How to attach a line to a grass trimmer correctly

Discs for trimmers: what are they and what to buy?

Tired of installing a new line in your brushcutter? Buy a good trimmer blade for grass. We will tell you how to choose the right one.

It’s much easier and comfortable to mow with a circular blade. What is the best tool to buy for your brushcutter?? Here’s what they are and what they’re good for.

Understand the cutting systems

Only line

Simpler mowers cut the grass with a special fishing line, also called a cord or string. It comes in many shapes: round, square, triangular, star-shaped. The line is inserted in the reel on the shaft of the grass trimmer in such a way that only the line ends stick out. During work, they spin at high speed and literally crush the grass stems and small weeds.

An important parameter of cord is thickness. The bigger it is, the higher is the productivity of the tool. a thin line of 1,5 mm can mow only light grass or lawn while a 2,7 or 3,3 mm line is good for big weeds.

The line is a consumable item and must be replaced as it wears out during use. But each grass trimmer has a thickness limitation, and any string cannot be installed. It is technically possible to run thick cords in a low horsepower mower, but this will put more pressure on the engine and increase fuel consumption, and in the end the mowing quality will not improve.

Line and knife

In trimmers, designed for heavy loads, in addition to the fishing line, there are metal blades with two, three and four blades, as well as discs with teeth, as in circular saws. With this cutting attachment you can easily mow tall grass and big weeds, cut bushes, brushwood and small branches.

Extra Accessories

Some models are optionally equipped with various attachments that expand the capabilities of the tool. There are accessories that allow you to turn a grass trimmer into a brush cutter for trimming hedges, an aerial cutter for trimming tree branches without a stepladder or a cultivator for shallow loosening of the soil.

Testimonial: Bosch ART 30 CombiTrim Grass Trimmer. Never failed in 11 years

We’ve had a vegetable garden (some call it a “dacha”) since 2000. The site is located close to the forest, the soil is fertile, and on such soil weeds grow abundantly and quickly. Especially if the weather is warm and rainy. There is no ordinary grass mower, and it is necessary to know how to mow correctly. A lawn mower wouldn’t do either. We have uneven terrain, a lot of bushes, trees, paths, the terrain is uneven. And weeds grow with trunks as big as a finger and up to 150 cm high. To beautify our 8 acres can only trimmer for grass.

I went to a construction material hypermarket to choose a car with the thought “How do I carry a healthy box in public transport?”At that time, the main criteria of choice were as follows: inexpensive, lightweight (I do not want to work heavy), not gasoline (otherwise there would be more fuss with a young nursing mother trimmer than a baby), a compact box (and here I did not go by cab out of principle, and the financial situation of the family was difficult). What do you want from a woman?? The electric one is great. I can make an extension cord without any problem. Back at school they taught us how to screw the socket and plug into the cable.

At that time I had no experience with building materials, so I had to listen to what the consultant tells me. The models had a lot of features, but the most important for me personally were power and the diameter of mowing. This diameter is encoded in the name of the models. Specifically, the one I’m writing about. 30 cm.

I apologize for not aesthetically beautiful appearance, but it is the work process and there is no point in washing it, because it immediately gets dirty with grass. The main characteristics are listed on the nameplate: noise level 96 dB, power 500 watts, 11 thousand rpm, weight 3.43 kg. Well, it doesn’t hide the country of manufacture. China.

I’ll begin to tell about the device trimmer for the grass with his handle. You can choose any comfortable position, if you loosen the red screw, and then you have to tighten it. I taught my 12-year-old son to use the trimmer, so he already helped us with something in the garden. And he complained that the handle is hard in the palm of his hand. I had to wrap a cotton sheet around it. It absorbs sweat well, too. And I myself do not feel uncomfortable when I hold the plastic in my hand.

You can adjust the length of the telescopic rod to your height. The length is fixed with a red clamp. I’m 5’6″, I’m comfortable. And if the lawnmower is much taller, you must first hold the grass trimmer in your hands in the store. And it’s better to have a neighbor or a friend mow with one of these.

The angle of the rake can be easily changed. There is a red pedal under the rod that you have to press with your foot, adjust the angle and release. This feature is handy when you’re mowing under trees and on uneven ground. I use it a lot.

This is the one with the S profile. And the angle of the unit will be different, it depends on where I stand with my feet. in a low spot or on a hill. The photo shows the grass after and before the mowing.

The grass cuttings are easy to remove from the lawn with a fan rake. They are lightweight and don’t mess up the lawn. Good for combing out old dried out vegetation, grass clippings and dry leaves.

We have an 8 acre plot. I didn’t know exactly how long it was, so I bought 30 m of wire to make an extension cord. That was my mistake, as it was not enough to reach all the plots. I had to make another similar one and connect it additionally. For exterior works use the cable PVS. For grass trimmer it is enough to take a two-core cross section of 1.5. It is convenient to store it on a special coil, but I do not have one (they are quite expensive). So out of plywood made such a figure. There are plans to make a more convenient one at my leisure, with a handle.

