How to attach the circular to the table. Making ending from the circular with your own hands

How to attach a circular saw to the table

Take a sheet of plywood, mark the size of the countertop. The electric jigsaw is neatly cut, then the edges are treated with milling. The workpiece is emphasized by medium and fine sandpaper. On the lower plane, place the place for the circular saw: remove the disk, apply the sole and circled with a pencil. A milling machine is chosen by a recess, the size of which depends on the thickness of the base of the tool.

The saw is installed at the place of fastening, if necessary, adjusted. If everything is suitable, 4 holes with a diameter of 10 mm are drilled in the sole. They put the instrument again, plan the fasteners in the countertop and make through holes. From the side of the working plane, recesses for M8 bolts with a secret head are performed. The hat should hide in them. Cut a gap under a disc 1-2 mm width more than its thickness. If you plan to saw at different angles, it is made trapezoidal with a directed vertex.

They begin to make stiffness ribs with their own hands, starting with longitudinal. The location is removed from the edge of the table by 10 cm, it is marked with lines at such a distance. The boards are cut along the length, applied to the countertop, circled. Plan a central fishing line for a trimmer, along which indicate the location of self.Tapping screws. The extreme ones are removed from the end of the ribs by 5 cm, intermediate after 20 cm.

The through holes are drilled, on the front side of the countertops are zenki under the hats. Benches are smeared with carpentry glue, installed in place, tightened with clamps. Similarly fix the transverse ribs of stiffness. Fasten with the table and self.Tapping screws.

Legs give a form that provides maximum support for the frame. Typically, the height for convenient operation is 1–1.1 m. They are wider from above, and narrow to the base. To do this, one side of the bars is cut along the angle along. Relative to the countertop, they will stand a little display. Steel corners will help to increase rigidity at the junction. For fastening, use bolts that are installed with the heads, put the washers. Bars of bars are also used.

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Before putting the saw in place, the location of the disc is checked by the carriage relative to the sole. If it differs from a right angle, the strips of tin are placed on the base on one side, achieving alignment. The circular is attracted by the m10 bolts to the countertop, groves are placed under the nuts.

Manual circular saw for this can be used quite ordinary. The power and diameter of the disk directly depends on what and to what volume you are going to process. Remember also that the mount to the table steals up to 20 mm from the maximum depth of cut, so one.Handed saws with a disk of 120 mm for such purposes are unprofitable. The presence of the circular of the functions of adjusting the depth and angle of the cut will provide you more opportunities for fine processing of parts and cutting the box grooves.

Selection of material

To make a circular table with your own hands, you need to recall the carpentry skills, stock up on great patience and a small number of materials and devices.

The volume of the countertop will depend on the site of the workshop. Along with this, on a small table it will be uncomfortable to saw large segments. If the part is completely fits on the working plane, the cut is made more evenly and accurately. The height of the legs is chosen depending on the growth of the master.

Making countertops for a circular machine

The assembly of the table begins with the manufacture of countertops. The plywood sheet is marked so that the two edges of the cover are in size with the edges of the iron sheet. Plywood is cut out with a hacksaw or an electrician.

The edge of the saw can be treated with a cutter, but this operation is optional. Since the main parameter is reliability in the bed, not an attractive look. The countertop is wiped with “stained” sandpaper.

From below the countertops, a slot for a circular circle is noted. Why first it is necessary to measure the size of the sole of the unit. This is easiest to do if you unscrew the disk from the device and just circle the desired part of the saw. These measurements are required to determine the seat.

Using a hand cutter, select bars to a depth of approximately 0.9–1.1 cm. If you do not have a milling mill, then this work can be done using a chisel, but it will take a lot more time.

Then, when the seat is made, try on the saw, and if necessary, adjust the recess. Mark the places of slots for the circle and fixing the fasteners. If you need the circle to rise and fall, then it is necessary to install the pendulum mechanism for the countertop.

In this case, the slot must be made in the form of a truncated pyramid. In this case, the hypothetical peak of the pyramid will be directed down. It is best to make a frame for a lifting mechanism from steel corners that are welded to each other.

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Making a table frame

Marking for fixing the transverse rails and longitudinal ones, which perform the function of the rib of stiffness, it is best to install on the wrong side of the countertop. The strips are made directly from the bar. You will need:

  • Two transverse parts, long equal to the width of the countertop minus 7-9 cm on each side.
  • Two longitudinal ribs, size equal to the length of the lid minus 7–9 cm on each side.

Then you need to make nests for screws. Reiki must be fixed on the lid so that the countertop goes beyond the edges of the frame 7-9 cm. The fasteners should be as reliable and durable as possible.

The first mount should be installed approximately 40-50 mm from the edge of the rail. The distance between self.Tapping screws is about 23–25 cm. All details need to be drilled through and through. The self.Tapping screw is attached from the side of the lid so that its hat is completely sank in the tree.

Initially, transverse rods are fixed. So that the table cover is as strong as possible, the edges of the rail must first be smeared with carpentry glue. The design is fixed with clamps, and without removing them, screws screw.

