How to assemble a punch cartridge correctly.

A pedorator drill: how to insert, remove, fix

With the advent of concrete reinforced structures, external and internal repairs cannot be performed without a penetrator. A large number of models of different firms are presented on the market, these are Bosch, Makita, Sturm, Bison, Vorthe, Dexter, Interskol, Caliber, Metabo, Union. Despite the variety, the main nodes and mechanisms work almost the same. The process of reinstalling the working element is also similar. Before inserting the drill into the peorator, you need to be able to get it correctly.

A pedulator is a universal tool that has great opportunities. There is a pneumatic device inside it, a pushing piston that comes into contact with a boy. The latter makes the equipment make reciprocating movements. As a result of the nozzles, any surface is destroyed. The presence of a function of the impact allows the tool to make holes in solid materials.

Its purpose depends on the built.In modes: drilling, d some and drilling. There is a toggle switch to switch the modes.

Manufacturers produce models different in weight:

Power and shock force depend on the size.

How to remove, disassemble and change the cartridge

The cartridge is removed either for disassembly, repair and maintenance, or for replacement, if restoration is not appropriate.

Since clamping devices are approximately equally attached, the dismantling principle will also be similar.

The cartridge is usually removed for the prevention, repair and lubrication of rubbing elements. For work, you will need a small set of screwdrivers and a vice.

assemble, cartridge, correctly
  • It is necessary to remove the protective part of the casing from the side where the end of the fixer is located.
  • The ring located behind the pad should be moved using a screwdriver.
  • Extract the puck that stands behind the ring.
  • After that, you can remove the second ring using the screwdriver.
  • The puck should be moved down (to the body) together with the spring.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove a metal ball.
  • Gently release the puck with the spring, pulling out the cartridge itself.
  • If the purpose of disassembly is to replace the latch, then you will have to remove the lower part of the cartridge with the sleeve: you need to unscrew the stop screw holding it on the spindle. Now the easiest way to squeeze the sleeve in the sponges and unscrew it from the spindle (using the suitable size of the wrench). Install new details in the reverse order.

If it is necessary to conduct an audit, cleaning and applying lubricants, paragraph 8 can be skipped. Feedback is carried out step.By.Step. From paragraph 8 to paragraph 1.

assemble, cartridge, correctly

Important: to lubricate parts, you need to use the compositions recommended by manufacturers. Or to prevent in service centers.

If the cartridge belongs to the gear-cage type, then the dismantling sequence will be different:

  • Maximize the fists.
  • The cartridge is installed on the working curriculum of the peorator (or drill) and is fixed by the center screw. It must be twisted.
  • After that, you can unscrew the cartridge itself. On some old models, the clamping device was attached to the conical shaft (not on the thread), if such a sample of the equipment came across, then the cartridge is simply knocked down by a hammer not too strong, but sharp blows.

Assembly should be done in the reverse order.

How the clamping equipment for the peorator works

If, in order to set the nozzle in the drill, you will need to use a special slotted key that is unclenching and clenching the cams, then everything is much easier with the pedorator. To insert a drill or other nozzles, you just need to insert a shank, slightly press on the protective cover of the cartridge, and release. After that, the tool with a fixed nozzle is ready for operation.

Due to which the storm is reached in the infantry cartridge in such a simple way? To answer this question, you must look at the shank of the working nozzle. This shank has a special design with grooves. The number of grooves depends on the type of cartridge, but on the most common SDS Plus models, their number is 4 pieces. Over, two grooves are open (guides), and two closed types. Guides are needed in order to correctly insert the nozzle, and closed grooves are fixers with which the device is attached in the tool. This mount is carried out due to special balls.

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So, having an idea of ​​how the shank of the nozzles for peorators works, it can be noted that the cartridge from the inside has the following look:

  • A sleeve with the corresponding number of slots is planted on the shaft
  • A ring on which a conical type spring rests on this sleeve
  • Stop balls are located between the ring and the sleeve
  • On top of this mechanism is closed by a special protective casing

The role of the casing is quite large, since it protects the mechanism from dust, moisture and other third.Party objects, thereby prolonging the resource of work. The principle of fixing the mechanism is based on the following actions:

  • A shank of the nozzle is inserted into the sleeve
  • So that it becomes correct, for this there are appropriate slots in the cartridge and grooves on the tail of the nozzle
  • Open grooves on the tail includes balls that rest against the ring
  • Balls fix the nozzle in the cartridge, and due to the slots, the torque is transferred from the shaft to the boat

When the peoporator works in impact or drilling mode, then the shocks of the toolbone of the tool gearbox are transmitted to the heel of the tail of the nozzle. Invented such a fixation system was Bosch engineers, and is applied to this day. Other modifications of cartridges for peorators, for example, SDS-TOP, SDS-Quick, but they have not gained such popularity as SDS and SDS Max, used by 90% of modern peorators are known.

assemble, cartridge, correctly

How the amorater cartridge is disassembled

In the process of disassembling the cartridge, you need to take into account the manufacturer, since the disassembly of the infantry cartridge is significantly different. Today, the list of popular can be attributed:

Consider the process of disassembly on the example of a cartridge for the Bosch Peotor:

  • Move the plastic part, remove the rubber seal.
  • Using a screwdriver, carefully remove the fixing ring.
  • Then a fixing washer.
  • Behind the puck is the second ring. It needs to be turned and removed, picing it with a screwdriver.
  • Behind the plastic part there is a SDS clamp, which consists of a spring, washer and ball. The first to take out the ball, after the puck and the spring.

