How to attach the chain to the electric chain saw correctly

How to properly install an electric chainsaw chain?

  • Purpose of the chain for a chainsaw
  • Peculiarities of the cutting part of a chainsaw
  • Setting the chain: Features
  • Pulling the chainsaw chain onto the ground
  • How to change the saw blade?

To understand how to install the chain of an electric saw, you can carefully examine its purpose, structure, features of equipment, having checked the degree of tension of the track. It should be noted that this equipment is distinguished by the indescribable ease of use. Buy how to correctly tension the chain on a chain saw for repair at a bargain price with delivery by mail cash on delivery throughout Russia. That is why all work is carried out quickly, smoothly and accurately.

How to Properly Install a Chain on an Electric Saw

The procedure for installing a new chain has some features, depending on the type of its tensioning on a particular tool.

On tools that have a side tension, proceed in this manner:

Correct Chainsaw Chain Direction. Teaching Apprentice Dave

  • Release the brake. This is accomplished by pulling the safety bar toward you until you hear a click.
  • To loosen tensioning. To do this, use a screwdriver to turn the tensioning screw, after which the clamping nut will rotate freely.
  • Lift the cover that holds the saw elements. To remove the chain, it must be taken off the chain guide bar and the chain guide bar removed at the same time. If it doesn’t, you have to loosen the tensioning screw more.
  • It is more convenient to start the installation of a new accessory at the top of the bar. It is put on over the sprocket, then the bar can be inserted back in, guided by the guides.
  • The chain is tensioned by means of the tensioning screw. it should be slightly slack.
  • The final clamping of the nut is performed after the cover plate is in place.

Important!Inexpensive models like the ELITECH ZEP 2000 C40 or the STIHL MSE 220 C come with this type of adjustment. Despite some replacement difficulties, these systems are known for their better reliability compared to quick-change chucks.Sequence of installation of a new chain on “quick tensioning” tools:

How To Put A Chain On A Chainsaw Properly

  • The first step is to remove the saw from the brake.
  • Open the nut knob until it is locked.
  • The purpose of the wing nut on these constructions is not only to fix the shield, but also to clamp the guide bar. Turn the nut counterclockwise.
  • After removing the protective housing from the sprocket, you have to shift the bar in the opposite direction. This will allow the old chain to be removed. The driven sprocket is the first to be released.
  • When refueling a new product you also start with the sprocket. at this stage it is important to understand the mounting direction: the lower part of the bar should be facing toward the tool body.
  • The tension is adjusted by adjusting the guide.
  • After the sprocket cover has been installed, the fastening nut must be screwed in, but it must not be clamped.
  • The wing nut is tightened by hand at the very end of the procedure, after the tensioning wheel.
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How to choose the right chainsaw chain. remember the details

In terms of its importance, the chain is often put by experts on a par with the motor of the electric saw. That is why you have to choose the right saw blade with great care if you want to find the right one. To choose a chain for your electric saw, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Compatibility with the electric saw. in other words, you should choose the part that has been produced by the manufacturer of the tool itself. In this case the risk to make a mistake and to buy the wrong sawing element is reduced to zero;
  • Decide on the task of the chain. if you’re looking for a high performance saw element, choose a piece with a 3/8″ pitch. If the electric saw is used only for simple household tasks, it is optimal to buy a saw element with a chain pitch of 0.325 inch;
  • Sharpening angle. this parameter is important for further repair, maintenance and restoration of the saw element. productive chains have a sharpening angle of 30°. such saw elements can handle high loads more easily. Nevertheless, for difficult woodworking. if it is frozen or wet. you should choose a chain with a sharpening angle of 10°;
  • Length of the saw blade. must match the length of the guide bar of your electric chainsaw. Even if the chain can become slack over time, you can solve this problem by removing a few links.

In addition to these parameters, you should consider the method of cutting and the material to be processed. Always keep in mind that a chain with a small sharpening angle is better for longitudinal sawing. The performance of such a chain will be slightly lower, but its lifespan will be considerably longer.

How to tension the chain correctly on your Makita electric chain saw. How to tension the chain on a chainsaw: installation and correct work. How to put a chain on an electric saw. a detailed algorithm

Among the necessary items found in the utility room of skilled private homeowners, you can usually find tools and equipment for woodworking. First of all, it is a good jigsaw, hacksaw, quality electric saw or a powerful machine that runs on gasoline. Each of the tools requires some workmanship and constant maintenance. For example, owners of a tool that runs on electricity need to know what kind of chains for electric saws, how to change them with their own hands and how they can be sharpened.

