How to assemble a gearbox from a Neva power tiller


The gearbox of a power tiller includes the following important parts:

  • screws;
  • bearings;
  • axle;
  • sprocket;
  • housing;
  • sleeve;
  • shift levers;
  • gears;
  • shaft;
  • clutch;
  • halves;
  • board;
  • spring.

These are not all the elements that are involved in the construction of the gearbox, but they are the main. Failure of one of them leads to loss of performance and subsequent repairs.

Compared to a worm gearbox, a chain-wheel gearbox is more reliable. It is convenient and easy to use, can support the reverse function. As a rule, it is a collapsible construction, where all elements are connected to each other by bolts, thanks to which it is possible to inspect the condition of chains and gears if necessary. These gearboxes are installed on large motor blocks that need a sturdy and reliable unit to transmit the force to the wheels and cutters.

The easiest and most common cause of failure is a broken or strained chain, but anyone can fix the problem without calling a service center.

Selection Rules

Converter for power tillers can be made with your own hands, but if you do not have skills in this matter, it is better to buy it. There are quality modifications on the market, the price of which varies with different parameters.

  • The quality of materials for the components.
  • The number of options that the reducer performs.
  • Manufacturer.
  • Presence or absence of reverse.
  • Power. When choosing, you should give preference to the characteristics of the machine, not a lot of power, t.к. The capabilities of the gearbox and the engine must match.
  • Design.
  • Service life. If selected correctly, the technique will last 7-15 years, which depends on the type of transmission.

For a small machine in the transmission often use a centrifugal clutch. Its essence is that the movement does not start when starting and warming up the engine. This is convenient because in winter regions you can’t move off or start work without preparation.

Engines without a centrifugal clutch are more affordable, so everyone chooses what is more important to him.

When buying a converter it is necessary to remember about parameters of the engine. Before selecting a gearbox, you need to think about the oil that will be put into it. It matters, because it guarantees efficient and trouble-free operation.

In addition to the above, the choice of converter may be affected:

  • climate. If the vehicle will be used in northern regions, it is better to choose those means that do not freeze when the temperature drops. In the southern regions it is impractical;
  • load. In the case of heavy soil or virgin land, the load on the single axle tractor will be increased. In other words, the friction between the parts will increase, resulting in increased torque. In such conditions, it is possible to increase the life of parts by selecting a lubricant that takes this into account;
  • glands. If they are of poor quality, oil leakage is unavoidable. As a result, its residue will boil when overheated, causing components to jam.

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In addition, you should buy the products of manufacturers who have branches in your area. This is important because.к. parts in case of wear should be replaced with the similar ones.

What is a gearbox?

This mechanism is a transmission link, which is located between the rotary devices of the electric motor or internal combustion engine to the final working unit. The main characteristics of the reducer are:

Gear or worm gears are fixed to the rotating devices of this mechanism, which transmit and regulate the movement from one to the other. There are holes in the housing with bearings, on which the shafts are located.

Gearbox of the “Neva MB-2” motoblock: scheme and device, purpose and rules of operation

The gearbox is an indispensable component of any equipment where a motor is used, because without it the rotary motion cannot be transmitted. Structurally, this element in the “Neva-MB-2” motoblocks is similar to the parts used in the composition of other equipment, but to learn more about it, it is necessary to study the issue in more detail.


The power tiller has a pinion-chain unit whose main task is to transmit rotary motion, and thus change the rotation speed of the tillers. It is the gearbox that transmits the mechanical action from the driven pulley to the wheels of the machine, thereby changing speed and direction.

Inside the housing is oil, which is necessary to ensure the performance of the gearbox. The element is enclosed in a robust sealed housing. Its cinematic diagram consists of a chain and two stars located in opposite directions. The lower one is called the driven one, because it stands on the shaft and drives the whole system of the motoblock.


Your power tiller gearbox consists of the following important parts:

  • screws;
  • bearings;
  • axles;
  • sprockets;
  • housing;
  • sleeves;
  • shifting levers;
  • gears;
  • shaft;
  • clutch;
  • half axles;
  • board;
  • spring.

These are not all the elements that are involved in the design of the gearbox, but they are the main. Failure of one of these leads to loss of performance and subsequent repairs.

Compared to a worm gearbox, a chain-wheel gearbox is more reliable. It is convenient and easy to use, can support the reverse function. As a rule, it is a collapsible construction, where all elements are connected to each other with bolts, thanks to which it is possible to inspect the condition of chains and pinions if necessary. Such gearboxes are installed on large motor blocks, which need a solid and reliable unit to transmit the force to the wheels and cutters.

The easiest and most common cause of failure is a broken or stretched chain, but any user can fix the problem without going to a service center.

