How to attach a plow to a walk -behind tractor. Features of plowing target

Plug on the walk.Behind tractor: adjustment parameters and step.By.Step instructions

With the help of motor blocks, you can perform different types of agricultural work. Depending on the size of the processed site and the demand for equipment in various fields of activity, the equipment acquire light, middle and heavy class.


A similar mini-technology is often called a motor cultivator. It does not exceed 4 and a half horsepower with power, therefore it costs cheaper than medium and large units. The pluses include the light weight of the monoblock and the availability of processing uncomfortable areas due to a slight capture of the cutter.

The downside is the quick overheating of a low.Power motor, which means that such a technique will have to work for a short time. In addition, the depth of the soil of the soil is less than that of a heavy walk.Behind tract. In addition, light equipment does not have mounts for additional equipment.


This technique has a rear.Wheel drive. Motor power-5-12 horsepower. The device is able to process the plot in half a hectare. The same.Based tractor weighs from 50 to 70 kilograms, it can be attached to most motoblocks of this category a plow and other equipment.

Such a technique has 2 programs, equipped with the front headlight. Compared to the heavy motor block, the middle one is more maneuverable, but the depth of plowing the earth does not exceed 12 cm. And this is unacceptable for planting some plants


This equipment can plow vast territories, significantly higher than the area of ​​half a hectare. The engine power is 12-30 horsepower, a plow, trailer, hip, potato-cutter and other equipment can be attached to a heavy walk-behind tractor. It’s easier to work with such equipment at times faster than with light and medium. It adjusts the steering wheel, wheels.

The disadvantages include the heavy weight of the model, lack of access to non.Standard surface areas. In addition, you have to turn such a technique with an effort. As for the types of plow to the walk.Behind tractor, they are cloaks with two cases that plow the soil with a dump, or rotary, open the soil due to rotating discs.

Pros of homemade “gadgets

In the manufacture of a home.Made plow, you can get advantages that are not in factory models. Creating a plow yourself, you can fit it to the necessary values ​​necessary for processing certain soil on the site, for example, solid or soft. Such parameters can be different: the angle of tilt of the limha, the width and depth of the fingering of the field, the efficiency of loosening.

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If, when creating, take into account the power of the engine, then the resulting product will not produce additional load on the motor.Cultivator, the wheels will not slip in the work and the efficiency of plowing will be optimal. Over, if you do single.Body or rotary plows with your own hands, the material can fit the desired quality, and thereby increase the service life of such an unit several times. Having made the plow with your own hands, you can provide for the possibility of fastening additional “gadgets” for plowing the earth.

Plowing rules

For plowing with a plow, medium and heavy motoblocks are suitable, in rare cases, cultivators are used. The correct selection of sizes of the lemch is important. For heavy motoblocks (about 100 kg), the capture of the lemch 23 cm, for medium (about 75 kg). 18 cm.

Working with a plow is carried out for 1 low or increased gear, depending on the soil. Lighter soil (sandstone, sandy loam, well.Developed chernozems, serousems) freely plow in increased gears. Heavy loams, very cut soils plow in the lowest gear. This reduces the speed of the motoblock with a plow, but gives maximum power.

You can not overheat the engine. On significant areas you need to work with breaks so that the engine has cooled. This is especially important for new, not yet running. Remember this rule, it will allow you to plow the garden with a motor block until the end.

Types of plows

When configurating motoblocks, plows of three varieties are used, all of them have their own area of ​​application:

Sing.Honeymoon models

Single.Body units are the simplest in design. They have only one plunder and are used for plowing light soils in ordinary garden plots, which make up most of the lands. For plowing heavy soils and virgin soil, such a plow is not suitable, it will require a more powerful design.

Double.Horsepower plow is two fastened frames with lemchi. It is used for processing various types of soils and for primary plowing of virgin lands. At the same time will be able to carry out plowing and harrowing, provides the best quality of soil cultivation

Ragging plows

Ragging plows differ in the shape of a lime resembling a feather. A plowman with a bent upper part turns the soil turns. Recommended for plowing hard, hard soil. Plugs of this type are compatible with motor blocks of middle and heavy classes, such as MTZ. Their name received from the device, turning the tolerance when changing the direction of plowing, which is convenient for areas of large length. The direction of the soil dump is preserved.

Rotor plows

Rotor models differ from other designs: the unit consists of a set of curved strains, which loosen the soil placed on the axis activated by the unit selection shaft. The depth of soil plowing with a rotary plow is 25-30 cm, and does not require significant efforts of employees.

