How to breed stihl oil correctly. Correct proportions

The proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw “STIHL”: types of oil, selection of gasoline and proper mixing

Many users of the benzo tool relate to the preparation of the fuel mixture quite irresponsible. For example, I met the owners of the saw who diluted gasoline with oil “by eye”. They just poured as much as they want, and then came to me with a faulty tool.

It is important to understand that more, as less, does not mean better. It is the golden mean that is important.

breed, stihl, correctly, correct, proportions

If you prepare a mixture with a shortage of oil, then everything is clear. There will be a sufficient amount of lubrication for the cylinder and bearings, which means friction and temperature will increase, bunks are formed in the cylinder and can jam the crankshaft bearings.

And what will happen if you pour? A large volume of oil, during combustion, form a lot of residual combustion products that settled on the piston, in the exhaust window of the cylinder and muffler, making the movement of exhaust gases. As a result, a drop in power or complete loss of performance.

breed, stihl, correctly, correct, proportions

Freight that is formed with an excessive proportion of oil can settle under compression rings, preventing them from compensating the temperature expansion, which will entail bulletin, in general the consequences can be quite serious.

Stihl chainsaw oil

To begin with, it would be nice to mention that all Stihl chainsaws are created with quite small sizes, but with their dimensions, they have a very impressive power. Thanks to this feature, Stihl chainsaws are in great demand.

Despite the high quality, durability of the chainsaw depends on the use of the correct lubricant and fuel. The first problematic question that the owners of this technique face is: what kind of oil and fuel to choose for their chainsaw? In this article you will learn about which oil is better to use for your chainsaw, and about which fuel is better to fill in your “baby”.

Choose oil for chainsaw stihl

The first thing you should know about is that almost all Stihl chainsaws are equipped with a carburetor two.Stroke engine. There are also two separate tank in them: the first for oil, and the second for gasoline.

The first, and most importantly, remember that a simple oil is poured in the model of domestic production, which is usually poured into the tanks of motorcycles, and their proportion should be no more than 1 to 25. As for the chainsaws produced abroad, they will need to buy branded oils, the proportion for which is 1 to 40. Of course, you can try to pour oil for domestic saws in an imported saw, in which case, the power of your tool may noticeably fall. The best advice that can be given when buying oil for such a technique is to contact the manual to use your tool.

A good choice will be synthetic oil for two-stroke air cooling engines of the API-TB and API-TC class. Having come to the store, ask the seller about the presence of such brands as Stihl, Husqvarna, Hahotek, Champion, Alco, etc. In no case do not greedy on the ingredients, it is better to spend money on a quality product than then spend a lot of money on repairs.

Choosing gasoline for the chainsaw of Stihl

When choosing gasoline for your chainsaw, you should pay attention to, of course, the quality of the gasoline itself and, its octane number. It is best to take gasoline with octane AI92

You can try AI95, but too many questions arise about its quality. If you doubt the quality of AI95, then AI92 will be the best choice for you.

We do not advise you to use gasoline, which has long been in any container for a long time, whether it be a canister, tank or something else. For the fuel mixture, only fresh gasoline must be used, otherwise, it can lose all its useful qualities: octane number, etc. If you still use not fresh gasoline, then your chainsaw will work at incomplete power. In the case of a rude breakdown, due to the use of such fuel, you will have to spend a lot of money on its repair, since such a case does not apply to warranty, and you will better purchase a new tool.

