How to assemble a Brait 105 single axle tractor


Brait 80 single axle tractor is adapted to work in combination with mounted and trailed domestic and foreign equipment. This versatility extends the scope of the BR 80 to the level of a modern, fully fledged mini-tractor.

The BR 75 and 80 can be fitted with these types of optional equipment:

  • Haymowers. 13 l engine power.с. is more than enough to provide enough torque for a rotary mower with two knives. With a working width of 135 cm the mower clears grass and bushes up to 0,2 ha per hour.
  • Ploughs. Depending on the nature of the task, ploughs with one or more ploughshares are used. Single-hulled tools are used for lifting virgin land, laying trenches and loosening the ground in the arrangement of pits.
  • Topdressers. Brait 75, 80 and 105 models are equipped with linkage mounted and wheel mounted planters on the frame bracket. To create and weed seedbeds, disc, arrow headers are used that take up 1 or 2 rows.
  • Snowploughs. Rotary snow blowers and brushes are connected to the PTO. Roads and paths can be cleared using front blades with adjustable angle of attack.
  • Cross-country ability tools. Widen wheelbase by fitting axle extensions and rim pads. Increase traction with wheel weights and external weights. Steel shoe plates are ideal for ploughing.
  • Trailers. The most affordable attachment in this range is the adapter that allows the operator to control the tiller while sitting on the trailed chassis. complex and expensive units are cargo and combination carts. Trailed devices have 1 or 2 axles.
  • Planting kits. Potato planter and potato puller can be attached to the power tiller arm and drawbar. These tools allow you to work up to 1 hectare per day

13 horsepower is powerful enough to power heavy stationary equipment. The single-axle tractor serves as drive for the sprayer, water pump, mulcher and power generator.

How to assemble a Brait 105 single axle tractor

BRAIT 105 PRO with 7 L engine.Strong, versatile single-axle tractor with universal joint shaft, disc clutch instead of traditional belts and a pinion gearbox instead of a chain reducer. Also this one-axle tractor has an upgraded gearbox: 3 forward gears instead of the usual 2 (reduced gear). This makes it possible to select the optimum speed for the soil. The power tiller weighs 89 kg. The single-axle tractor has a wide working width (up to 100 cm) and is equipped with hardened milling cutters, which allows its use on heavy soils. The presence in the set of pneumatic tires size 4×10 with aggressive tread allows using a single-axle tractor on different grounds, as well as allows using it together with a cart to transport loads up to 500 kg. PTO can be connected to active attachments.


  • 3 forward gears instead of 2;
  • PTO shaft;
  • Full gear reducer in cast iron housing;
  • Wheels 410;
  • Engine power of 7 liters.с.;
  • Multi-disc spur gear in oil bath;
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustable steering wheel.


  • Engine: air-cooled, 4-stroke gasoline engine
  • Power: 7.0 л.с.
  • Engine brand: Brait
  • Starter: Manual
  • Gearbox: spur gear in cast iron housing
  • Number of speeds: 3 forward/1 backward
  • Fuel tank: 3.6 l
  • Working width: 100 cm
  • Working depth: 30 cm
  • Weight: 89 kg
  • Dimensions, mm: 840x465x660
  • Compatibility: with Oka, Neva, Kaskad attachments
  • Clutch: multi-disc
  • Diameter wheels: 4.00-10′
  • PTO: 14mm, keyed

Instructions for the Brait 105 PRO

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics, appearance, configuration and place of manufacture without notice to the dealer. Delivery “To order” is possible if this item is available from the supplier (manufacturer).

The strong single axle BRAIT 105 stands out from its smaller brothers by having a POWER SHIFT, which enables an endless variety of attachments. It also has controls on the handlebar, shifting speeds on this model is much more convenient. The weight of the power tiller has increased considerably, because there is a gearbox with gears and a disc clutch type. The single-axle tractor still provides a wide working width (up to 120 cm) and is equipped with hardened cutters, making it ideal for heavy soils and tillage. The presence in the set of pneumatic wheels with aggressive tread size 4×10, will work on any type of ground, as well as allows you to use it with a cart for cargo transportation up to 500 kg.

BRAIT 105 single axle tractor compatible with all Cascade/Neva implements, as well as all attachments where a universal joint shaft is necessary.

I want to note the quality of the engine, due to the fact that all engines are made by Honda technology and have sleeved cylinders, significantly increased service life, improved heat transfer, as well as increased power and productivity.

