How to attach the snow ploughs to a single-axle tractor correctly

Trailing shoe diameters for crawler tractors

Tire shoes for rubber wheels on a power tiller will save you money on buying a set of metal tires for your tractor

Drawing with dimensions of the grouser diameter

Open photo large diameter skid steer for crawler tractors.

Picture Drawing of a rubber tire lug for a tiller

What sizes to buy

There are a lot of drawings and diagrams on the Internet for making tractor wheels by yourself. But what dimensions correspond to one brand or another? Sometimes it is not specified in the drawings.

So, the most common power tillers are: Neva, Mole, Salyut, Oka, Zubr, Kentavr. Consider the Neva power tillers.

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Hoes for Neva power tillers are perfect for Salyut and Favorit power tillers. Dimensions for homemade tools for power tillers: height. 34 cm, width. 11 cm. These dimensions are shown on the drawing, and all the fine details that need to be observed to work the ground well. By the way, homemade version grototsebs do a little more than the factory ones, t.к. It’s difficult to size accurately. Dimensions for other brands of power tillers range from 34 cm to 70 cm and up.

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Let’s take a look at the basic functions of the tractor hitches on the Neva single axle tractor:

  • Better quality plowing of land plots.
  • The installed toolbox makes the single-axle tractor heavier and better to use, which improves soil handling and allows you to work with heavy attachments.
  • This product helps to climb uphill with a full trailer in a fairly short time.
  • The tines catch small and large plant roots, pulling them out.

How to make tractors for a tractor with your own hands?

Given the high cost of some models of grotozatepov, many owners of power tillers prefer to make devices for agricultural machines with their own hands. There is nothing strange in it, after all self-made constructions by quality, efficiency and durability practically don’t differ from grubbers, available on sale in store shelves.

Before you make the tractor with your own hands, we advise you to carefully study the drawings. They will give an idea of how to place and fasten the parts in the design. The easiest way will be to make grantozatsepes from automobile disks from cars of the domestic brand VAZ. The order of work, in this case, would be as follows:

  • First, you need to weld one metal plate to the outer surface of the Zhigul discs;
  • Then start making the tines. To do this, take steel of the right thickness and cut blanks of suitable dimensions. The length of the tines varies depending on the class of the power tiller. for heavy units, about 15 cm long tines are suitable, for medium. 10, and for light ones. about 5 cm;
  • Weld the manufactured tines along the circumference of the rim, keeping a distance of 15 cm between them;
  • details about making tines for a power tiller can be found in the video.

The simple iron wheels for your power tiller made in this way will help you quickly remove large weeds and make your single axle tractor much more passable in loose and wet soil conditions.

Grousers for the single-axle tractor “Neva”. functions, suitable models and making

The Neva power tillers not only plow the ground well, but also help to do other work in the garden. For this purpose, machinery owners often use various attachments, one of which is a grouser.

Let’s find out what tasks such equipment is designed to cope with, and how to make it with our own hands.

See Hooks for power tillers

How to make the grousers yourself

For this task you can use old and unused discs from the car. Using a welder you need to weld a half-axle to the discs and then the plates. It is necessary to achieve their contact with the rim, for this use bolts.

It remains only to make the teeth, t.е. The hooks themselves, for which you can use unused corners. Using an angle grinder, they must be cut, and then make the teeth by welding. They are placed on the rim every 15 cm.

As practice shows, you can make a hitch from a gas cylinder. Cut out two discs, which will be used as rims. Width of about 6 cm, height. 30 cm. Further the procedure is the same as described above.

Photo of grottozatsepov for your power tiller with your own hands

Let’s now take a look at some popular types of power tillers and their component parts:

Neva Any of the samples of this motoblock has its own attachments, connected to the design and fit most organically. It’s good to have a unit with a wide variety of attachment options. Producers of power tillers Neva made wheels with grousers F340x110.

Favourite It is worth noting that the above mentioned model is suitable to 560/130 grotozatsepov. They can also be applied to such motoblocks as Favorit and Salyut, as they are universal. Save the 13 cm width and 56 cm height of your power tiller if you decide to make one yourself. To power tillers Salyut can be connected and the wheels of larger size. F700x100.

Mole On the power tiller market you can find the KFT 28/9. This machine is comparable to attachments of such models as Dachnik and Master. Paying attention to its overall dimensions, it can be concluded that the soil traps for these power tillers are the smallest.

In conclusion, I would like to refer to the reviews about self-made or purchased tractor-trailers. Everyone decides for himself which attachment to choose: if you make them yourself you can save money, but waste your time. If you want to use the equipment for a power tiller, it is better to buy ready-made.

Useful Grontozateli MB HA-31 from VAZ disks

Wondering how to make trestle hooks for a power tiller with your own hands, refer to the drawings, photos and videos. In this case you will be able to make high-quality and inexpensive attachments that will last for many years.