Modern sockets and euro-plugs provide a very strong connection, and even if you pull accidentally, the plug will not fall out of the socket. If there is no grounding in the house, and electric installation products with grounding contact can not be used. Although they can withstand higher currents, and they do not cost much more. Do not work with a trimmer or other electrical appliances during rain. A short circuit might occur.

As a safety measure, the grass trimmer plug has the following wire clamps. But I do not use them. The wire with the plug of the grass trimmer is short, which means that the connection point is close to the human body and the accumulation of electric wires will interfere with the work. When working, watch the cable on the ground. Do not hit it with the fishing line.

This grass trimmer model is equipped with special wheels. If you adjust the height of the grass mowing and roll the machine across the lawn, it will be quite level. The wheels are plastic, lightweight, and don’t interfere with normal mowing when the electric mower is held in the weight and driven from side to side. They also help you mow under bushes and trees. But I do not use this method, as the grass is always high and requires a detailed approach. To save weight, I removed them.

The wheels are easy to remove. Bolt and nut in the form of a large red flywheel. No special tools are required.

attach, line, grass, trimmer, correctly

HOW TO EDGE with a string trimmer. weedeater. weedwacker Lawn Edging Tip

As I have already written, the diameter of mowing in this model is not more than 30 cm. It is the size of the guard that sets it. It protects the feet from the line and reduces the scattering of the grass. I recommend wearing tight socks and closed shoes on your feet. And be sure to wear wide safety glasses! You can cover your hair with a headdress. The grass gets absolutely everywhere. The wet mass is sticking to the inside of the housing all the time, I remove it by tapping on the ground. But someday I’ll get to breakage. This mass is good immediately buried in the ground, so that the worms have a good meal. And you can make a herbal infusion, which water the plants. But this method in our family for some reason never practiced.

If the line from the installed spool is stretched a little long, there is a special knife on the shroud, which cuts off the excess at the beginning of the work cycle.

How to Cut Grass with String Trimmer

In the photo is the socket where the spool is put on. If the line is already short, you can hit it on the ground while you’re working, and the line will pull out automatically. But I can never tell by the sound if it’s short or normal. I just stop work and look at the condition of the line. When it comes off the reel completely, the sound changes dramatically. If very short, I just press the rod with one hand and pull with the other. It certainly slows down the work, but I’m so used to it. The first years I was very nervous, because the native line was torn quickly, not even a tail was left. Had to take the reel off, pull it out, and put it back in the grass trimmer. And in 2018, I bought a thicker line, and now the work is just a fairy tale.

Here is a thin line, which tears instantly, and for comparison, a new thick line (maybe 2.4 mm). According to the instructions, the allowable diameter of the line is 1.6 mm. But in practice, it ripped very quickly. But this mowing season has been a joy.

The main thing is that the line has to fit into the hole on the side of the reel. The lines are now made in a cross-section of different diameters and shapes. There are supposedly silent, but I seriously doubt it. The grass trimmer buzzes strongly enough to be annoying in a day’s work. And the vibration transmitted to the body is not weak. My child was uncomfortable and had a hard time continuing the next day. But it’s ok, let it grow and get stronger. And my mom will provide it with work.

When you wind the line on the reel, you must necessarily fasten the tip of the line in the special slot. A thin fishing line can be tied with a knot and see if it will not get in the way when installed on the rotor grass trimmer. It is not possible to set the thick one in this way. But a genius idea came up!

String Trimmer Head | How to install new trimmer line on a traditional bump head

Bent the fishing line in half. 2. I cut off the top of the line with the secateurs. 3. Cut the fishing line near the thin spot. 4. I put it in the slot. I rewound the line. But if you are guided by the arrow and turn the hand in the direction of the arrow, then when I mow, the spool itself flew off the rotor. Decided to wind it in the opposite direction. And practice has shown that everything works perfectly, does not tear and does not fly off. So let’s move on to step 5. On the spool we put a semi-transparent ring with a hole, which over time burst from the line, but the functionality of the spool remains the same. Photo 6 shows what the resulting spool looks like with the correctly wound line. But I worked without the white ring, it was good.

attach, line, grass, trimmer, correctly

The trimmer comes with another reel for quick mowing. The sections of thick fishing line in the middle are jammed into the sleeve. I’ve seen kits on the market with 10 pieces of fishing line, 23 cm long. At the moment the kit costs 562 rubles in Leroy Merlin. They are expensive, in my opinion, but they are good for several seasons. This line cuts both brushwood and thick plants. But a thick red fishing line, which I recently bought, cuts absolutely everything too.

Here’s how easy it is to tuck these tendrils into a special spool. It has two cutting ends, so it’s quicker to work with.

These lines are stored in a special compartment near grass trimmer handle.

This chamber is closed from above with a reel that is not working at the moment. I used to lose it all the time in the garden, because I forgot to attach it to the trimmer. But in the service centers you can order the necessary parts. In 11 years of use, I once bought a red bobbin, on which the fishing line is wound. It was not holding well inside the reel at that point because of broken retainers (see. Number 5 photo).