The countertop is allowed to dry completely. After, in the same way, longitudinal rails are installed. Then parts of the frame are pulled together with each other, installing two fasteners on each side. Now the clamps can be removed.

Focus of the legs (supports)

The legs of the table are made from the bar. The height of the supports is selected individually. In practice, it is most convenient to work at the machine when the countertop is located at the hips level. Before fastening, each support must be built so that the leg goes from below to the corner. So, the area of ​​the base of the support should be slightly larger, unlike the area of ​​the top.

It is best to fix the legs with steel corners. They must be slightly pressed so that the base of the machine is in the “spacer”. This gives the table additional resistance. Bolts with washers are used as fasteners, they are fixed with hats out. Otherwise, during work, you can injure the protruding parts of fasteners.

The whole structure will be more stable if additional supports are pulled off with diagonal rails. They are mounted in pairs from each side of the machine.

The surface of the lid is polished and treated with varnish or used to cover a steel sheet, which is attached to self.Tapping screws. At the very end, a tool is attached directly to the prepared place.

On the cover of the table, you can additionally make markings, it will help to cut the wood evenly and correctly. The control panel of the circular saw is located on the outer side of the machine. As a rule, it is mounted on one of the legs of the table. That’s all, the circular saw with my own hands is ready.

Table manufacturing option for milling

Pretty interesting design of table design. Here they offered to use a car jack for lifting and lowering the tool.

If you remove the countertop out of the box of the cabinet, you can see such a performance.
A car jack allows you to develop an effort of several tons. He rests on a special box, where the milling mill itself is located.
This is what the countertop looks like from above. There are emphasis. A groove is made on the surface, with an aluminum shovel.Glued guide.
A carriage can be installed in the groove. With its help, the processing part can be supplied at any angle.
The parallel emphasis is fixed in the right position with the help of lamb nuts. In the horizontal plane there are grooves along which a stubborn device is shifted along the working surface of the table.
Box for connecting a vacuum cleaner. You can use not only industrial, but also household vacuum cleaner.
The milling cutter itself is attached to the countertop using a steel support plate.
Features of attaching the tool to the plate can be seen in the presented photo.
Rotating the handle of the jack, the master moves the milling cutter in the vertical direction.

Security requirements

Self.Manufacturing a table for a saw is not such a difficult task as it might seem. If there is good material at hand, its characteristics are selected correctly, and the power of the device ranges from 500 to 1000 W, the above instruction will be the basis for the work.

It is not necessary to lose sight of the fact that at any stage of the table production, the accuracy of their own operations should be monitored. In a different way, when deviations appear in size or deformation of the legs when screeding ribs, it will be very difficult to resume stability. Nevertheless, the production of the table for the circular with your own hands is an absolutely real task for several hours.

Stationary machine

The circular machine, as close as possible to factory models, requires a competent approach to assembly, so before making a stationary type circular saw, you need to think over everything to the smallest detail. In principle, the desktop mini circular saw from the stationary differs in the height of the bed, which directly depends on the nature of the work performed and dimensions of the workpieces that the device will process. One.Time work can be carried out on a compact desktop saw, while the circular of a hand.Free saw can be hidden without problems in the barn or pantry, and the carpenter, constantly conducting manipulations with lumber, will need a stationary homemade circular. Below there is a scheme on which all the elements and devices for a circular saw of this type are described in detail.

As can be seen from the figure, homemade circular circus circus have an understandable design, and drawings similar to the above, significantly facilitate the process of assembly. Before you make a circular, as well as mount a circular table with your own hands, consider each part of the unit separately to know all the subtleties of its work and installation.

Circular table

A table for a manual circular saw with a slot in the center is sometimes redone from a conventional kitchen or collected from bars or metal profiles. Specialists strongly recommend that specialists cover the table with a sheet of galvanized metal, since without covering the basis threatens abrasion in the center from constant sip of lumber, which in turn will negatively affect the quality of the cut, and the depth of the cut will be uneven. The transverse connections that strengthen the sawing table are best made from a steel corner of 60. 80 mm with a horizontal segment in order to simplify the installation of a side limiter. The homemade table on which the circular saw will be installed on the disc, should be strong and stable, and it must also be securely fixed in a fixed position.

Saw disk

The toothed disk should rise above the surface of the circular table by a maximum of a third from its diameter, otherwise it will not saw the tree properly, and the process itself will become dangerous. If you need to cut a beam with a diameter, for example, 100 mm, a similar cutting parameter should not exceed 350 mm, however, the engine here will be required with a power of 1 kW. For blanks with a diameter of more than 150 mm, a mini circular made by hand is unlikely. Some factory circular machines have a crumbling knife, which is installed behind the disk at a distance of 2. 3 mm from the teeth of the saw. It excludes the jamming moment due to the closure of the parts of the cut workpiece, therefore it can be very useful in the case when a home-made circular is assembled.

Lateral emphasis with the possibility of adjustment

It is possible to put high.Quality emphasis from a steel corner with a cross.Section of about 80 mm, which is 3-4 cm longer than the design of the table. The flat sides of the corner are bent down so that their width is one and a half cm more than the thickness of the table. After installation, the emphasis is fixed on the homemade table of the circular in a given position using bolts. Adjustment of this element is carried out according to the template placed between it and the cutter.

