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Description of goosefoots

The most important task of a power tiller in a vegetable garden or in a field is to plow the ground to plant the subsequent crop and/or seed. Cutters are used in this case. the main working part of the tiller. Cutter is an axis with blades of different configuration. While rotating on an axis, these blades cut into the soil layer, thus ploughing it up. Incidentally, tillers are also often called rotary cutters. Not only is the topsoil layer cut, but all of the existing vegetation is also removed. That is, the cutters plow the ground and remove weed plants.

There are several different kinds of tillers. The most popular are saber-shaped blades. This construction is collapsible. “Goose-feet, on the other hand, are characterized by a molded configuration. They are made of carbon steel alloys. Their main feature is the triangular-shaped blades, which provide full mixing and crumbling of pieces of soil. Such shape is explained by the need of high durability while working hard soil.

Special features

this reducer is often used to till the soil before planting potatoes, to get rid of big clods of soil and to prevent the appearance of pests like Colorado potato beetles. It is worth noting that experienced gardeners and workers in the agricultural industry say that this attachment does not cut down weeds, but only winds them on itself. Here’s a question: should it be sharpened?? The answer is yes. After you sharpen this nozzle, you can see how small plants will be much easier to cut, as well as simplify the work with hard soil.

Cutter bits for power tillers

Cutter elements are necessary for soil cultivation. The quality of cultivation depends directly on the model of equipment and the complexity of the procedure.

The cutter comes with the power tiller. But in cases where it is necessary to increase the width and depth of cultivation, the machine should be equipped with the appropriate elements. In addition, the use of additional equipment makes it easier to move the power tiller forward, as well as increase its service life.

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For processing clay soil, experts recommend using two pairs of tillers-cultivators. You can change the depth by adjusting the coulter, which is a solid structure located in the coupling of the power tiller in a vertical position. The final tilling depth is directly dependent on the diameter of the power tiller.

To better understand the principle of special equipment, to begin with, it is worth understanding the main types of cutters, among which we can distinguish two types of construction:

Sabre-shaped tillers for a power tiller are the most popular today. it is a universal type of design characterized by high efficiency. This model has an optimum shape. The feet are usually made of high quality stainless steel. In addition, the material is additionally thermo-hardened and subjected to high-frequency current treatment.

The design, called “goosefoot,” is usually used for working hard soils. This type of machine is indestructible. Products of this type show their effectiveness in fighting weeds and tilling virgin land. Their main disadvantage is the material from which the equipment is made. Carbon steel has a direct impact on the strength of the product, so cultivate the soil with the goosefoot tiller as carefully as possible. Otherwise the machine can become deformed.

How to assemble a Shtenli 1030 Tractor

Shtenli 500. Lightweight and lightweight tractor for a variety of agricultural work. This unit is suitable for tillage and plowing. In addition to tillage, it can also be used for household chores, e.g. mowing lawns, clearing snow from garden paths, transporting goods, etc. Д.

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The Stenley 500 pedestrian tractor is equipped with a four-stroke, air-cooled, gasoline engine. The engine output is 7 liters.с., which corresponds to the capacity of an average motor unit. the device is universal, especially in combination with attachments.

On Shtenli 500 almost any accessory can be installed with a special clamp (universal, suitable for most trailed and hitched devices for domestic power tillers of similar weight).

Because of the hardened blades, some farmers use the Stenley 500 to plow uncultivated land. Please note that the single-axle tractor is not designed to handle large areas of land. Shtenli 500. household appliance. For large areas of soil, it is recommended to use heavier units. professional or semi-professional.

Let’s take a closer look at the design features of the Stanley 500 motoblock:

  • Powerful engine, factory-assembled, 24-month quality warranty from the manufacturer;
  • The presence of a decompression valve, as a result. makes it easier to start the machine;
  • Noise and vibration suppression system (increased operator safety);
  • Convenient and safe location of gas outlet;
  • quick change of the movement angle due to the inverter;
  • Chevron tires with high cross-country capability and a deep stamping;
  • Quick Launch System. the developer of the patent;
  • universal type of mounting (possibility to connect trailed, mounted implements, including ploughs of different types, beds, etc. д.).

