, t. To. This must be done very accurately and with an error, it is almost impossible to return the starting position of the rocker.

Dismantling the carburetor Stihl 180

In order to blow, change the gaskets or needle valve, the carburetor must be disassembled. To do this, you need to promote 4 screws on the lid of the compensator and one on the fuel pump.

Having opened the case, you should be extremely careful, t. To. If garbage enters into the inside of the carburetor will make his work impossible. The thickness of the channels in it is comparable to the thickness of the thread or even the human hair.

For repairing the carburetor STIHL 180, you can see below. In it, the master talks in detail about the problems and clearly demonstrates the entire repair process.

Settings in case of changes in the work or operating conditions of the chainsaw

In such cases, adjusting the carburetor on the chainsaw can be as follows. First start the tool and warm it up for 10 minutes.

We begin adjustment of the UPT by determining the position of the mood “L”, in which the idle speed will be the greatest. To do this, we very slowly and smoothly turn this bolt in one direction or the other. And so several times, until the right position is found. After that, we turn “l” by 1/8–1/4 turns (the required value is indicated in the technical documentation for the tool) counterclockwise (hereinafter PEF).

Then we continue to regulate the idle stroke using the screw “s” (“la”, “t”):

  • If the chain after manipulations with the bolt of “l” is motionless, then it is necessary to smoothly rotate “s” (“la”, “t”) clockwise (hereinafter referred to as it) until it starts to move. Then twist the “s” to 1/8–1/4 turns back.
  • If the chain moves, rotate “s” (“la”, “t”) of the PFS until it stops, and then twist “S” to 1/8–1/4 turns in the same direction.

The engine should work evenly. And check it, how it accelerates. It is believed that the engine in acceleration mode works normally if, when you smoothly press the accelerator, the revolutions in a short time and without “failures” increase to its maximum value. If the engine works unevenly and/or poorly accelerates, then it is necessary to slightly. A maximum of 1/8 of the whole turn. Turn the “l” PCH. After that, it is necessary to again make the above settings “S” (“LA”, “t”). Repeat these adjustments until the engine starts to work evenly and accelerate well.

Checking the work of the chainsaw

Now check the setting of the adjusting bolt “H”. To do this, accelerate the engine to maximum speed. Only for a long time it is impossible to drive it so without load, you need to pause. We look at the exhaust and listen to the work of the motor. If too much comes out of the muffler, and the brutal smoke, and the motorcycle is very noisy, which means the carburetor makes an overly rich mixture. In addition, the maximum power of the power unit is lower than should be. And also in it will form. In this case, it is necessary to “h” a little to tinker. Then again check the operation of the engine and, if necessary, repeat the adjustment.

When a motorcycle makes a screeching sound, the motor is very hot, the exhaust is accompanied by a crack and/or interruptions in the ignition are heard, that is, detonation is underway. The mixture is too poor, and the maximum engine speeds are higher than should be. This leads to overheating of the power unit, the burning of the piston, the rapid wear of the cylinder and the burnout of the candle. In this case, you need to “h” for 1/4 turnover, turn the prom.

At the end of the adjustment, check the saw at idle. With properly adjusted UPT, it should work as follows:

  • The chain is motionless.
  • Engine sound almost like a four.Stroke.
  • Accelerator pressing a quick set of maximum speed.

If these conditions are not fully respected, “S” (“LA”, “T”) should be used, as indicated above, or repeat the setting from the very beginning.

This is how approximate setting is carried out. For accurate, you need a tachometer. We do everything the same, only turn the adjusting bolts, focusing on the testimony of this device. This will allow accurately and most likely the first time to configure the carburetor, having achieved depending on the model of the tool for working with the wood installation tree at 2800–3300 rpm or higher and maximum. 11000–15000 rpm of/min. Which ones should be exhibited, you need to look in the technical documentation (operating instructions) at the saw.

How the Stihl 180 carburetor works: device, principle of operation

The main components of the STIHL 180 chainsaw carburetor include the following components:

  • Fuel pump (with an internal diaphragm);
  • Home (membrane) camera;
  • Diffuser;
  • Throttle and air shutters;
  • Needle valve;
  • Fuel nozzles;
  • Nozzle with a valve;
  • Monitoring screwdriver adjustment screw at idle.

The principle of work is as follows. Carter of a chainsaw is associated with a fuel pump in a carburetor with a special channel. Due to the alternating stroke of the piston, a vacuum is created in the engine crankcase. Due to which the diaphragm is raised in the fuel pump and the valve for fuel supply to the carburetor is opened.

Next, the fuel passes the filter element (net) and through a special channel enters the main chamber. This chamber has a control membrane, which regulates the supply of fuel by pressing the rocker, which in turn lowers the needle valve.

A vacuum that occurs in the diffuser of the carburetor is responsible for raising the control membrane due to the rotation of the air, throttle. As soon as the engine started up, the mixture needs to be impoverished. We lower the air damper, the vacuum in the diffuser is minimal, the membrane rises in its place.