Nuances of application

In order for the user to have to deal with the breakdown of the motor block as rarely as possible, it is required to monitor not only the operation of the engine, but also the gearbox. Experts give their advice on what the main requirements should be observed during operation.

  • It is important to use only quality oil and at the same time check regularly inside the element. According to GOST for this gearbox is ideal for TAD-17I or an analogue, which can also be easily found in stores. TAP-15V.
  • Perform a complete oil change after the manufacturer’s specified moto-hours. The instructions for users state that the replacement should be done after 30 hours after the first start of the power tiller, and after 150 hours thereafter.
  • If a single-axle tractor is put into conservation, all operating fluids are removed from it, and the necessary moving parts are lubricated.
  • Periodically, the user is required to check the degree of tension in the gear chain. If it sags, it is replaced with a new one, because this element can not be repaired.
  • Replacement of the oil seal can be made independently, thanks to the fully disassembled design of the described unit.

Possible breakdowns

It is worth saying that the reducer from the “Neva-MB-2” motoblock can be repaired quickly and easily. This is possible thanks to the fact that you can always find spare parts for it on the market. It will be necessary when the following symptoms appear:

In all these cases, it is necessary to disassemble and inspect the reducer. If oil leaks, the problem can be eliminated by simply replacing the collar, which over time can lose its original qualities. Jamming is always due to a broken chain, so this problem can only be corrected by a complete replacement. If this element is intact, but there is no kinematic connection, it is worth paying attention to the sprockets present in the construction. One of them might have broken off.

Gearbox assembled for Neva MB-2 power tiller

Since June 2013, the series MB- 23. where the gearbox and motor are reinforced.

Gearbox is designed to transmit torque (via V-belt drive) from engine to the wheels of the power tiller, change gear ratio (speed) and change direction of the power tiller (only for power tiller MB-2).

The MB-2 gearbox assembly is shown in Fig. 32.

A detailed structure of the MB-2 gearbox is shown in Fig. 33 и 34.

Gearbox halves 23 and 25 of the gearbox housing are made of aluminum alloy and connected with bolts via sealing gasket 24. They have flanges for fixing the covers 14 and 21 of the bearings with oil seals.

Note. In the gearboxes of the early release motoblocs instead of the bushings pos. 2, 7, 35 were installed bearings: pos. 2. bearing 300, pos. 7. bearing 202, pos. 35. bearing 304 GOST 833-75.

Inside the body there are parts of the gear shift mechanism (upper part), the change in the transmission ratio from the input shaft 11 of the gearbox to the output axes 32, 38 and the mechanism to separate the half axles (lower part).

Two angles 5 and 21 form the support frame of the MB-2 motor-block to which the gearbox, engine, steering gear and devices for connecting trailed and attached implements are attached

Design of a steering box for MB-2 is shown in Fig. 42. Steering column 1 is mounted on the stand 6 of the base frame.

Bearing frame of the MB-1 as compared to the MB-2. is formed by the pallet / together with the corners 8 and 21. welded to the halves of the MB-1 gearbox housing, and bolted to these brackets with a bracket 7

Some “MB-1” models (e.g., MB-IP) may not have the arch 2.

Design of the steering of MB-1 engine blocks shown in Fig. 44.

Together with the power tiller you also get a set of rotary cultivators for loosening the soil. This operation is usually performed in spring when preparing the ground for sowing.

Technical data: Working width (with 8 bits), mm 1200 Working depth, mm Up to 250 Performance, ha/h 0,12

The number of hubs should be at least four (to ensure the stability of your power tiller) and no more than eight (to avoid overloading the gearbox parts). The cutters are symmetrically positioned in relation to the longitudinal axis of the power tiller, and therefore their number must be even

The eight cutters are used when working on light soils, on clay soils. four. Adjust working depth with depth limiter 3. fixed with a clamp in the bracket 4.

These instructions will help you to do the job properly and take into account the many nuances that will determine the result.

If you see oil leaking down the output shaft you will need to remove the gearbox half axle cap and change the oil seal. The cause of the problem may be edge wear on the axle-half axle collar.

If the gearbox jams, the single axle tractor must be disassembled to replace the broken chain. The cause of the malfunction may be a broken circuit.

If you notice the absence of kinematic connection in the gearbox, it could be due to a broken sprocket in the block. To fix the problem you will need to completely disassemble the gearbox and replace the defective sprockets.

You notice that it is impossible to engage or change gear? There are two possible causes: the shift knob might be destroyed or the threaded part of the shift knob might be sheared off. In any case, you can independently conduct repairs to the motor block Neva MB 1. You need to disassemble the gearbox and replace all defective parts.

