How to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna 240

If the saw is not used properly, it will break and stop working. To keep the chainsaw in good working order, you need to know how to use it correctly.

First you should properly prepare your chainsaw for work. The chain must be well tensioned and must not come into contact with other parts of the unit. Then you should pull the lever, but only if the engine is completely cold, and put your foot in the rear handle. After pulling the cord until the saw starts

What gasoline to fill in a Husqvarna chainsaw??

Husqvarna chain saws can’t use old gasoline. Using fuel that has become stale can wear out parts quickly and reduce the power of the engine.

Also, all the instructions to the saws say that gasoline 95 and 98 octane number for the device. As all the models of Husqvarna chainsaws work on two-stroke engines, only 92 gasoline will fit them. Otherwise, the engine will start to detonate.

how to correctly fill your huksvarna chain saw with gasoline

The purity of the fuel also affects how long you can use it. If there are foreign substances, debris or rust in the gasoline, it is necessary to filter it through a thin gauze.

What is the right oil for a Husqvarna chainsaw??

Gasoline alone is not enough for Husqvarna saws to work smoothly. Requires a mixture to be included:

Husqvarna has created its own chain saw oil. It is only good for two-stroke engines. It does not dissolve well in liquids. It is noted that this particular oil is suitable for cold temperatures. It is usually sold in black, with a detailed saw fuel recipe on the back of the oil can.

What oil for your Husqvarna chain saw?

For chain, it is best to use Vegoil oil, which is low in oil consumption and frost-resistant.

Air filter oil is very effective at trapping extra particles in chain saw filters. It keeps debris out of the engine combustion chamber.

You can use other oils of course, but the gasoline brand recommended by Husqvarna chainsaw makers.

Gasoline to oil ratio for your Husqvarna chain saw

To prepare the fuel mixture, you need to mix little and gasoline in strict proportions. So, for usual saws take up to 50 milliliters of oil for one liter of gasoline. But in the case of Husqvarna chain saws it is recommended to mix 4 liters of gasoline and 100 milliliters of oil.

It is best to mix in special measuring jars. They have two holes in which gasoline and oil are poured. Such mixture can be stored for no more than one month. Using old fuel will cause the chain saw to malfunction.

Running in

Before each saw starts, it needs a running-in period to break in all parts of the engine. Also the running-in will help to better understand the principles of using the device for beginners.

To run-in, turn on the cycle mode and the lightest load, and then saw for one minute. After half a minute let it idle.

Important! Never switch on the engine first, as this could cause the spark plugs to malfunction.


To cut a large tree, you must determine in which direction it will fall. To do this you need to count the number of branches and understand where the biggest of them are directed. It is also important to pay attention to the slope of the trunk and the direction of airflow. From this information you can see where you should cut the tree.

After a tree is cut, all branches must be removed. That’s why it’s best to stand on the left side of the tree. It’s best to work carefully and slowly, without touching the tree with the nose of the saw. First the uppermost branches are cut, then lower. Then you can start sawing the trunk itself. Unlike branches the trunk is sawn from the bottom gradually going up to the top.

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Important! Do not stand below the trunk when bucking crooked trees. And if the cutting part gets stuck, you need to shut off the motor, tilt the wood, and free the chainsaw.

General rules of thumb

All chainsaw instruction manuals contain points that should be followed to prevent accidents. They look as follows:

  • Do not operate the machine if it is out of adjustment.
  • Do not wrap the starter cord around your hand when starting the saw.
  • It is desirable not to saw the tree trunk completely, but to leave a few centimeters.
  • When moving from one area to another, it is important to turn off the chain saw’s engine.
  • Do not adjust the machine with the engine turned off
  • Avoid clearing trees on steep slopes or when overhanging trees.
  • Do not allow bystanders within 50 meters of the tree you are about to cut. The chainsaw can be attended by the operator and his assistant.
  • Carefully check where the tree is going to fall and adjust the side as necessary.
  • Never use a match or lighter while filling up the chain saw.
  • In the event of a chain break, the saw must be turned off immediately.