The shaft installed on the circular is the most responsible node, therefore, it should be pulled out and testing with the disc with the disk exclusively a specialist on special equipment. The product from a pipe with a carelessly fixed circle is excluded immediately, because the slightest errors in the operation of this element will turn into large troubles like breakdowns of equipment, damage to the workpiece and an injury by the operator. The best solution would be to purchase a finished shaft with a seat for a cutter. It is better to give preference to ball, self.Supporting bearings having a curved shape of the inner surface, otherwise the knot made by his own hand will quickly collapse and the shaft installed on a home.Made circular will become unusable.


In our case, the ideal option would be a cuneiform transmission, but it is better to abandon a gear hard mechanism, since such a home.Made does not guarantee security. If a nail suddenly comes across in the lumber, the engine rotor provoke the destruction of the disk, which can lead to injuries. If the internal diameter of the belt pullers is small, then slippage will be provided, and the stretched belt will serve as a kind of damper. The gear ratio is usually selected based on the engine speed, be sure to consider the permitted number of speed revolutions. The smaller the diameter of the saw circle, the greater the frequency of its rotation, and the cleaner the converted unit will be cleaned.


Among homemade devices, the circular assembled from the engine from the washing machine is most popular.This choice is explained by the fact that the scheme of her work is best suited for such goals. Unlike collector units, which the power tool is usually supplied with, the engine from the washing machine operates at less high speeds, which means that it shows a longer operation, has increased efficiency and is not so subject to all kinds of clogs. You can also use a three.Phase engine, but then additional expenses for the purchase of a starting and working capacitor will be required, so it is more economical to cost the device from the washing machine. Here, in general, and all the wisdom.

Englishpod 124. Upper Intermediate. Tools

You can make a table with your own hands, independently developing and embodying its appearance, while saving a significant part of the money. However, do not dwell on the standard model, you should.

Furniture made of whole wood was highly valued at all times. Now it can rightfully be considered the subject of luxury. However, everyone who has elementary carpentry skills and sufficient.

The table is certainly the necessary piece of furniture, we use it every day. I would like to have both magazine and dining tables in the house. But what if the metering of the room is small, and without that and the other table.

The acquisition of furniture in every family is always an important event: it is associated with a change in the design of the apartment, solid money investments. And I want the created comfort for years to be preserved in the new.

A table is not just a piece of furniture that we sit, eat, do some kind of work, it is an important element of any interior, is in different rooms, some even put on the balcony. Not.

The process of manufacturing the table

Suppose it was decided to make a table for a circular saw completely from a tree.

To begin with, from plywood, if it has large sizes, we cut off the required size by the drawing. Then we process the edges with a milling mill and clean the skin. After all from the side that you consider to be the lower, we mark the mounting places for the saw according to the sole parameters and the place of the slot for the disk. After cutting a hole, try it. At the same time, it is better to perform a cut in the form of a trapezoid, that is, at an angle down.

Marking the place of fastening the saw to the table

attach, circular, table, making, ending, your

Next, we also mark the rib fastening sites for stiffness, to which the legs will be attached from the table. Board for these purposes take size 50 x 100 mm.

Robber Strike marking and fastening

We attach them around the perimeter, having previously retreated 100 mm from the edge. Then we strengthen them with self.Tapping screws, while without removing the clamp from the workpiece. Such a thorough construction of the structure will make the table resistant to the vibration load. At the same time, do not forget to use the square and make measurements.

A small retreat of 1.5 mm will make the table unstable. It is also good to strengthen the countertop on top with self.Tapping screws, with a distance from each other about 20 cm. The heads of self.Tapping screws are shed.

Countertop for a circular saw in the finished form

Next, we fasten the legs using a beam of 50 x 50 mm. At the same time, we install them with a slight discrepancy down. To do this, in the upper part of the scabbard, remove the same chamfers in the places of fastening. We select the length of the legs under our height. We fix the legs on 2 bolts m 14, you can install additional fastenings from the board for more stability in the center of the legs.

Attaching legs to the table

On the table using measuring instruments, we install guides that can be removable for the exact saw.

We cover everything with varnish several times, so that it would be easy to work with shavings.

Next, install the saw, attaching it to the plates.

Farm of the saw to the countertop

Fixing the start button

Then we install a protective casing, which can be made from tin, to protect against ejecting chips. We also fasten it on screws. You can completely change the factory casing for home.Made or remove it, which will simplify the replacement of the saw disk.

In the manufacture of this design, it should be borne in mind that the thickness of the table will be taken away from a saw disc 20 mm, so when buying a saw, you need to consider this and choose the corresponding technical characteristics of the tool.

Well, approximately such a design. It is standard, reliable enough, you can add something from yourself.

Of course, the purchased table eliminates the troubles of its manufacture, in addition, it is necessary if the cut is with high accuracy. For professional use, perhaps this is the best way out. But for home and small production you can do with this option.

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