How to assemble a cutter on a single axle tractor

As our dialog with buyers has shown, some owners of Skiper tillers and power tillers have problems assembling the cutters for our machines. First of all let us tell you the difference of our devices. Skiper power tillers are available in two versions:

  • For 23mm diameter axles. For use on Skiper SK-700 and Skiper SK-850 cultivators;
  • For axles with 32mm diameter. Skiper SK-100, Skiper SK-1400, SK-1600.

It is also worth knowing that different numbers of milling cutters can be fitted on the axles of Skiper power tillers:

For convenience, a link to Skiper power tillers

Number of blades in each section can also be different. three or four. It depends on the location of fixing plates on the axle. If your machine is shipped with a straight axle without offset mounting plates, then three blades per section are implied. If the mounting squares are offset in relation to each other, then there must be four cutters on each section.

Assembling a four-blade tiller consists of placing the left and right blades sequentially on the attachment plate. For ease of assembly we recommend to divide all cutters into two parts, in each of which there will be equal left and right petals. It is important to make sure that the tines point in the direction of travel. The additional section is attached to the main section with a pin.

Assembling a three-blade cutter begins with attaching the first cutter to the mounting plate. The bolt can be tightened, but do not tighten, as it will need to be removed later. The other two cutters are installed on the opposite side of the attachment plate, so as to bolt all three cutters to the axis. Here it is important to make sure that all edges of the blades are in the direction of travel of the cultivator. Parts marked R are installed on the right side of the machine, those marked L on the left. Additional section is fastened with a pin.

But as they say, seeing once is better than reading or hearing 10 times. As a bonus the company “Alphagrad” gives an opportunity by means of a video to get acquainted with the assembly of the cutters. Enjoy the view!

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Buy rotary tillers for tillers in Minsk

The choice of tillers for a cultivator today is very large, and they all focus on how to get a good harvest, fully cultivate the soil and provide it with the necessary nutrition. Even standard tillers are suitable for a small area, but especially powerful devices, such as a milling cultivator with a large working width, are required for large areas.

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Cultivator tillers: What work they are suitable for

A power tiller for a power tiller allows the most effective processing of land with a minimum of effort and energy. Tiller for power tillers of MTZ and other models is created for quick and effective land treatment with minimum effort on the part of the operator. Cutters easily plow the ground, saturate it with oxygen and make planting easier. After loosening, the soil has a loose or fine crumbly texture, the risk of weed growth is reduced, and the topsoil is prepared for fertilization and planting. The choice of a particular tiller directly depends on its purpose, the type of equipment and the soil conditions.

Features of tillers and nuances of choice

We offer a wide range of products. Here you can buy a power tiller for MTZ and many other devices from leading producers. There are several parameters to consider when choosing a power tiller:

  • Number and position of blades. The quality of soil cultivation and its final state depends on these parameters;
  • Working width. For small plots, narrow tillers are more convenient, as they are maneuverable and can be used even in quite narrow places. Wide cutters are less maneuverable, but more productive;
  • Production material. The metal should not only be strong and of high quality, but also with galvanized or other protection against corrosion;
  • Performance. The higher it is, the faster the soil will be processed.

Should you sharpen tillers on a single axle tractor: tips from real farmers

Every spring, the owners of dachas and vegetable gardens begin the season with the cultivation of land. This process is responsible and time-consuming. This is the main reason for the popularity of power tillers, designed to facilitate labor on the ground. But it’s not that simple either. There are several different attachment options for power tillers. Each is designed for a specific type of soil and condition of the plot. But of course after a few seasons the condition of the burrs deteriorates. And then there is the main question for the owner: whether they need to be sharpened.