BRAIT BR-105 single axle tractor

Engine. Brait 170F (Honda equivalent)
Power. 5.2 kW
Power. 7 л.с.
Reverse. Check out
Wheel size. 4 х 10
Gearbox. Gearbox (cast iron)
Clutch. Disc
Number of speeds. 2 forward, 1 backward
Fuel Consumption. 395 g/(kWh)
Fuel type. Gasoline
PTO diameter. 14 mm
weight. 105 kg
Warranty. 12 mth.

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The Brait 105 is used for hilling and cultivating. It also allows you to plant and dig vegetable crops, plow hard ground, pump water and transport loads quickly and efficiently. All of this is available thanks to support for all types of attachments. This is facilitated by a versatile design that is, at the same time, quite simple, which favors self-service.

Brait 105 single axle tractor with extra gears, is a unit with a petrol carburettor engine. single axle tractor is equipped with oil level sensor.

Two steering wheel positions adjustable. Used for mechanization of manual labor when cultivating the soil, taking care of trees and shrubs on the farm, homestead and garden plots of 20 acres and more.

The machine is equipped with wheels for good grip and traction, as well as a choice of rotary tools for soil cultivation.

When equipped with additional implements, the single axle tractor can carry out a wide range of agricultural and transport work (milling, cultivating, tilling, harrowing, row crop preparation, root crops, grass mowing, transporting goods, etc.).д.).

The Brait 105 is a powerful and quiet medium-class single-axle tractor, designed for a variety of agricultural applications. Convenient for transporting loads, even on hard ground, and attractively priced compared to competitors.

Brait 105 single axle tractor is in high demand due to its optimal characteristics, which are positively reflected in the performance indicators, cross-country ability, comfort and convenience in off-road.

The Brait 105 has a lot of useful features and elements and adjustments to make the work with the technique as convenient and efficient as possible. Durable frame, switches on the handle, and the ability to adjust depending on the height and build of the operator. Note also the moisture-resistant and noise-absorbent materials used in the construction of the power tiller. This is a fairly quiet machine by modern standards with decent performance. Due to the ease of use, as well as acceptable power, the Brait 105 model is well sought after by cottagers, gardeners, farmers, and utilities.

BRAIT BR-105PRO single axle tractor 7l.с. (PC) with PTO (characteristics)

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Ease of operation: BRAIT motor blocks have a multifunctional rotary control handle for the operator. The ability to change positions both horizontally and vertically makes it easy to work in hard-to-reach places.

Reliable: the frame itself is made of specially alloyed cast iron with extra thickness, in contrast to the simplified aluminum competitors.I want to note the quality of the engine, due to the fact that all engines are made on the specification of Lifan and have sleeve cylinders, greatly increased life, improved heat transfer, as well as increased power and productivity.

Excellent cross-country ability: wheels guarantee perfect traction and contribute to lateral stability of power tillers, cultivators and mini-tractors. The wheels make it easy to move on any surface, including sand and clay. Another advantage of pneumatic wheels is that they do not damage beds and lawn during driving.

assemble, brait, single, axle

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Stable BriggsStratton CR950 petrol engine The BriggsStratton CR950 petrol engine is a single-cylinder, four-stroke. Cast-iron liner increases reliability and motor durability by preventing wear and compensating for improper handling, while providing reduced oil consumption. Lo-Tone silencer ensures low noise level and good sound quality. Float-operated carburetor optimizes fuel delivery for improved reliability and performance.

Gearbox with aluminum housing The transmission for the Neva MB2-BS CR950 is a spur gearbox in an aluminum housing. The advantage of this reducer is its high efficiency and sturdiness. The reduction unit provides the power unit with high torque and sufficient traction. As a result, the machine perfectly treats any type of soil, as well as carrying loads in difficult driving conditions.

Additional set of gears Primarily the “Neva” MB2-BS CR950 power tiller has a set of lowered gears, which consists of 2 forward and 1-backward gears. However, if the belt is shifted on the double-rib pulleys, a set of overdrive gears becomes available, which also includes 2 forward and 1 reverse gears. This gives the operator four forward and two reverse gears. The suitability of each of these gears is determined by the type of operation being performed and the operating conditions. For example, ploughing can be done in either of the front gears. However, preference will be given to the gear that is more suitable for a particular type of soil.

assemble, brait, single, axle

Left wheel release The Neva MB2-BS CR950 single axle tractor has a left wheel release function. This feature is especially useful when you get to the end of the field while plowing or cultivating and need to turn the single axle tractor 180 degrees to continue working. By pushing the wheel separation lever, you can easily make a turn, even on a small area.

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Mechanical gear shift in Neva MB2-BS CR950 is located on the gearbox. Robust and durable design. Gears shift on and off quietly and engage smoothly and easily. The lever is at a convenient distance from the steering wheel for fast gear changes.