The rotational plow allows you to plow, changing directions, which is important for processing sites with complex forms. This design is popular among summer residents for soil processing with a layer of turf or saturated with roots. Rotary plows are compatible with medium and heavy motoblocks.

Dumpy and unauthorized

By the presence of the dump of the plow, you can divide into two more types:

  • Dumpy: the design of such plows allows you to plow the soil, turn the plowed layer and loosen it;
  • Unauthorized: intended for loosening the soil in regions with arid and windy weather.

Pre.Preliminary adjustments of the plow are the moments that must be taken into account when working

It is necessary to perform preliminary adjustment before the tractor departure in the field, while observing such a sequence of actions:

Under the support wheel on the plow and left tractor wheels, gaskets are laid (their height is equal to the depth of plowing, with an authenticity of about 2-5 cm) and lower the plow down so that the sip is touching the surface;

attach, plow, walk, tractor, plowing

How to make a disk plow on a single tractor?

A disco-bush plow is a very useful device that allows you to prepare even furrows for planting potatoes and other tuberous crops. Before you start making such a plow, study the drawings. On them you can control the assembly course and do not make errors. The procedure for the manufacture of a disk plow for a single tractor looks as follows:

  • A support corner acts as the basis of the plow. For its manufacture, use an equilateral corner, the shelves of which in a cold state should be reduced at an angle of 70 °;
  • Weld toe to the corner. After that, weld the heel through a stubborn bar;
  • Fasten the cheeks on the supporting corner by means of loops. The distance between the corner and cheeks should be such that when opening the cheeks, their end sides do not rest against each other;
  • Weld the rotary mechanism to the stubborn corner so that the supporting part of the mechanism is located perpendicular to the corner.

At the end adjust the plow cheeks. To do this, fix each of them with a vice and configure so that in the end they are bent in the opposite direction from each other.

How to plow the ground with a motor block

Working with the device on the site may differ depending on the tasks. You need to know where to start, how to assemble a device, what equipment to install and what efforts to attach.

Install the wheels

Lighting of the Earth with a motor block begins with the assembly of the device. So that it is collected correctly, you must first hang the wheels, and only then install the plow. For optimal stability, we recommend that the wheels of the apparatus are with a diameter of 50 mm, and their width is at least 20 cm. If these proportions are not observed, the ground will not work out qualitatively, since the necessary immersion will not be provided. Each of the two indicators indicated above has clear engineering calculations. For example, if the width of the wheel is insufficient, then the entire device will wind in both directions when moving directly. If the diameter and the wheel is too small, the distance between the soil and the gearbox will be insufficient, which will lead to poor.Quality plowing.

When choosing such an important attribute for a walk.Behind tract, it is important to remember about the rim. Best if it is continuous. If there are ribs-groups, they will fall into the earth, dry out and prevent normal rotation.

We set up the depth of plowing

Before plowing with a plow, it is necessary to correctly set its depth. For different devices, various types of settings are used. So, for example, for plows with the PTK-9-35 index, the configuration is as follows.

  • For both left wheels, transport and pneumatic, special liners are laid, whose height is slightly less than the required depth by 2-4 cm.
  • Using the spiral mechanism of the supporting wheel and the stubborn screw of the left pneumatics, the case drops so that the supporting plane rises to the site. The right support wheel remains on the plane of the case.
  • To pass the first furrow, the right wheel of the support rises using the adjusting screw to the height, which is equal to the V3 from the depth set for plowing.
  • On the subsequent furrow, the right wheel drops to the level of the supporting plane of the housing. During operation, the plow immersion depth is regulated using a stubborn screw left pneumatics.

Half-waist plow (PLP-6-35 index). Plowing the site using this type of equipment is possible after setting up. The frame at the plow is aligned with the screw mechanism of the support wheel, after laying the lining under the metal wheel. Often in the alignment process, the right.Wing mechanism of the hitching of the walk.Behind tractor itself is involved. Each building should touch the site with the toe of the Lemch, and the heel of the field boards. Adjustable upper thrust in this case shortens to the limit.

Hinged plow. Soil processing by a motor block with a hinged plow requires careful debugging. The principle of setting as a whole is similar to the previous point. The length of the upper rod of the hitch of the walk.Behind tractor and its braces is changing, then the frame is installed, but here it is worth remembering that this is necessary strictly parallel to the site. The liner is placed under the wheel, which serves as a reference point, whose height corresponds to the required depth of immersion with an error up to 3 cm. At the first passage, the right brush of the engine suspension is reduced in such a way that its first case plows half from the depth, which was originally set. With the second passage, the frame of the frame on the right slave is eliminated, this manipulation is performed in the transverse and inventical arrangement of the equipment.