You notice that the oil has started to leak down the shift shaft? Don’t rush into repairs! First of all you need to check the oil level in the gearbox, then fill up and drain the excess amount. You will need to repair the motor-block Neva MB1, if the working edge of the shift shaft collar is worn. For this purpose you will need to disassemble the gearbox and replace the collar, which has been worn.

What to do if you need to repair the gearbox of your Neva MB 2 power tiller? Many malfunctions are similar to the power tiller 1, so you should note only the breakdowns that can only relate to the Neva MB 2 power tiller.

If the disengagement of the half axles is not possible, there are two reasons for this breakdown. First of all, you need to check whether the drive is properly adjusted. If the adjustment is incorrect, change the tension of the control cable of the half-axle disengagement. If one part of the half axle decoupling actuator has changed, you will need to replace it.

You noticed the absence of fixation or spontaneous disengagement? In this case, the repair of the Neva 2 motoblock can be difficult, because there are three possible causes:

Incorrect adjustment of the shifting mechanism. In this case you need to loosen the screws of the shifting mechanism mount plate, then engage the first gear and carefully tighten the screws. You were able to successfully repair the Neva MB 2b motoblock!

The spring may have broken or the shift mechanism board retainers may have worn out. You will need to replace the defective parts and adjust everything.

Shift fork jaw may have worn out. In order to repair the Neva 2 motorblock, you will need to completely disassemble the gearbox and replace the shift fork.

If there is no kinematic connection inside the gearbox the welding between the pinion and the block-shaft could have been broken. In order to repair the Neva motoblock you need to completely disassemble the gearbox and replace the block shaft.

You want to repair the gearbox of the Neva motoblock you use as seldom as possible? In order to encounter rare failures, it is necessary to control the oil level in the gearbox and avoid sudden changes in load.

Very often the users of power tillers have to conduct repair of the engine of power tillers Neva. Although this is necessary, it is seldom a serious job. In this regard, many users can conduct their own repair of the engine of a motor block Neva. We suggest to know the most common malfunctions, so if necessary you can understand if it is necessary to repair the Neva MB 2b power tiller and evaluate how quickly you can continue the work.

When the motor is running, light smoke begins to come out of the muffler, and the electrodes of the spark plugs remain dry, but a white deposit is formed on them? The cause of this malfunction may be a poor mixture. In order to successfully repair the Neva MB 2 motoblock, it is important to adjust the carburetor.

When starting the power tiller does not rotate the crankshaft? You will need to repair the Neva MB 2k, because the body of the ratchet or the ratchet clutch may have been destroyed. You will need to disassemble the starting device of the motoblock and replace all defective elements.

During operation the motor suddenly begins to decelerate, and then stops? If you take into account the nuances, you can quickly repair the Neva MB 2 power tiller. The reason is the overheating of the engine. You need to turn off the engine and not start it until it has completely cooled down. If you understand that you need to make a complete repair of the Neva MB 2k motoblock, it is very important to check the oil level in the crankcase, the cleanliness of the block surfaces, as well as the cylinder head. If necessary, clean the surfaces of the block or cylinder head, fill the single-axle tractor with oil.

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Thanks to the instructions for repairing the Neva motoblock, you can cope with these repairs and many others!

Reducer of the Neva motoblock

Gearbox of a Neva motoblock. device and features

For power tillers you can buy a variety of attachments, which allows you to perform various works. from plowing the land to sweeping the area and mowing the lawn. All of these tools are driven by the gearbox of the power tiller. We’ll look at the gearbox design for the Neva. It is needed to transmit the motor’s rotation to the wheels and any attachments. It determines the direction of rotation and the ratio. In principle, the gearbox for the “Neva” power tiller is no different from any other device. They’re all very similar.

The gearbox is designed in such a way that on the top of its housing there are elements for shifting gears. The gearshift has five positions. When the lever is pulled, the fork disengages the clutch, and vice versa. when the lever is released, the fork comes back.

The single axle tractor will decelerate when the drive is connected to the right axle. The torque action comes from a sprocket near the input shaft. When the lever is depressed, the left sprocket clings and the reduced gear engages. When the knob is pulled all the way out, the top gear is engaged.

Possible breakdowns of the gearbox of the “Neva” power tiller

It is necessary to fill the gearbox of your motor-block with oil. You should always make sure that the oil level is sufficient. Many people wonder what kind of oil to put in the gearbox. It is important that it is of high quality and from a reputable manufacturer so that the whole system works properly and lasts a very long time.

To repair the gearbox, you have to disassemble it. But first you need to clean all the dirt, drain the oil. After that, a careful disassembly is carried out and the origin of the breakdown is found. You can visually inspect each component and look for breakdowns, or you can mechanically test the parts. If you find a breakage and you will need to replace this or that component, be sure to buy and install only new parts and only genuine, if you, of course, value your unit. Change of oil in the gearbox of your “Neva” power tiller is the last and obligatory step in the repair process. If you do not do this, the device will simply fail.