Soil hooks on a single-axle tractor with their own hands: the best design option

To make more complex analogues to the factory ones, the grousers are made on the basis of a steel sheet or from automobile discs. The exact design can be created only on the basis of a drawing, which you make yourself or take an already ready-made.

For the grousers in the first case is taken:

  • 4 mm steel. it will be used for the discs of the future wheels;
  • steel sheet 8 mm. for the part that is immersed in the soil;
  • power tools. welding, angle grinder, drill.
  • angle grinder cut two identical round-shaped blanks, in the middle of which we drill fasteners for the hub and studs;
  • on their outer edge make serrated edging height of no more than 100 mm;
  • The second sheet of steel is dissected into triangles with blunted corners;
  • weld the last ones to the toothed border, as shown in the picture.
attach, snow, single-axle, tractor

The second option on the basis of Zhigul discs

You will need a complete set of discs, because you can put tires on one pair and use it for transportation on roads with paved surfaces, and the second pair can be performed as traditional ground shoes.

Sequence of actions:

  • steel angle with a side of 5-6 cm is dissected into pieces wider than the existing discs;
  • In the center of one side, use an angle grinder to cut a triangular plate. It is this part that will contact them on the grouser;
  • Using a burner, heat a corner and bend it slightly. Additionally tack weld to strengthen the workpiece;
  • angle bars are welded on the outer rim of the machine disc at regular intervals (optimal step is 15 cm, with the pointed part following the movement of the power tiller).

Similar operations are repeated for the second disc, as shown in the video. Using our recommendations, you can make homemade grousers for any make and model of power tillers: “Agat”, “Salut” or “Neva”. Dimensional differences between the models of these cultivators are insignificant, so the grousers from the “Neva” MB-1 series and will also fit on later versions. MB-2, MB-21, etc.д., extending the scope of their application.

How to make trailing wheels for your power tiller by yourself, photos and complete schemes.

A single-axle tractor can do a lot, provided you have the right attachments for it. The main function of a power tiller (any level) is tillage. This means that the single-axle tractor should be able to plow the ground, plow, perhaps plant and dig up potatoes with a certain overhang. And when plowing needed grotozatsepy for power tillers, their own hands can be made in a few hours.

What third-party wheels are suitable for the Neva motorblock??

The wheels are best suited for mounting on a single-axle tractor Neva from Moskvitch and Zhiguli. There is no need to change anything in them, because their diameter is ideal for mounting on a single-axle tractor. They only need to be upgraded a little by welding.

Zhigul wheels on a Neva power tiller

Factory versions will cost much more.

The main task of upgrading the wheels is to make them heavier, since they are very light in the factory.

Listed below are the basic steps for making wheels for a power tiller from car tires:

  • A half axle is installed inside the wheels;
  • For the convenience of changing wheels, square plates are installed on the axle, and holes are made in them. And then the wheels from Zhiguya are mounted on these plates;
  • A cap is put on the outer side to protect them from external factors;
  • The tubes should be removed, and leave only the tires (to improve the quality of grip should use a winter tire model).

To use tires from other cars is problematic because they have a larger diameter or width, so they need to be additionally adjusted by extending the axle or in some other way, and it turns out not everyone and not always.

To improve the soil-trapping properties, some people additionally cover the wheels with a chain. When you ride, the chain digs into the ground and gives you extra traction. It has an especially noticeable effect when riding after rain or snow.

The video demonstrates how to install Zhigul wheels on a single-axle tractor Neva:

Rating of the best trailing wheels for your power tiller for 2020

Of course, most of the quality depends on how heavy the machine is. All the most functional awnings can be attached only to heavier and medium-weight power tillers. But the heaviness and professionalism of the power tiller is not all. If you seem to have a cool machine, but don’t have the proper results, you should get wheels with grousers for your power tiller. You can buy or you can make trestle hooks for your power tiller with your own hands. It all depends on the size of the purse, desire and straightness of the hands.

Standard tillers for a power tiller are metal wheels with spikes that dig into the ground and grip the single-axle tractor to the soil. In order to make trestle hooks for a power tiller with your own hands, you will need knowledge of the trestle hooks device (the drawing and scheme will seriously ease your task with this), to determine the diameter of the canopy, to select the material for conversion into trestle hooks for power tiller and, of course, tools to work with the source material. They are essentially an angle grinder and a welder.

Decide on the size of the wheels before you make them. The height and width of the cleats depends on the task for which you put them on a single-axle tractor. Later on we will discuss which sizes you can buy in the store.

And more about the weight requirements of the grouser. You put on the wheels with loopholes in order to improve the traction of the crawler with the ground, and this requires a good weight of the wheels, which may not be enough for the crawler itself. The minimum weight of the wheels is 20 kg. You can also use weighting agents on the tires if you want to get better results or if the weight of the wheels does not meet the norm.

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