How to attach the chain to your electric chain saw

Necessary accessories and tools for tightening the chain on the chainsaw

In order to properly perform tensioning, you will need knowledge of some simple mechanisms and uncomplicated tools. On STIHL chain saws, tensioning is simple with a built-in chain tensioner. This method is very simple and very fast. To tighten or adjust the amount of slack in the chain, the manufacturer recommends you do the following:

  • unscrew the sprocket cover with the wing nut;
  • The chain is tensioned to the required length by rotating the adjusting wheel;
  • Close the sprocket cover again and the chain is safely fixed to the bar.

If it is not possible to tighten the chain of a chainsaw with a built-in mechanism, use these tools (using a Sparky electric saw as an example):

  • angle grinder with a metal disc;
  • Allen wrench, 5 mm in diameter;
  • A piece of wire;
  • a wooden stick or a wood splinter;
  • flat screwdriver.

After de-energizing the electric saw unscrew the screws with an allen key, remove the housing cover, unscrew the tensioning screw with a screwdriver and remove the stem nut. The side of the screw adjacent to the body of the saw is sanded with a disk. Then the saw is assembled in reverse order. A chip is required to clean the body from sawdust.

How to tension the chain on a chainsaw correctly:

How to tension the chain on a Makita chainsaw Video

Faced with replacing saw components, users wonder which chain for electric saws is better. Be guided by what you use the tool for, as well as the compatibility of accessories for other brands:

  • If you’re looking for power, choose a chain with a larger pitch. If the loads are relatively light, a smaller chain pitch is sufficient and the cylinder capacity is not important.
  • Please pay attention to the chain cutting angle for your electric chainsaw as it is important for later service, repair work or replacement. A thirty-degree angle will provide maximum performance, as it is better able to withstand heavy loads. For wet or frozen material an angle of ten degrees is fine.
  • The length of the chain should coincide with the parameters of the tire, do not worry if it stretches or sags during operation, because it is easy to eliminate this by removing a couple of links.

To get the right chain for your electric chainsaw you need to consider not only the equipment specifications but also the cutting technique and the materials you will be cutting. If a longitudinal cut is necessary, we recommend a chain for electric saws with a minimum sharpening angle, in which case the performance may be lower, but the service life will be significantly increased.

How to attach the chain to a Makita electric saw

On one end of the bar there is a slit and two holes on either side of the bar. When mounting the bar, the slit on the bar is on the special pins on the body of the machine, and one of the holes is on the tensioning mechanism pin.

The second hole on the bar is for transferring lubricant from the oil channel to the bar groove.

Chain installation The chain is tensioned on the drive sprocket located on the saw body and on the sprocket on the end of the bar. when installing the chain, remember the correct direction of rotation, which is usually indicated on the product.

How to Replace the Chain on an Electric Chainsaw, Husqvarna 120i

After a chain is installed, the chain drive sprocket is covered with a guard, the clamping nut of which is not screwed all the way in to make sure the bar is not completely clamped.

Chain tensioning adjustment of the chain on Chinese electric saws is performed by means of a special tensioning screw, the head of which has a slot for a screwdriver. It is located at the end of the body of the device. To tension the chain more, turn it clockwise.

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Turn the tensioning screw until there is no more slack in the chain. Then it is turned by hand on the bar toward the body of the electric saw. This is necessary to straighten the chain teeth in the guide bar groove.

If the chain is loose after turning it, it must be tightened again.Then the bar is taken by its free end, lifted up to the stop and in this position the slack in the chain is corrected again.

At the last stage the clamping nut on the cover that covers the drive sprocket must be screwed in completely. The bar is held in an elevated position.The tensioning of the chain must be correct. hands must be able to pull it about 3-4 mm out of the guide bar groove on both sides, and when the chain is lowered it must return to the groove.

Checking the tensioning after use When the chain is tightened, it is only after a short operating test that the quality of tensioning can be definitively checked. To do this, make a few test cuts with it.

It’s not uncommon for the chain on the guide bar to come loose after test cuts. This occurs when the chainrings are dirty and the lubricant has dissolved them during operation.

If this happens, the chain must be retightened by loosening the clamping nut on the guard and lifting the free end of the bar up. Of course, the electric saw has to be disconnected from the mains before this can happen.

When the chain tensioning is finished, always check that the chain runs in the correct direction without tensioning it and that it is not overtightened. To do this, it is unlocked by pressing the start button and is pushed forward by the teeth with a screwdriver. If it runs a little by inertia, all is normal.