And now we start mowing. If the line hits the ground, there is dust and a bald spot in the grass, which takes a long time to regrow.

I have polypropylene tubing plumbing, and the tubing can withstand a bump of fishing line. But the grass can be removed around the pipes with your hands. Take care with unfolded hoses, they can tear. Originally there was a special bracket to keep the trees and bushes out of the line, but I removed that too.

This is the kind of mess I had a piece of my garden in. The grass grows up to the waist. Nettles, thistles, chicory, cherry and plum shoots can also be found there. If the line is good, everything is cut.

And when I mowed, the plums and pear trees became immediately visible. It is especially important to remove the grass before the fruiting, because the fallen crops in the thicket can be difficult to find later. And in our region, the land of evergreen tomatoes (Udmurtia), plums do not like to bear fruit very much. This season, there was 1 (One) plum on 5 trees, and neighbors had 5 plums on 2 trees.

But I decided to do an experiment. Why not try tucking in a fast mowing reel with my thick fishing line? I don’t have a sleeve. Maybe it will hold?

It flew out quickly or got torn. Figured out how to secure the fishing line with a knot in the middle of the reel. But one tail broke off while working. Maybe the line is bad?

In 11 years of annual use the engine has never failed. Although I have no time to mow, I do it a couple of times during the summer season. After folding the telescopic rod, I keep the grass trimmer in the shed hanging from a large nail. Bosch. the word is associated with quality and reliability. That’s what I got when I bought the Bosch kitchen shredder.

Specified the price of the grass trimmer at the moment on the action in one of the well-known tool stores. At another chain store, the price is 4,790 p.

Working with a lawn mower: How to properly thread a line on a grass trimmer

Starting a lawn mower can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Although there are some differences between lawn mowers, the same basic technique works for many. With a little practice, you will immediately become a lawn trimmer. by a professional!

Although there are a variety of models available at, working with them is virtually the same in all cases, as is the process of starting the device. It is carried out with the following sequence:

  • Get ready to start the mower. Move the mower to an open, grassy spot. Remove any children’s toys, rocks and other obstacles on the lawn.
  • Make sure your mower has gas and oil in the tank. If your mower is equipped with a four-stroke engine, you can check the oil by opening the filler cap or dipstick. But if the unit is equipped with a two-stroke engine, you will need to mix the oil with the gas. Make sure you mix the right kind of oil and gas and in the correct ratio as stated in the product instructions.
  • Check the spark plug. One end of the spark plug should be sticking out the back or side of the engine, with a thick wire with a rubber cap attached to it. This particular design is responsible for starting the engine, so make sure the wire is securely attached to the spark plug. If it’s attached properly, it will look like a thick rubber hose covered by a metal protrusion. If the spark plug is not securely fastened, refer to the owner’s manual. You may have to take the mower to a mechanic to have it repaired. Ask your mechanic to change the spark plug once a year.
  • Fill the carburetor. Find the main button, which is usually red or black somewhere on the body of the lawnmower. Push it 3 to 4 times to get the gasoline moving through the system. But do not overdo it either, as there is a chance of flooding the engine. Some mower models do not have such a button.
  • Open the choke. This is usually a lever on the handle of the lawnmower or on the engine housing. Put the choke lever in the middle position. If you skip this step, the engine may not start as soon as you start it. The throttle provides a richer fuel-air mixture for the engine, which helps it keep running until it warms up. Once the mower has been running for a few minutes, turn off the air damper because its work is already done.
  • Pull the starter cord. If your lawn mower has a horizontal lever next to the handle, hold it by the handle and then grasp the starter handle (attached to the end of the rope or cord) and pull up quickly and firmly. You may have to do this a few times before the engine starts. If it doesn’t start or makes any noise at all, the spark plug may not be attached. Check the spark plugs and try again. If the spark plugs are okay and the engine sounds like it’s trying to start (but won’t start), there may just not be enough fuel in the tank.

Now let’s turn to one of the most common problems of lawn mower users. to winding the coil. How to wind the spool on a grass trimmer:

attach, line, grass, trimmer, correctly
  • Remove the spool from the grass trimmer. Manipulation can vary depending on the model, but usually entails pushing down on a couple of tabs on the spool and pulling the spool out of the housing. Remove the remaining fishing line on the spool.
  • Place approximately 1.Replace 2 cm of the end of the mowing line into the small hole in the center of the spool. Start winding it clockwise, or if there are arrows on the spool, follow this direction. When winding on the spool, take care not to overlap the line until the layer you are working on has been wound.
  • Stop winding when the new line is about 0.5 cm from the top ridge of the spool, and cut new fishing line at this point. Carefully snap or pin the spool back into place.

As you can see there is nothing complicated. If you follow all the instructions, you can quickly cope with winding the coil, start the lawnmower, and other processes associated with this equipment.

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