Many beginning farmers find it quite difficult to decide on the right milling cutters for the job. In fact, there’s nothing difficult about it. you only need to study and compare the qualities and characteristics of different types of equipment. There are two kinds of tillers on the market:

  • Sabre-shaped cutters. devices of this type are in the highest demand, such cutters are included in the delivery set of many power tillers. Among the main reasons for the popularity of cutters of this type should be the highest efficiency, the ability to process any soil, including those previously untouched by agricultural machinery. Quality models of sabre cutters are made in 2 steps: first, high-strength products are formed from carbon steel. In the next phase of production the blades are subjected to prolonged heat treatment under the influence of high-frequency currents. The main feature of quality saber-shaped attachments is the impossibility of welding the cutting surfaces;
  • gooseneck cutters. this type of equipment appeared on the market relatively recently. In practice, hard earth can be processed with such kind of devices. which are free from hard weeds. These blades are highly effective due to their specific shape. The latter also allows not to damage the roots of the planted plants in the process of cultivation of the vegetable garden. Among the main disadvantages of this kind of devices should be allocated their low strength and a lot of inconvenience when repairing.
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When buying any of these types of cutters be sure to consider the type of soil to be treated before and after planting.


Classification of tillers for a power tiller is made on several grounds. So, according to their location they can be lateral and hinged. The former are mounted on the wheel drive shafts on either side of the power unit. In this arrangement, the cutters play the role of wheels, driving the single-axle tractor in motion. The second method of location assumes that they are installed at the back of the power tiller and work from the PTO. This arrangement is most typical for most modern power tillers, including such famous brands as “Celina”, MTZ and “Neva”.

A second criterion for classifying the power tillers is their construction. According to this feature, there are 2 types: saber (active) cutters and “Goose-foot.

Sabre cutters

Included in the basic equipment of a power tiller and are the most popular among farmers. The cutters are of a collapsible design, making them easy and straightforward to install, maintain and transport. An active milling cutter is made as a block, which includes four cutting mechanisms, located relative to each other at right angles. Blades are fixed by bolts, washers and nuts, and the number of blocks on each side of the drive can be 2-3 or more. Welding is not used in the manufacture of cutters. This is due to the special properties of high-carbon steel and its insensitivity to this type of connection.

The blades that make up the cutter are arranged quite simply and are steel strips curved at the edges. They are assembled in such a way that the bends in one side are alternated with bends in the other side. Due to the saber-like shape of the blades, active tillers are often called saber-like. Such a design combined with high hardness and strength of the material allows using this type of equipment when plowing virgin lands and heavy soils with a large number of stones and roots.

In case of self-made sabre milling cutters, it is recommended to use spring heat-treated hardened steel of 50XHFA grade

The attachable drills “Goose-feet”

These milling machines have one-piece design, due to which they are characterized by high durability and long service life. Not only implements efficient tillage of stony and clayey soils, but also tills small weeds and loosens the soil in depth. Standard factory assembled models have fairly compact dimensions: 38 cm long, 41 wide and 38 high, while weighing 16 kg.

This type of planers owes its name to the design features of the blades, which are represented in the form of triangular pointed plates located on the edges of the steel bars, and remotely resemble in their shape goose legs. The number of cutting elements can be different. from 4 pieces in factory models and up to 8-10 in homemade samples.

assemble, cutter, single, axle, farmer, tractor

With more blades the tillage quality increases noticeably, but the load on the engine also gets much heavier. Therefore, when making your own lob milling cutters, you need to take this fact into account and not overdo it. The maximum speed at which a singleaxle tractor equipped with Goosefoot cutters can move is 5 km/h, which corresponds to the average speed of an adult. In this regard, it is quite convenient and comfortable to operate such equipment. The material of the cutters is low-carbon steel of medium density, because of which, when working with problematic soils, the blades are often prone to breakage and deformation.

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