Dismantling the cartridge is carried out with various goals in the form:

The Makita Peorator cartridge is identical, with the exception of individual nuances taking into account the cartridge design.

STECK, DREH, SITZT. Insert, turn, fixed!

In the 80s, Bosch once again proved-everything is brilliant just! Its engineers presented a conceptually new attachment mechanism for a universal court, today known to everyone under the abbreviation SDS. It is deciphered quite simply. “STECK, DREH, SITZT”, which is translated from German into Russian to “insert, turn, fixed”. It is not surprising that to date, almost 90 % of the pedorators are equipped with this particular type of cartridge. It is also called fast.And.And.Packed, so many users confuse it with products that clamp the nozzles using the rotation of the couplings. In the SDS, you only need to hold the cartridge!

The Boers themselves will tell you about the design and principle of action of the SDS system, or rather, the constructive structure of their tailings. On them you will find four grooves, two of which are open from the end, and two are closed. The role of open ones is to be guides to insert nozzles, and closed recesses fix the tool, for which special balls are provided in the cartridge. Having inserted the drill along the guides, it must be slightly crank up so that the balls fall into closed grooves, on this the process of fixing the nozzle is finished.

assemble, cartridge, correctly

For easier entering the drill into the fasteners, it is recommended to lubricate it a little. It should be noted that with this method of attachment, a small radial beating occurs in the nozzle, which manifests itself at idle. But this does not affect the accuracy of drilling the hole. However, such free walking of the nozzle inside the fasteners separates the cartridge from the shock impact, which the drill or drill itself is subject to.

Repair of the mechanical part of the Makita 2450 and 2470

Due to dust, dirt and moisture, internal grease over time becomes solid and does not fulfill its purpose. The pedulator begins to work with an extraneous noise. Starting the repair of the peorator, be sure to read the attached instructions for disassembling, lubrication, assembly of the Makita 2450, 2470 peorator units. The Makita 2450 and 2470 Paorator circuit will help to correctly disassemble faults, find defective parts. And we will also tell you how to disassemble the peorator Makita 2450.

Dismantling the Makita 2470 peorator begins with the removal of the mode of the mode switch.

Types of cartridges for the penetrator

The peniterators can use different types of cartridges. Everyone has their own differences.


It is also called a key cartridge. This variety allows you to install a nozzle in which the shape of the shank is cylindrical. The mount is carried out using a special slot key. They are shifted by fists that reliably clamp the working organ. The plus of a gear-cage cartridge is a reliable fixation of devices with a cylindrical and hexagonal tail. But in order to fix or remove the drill in these cartridges, you need to spend a lot of time.

Quickly joke

Quickly and fast.And.Packed are mainly used in the design of screwdrivers. There are one.Flair and two.Lump. Are fixed in the same way as key, only without using the key, everything is done manually. A more reliable mount is provided by two.Luminous cartridges. But since the clamp is performed with hands. In reliability, fixation is inferior to the press with the key.

The disadvantage of the fast.Fastenced fastener is that with long operation, it unreliably fixes the drill of large diameter. As a result, during the drilling, the instrument turns, which negatively affects the quality and speed of work.

Such a variety is considered the best option for peorators, although it appeared not so long ago. Many people call SDS-patrons quickly. They are suitable for drilling concrete, drilling wood and metal. But their clamping equipment can be of different types, therefore you need to know their features.

Equipped with several types of clamping devices:

  • Plus. The tail of the cartridge of the tool designed for use at home.
  • Top and Quick. Very rarely used. Buy nozzles for installation on such types of cartridges is not easy. Few firms are engaged in their production. Therefore, when buying, you should look at the modification of the latch.
  • Max. These details are used only in specialized pedarators models.

The cartridge for the penetrator reliably fasten the drill. Fixation is carried out using 2 guide wedges and 2 stop balls. The advantages of SDS cartridges are that working with a clamping device is simple and safe. It perfectly combines torque and shock force. 90% of all manufactured peorators are equipped with these simple devices.

Reliable fixing the shank is a guarantee of effective and high.Quality work.

A cartridge for a pedorator for a drill. To understand the device, change

Almost every person has a drill. The tool will help to drill a hole on any surface. So, we will not replace in construction and finishing work, any type of repair of the room.

