How to assemble a Brait 80 single axle tractor

Testimonial: Brait BR-80 single axle tractor Pretty decent single axle tractor for not much money

That’s why last year we decided to buy a single-axle tractor and cultivate the land with it. The choice fell on the power tillers Brait, judging by the reviews on the Internet, it’s quite a decent power tillers for a low price. In the store there were two power tillers of this company, one with narrow wheels for 24000, the other with wide wheels for more cross-country ability with a cart for two thousand more expensive. Since the tiller’s cross-country ability was not important for us, we bought a single-axle tractor with narrow wheels. By the way, the seller was very surprised that we do not take the cart and even asked repeatedly if we do not take it exactly. Apparently most of the buyers thought that the cart was an essential attribute for a power tiller (oh, those power tillers). But we bought the necessary attributes for working with the ground, namely, a disc coupler, hitch, trailing blades, a plow and more engine oil for power tillers.

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And cutters were included with the tractor. At first we looked at the larger diameter cutters, but we decided not to buy them, and as it turned out later we were right.The single-axle tractor was packed in a cardboard box with a metal frame and weighing about 70 kg.

The box was not so big and fit in the backseat of the car without much trouble, so we did not have to pay for shipping.

In the photo, the wheels, handlebar and other parts are out of the box, and the body of the trimmer is bolted to the frame to prevent damage in transit.

Well, finally unscrewed and got a single-axle tractor.

We had little idea how to assemble a single axle tractor, so we went to read the manual. But there is not a word about assembly in the instruction manual, moreover it is even from a power tiller with the same name and number.

The pictures are of disgusting quality, I can not understand anything.

Okay, at least the technical specifications seem to converge.

In general, with the help of the Internet and kind people assembled, poured engine oil in the engine, gear oil in the gearbox, gasoline in the tank and started. By the way, a single-axle tractor started without any problems, literally from half-pipe.

Then we also assembled the cutters with some help from the Internet.The first job for the power tiller was to close the moisture, that is, to destroy the crust on the ground after the winter. I have harrowed a garden of about four acres with milling cutters to a depth of 5 centimeters, literally, in 10-15 minutes. Then after two weeks did the first cultivation to a depth of 10-15 cm.

Steering wheel could be bent aside to avoid trampling freshly plowed ground.

I tried to go into the garden with a plow, but the attempt was not particularly successful. the soil was still wet, covered the plow and the single-axle tractor began to slip and bury heavily. Decided to plow properly in the fall.The radius of the tiller is about 15 cm, so there was a fear that the singleaxle tractor would not plow to a greater depth, the axis would press against the ground and that’s it. But in fact it turned out that it can easily bury almost the engine, so the second cultivation before planting potatoes, I spent at a depth of 20-25 inches, completely destroying the plow foot from past years.

As you can see in the photo, the cutters are almost completely buried in the soil. To ease the work of the power tiller, I reduced the width of the cutters to 80 centimeters. By the same token, my footprint was already a ready-made groove for laying potatoes.

For a newcomer the rows were a bit crooked, but by the end of the garden I got used to them and went more straight.They wanted to fill in the potatoes on top with a disc hoe. formed ridges, but apparently poorly adjusted it and the single-axle tractor began to wiggle, shifting and tearing the rows. And even the reduced speed of the tractor turned out to be pretty high and I just did not have time to keep the single-axle tractor straight on the row. In addition, the resulting ridges seemed to me a little high, so it was decided to rake the potatoes by hand with hoes, rakes and feet.A month went by, the potatoes sprouted and grew big enough to be dug. We paid more attention to the adjustment of the planter and centered it well, so it wouldn’t pull the single-axle tractor to the side. At first, instead of the wheels we put grousers and weights, but the grousers ruined the ready row, and the single-axle tractor ran too fast on them, in spite of the fact, that their diameter was less than the wheels. Then they put the rubber wheels on again, and although the single-axle tractor was slipping on them, but because of this the speed was small and I had time to follow him and correct him.