And one last thing. Never adjust the tension of a hot or unlubricated saw chain under categorical conditions, otherwise there is a risk that it will break during the following work.

Here is the complete video on chain tensioning for gasoline and electric chainsaws.

The bar and chain are the working duo of an electric saw, responsible for the efficiency and accuracy of cutting wood. Modern market is literally full of all kinds of different tires and chains, which are suitable for certain purposes. How to choose the right parts from the whole range? We will answer this and other questions together.

Changing the chain

Companies that make electric saws allow you to change the chain yourself. Quite often the new models are supplied with special instructions for changing and repairing certain parts. First of all, it is necessary to start with the purchase of a new chain.

The most popular design of cheap Makita saws can be considered electric saws with side tensioning. In order to change the chain, you need to perform the following operations in turn:

  • The guard is pulled back for protection, and the brake of the saw is released;
  • a screwdriver is used to turn the special tensioning screw, unscrew the nut and reduce the tension;
  • the cover of the electric saw is removed;
  • the bar and chain are completely removed from the sprocket;
  • the obsolete chain is removed from the bar and the new one is put in its place;
  • install the chain on the chain saw only in reverse order.
attach, chain, your, electric

The chain should be tightened very lightly and without jerks. It can be tightened definitively only after the plastic cover is closed with the special screw and nut.

All Makita saw models are now equipped with wing nuts for easy tensioning adjustment. This allows the blade change to be carried out much quicker, which is very important for the increase in productivity. Release the brake, undo the wing nut and remove the cover. By pushing back the guide bar a little, the obsolete chain must be removed. Then the new chain sprocket is put on, the sprocket is put in its place and the wing nut is tightened. Turn the tensioning wheel to the desired side and tighten the wing nut securely.

How to lubricate chainsaw chain?

The chain and bar lubrication is essential for the chain and bar itself. The unit has a pump that feeds the lubricant from the tank to the cutting mechanism, through the holes provided. Chain lubrication is done as follows:

If you fail to lubricate the chain on your electric chain saw, you will immediately have cutting problems and you should check the oil level and the quality of the oil.

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How to adjust the chain correctly?

You can install the chain and adjust its tension with your own hands, without having to go to a service center, regardless of the class of chainsaw, its age. Before you start, you should fully check each link, because sag can also be due to wear of the teeth or sprockets. Step-by-step algorithm for properly tensioning the STIHL 180, Husqvarna, Champion, Partner and other models:

  • place the tool on the table with its headset on top. Unscrew the threaded fasteners of the protective cover, remove the tire and thoroughly clean each element (it is convenient to use a vacuum cleaner or a canister with compressed air);
  • determine the correct chain position. The teeth should be on top, going in the opposite direction from the body;
  • put it directly on the tire. Fix the bolt mechanism, making sure there is sufficient clearance.

Resharpening the chain of an electric saw with your own hands

It is best to entrust the restoration of the cutting headset to professionals from the service center. If there is no such a possibility, you can sharpen the chain of an electric saw yourself.

To do this, the gardener will need a set that includes:

  • a round file with reference lines drawn on it;
  • A flat file, necessary to correct the depth stop;
  • calibration device;
  • the mandrel required to choose the right angle.

While sharpening teeth with a circular file the operator must always make sure that the surface of the file does not project more than 1/5 of its length over the chain teeth. It is best to mark the first tooth to be re-sharpened beforehand, in order to avoid re-sharpening it later. All movements of the operator must be strictly in one direction.

After each tooth has been machined, the stop will need to be reset. To do so, hold a calibration device against its edge. As a result the nose piece should be close to the stop. If this is not done, the limiter must be smoothed with a flat file. That way the calibrator must be perpendicular to the guide bar of the electric saw.

In addition to special kits, machines for sharpening the cutter by yourself are also available on the market. They are divided into manual and electric. A simpler device stands out handheld devices, which resemble a jigsaw or frame. To sharpen the chain with them, the user must clamp the bar in a special vise. this will comfortably work each of the worn teeth.

Electric machines can only be used in garages or other rooms with access to electricity. Among the advantages of these devices stand out the possibility of sharpening different types of cutting tools, accurate adjustment of the pitch and depth of cut, as well as the choice of the correct angle of sawing.