Has independently adjustable handlebar grip for user convenience on Neva MB2-BS CR950 power tiller, which is especially important for furrow cutting. The single-axle tractor tilts sideways during this operation because one of its wheels is in the furrow and the other is on the uncultivated ground. If the handlebar is set in the standard position, it is extremely inconvenient to work on the power tiller. So the appropriate handlebar height is selected for each handle, suitable for the user.

Cultivation with 4-8 tillers Neva MB2-BS CR950 single axle tractor can work with different number of tillers. Usually 4 or 6 tools are mounted on the machine, depending on the width of the area to be processed. In case of light soil it is possible to mount 8 milling machines on a single axle tractor at the same time, which allows you to process the area faster. Flaps on the single-axle tractor are essential for safe cultivation.

How to assemble a Brait 105 single axle tractor

Brait MB 105 single axle tractor with 7 engine.8 л.with a powerful, multifunctional single axle tractor. This makes it possible to fit many types of attachments. The weight of the tractor is 89 kg. Gearbox is pinion with a multi-disc clutch in an oil bath. The single-axle tractor has a large working width (up to 100 cm). The presence in the set of pneumatic wheels with the size 4×10 will allow using a single-axle tractor on different grounds, and also allows using it together with a cart to transport loads up to 500 kg.

Посадка картошки с помощью МОТОБЛОКА BRAIT 105 / Центральная Сибирь

Brait MB 105 single axle tractor is compatible with all types of attachments on the type of Cascade / NEVA.


  • Gear reducer in the cast-iron housing;
  • Wheels 410;
  • Engine power 7.8 л.с.;
  • Multi-disc-special gearbox in oil bath;
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustable handlebar.


  • Engine: gasoline Brait BR225P, 4-stroke, air-cooled;
  • Power: 7 ;.8 л.с.;
  • Starter: manual;
  • Gearbox: gear-type, in cast-iron housing;
  • Number of speeds: 2 forward/1 reverse;
  • Fuel Tank: 3,6 l;
  • Working width: up to 100 cm;
  • Working depth: up to 30 cm;
  • Weight: 89 kg;
  • Compatibility with mounted: by type Neva, Cascade;
  • Clutch: Multi-plate in oil bath;
  • Diameter of wheels: 4,00×10;
  • PTO: 16 mm, keyed.

Instructions for the Brait MB 105

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics, appearance, configuration and place of manufacture without notice to the dealer. Delivery “to order” is possible if the given position is available from the supplier (manufacturer), delivery terms please specify from store managers.

Мотоблок Brait 105

Brait-135 Series Modifications

The catalog of the official site of the company Brait currently offers 11 modifications of power tillers Brait-135, two of them. diesel. First of all about them.

  • Brait-135DEA (diesel). this version is equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder diesel engine BR-178FE. with vertical air cooling, with direct injection, with electric start (battery included). The power of this engine. 7 horsepower, working volume. 296 cm3. Cylinder diameter x stroke. 78 x 62. Output shaft: 25 (splined). Cutter shaft: Hexagonal D=32. Engine oil capacity. 1,1 l. Gear oil volume: 2.3L. Fuel tank capacity. 3.5 l. Weight of the walking tractor: 138 kg.
  • Brait-135DEB (diesel). equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder diesel engine BR-186FAE, vertical air-cooled, direct injection, with electric start (battery included). This motor has a capacity of 10 horsepower and a displacement of 418 cm3. Cylinder diameter x stroke: 86 x 72. Output shaft: 25 (splined). Cutter shaft: Hexagonal D=32. Fuel tank capacity. 5,5 l. Engine oil volume. 1,65 l. Gear oil volume: 2 liters. Power train weight. 148 kg.
  • Brait-135GA. with 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine BR-170F. This motor has a displacement of 212 cm3 and 7 horsepower. Manual starter. Output shaft: 20 (spline). Cutter shaft. hexagonal shaft S32. Oil capacity: 1.1 l. Gear oil capacity: 2.0 l. Fuel tank capacity: 3,6 l. Weight of the walking tractor: 136 kg.

“At the wheel of the lightweight petrol engine Brait-135GA.