From the main chamber, the fuel enters the diffuser using a nozzle with a check valve, or through the holochene jetlars (when the gas throttle is closed). There it is mixed with absorbed air and the already finished mixture enters the engine cylinder. The check valve does not allow air from the diffuser to get into the main camera.

Dismantling the carburetor Stihl 180

In order to blow, change the gaskets or needle valve, the carburetor must be disassembled. To do this, you need to promote 4 screws on the lid of the compensator and one on the fuel pump.

Having opened the case, you should be extremely careful, t. To. If garbage enters into the inside of the carburetor will make his work impossible. The thickness of the channels in it is comparable to the thickness of the thread or even the human hair.

Elimination of failures in work

As a conclusion, we describe typical malfunctions associated with improper adjustment of the carburetor and ways to eliminate them:

  • The engine does not start or start and stalls after a few seconds. Obviously, the reason is the improper adjustment of the quality of the mixture at low speeds, it is too poor. With a good carburetor, you need to enrich the mixture slightly, unscrewing the screw l at 1/2 turn, and then complete the tune with a screw T.
  • The load under load is noticeably losing in power. In this case, the carburetor gives at high speeds too rich the mixture. The screw n needs to be tightened to 1/8 turn, if the load is still not supported by the engine, but progress is noticeable. Tighten a little more.
  • The engine “sings” on maximum acceleration without load. The mixture at high speeds is too poor, the turns are overstated.
  • The engine stalls if you give gas after working at idle. Too poor or rich mixture, or rather, it can be said by the state of the candle.

Please note that carburetor settings can be lost due to strong vibration. For this reason, successfully selected adjustment must be remembered by considering the turns and position of each adjusting screw. If you have determined the best type of gasoline and oil ratio, maintain a small portion of such a mixture that, in case of malfunctions, check if malfunctions are associated with the quality of fuel and incorrect adjustment, or the reason is the malfunction of the chainsaw.

Repair of the carburetor of the chainsaw STIHL 180

The main malfunctions of the Carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw can be attributed to the following.

Gasoline does not enter the carburetor. The banal reason is the refusal of the fuel pump. The diaphragm has lost its elasticity or leaked. This happens due to fatigue of the material with prolonged use. As a result, when the diaphragm does not rise in the engine, it does not open the fuel channel with the valve. It can be replaced by a spare from the reprimatum complex by dismantling the carburetor. Gasoline may also not arrive due to the clogged filter element (nets) in the channel between the fuel pump and the needle valve. It is also treated by replacement from the reptile. The carburetor shifts. It is not difficult to guess that the problem lies in the main chamber. Particles of dirt fall into the cavity between the needle and the channel, t.E. The valve does not completely cover the channel when it is necessary and fills the camera. Very often the membrane ceases to perform its functions due to stretching (natural wear). As a result, when lowering the membrane, it does not completely raise the needle, and the fuel continues to arrive. The main membrane is also part of the remote complex. It will not be difficult to replace it. Very often after winter downtime, the owners of the chainsaw of Stihl 180 are faced with a difficult launch. In this case, there is a sticking valve in the nozzle. The manufacturer recommends that the remaining gasoline in the carburetor be laid down before putting the chainsaw. Gasoline is prone to evaporation and with long storage, motor oil remains in the carburetor, when in contact with which the nozzle valve begins to stick to the case. As a result, the fuel does not enter the diffuser. Since the nozzle is not part of the remote complex, you have to knock it out and rinse thoroughly

You need to do this very carefully. If the nozzle nozzle or nozzle is clogged, it is enough to blow them with compressed air. Or rinse in gasoline, in 90 % of cases it helps

But you can not use needles or wires, t.To. There is a risk of changing the passing cross section, thereby changing the throughput of the jet of jackets.

So, you decided to remove the carburetor and diagnose. The removal procedure is as follows:

adjust, carburetor, stihl, chainsaw, instrument
  • Click the gas trigger and lower the leaks lever down. Turn the latch and remove the chainsaw cover.
  • We unscrew the 8.Mounted fasteners with a end key and remove the air filter with the case.
  • Remove the thrust of gas (throttle) carburetor.
  • Disconnect the cable from the control lever
  • We take out the engine control lever from our place. In parallel, disconnect the thrust of the air damper.
  • Pulling the carburetor on ourselves, we remove it from the stilettos. Do not forget to disconnect the fuel supply hose.

A more detailed and visual algorithm for dismantling the carburetor from the chainsaw is presented in the video.

As for disassembling the carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, then everything is simple. 1 bolt is unscrewed on the lid of the fuel pump and 4 bolt on the lid of the main chamber. This is enough to change all the necessary components from the remote complex.

After disassembly, the carburetor must be washed in gasoline, and the channels and nozzles should be blown with compressed air. In no case should you blow the carburetor under high pressure and in the collected state. Otherwise you can stretch the membrane or diaphragm. The carburetor will stop working properly.