A chainsaw is a very dangerous device that requires knowledge, skill, and experience. If you use the above tips, you won’t have any problems while working.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cutting device

Chainsaws have been in demand ever since the industry began to produce economical, inexpensive devices designed for a wide consumer range. They have become affordable and have almost completely replaced hand saws. Advantages of a chainsaw:

  • Low operational safety. The greatest risk of injury is when the chain catches on something hard and the engine continues to run, the chain breaks, which can lead to fatal injuries. It is recommended that special helmets and goggles be worn when working with such a tool.
  • Maintenance required. In a chainsaw, fine dust enters the mechanism, mixes with the chain lubrication oil and creates a tight dirt, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

How to Clean a carburetor on Husqvarna chainsaw

Cleaning the carburetor of a chainsaw of any modification, configuration and power goes on one traditional and correct scheme, and its need arises as a consequence of clogging the part. To understand that it is time to clean the carburetor. you can observe the way the saw starts and immediately stops, perhaps still fluffing, making a try to get the desired revolutions. One way or another. with your own hands to clean the carburetor is quite real, because our experts provided instructions and demonstrated how to do it quickly and correctly. Concerning the literacy of cleaning, it is not only about using certain agents, fluids, but also about purging, assembling the carburetor back and checking its readiness to perform future work.

Sometimes chain saw parts need not repair and cleaning, but timely replacement. So while your carb can still be cleaned and returned to its original working condition. use the tips from KosiKos, and let your mechanism be healthy!

Husqvarna 365 chain saw carburetor. from setup to adjustment

The chainsaw is a great helper for any man in his house. chainsaw design is a complex system that requires careful maintenance and attention. Today we show you how to adjust the carburetor on your Husqvarna 137 with your own hands in the garage?

adjust, carburetor, husqvarna

Specifications for the Husqvarna 240 chainsaw

The core of the Husqvarna 240 is a 2-stroke engine with a carburetor. Runs on a gasoline/oil mixture. Improved crank and crank assembly and special coating on cylinder for longer life. 20% better fuel economy thanks to its innovative X-Torq system that also cuts exhaust emissions. Large fuel tank and low fuel consumption extend the tool’s operating time without refueling.Otherwise, the saw has the following technical specifications:

  • capacity. 2 l. с.;
  • Chain pitch is 3/8″;
  • The fuel tank capacity is 300 ml;
  • oil tank. 200 ml;
  • bar length. 40 cm;
  • weight. 4.7 kg.
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Structure and principle of carburetor operation

The carburetor serves for preparation of a combustible mixture in a ratio determined by the operator from gasoline and air.

Excessively enriched, as well as excessively lean, the mixture will lead to unstable engine operation, can cause overheating and accelerate wear of the piston system.

Correct setting and adjustment are essential to the proper functioning of the device.

And for that you need to know how a Husqvarna chainsaw carburetor works.

Its construction consists of the following elements:

  • Body with clamping bolts and gasket set;
  • fuel pump. a device that pumps a gasoline-oil mixture into the carburetor;
  • The diaphragm is designed to restrict the flow of fuel mixture into the engine;
  • float chamber. it collects fuel, the level is regulated by the float, the mixture is fed to the main chamber for mixing with the air as needed;
  • main chamber. air flows through it and fuel is injected there as well, the amount of mixture supplied to the engine is regulated by the throttle valve located here;
  • diffuser. a part of the tube narrowing the air in the place of fuel injection;
  • needle valve. a device that regulates the flow of fuel;
  • jets. the screws that regulate the supply of mixture at high and low speeds, as well as the idle speed screw.

Also in the carburetor device, in addition to the throttle valve, there is a damper, located at the inlet from the air filter. It artificially reduces the air supply, making the mixture more saturated to facilitate starting a cold engine.

The nozzle valve is responsible for fuel injection into the main chamber and prevents the ingress of air. When adjusting the carburetor on your Husqvarna chainsaw special attention should be paid to this valve, because the higher the mixture, the higher the RPM. к. its condition has a direct impact on engine operation. Used for extended periods of time the nozzle can jam. This will restrict the fuel supply and prevent the engine from starting.

either from long term use or from a factory defect, the valve can let air into the main chamber. In this case, the only way to fix the problem is to replace it.

a carburetor works in the following way: air flow, getting into the diffuser, mixes with injected fuel, the resulting mixture is fed to the engine. Throttle valve regulates the amount of mixture. The more mixture, the higher the engine speed.

Carburetor Parts

The first thing to do is to understand the adjustment screws on the Husqvarna 236 chain saw.