To work on an electric machine, the gardener must sharpen the first cutting tooth. After that, it is necessary to set the parameters of the restoration of the set on the first tooth and start sharpening the remaining teeth.

Proper chain installation on an electric saw

After a long period of storage, especially in an unheated room, water condensation can form in the power saw and cause a short circuit during startup. How to tension the chain correctly on an electric chainsaw. How to sharpen chain on a chainsaw with your own hands. Sharpening with a file. Chain sharpening. My carburetor mounting studs on my chainsaw are dangling like they should. And the chain doesn’t. To avoid this, before working, put the saw in a warm, dry place for a day or two.

For making firewood it is more expedient to use gasoline models, because they have more power and speed (8 9 thousand. rpm.) than electronic models (about 5k. rpm.). Not only that, electric chainsaws should not be used non-stop for long periods of time.

How to Install a Chain on a Poulan Chainsaw : Lawn Care & Power Tools

If an electric saw is not armed with a thermal control system of the motor, the insulation of the armature windings can melt and a cutaneous short circuit occurs. If a system is installed, it will shut down the tool almost minute by minute to cool the motor.

Electronic models are advised to use for carpentry or small, cosmetic works on the care of the garden and garden plot.

You should set the tool aside more often to cool it down. By the way, most of the electric saws of household class can work without interruption for a few minutes.

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Electronic models need to watch closely for current stability, especially when using low-powered saws. In our electronic networks (especially in rural areas) voltage drops are frequent, and the value of such surges on weekends and holidays can be up to 15. By the way, the stronger the motor, the less sensitive to voltage stability the tool.

When working with an electric chainsaw you should pay attention to a circular saw blade or a chain at all times. Installing the chain on a chainsaw, how to fix the piston how to install the chain on. If the saw becomes hot and fast during operation, it means the teeth are poorly sharpened.

In order that the saw blade when working with an electric circular saw comes out flat, the edges of the cowl should be in contact with the surface of the wood and rest against it when working. How to Properly Attach Chain to Electric Saw. How to. How to attach chain correctly to electric saw How to attach chain and guide bar correctly to. In case of difficult movement of the saw blade on the wood mass you should at first strike it a few centimeters back on the saw blade without stopping the work and then slowly put the saw back on the same strip.

Not only the tool itself needs care, but also its accessories. For example, the chain has to be dressed and sharpened again after every working day. Sharpen a chainsaw chain Before you start sharpening your chain In the video. If you do not have automatic chain lubrication (they are not very many, though) lower the bar in the bucket with oil more often.

attach, chain, your, electric

A properly sharpened and adjusted chain saw cuts by itself and practically does not need any additional effort. After work, you need to remove the saw blade or chain, wipe off sawdust, clean it with kerosene and put it in a special box until later.

Storage of the tool is a topic for another discussion. How to connect a chain to your chainsaw if it comes off? Choosing a chainsaw. Battery models in particular must be carefully stored and kept in a warm, dry place at an ambient temperature of less than 50 degrees Celsius, because otherwise the battery could be destroyed.

How to choose the right chainsaw chain. understand the details

In terms of its importance, the chain is often put by experts on a par with the motor of an electric saw. So if you want to choose the right sawing attachment, you need to be very careful when selecting it. To choose a chain for an electric saw, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Compatibility with your electric chainsaw. in other words, choose a part that has been released by the manufacturer of the tool itself. The risk of making a mistake and buying the wrong saw unit is then reduced to zero;
  • Decide on the task of the chain. if you are looking for a high performance saw element, then choose a piece with a pitch of 3/8. If you use your electric saw only for simple household tasks, then the best purchase would be a saw element with a chain pitch of 0.325 inch;
  • Sharpening angle. this parameter is important for further repair, maintenance and restoration of the saw element. The more productive chains have a sharpening angle of 30°. such saw elements are easier to handle high loads. Nevertheless, for difficult woodworking. if it is frozen or wet. you should choose a chain with a sharpening angle of 10°;
  • Length of the saw-must match the length of the guide bar of the electric saw. Even if the chain will stretch and sag over time, this problem can be solved by removing a few links.

How to put the Chain back on a Worx Electric Chainsaw

In addition to these parameters it is necessary to consider the way of cutting and the material to be processed. Be sure to consider that for the purpose of longitudinal sawing, a chain with a small sharpening angle would be optimal. The performance of such a chain will be slightly less, but the life of the chain will be considerably prolonged.

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