  • Oil is leaking on the shift shaft. It might not even be necessary to rebuild the gearbox. You first need to check the oil level and quantity. You can then replace the oil with new oil and drain the excess. Another reason is the oil seal is worn. To do this, you need to carefully examine the unit and replace the damaged part;
  • Oil is leaking on the output shaft. Replace the oil seal here as well. The origin of the failure is the wear of the lip of the half axle collar;
  • Kinematic coupling in the gearbox no longer exists. It comes from a sprocket break in the block. To repair the gearbox in this case, you need to inspect it completely and replace any defective sprockets;
  • The gearbox is jammed. You need to examine it and replace the broken chain;
  • Gears won’t shift or won’t shift. Several causes can be identified at once. The first one is that the shift dryer is ruined. Second, the shift knob thread is sheared off. You can fix it by your own efforts, just by replacing parts.

It is worth noting that you won’t need gearbox repair for a long time, if you use high-quality oil, monitor its level and timely change and fill it in new, as well as operate the equipment carefully, without overloading.

Gearbox breakdowns of the Neva MB-2 motorblock

The correction of failures of the “Neva MB2” gearbox is almost no different from other models, but there are still some points that should be mentioned. Our tips will help you not only to identify the problem, but also to decide whether you can make repairs by your own efforts or you will need to call a master.

  • The crankshaft has stopped turning. Repair is definitely needed here, since the cause may lie either in a destroyed ratchet housing or in the ratchet clutch. You have to examine and untwist the device and replace all the ruined elements;
  • You get white smoke coming out of the muffler when you turn on the equipment. The spark plug electrodes may remain dry, but they are covered with a white deposit. The cause is a lean mixture. To fix it, you need to adjust the carburetor;
  • The engine suddenly begins to slow down or stops altogether. Your engine may just be overheating. You need to stop working and restart the machine until it has cooled down completely. You also need to check the oil level and clean dirt from the block surface and cylinder head.

Simple operating rules to avoid any malfunctions. And if they do occur, you should always consult your operator’s manual where you can find answers to any questions you may have. There will also be detailed descriptions of all types of breakdowns and ways to eliminate them. This should be done by all means, as the ways of finding and fixing the problem may differ to some extent for different models of power tillers.

First test and running-in

A precondition for the running-in period is that all the machine parts have ground to a minimum. The single axle tractor is less likely to break down after short periods of operation at minimum load.

  • Run-in time should be at least as long as specified in the owner’s manual.
  • Run-in period should be short. For example, if the maximum working depth is given in the application data sheet as 50 cm, it is recommended to limit the maximum working depth to 30 cm during the first start and the running-in period.
  • Fill the engine with oil before the first run-in period.
  • Fill the fuel tank.
  • Run the machine at medium rpm.
  • All gears should be checked within 60 minutes.
  • Carry out light-duty cultivating, ploughing and transporting small loads.

Adjusting the clutch belt on the Neva MB 2 power tiller

The belt can come off the pulley, it can slip, it can be replaced after a breakage. The manual prescribes that the straightening roller must be removed. A variant is possible:

  • Loosen the bolt attachment of the engine to the frame.
  • Pulling the motor toward you is tensioning, reverse movement is loosening.
  • By pressing the gearbox we determine the deflection. Optimal. 10 mm.

The structure of the Neva MB-2

When choosing a power tiller model and engine power, consider the size of the area to be treated. If you need to process more than 15 acres, the engine needs a more powerful, not less than 9 liters. с.

The motor is equipped with a starter to start the motoblock in operation.

Scheme of the Neva MB-2

The engine is mounted on a frame. Special devices on the frame allow you to install and secure the necessary attachments for work.

A gearbox housed in a cover made of light alloy is used to ensure the speed mode. The gearbox is capable of providing the necessary traction force even when cultivating heavy soils. The speed of the machine is up to 12 km/h, which makes it possible to use it for cargo transportation.

There are 4 speeds for forward movement and 2 speeds for reverse movement.

assemble, gearbox, neva, power

The Neva power tiller is controlled by the levers on the steering device.

V-belt transmission is a pulley, a lever, and a V-belt.

The set of any Neva MB-2 power tiller includes rotary cultivators, designed for crumbling and mixing the soil, the so-called milling the soil.

Single-axle tractor Neva MB-2 with a mill

The weight of the heaviest unit does not exceed 98 kg. This makes it possible to move it in the trunk of an ordinary passenger car.

A single-axle tractor will help plant, dip and dig potatoes, plow the field, cultivate the row spacing, pump water, and remove snow.

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