Reliable and uninterrupted operation of the device is carried out by a cartridge in which a drill, drill or chisel is attached. It is this element that most often fails with prolonged use of the tool.

Accordingly, it is important to choose the right cartridge for the pedorator for the drill, be able to remove, replace the clamping device.

Cartridge: simple design. A key to long work

The first peorator was released by the German company Bosh in the 1930s. The apparatus immediately liked the masterful men, they appreciated his universalism and indispensability. After all, the tool allows you to not just drill a hole. Impulse deterrence that he provides, accelerates and simplifies the work carried out.

With the help of the cartridge, the drill on the pedorator is fixed

In the design of the tool, an important role is given to a clamping device that fixes the drill or drill. However, it is the cartridge of the penetrator that turns out to be an unreliable element of the structure. He quickly fails due to the fact that it is on him that the main volume of shock force falls on.

After some experiments, the manufacturers understood: a simple device of the infantry cartridge is the key to a long operation of the element, is less subject to destruction during operation. And therefore, experimentally came to the creation of three main types of this detail.

It is considered a classic type. This species is also called key. And they call it not by chance. To use it, you need a key that helps to fix the working nozzle.

This key compresses and unclenches the mounting mechanism inside the part. Like fingers in a fist. They are unclenched and contracted, so this species is sometimes called cam. These fingers clamp the rod of the drill.

This method of clamp is considered very reliable.

The drill is attached to the cartridge using a cartridge key

To change the drill, a drill, a chisel in this variety of a cartridge for a peorator will require not only a special key, also a certain period of time. With a clamp element of this type you will have to tinker. Fist clamping devices work with a cylindrical or hexagonal shank drill.

Tip: Attach the cartridge key to the tool cord. So the key will not be lost and will always be at hand.

Up to several thousand. The price depends on the diameter of the element (10, 13, 16 millimeters).

The production details of the German company “Hortz” have proven themselves well. Some of them are produced marked “Pro”. Intended for professionals.

Another German company Matrix produces gear-inventory clamping devices. True, Chinese factories supply them to the Russian market. For various types of drills, the clamping device “Attack” is suitable. These are domestic products, although the Chinese often produce it.

Quick.Packed elements

Such a cartridge for a peorator is easy to use. And a special key to work with it does not need. It is enough to clamp the mechanism of the device with your hands, and the nozzle is ready to work. A fast-packed cartridge for a peorator is produced two types: one- or two-lump.

The rapidly packed cartridge is installed on the peorator very easily

One hand. And no additional efforts. On this principle, one.Way clamping devices work. They can only be installed on those drunks where the automatic blocking of the working shaft is technically implemented. The principle of operation of the device is simple. The tail of the nozzle is clamped by manual rotation of the adjusting sleeve. Turned several times. And ready.

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It will be more difficult to cope with a two.Shirt analogue to handle the master. Both hands will be used. By the number of couplings. When the front coupling rotates clockwise, the rear must be kept in a stationary state.

The disadvantage of this type of fastening element is that with prolonged operation, it unreliably fixes the drill of large diameter. Accordingly, during drilling, the tool may turn out, which affects the quality and speed of work. The fast.Sounding element perfectly fixes the nozzles with a diameter of 1 to 25 mm.

Bosch, Hammer, Dremel, Fit are considered leading manufacturers of fast.And.Packed devices.

The choice of a specific model of a clamping device depends on those types of work that will be carried out using a drill, as well as on the model and capabilities of the tool itself.

SDS start: insert, turn, fix it

This type of clamping device appeared relatively recently-in the 80s of the last century. And is considered the optimal mount for peorators. Accordingly, most of the tools are equipped with them.

The SDS infantry cartridge is reliable in operation, easy to handle

The SDS infantry cartridge has a number of advantages. Reliable fastening of the drill, which is fixed using two guide wedges, two locking balls. Simple and safe work with a clamping device. Perfect combination of torque and shock force.

Climeing devices of this type are five types. Ordinary and with special categories:

How to use and care for a peorator, so as not to often repair

For the tool to work as long as possible without breakdowns, you can not press it hard during operation. It is undesirable to do work at a time. The equipment should be selected based on the features of the peorator and the type of future work. Try not to overheat the tool and avoid its mechanical damage.

Periodically lubricate the nodes and details with high.Quality compositions. Especially if the device is used when working with concrete. At the end of the work, wiped with a soft rag. Be sure to monitor the purity of ventilation holes on the case.

The storage location for the peorator should be a low.Humidity room. Moisture negatively affects the service life, mechanisms and parts located inside the device will begin to rust. And when the power tool is included in the network due to the elements covered with condensate, a short circuit may occur.

Manufacturers equip peorators with special devices. They do not allow garbage, dust and moisture inside. But it is impossible to completely protect the tool from this. In order to prevent unforeseen breakdowns, the diagnosis must be regularly carried out.

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