In order to evaluate the condition of the mesh-filter and membrane, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Unscrew the screw.
  • We evaluate the state of the membranes, remove dust and dirt, if necessary, change the membrane to a new. Under the membrane, everything should be purely on the membrane either there should not be dirt

CORRECT WAY To Adjust Or Tune The Carburetor On A Chainsaw

  • Check the condition of the mesh-filter for the presence of dirt, if there is clean.
  • Collect everything back and disassemble the carburetor from the other side. By unscrewing 4 bolts, remove the lid, remove the membrane and evaluate the condition of the insides. Total need to unscrew 4 screws
  • To check the serviceability of the fuel supply, putting the hose to the fitting.
  • We blow in it with your mouth, while we open the needle valve with your fingers, everything should work clearly.
  • We blow out 2 holes in the nozzles, with the same hose, they must calmly sulk, without excessive effort. If necessary, it is enough to clean the WD-40 with the usual cleaner.
  • Remove the jacket-wound on the right, and clean it with a thin wire, on the back.
  • We clean and collect everything. When installing the lid, follow the correct installation. See the photo below.

As for the stihl 180 carburetor remote control, it includes a set of gaskets for covers, aperture and a membrane, a needle valve, a rocker with an axis and a spring.


When buying a new chainsaw, the Stihl MS 250 carburetor does not require adjustment. Everything is configured from the factory and is ready to work! It is required only after a certain time of operation, as a result of which its details have worn out or broke.

When to regulate?

The first sign that the carburetor must be cleaned and adjusted. Black (enriched mixture) or very light (impaired mixture) soot on a candle. With normal adjustments, the optimal ratio of gasoline with butter and properly adjusted fuel supply to the internal combustion chamber, a soot on the candle, will be gray-brick.

Necessary tools

For adjustment, you will need a tool that has a set of screwdrivers, a set of core keys.

From the materials, you will need a rag, kerosene (gasoline) for washing parts.

Tachometer. For accurate setting of carburetor speeds. The thing is important, but you can do without it.


Before adjusting the carburetor, preventive maintenance of the unit is carried out:

  • The air filter is cleaned;
  • The entire carburetor is cleaned;
  • The engine is cleaned and washed from dust and dirt;
  • The chain is tuned;
  • The spark plug is cleaned or changing.

Setting instructions

A step-by-step algorithm for adjusting the Zama C1q-S85 carburetor on the Stihl MS 250 chainsaw:

  • After stopping the engine, it is necessary to fully tighten the screws “h” and “l”, and then unscrew each on one full revolution.
  • Next, you should start the engine-the chainsaw should work out at idle for 5-10 minutes.
  • Adjustment of the screw “H” needs to achieve maximum engine speed (14,000 revolutions per minute) with a completely squeezed gas handle. To accurately determine the engine speed, use a tachometer for a chainsaw. If it is not, tuning should be made by ear-you need to set maximum speed and then reduce them by about 20-25%.
  • The La screw needs to configure idle speed so that the chain on the tire rotates slightly, and then you need to unscrew the LA screw ”into 1/4 turnover.
  • If the chainsaw stalls or the revolutions are constantly changing, you need to unscrew the “l” screw, while the engine speed should increase.
  • Further, the La screw set the optimal idle speed of the engine, while the STIHL MS 250 should operate at 2600 rpmers per minute. This is idle speed.

If the carburetor or cylinder suck air, then these procedures may not help. The air can enter the engine through the leaky gasket of the carburetor, on the crankshaft oil seals or on an accelerator pump.

How to eliminate this malfunction, watch in the video below, the author also talks about adjusting the Zama C1q-S85 carburetor. In the example of a chainsaw is poorly started, and when working stalls

Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment | How to Tune ‘Correctly’. By Craig Kirkman

How to adjust the carburetor on chainsaws

To understand how to properly adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw, you need to see it, and therefore we invite the reader to pay attention to an example below.

To adjust the adjustment, only a slotted screwdriver will be required, but it will not be possible to perfectly rebuild the carburetor without a tachometer (of course, if a person is not a motorist or a professional driver with experience). Now let’s try to understand how to set up a carburetor in a particular situation.

How to set up a chainsaw carburetor if it does not start at all

A fairly common problem in cases where the “master” from the “I Know All” series is trying to get into the settings with hands, not growing from the shoulders. In this case, there are standard positions of the screws from which it will be possible to “dance” further. First you need to completely wrap both screws (do not be too zealous). Then twist:

As for the idle screw, first the damper should be completely closed (the screw T is turned). After that, it must be crank up by one and a half revolution clockwise and try to start the engine. If it did not work, it is gradually added a quarter of turnover before the launch. When the engine began to work, the position of the idle screw is adjusted so that the ICE is not stalled, but the chain stood still.

Machine for sharpening chains of chainsaws: selection criteria, design features, technical and operational characteristics of equipment, the principle of operation of manual and automatic devices, an overview of popular models of sharpening installations.

How to properly and accurately adjust the carburetor: step.By.Step instructions

In order for the information to be perceived easier, we propose to consider it on the basis of photographs with a description of actions in a tabular form. The chainsaw with the initial settings was taken as the basis.

You can familiarize yourself with the master class on adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw in this video.

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