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Large-scale logging or construction work requires a tool like a chainsaw. But if you sometimes need to perform small amounts of work, the best purchase will be an electric saw Makita. It is easy to work in confined spaces as well as places where you have access to power.

When to change the chain

A chain mainly needs to be replaced when it is worn and stretched too much. If you are unable to tension the tool with the adjusting screw, it should be replaced. But it is not recommended to install a new part on an old, worn sprocket and the same bar, as this will lead to rapid wear.

Many owners of electric saws know that the wear of the chain is 2-3 times faster than the service life of the bar and sprocket, and resort to a little trickery.

  • When you have a new chain saw, you should buy 3 saw chains at once.
  • After one chain has been in use for a few hours it should be replaced with a new one. The second chain is changed in the same way.
  • After every change, you need to flip the tire over to even out the wear.

This simple procedure evenly wears out all parts and extends the chain’s service life.

How to install the chain correctly on a Makita electric saw

When doing a large amount of carpentry work, a reliable electric chainsaw is essential no matter where the wood is cut: in the house or outdoors. The quality and serviceability of the tool depends on the condition of its main elements: the chain and the bar. Putting the right chain on the electric saw is the main task facing the user, which greatly facilitates subsequent operation. Practical hints help to perform this task even if you have never done it before.

How to tension chainsaw chain correctly. How to tension chain on chainsaw

Virtually every modern household today has an electric chain saw or chainsaw. Sooner or later, most saw owners wonder how to properly maintain and operate it so that the tool is serviceable and does not lose performance.

Most chain saw users take good care of the engine but often forget to take care of other chain saw parts that have a major impact on efficiency and longevity. Proper care of all your chainsaw components will save you money and extend the life of your machine.

Today we will talk about the chainsaw, which is made up of the drive sprocket, the bar and the chain. On the serviceability of these parts, the performance of the chainsaw depends even more than the characteristics of the engine. It is not a secret for anybody. it is the chain put on the bar and driven by the drive sprocket that is in the saw’s way, not the engine. Let’s see what surprises can wait after a few weeks or months of operation, how to choose and maintain components of our chain saw.

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Proper usage of electric chainsaw

Many amateur gardeners, as well as professionals who work with wood and logging use saws, and especially popular is the electric chainsaw. As the name implies, its working part is the chain, which moves along the guide bar during the work.

Karcher CS-330BP electric chainsaw

As far as functionality is concerned, electric chainsaw does not differ from gasoline saw. The only difference is the type of motor and attachment to a place with AC outlets. Electric saws also have different capacities and the consumer can choose based on the tasks he plans to solve with this tool.

How to install the chain correctly on the electric saw

The procedure for installing a new chain has some peculiarities, depending on the type of tensioning of the chain on the particular tool.

On tools with lateral tensioning, proceed as follows

  • Release the brake. This is achieved by pulling the cover plate toward you until it clicks into place.
  • Release the tension. Use a screwdriver to turn the tensioning screw so that the clamping nut can turn freely.
  • Lift the cover under which the saw elements are located. To remove the chain, it must be removed from the sprocket guides (at the same time the guide bar is removed). If this is not possible, the tensioning screw must be loosened further.
  • It’s best to start with the top of the bar when installing a new accessory. It is put on top of the sprocket and the bar can be reinserted with reference to the guide bar.
  • To tighten the chain, use the tension screw: it should sag slightly.
  • The final tightening of the nut is carried out after reinstalling the cover plate.


The sequence for installing a new chain on “quick tensioning” tools:

  • The first step is to take the saw off the brake.
  • Open the nut knob until it locks.
  • The purpose of the wing nut in these designs is not only to secure the shield, but also to clamp the guide bar. Turn the nut in counterclockwise direction.
  • After removing the protective housing from the sprocket, you must move the bar in the opposite direction. This will allow the old chain to be removed. The driven sprocket is released first.
  • When threading a new saw it is necessary to start with the sprocket. At this stage it is important to understand the mounting direction: at the bottom of the bar its cutting edge must “face” into the tool body.
  • The tension is adjusted by adjusting the guide.
  • After installing the sprocket cover, the attachment nut should be tightened, but not clamped.
  • The wing nut is screwed in by hand at the very end of the procedure, after the tensioning wheel.
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