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True, I had to go over the same row twice, but even so I dug the whole garden in an hour, and before I had to use a hoe to dig for 2-3 days.

The rows turned out to be regular trapezoidal.

There were fears that because of the repeated tillage with cutters the soil will be compacted and there will be a lot of weeds from the cut roots, but these fears have not been borne out, despite the very rainy summer. As it turned out, the cutters were not so much cutting as pulling the rhizomes of weeds, and their rotation speed was not high enough to turn the soil into dust.Despite the wider than usual row spacing (80 cm), the potatoes safely closed the rows, and there were almost no weeds.

I also wanted to dig potatoes either by plow, or to buy a simple potato digger, similar to a plow with an additional blade of twigs, but August was awfully wet, so no mechanization was out of the question. Despite a lot of rain, although the soil was very wet, but not compacted and digging potatoes was not very difficult. For example, in 2017 the same rainy year after the tractor plowed the soil was so compacted that we hardly dug the potatoes, breaking a lot of forks.The potatoes immediately felt the difference in tillage and pleased us with a good harvest, even despite a very rainy and cold summer.While digging the potatoes, the damp soil was so tilled that the plow would not get into it. Even with cutters I had great difficulty plowing the vegetable garden for the winter.

Of course the single axle tractor worked not only in the potato field. And for other crops, it mowed the land no worse than a shovel. Also I sowed grass on the swaths (about half a hectare), having cut them with cutters lengthwise and crosswise. And all this work took about 10 liters of gasoline. This is what a four-stroke motor means. It took a lot more gas to mow with a two-stroke gasoline trimmer.The singleaxle tractor proved to be a good workhorse, it started without any problems, it had more than enough power. Let’s see how it goes from here.The disadvantages are the uncomfortable handles, whose rubber grip can dig into your hands, even through thick gloves. Also, the gasket on the gas tank lid leaked gasoline, it had to replace it with a thicker one. The small weight of the walking tractor is both advantage and disadvantage. It does not always have enough weight even with a weighting material and trailing arms. And of course it’s necessary to watch all bolts and tighten them in time.While I recommend this single axle tractor, but we’ll see how it performs in the years to come.

Lightweight tillers and power tillers for country houses

The basic line of “light” class is represented by cultivators BR-30, BR-50, BR-65, BR-65A and power tillers BR-75, BR-80. Budget-friendly and compact. they are ideal for country and residential plots, small gardens and farms.

BRAIT BR-80 single axle tractor

The units are compatible with Kaskad and Neva attachments, which is a significant competitive advantage. Variants marked SHK are equipped with extended pneumatic wheels with a pronounced tread for cross-country ability not only in loose soils but also on any type of ground.

Brait BR-80 Наш помощник в хозяйстве

The line marked PRO has one additional forward speed as an asset. The BR-65 and BR-80 models are used as a single-axle tractor with a focus on performance.

Additional implements are mounted via the hexagonal accessory mounting, with the exception of the lifting hooks. When installing rear attachments, you will not do without grousers. large wheels without a support slip on the ground.

Tiller basic set with hardened steel tines and 4×10 pneumatic wheels. As add-ons are offered a trailer-trailer, a ridging bar, loosening tools, etc.

How to assemble a Brait 80 single axle tractor

BRAIT 80PRO single axle tractor with reduction gear. Improved and refined version of the Brait BR-80. In contrast to the younger model, the transmission is modified: 3 gears forward and 1 reverse and the engine has a longer service life. In general, BR-80PRO is a functional mid-range power tiller, designed to perform various operations on medium and large areas. The machine has a decent set of advantages, among which are reliability, maneuverability and suitability for a wide range of tasks and support of a large number of attachments. For example, depending on the attachment, the single axle tractor can plow and dip, plant and dig root crops and other vegetables, carry loads, pump water, form beds, etc. д. The single-axle tractor is designed for any application to the satisfaction of the owner. For the productivity of the BR-80PRO power tiller a 7-strong belt-driven single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine is responsible. Gearbox: Four-speed gearbox with reverse and three forward speeds. The machine with this motor is designed for a tillage width of 800-1200 mm, and the working depth can reach 150-300 mm. Heavy duty spur gear reduction: Extended traction in high strength cast iron housing. Simple and reliable gearbox design for trouble-free operation!