  • Brait-135GB. complete with 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine BR-177F with a working volume of 270 cm3, 9 horsepower, with manual starter. The weight of this modification is 143 kg. Fuel tank capacity. 6 liters. Oil capacity: 1.1 l. Gear oil volume: 2.3 l. Cutter shaft. hexagonal D=32.
  • Brait-135GBD. single axle tractor with the same technical characteristics as the model Brait-135GB, but also equipped with a differential. The weight of this crawler. 150 kg.
  • Brait-135GBE. equipped with 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine BR-177FD. Its displacement is 270 cm3 and power is 9 hp. Starter with electric start (battery included). Output shaft: 25 (keyed). Cutter shaft: S32 hexagonal. Fuel tank capacity. 6 liters. Engine oil volume: 1.1 l. Gear oil capacity: 2 liters exactly. This power tiller weighs 156 kg.
  • Brait-135GC. 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with 13 horsepower and a displacement of 389 cm3. Starter in this modification is manual. Fuel tank capacity: 6.5 liters. Weight of the tractor. 150 kg. Cutter shaft: S32 hexagonal.
  • Brait-135GCE. also with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with 13 horsepower and a displacement of 389 cm3. But with electric start (battery included). Fuel tank capacity. 6,5 liters. The weight of the equipment in this modification is 163 kg.
  • Brait-135GD. equipped with a 15-horsepower 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a working volume of 420 cm3. Starter. manual. The fuel tank capacity is 6.5 liters. The weight of the tractor is 148 kg.
  • Brait-135GDE. also with a 4-stroke single-cylinder petrol engine with a working volume of 420 cm3 and a 15-horsepower. The engine is equipped with an electric start (battery included). This model weighs 163 kg.
  • Brait-135GDD. single-axle tractor, similar in its technical characteristics to the modification Brait-135GD, but equipped with a differential. This model weighs 153 kg.
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Numerous reviews of motor-block owners agree that the model is quite maneuverable, easy to maintain and reliable in operation. Owners are happy with the quality of the engine and instant start, as well as the economical fuel consumption.


“I bought the Brait BR-105 for my 25 acres and I don’t have any complaints. Good for working the soil, but I use it on wet ground. I fill up with 92 petrol and the consumption is 2 l/h. Despite the rather bulky weight, it’s easy to operate. It is the best I could buy for the money.”


“I received the single axle tractor as a gift and later added a potato harvester, trailer and rocker. If you plow wet ground, there is no problem at all. However, after a couple of years there was corrosion on the bottom of the body, which indicates the poor quality of the coating.”

We invite you to leave your feedback and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the models presented.

Review: single axle gasoline tractor Brait MKP-403. Good for gardening !

-Weight, kg: 87 Power l.c: 7.8- Engine type: 4-stroke, single-cylinder-Fuel tank capacity of l: 3.6-Working volume (cm3): 225-Gearbox: gear-chain, cast-iron housing-Starter: manual-Treatment depth, mm: 150-300-Width of processing, mm: 800-1200-Oil capacity, l: 0.6-Wheel size: 410-Cutter shaft: hexagonal-Number of gears: 3 forward, 1 reverse-Gearbox oil capacity, l: 1.2

1 Single axle tractor;2 Tines;3 Wheels;4 Coulter;5 Manual;6 Packaging.

In the photo above you can see my single axle tractor assembled, here in the store I tested it, checked that all systems work as required. And I advise everyone to start the single axle tractor before buying it in the store.At home I immediately put the standard wheels in the attic, and on the single axle tractor I put Zhigulov wheels. And I advise everyone to do so, because on the standard wheels, firstly, the speed is low, and secondly, they are narrow and in the corners single axle tractor is very unstable and can easily overturn. The 13 wheels give the tiller stability, and thanks to the fatness and height of the Zhigulov wheels, the single-axle tractor has a higher speed. It is true that this solution has a disadvantage. they say that it is faster to break the gearbox, but so far I have not noticed any problem with that.On this tiller I usually carry 200 liters of water, half a cube of firewood, a 300 kg bale of hay and I have ploughed 3 vegetable gardens. A single-axle tractor handles all tasks perfectly. over, the consumption of gasoline is very small, a full tank is enough for half a week of active work. Except for plowing, I used to get 3 to 5 liters per garden.

Of course, this power tiller has its disadvantages.

The single-axle tractor has a double wishbone in the front and a single-arm pulley in the back. When your competition has 3-strand pulleys in the front and 2-strand pulleys in the back, you can put two belts on at once. This solution helps if for example one of the belts breaks, you can easily get home on 1 belt. In addition, 2 belts increase speed slightly, and with a heavy load it is easier to start or drive uphill. As the air damper gets diluted over time and can close during the trip. Also, the iron used to make the frame and squares on the wheels is not of high quality and easily bent. The vibration of the motor is too strong and it causes some bolts to unscrew. The fixing for the cart needs to be strengthened.The engine needs to be filled with 92 gasoline. The air filter should be cleaned every 50 hours of operation. Also I advise to always have a crab, for once in a season the carburetor should be flushed.

To sum it up, I would definitely recommend it for purchase. If you want the most budget, but powerful single axle tractor.

Сборка и запуск мотоблока Brait. Почему я не мог сразу завести мотоблок.

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