In general, the process on tractors of different models and walk.Behind tractors will not be very different from the above. Significant changes in setting are available in power regulators installed on heavy agro.Industrial equipment. Here the wheel serves as the point of the plow support, lift up or completely removed. To activate the regulator, the hatch under the seat is thrown back, the latch rotates, introducing the shank into the appropriate groove. Rotate in this case to the left side. Each distributor handle is placed in a neutral position, and the GSV handle remains in a locked position. The handle responsible for the regulator moves forward. The longer the regulator handle moves forward, the greater the depth of the plowed surface. When the necessary depth of immersion of the plow is found, the position is fixed by the handle of the power regulator Makhovichka-restraint.

attach, plow, walk, tractor, plowing

To check the quality of plowing, special control is carried out. For this, a furrow is used.

We set up the angle of attack

The plowing of the garden using a walk.Behind tractor is impossible without accurate preliminary tuning equipment. The angle of attack, or, more simpler, the slope of the field board is a slope that demonstrates the level of a plane of plowing relative to a flat surface. Adjustment of this angle occurs using a conventional handle with a screw mechanism. To perform adjustment, it is necessary to perform the following actions in the correct order.

1966 Gravely L8 Cold start & plowing snow 2017

  • Put the device itself with a plow on special stands mentioned above.
  • To unscrew the controller handle to the limit so that the field board remains completely pressed to the surface (even small clearances are not allowed).
  • Then it is necessary to start twist the handle in the opposite direction until the back of the back is not about 3 cm above the surface.

To verify the correct settings, it is necessary to move on to the plowing, at this stage it will be easy to establish whether the same.Based tractor goes easily, or strongly rests on the ground. If the angle of attack is large enough, then the plow will perform the functions of the anchor, thereby the potential of the walk.Behind tractor transmitted from the internal combustion engine, respectively, the efficiency will decrease sharply. This will lead to a slip and difficulty in the direct direction. With insufficient attack angle, the required soil layer simply will not be removed.

Plug and motorcycle clutch

Immediately before work, it is necessary to change the wheels on the walk.Behind tractor for soil. Thus, plowing will pass easily.

The following tools will be required to install the plow to the walk.Behind tractor:

After the primers are worn on a single tractor, it is necessary to install a plow. During installation, the fastening should not be tough, so that there is the possibility of adjusting. You can fix the plow with a walk.Behind tractor using two steel rods. They are mounted on the mounting earring of the walk.Behind tract.

The design of the structure must be done in accordance with all the rules, so that the plowing of the earth is of high.Quality. The wheelchass wheels are installed on supports for adjustment.

Their height should correspond to the height of the soil of the soil (15–20 centimeters) if the moist ground is treated, and 20–25 centimeters, if dry. The “heel” of the plow must be set in parallel to the ground using adjusting bolts.

attach, plow, walk, tractor, plowing

After that, you can remove the plow to the ground and put the handles in height of the plowman belt. Then you need to check the plow settings with trial soil plowing. You need to check the depth of plowing and the quality of the soil dump. And also important is the distance between the furrows. It should be at least 10 sentiments, if more, then you need to reconfigure the unit.

Useful recommendations

Literally a few tips related to the selection and setting up of the plow for walkways.

  • The design of the plows is similar to each other. The overall setup procedure has a lot in common. But the elements themselves for adjustment may differ from each other.
  • Before connecting and adjusting, be sure to read the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Check the ability to change wheels to hooks on a walk.Behind tractor. Determine the necessary diameter.
  • If this is a single.Scale tractor of the middle and light class, it is recommended to apply weightlifters to it. This will allow you to deepen into the ground at the expense of its weight more efficiently.
  • If the plow settings are carried out correctly, but the one.Axine tractor skips, then the problem is in the plow. It turned out to be too big for your walk.Behind tractor. Solved by the problems of the same weighting agents.
  • Choosing a plow, start from the power of the technique. The heavier and more powerful it is, the more massive plow the same.Based tractor will be able to work.
  • In the presence of a powerful diesel walk.Behind engine, it makes sense to take a double.Hobby plow. With its help, the performance when plowing will increase by 2 times.

It is important not to forget about the rules for caring for a walk.Behind tractor and the plow itself. They need to be prepared for work, as well as carry out preventive measures after the completion of the plow and before the off.Season storage.

Did you have to work with a plow and a walk.Behind tractor? How the plow was chosen? Whether problems arose in the setting process? What happened, and at what stages there were difficulties?

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