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  • Engine: Brait air-cooled, 4-stroke petrol engine
  • Power: 7.0 л.с.
  • Starter: by hand starter
  • Gearbox: gear-chain, cast iron
  • Number of speeds: 3 forward / 1 reverse
  • Fuel tank: 3.6 litres
  • Working width: 120 cm
  • Working depth: 30 cm
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Dimensions, mm: 840x465x660
  • Compatible with Oka, Neva, Kaskad attachments
  • Transmission: belt-driven
  • Wheel Diameter: 4.00-10′

Dimensions and weight in the package:


The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics, appearance, configuration and place of manufacture without prior notice. Delivery “To order” is possible if this item is available from the manufacturer (supplier).


The position of the steering boom can be adjusted not only in height, but also tilted to the right and left, which allows you to maximize the machine in confined areas or near bushes and walls.

The Brait BR-80 is distinguished by its wide 4×10 tires with chevron tread. If the grip is not enough, they can be replaced by the tractor hitches. They are metal rim with welded plates that go into the ground and ease the movement of the device.


Manufacturer Brait
Engine type Gasoline engine, 4-stroke, air-cooled LIFAN (China)
Minimum working width 80.0 (cm)
Maximum working width 100.0(cm)
Maximum working depth 30.0(cm)
Number of gears 2 forward/1 backward
Starting system manual
Gearbox mechanical, chain, reinforced cast iron
Wheel shaft, mm 24
Attachment compatibility Oka, Neva, Kaskad
Transmission timing belt
Package Contents tillers
Motor power 7.0(л. с.)
Fuel tank capacity 3.6(л)
Length 770.0(mm)
Width 460.0(mm)
height 860.0(mm)
Weight 80.0(kg)

Brait power tillers overview

These are high-performance machines designed for working medium- to large-sized plots. Owners of these machines have the opportunity to automate a wide range of works thanks to aggregate attachments. In terms of its technical features and performance, the machine is comparable to leading European quality power tillers.

Brait machines are characterized by their small overall dimensions and improved maneuverability. This is why power tillers are used in gardens, summer houses, farms and in urban areas.

The manufacturer offers several versions of power tillers, which are different by engine type and its capacity.

Picture of Brait power tiller below.


Powerful single-axle tractor BRAIT 80 with a large working width (up to 120 cm), equipped with hardened cutters, which allows using it on heavy soil and for tillage. The presence of pneumatic wheels with aggressive tread size 4×10 in the kit would work on any type of ground, as well as allows you to use it with a cart to transport loads up to 500 kg.

сборка мотоблока Brait BR-135GB

BRAIT 80 single axle tractor is compatible with all types of attachments like Cascade/Neva.

Improvement of the engine quality: due to the engine manufactured by Honda technology and encased cylinders all engines have significantly increased service life, improved heat dissipation and increased power and efficiency.

BRAIT-403 (7,8 l.с.(TRL 1160) 3 speeds forward and 1 speed backward

Powerful single axle tractor BR-403 (7.8 l.с.) 3 forward and 1 reverse speed with a large working width (up to 120 cm), equipped with hardened blades that allow to use it on difficult terrain and for cultivation of virgin lands. The presence in the set of pneumatic wheels with aggressive tread size 4×10, will work on any type of ground, as well as allows you to use it with a cart to transport loads up to 500 kg.

BRAIT BR-403 improved and modified version of the Brait BR-80. In difference to the younger model it has a modified gearbox: 3 forward and 1 reverse and is equipped with an engine with increased service life. In general, the 403 is a functional mid-range tractor designed for a wide range of operations in medium to large fields. The machine has a decent set of advantages, among which it is worth allocating reliability, maneuverability, as well as suitability for a wide range of tasks and support a large number of attachments. For example, depending on the installed equipment, the single-axle tractor is able to plow and dip the ground, plant and dig root crops and other vegetable crops, transport goods, pump water, form beds, etc. д. The single-axle tractor is designed for any application to the satisfaction of its owner.