The manufacturer has equipped the model in question with 3 screws:

  • L-screw adjusts the nozzle at low rpm;
  • H-screw is used to adjust the nozzle at higher rpm;
  • T-screw is used for adjustment of idle speed.

If it is necessary to adjust the feeding of fuel, lubricating mixture and air access, involve the first 2 elements. Turning them clockwise, the mixture can be thinned and the RPM reduced. by reversing the sequence, i.e. unscrewing the elements in the opposite direction, the mixture is enriched and rpm increases.

The idle speed operation is adjusted by the third element. Turning it clockwise increases the RPM, and to reduce the RPM just turn it in the opposite direction.

Algorithm and description of adjustment of Husqvarna carburetor

Husqvarna carburetor is adjusted similarly to how carburetors are adjusted in chainsaws of other manufacturers.

Just before adjustment you need to make a full diagnostic to make sure the fuel system is working properly and there is no air intake in the carburettor. Also make sure that the air filter is clean and if necessary replace it with a new one.

  • On the turned off saw the Husqvarna carburetor is reset to factory settings.
  • The engine is started and the saw is warmed up for several minutes.
  • By turning the screw (L) clockwise, the position is found at which the engine reaches maximum rpm, after which the screw should be turned back 1⁄4. If at the same time the chain of the chain saw rotates, it is necessary to reduce the idle speed by adjusting the position of the screw (T).
  • The next step is to adjust the power of the Husqvarna at maximum RPM and adjust the number of revolutions. To do this, connect the tachometer to the chain saw when it is running, turn the throttle grip all the way down and check the tachometer reading. If the maximum rpm value differs from the maximum recommended by the manufacturer, change the position of the screw (H) to bring the tachometer reading back to normal.
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Husqvarna 236 chain saw repair. Maintenance of the Husqvarna 236 chain saw

If the tool is operated strictly according to the instructions and its troubleshooting is timely corrected, it will please you with its reliable and stable operation. Correctly executed repair with original spare parts will allow to use the saw for a long time.

The main cause of chainsaw failure is most often engine malfunction, which can manifest itself as follows:

In this case the fault should be looked for in the ignition system, piston group or fuel system. In many cases the clutch, brake system, lubrication devices, tires, etc. are to blame.

adjust, carburetor, husqvarna

Ignition system

Repair of “Husqvarna 240” chain saw with your own hands, as well as any other model, should be started with troubleshooting of ignition system.

First of all experts recommend to take out and examine the spark plug. The condition of this element will indicate a problem with the fuel system.

How To Adjust / Tune a Chainsaw Carburetor | Husqvarna Stihl BEST Way

  • If the spark plug is completely dry, it means that the fuel mixture does not enter the cylinder. In this case the spark plug is screwed back in and the fuel system is repaired.
  • If the spark plug is heavily flooded with fuel mixture, then the rules of starting the unit may have been violated, or the carburetor is poorly adjusted. It is necessary to cut off the fuel supply and start the starter. This is done to remove any excessive fuel. Clean the spark plug with a sharp object first, then wash it with a detergent, dry it with a hair dryer and put it back. After that, the tool is started and its operation is checked.
  • If there is no fuel residue on the spark plug, it must be cleaned, washed and checked for spark. Its absence may indicate a violation of the gap between the flywheel and its magnetic core, or a failure of the ignition module.

Trouble with the ignition system could be bad oil or a faulty gasoline/oil ratio.

The fuel supply system

If the fuel does not come into the gasoline tank of a chainsaw, there may be two reasons for this:

In this case, the fuel is not supplied in full, and the tool does not start or starts and immediately stops. Repair consists of cleaning the air filter and cover.

The filter should be removed very carefully, so that the clogged dirt does not get into the carburetor. It can be cleaned and washed with ordinary detergents.

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Repair of the carburetor

The heart of any chainsaw is the carburetor, and it’s the source of most chain saw malfunctions. Repair of this node with their own hands consists of disassembly and cleaning. If the damage is serious, you should contact a service center for assistance.

Most often the tool malfunctions due to the use of low quality gasoline or oil. To keep the carburetor from breaking, it is necessary to follow some preventive measures:

  • It is strictly forbidden to start the chain saw.
  • It is not advisable to store gasoline in a plastic container. It will help to avoid heavy sooting.
  • The fuel mixture should not be stored for a long time, because over time it loses its properties.
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