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For the productivity of the BR-403 is responsible a 7.8-hp petrol engine of single-cylinder, four-stroke type with belt drive.Transmission: four-speed gearbox with reverse and three forward speeds. The machine with such a motor is designed for working width of 800-1200 mm and its working depth can reach 150-300 mm.

Gearbox with increased tractive force in a high-strength cast-iron housing simple and reliable gearbox design for smooth operation!

Powerful single axle tractor BRAIT BR-403 ) has an increased service life!

Crankshaft is made from high-strength steel with modern hardened technology, making it more durable than other engines.

Improved valve train prevents fouling.

Piston rings are made of spring steel.

сборка мотоблока BRAIT BT-80

New silencer makes less noise.

The working width of this power tiller is up to 120 cm, it is equipped with hardened cutters which allows to use it on heavy soil and for cultivation of virgin lands. The presence of a set of wheels with aggressive tread size 4×10, allows to work with the power tiller on any type of ground, as well as allows using it together with a cart for cargo transportation up to 500 kg.

BRAIT 403 single axle tractor is compatible with all Cascade/Neva attachments.

  • Trailer hitch for securely attaching large implements.
  • Ergonomic handle with comfortable grip and rubber pads. Handle is equipped with controls. buttons and switches, which are “at a hand” and do not need to reach. Handle can be set to your liking. This makes the single-axle tractor comfortable for operators of all body configurations and heights.
  • Low fuel consumption with no loss of power.
  • High acceleration capability.
  • When you connect the ground hitches, the power of the power tiller can be compared with the power of premium-level machines. In this condition the Brait-80PRO is well suited for hard ground, including virgin land.

BR-403 single axle tractor (7.8 l.с.) 3 speeds forward 1 speed backward

BRAIT 403 single axle tractor is compatible with all types of Kaskad/Neva attachments.

I would like to note the quality of engine performance, due to the fact that all engines are made according to Honda technology and have guilded cylinders, the service life is significantly increased, the heat output is improved, and the power and performance are increased.

Auxiliary elements

Basic package includes no accessories. But it can be installed additionally, depending only on your needs.

  • various plows;
  • devices for planting and harvesting potatoes;
  • haymaking rigs;
  • Grips for soil;
  • trailers (lightweight cargo carts);
  • hoppers;
  • grass mowers;
  • water pumps;
  • snow blades.

Groomers must be purchased by all means. Even the best wheels without their support will slip. The choice is extremely simple. you only need to tell the seller what model of power tillers you need hitches. When it comes to cutters, the saber-shaped variety is most often found in the delivery set of motorized equipment. Then you can disassemble this cutter and sharpen or replace the problematic part.

But saber-shaped designs are only suitable for working on soft soil. If the ground is hard, you need “goosefoots”. Most often they are bought when potatoes will be planted on the plot.

Specially designed for tillage. It is not difficult to recognize such a tool: the main unit is supplemented by rounded knives.

Potato harvesters can be used for harvesting other root crops as well. Fan rotary is usually cheap, but its efficiency is low. Important: for processing small plots, the harvest on which you can harvest with your own hands, such a device is optimal. Vibrating mechanisms have a serious advantage. far fewer tubers are missed. Such a potato digger lifts the entire layer and sifts it gently.

The role of power tillers is also great for clearing plots of snow and dirt. If the unit is equipped with a powerful motor, snow drifts can be removed with a shovel blade. The snow plow has an even greater capacity. When driving, the auger captures the snow, directing it into the socket. If there isn’t much snow, you can use a sweeping brush to remove leaves, trash and various dirt.

Regardless of the size of the farm, a cart (trailer) is useful, because everyone has to move different loads.

To clear the area from the grass, it is necessary to use a mower. The more expensive (knife-type) one is much better. It’s safer and can be used on any terrain.

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