Making the fuel mixture of gasoline and oil

Before proceeding with the creation of the fuel mixture for the STIHL manufacturer’s chainsaw, pay your attention to the manual from the manufacturer. Why do you need to do this? The thing is that with insufficient oil content in gasoline, the cylinder and the piston will heat up hard, which will occur in the bullying, which will lead to a breakdown of the CPG, and as a result-to expensive repair

In order to prepare a high.Quality fuel mixture, you need to mix oil and gasoline in a clearly verified proportion. If the oils are more than necessary, then this can lead to the appearance of soot on pistons and candles. If you overdo it a little with gasoline, then expect the ambulance of your engine. For example, on average, one liter of gasoline should be mixed with 20-50 ml. Oils. For a train, it is recommended to pour 4 liters. Gasoline. 100 ml. Oils. In this ratio, a mixture for chainsaws is prepared up to 1.5 kW. If the power is more than 1.5 kW, 100 ml should be poured. Oils for 5 liters. Gasoline. But these are all approximate calculations, always use the proportions indicated in the manual to your saw, if you yourself do not understand how much and what is needed. But do not really believe the numbers indicated on the oil label.

What are the proportions to dilute the components for the mixture

The quality work of the chainsaw will depend on the proper gas station refueling with a mixture of lubricants and fuel. To determine the proportion of components and how to dilute fuel, it is recommended to read the instructions. If you forgot how to dilute, or have lost instructions, you can contact the Internet for help. It should be said that the proportion between butter and gasoline for the chainsaw should be observed exactly.

The most common ratio of gasoline to oil is 1:50 proportion.

That is, one liter of gasoline is diluted with twenty milligrams of lubricants. This ratio is quite suitable for tools, the power of which is more than or a half kilowatts per hour.

For those chainsaws, the power of which is less than one and a half kilowatt per hour, it is recommended to mix gasoline with butter in a ratio of 1:25. That is, one liter of gasoline is diluted with twenty.Five milligrams of motor oil.

It must be remembered that the presence of a large amount of oil in gasoline will lead to the rapid wear of parts. When the level is exceeded, an increase in the loads on the cylinder and the piston occurs. Nar is formed faster.

Diluting gasoline is recommended in a separate container. You can not pour at first fuel in a gas tank. And vice versa. It is necessary to add oil to the canister with special tools for this intended. In stores, dispensers, syringes are sold. In extreme cases, you can use a watering can made of a plastic bottle.

In addition to the instructions, you need to know what kind of oil you need to add for a chainsaw. Since there are many varieties, the ordinary owner of the chainsaw is difficult to choose the best of the proposed. Consider some of them.

For example, Stihl, along with high.Quality saws, produces special lubricants that are used in these tools. Special oils are produced by companies such as:

The above three companies are simultaneously manufacturers of chainsaws and special lubricants for them. The next step in the proper maintenance of the tool will be the sawing algorithm.

What oil to pour in Stihl?

The best option for oil lubrication is Bioplus and it is worth choosing that those who saw the chainsaw from time to time. The optimal price and quality of Bioplus made it the most popular oil for lubricating chains from the STIHL line.

If we use the “native” oil for the chainsaw, then the desired proportion is indicated on the package, usually 1:50 to gasoline. When another product is used, then it is better to dilute the mixture of 1:40, in other words, it is necessary to divide 1 liter of oil into 40 and add the result to add 1 liter of gasoline.

Rolf Garden 2T chainsaw oil

Oil is produced on a synthetic basis, which provides the highest quality. Therefore, Rolf Garden 2T has low smoke, burns completely and with an extremely low carbon. At the same time, it reliably protects the motor from wear, t. To. Has a balanced additive package. With prolonged engine operation, Rolf Garden 2T is excluded by the rapid pollution of the muffler by the soil and the products of incomplete combustion of oil, which reduce the power of the chainsaw.

Stihl 018 / MS180 not oiling correctly (video in english)

Oil was developed specifically for garden technology, where the main method of lubrication is the finished fuel mixture. When creating Rolf Garden 2t, this was taken into account, and the product received excellent stability in mixtures with gasoline. The finished composition during storage excludes stratification, clogging of the carburetor channels. Oil does not reduce the octane number of gasoline, excludes the risk of detonation under load.

Due to the low freezing temperature, Rolf Garden 2T is also perfect for winter work, which maintains the efficiency of the engine lubrication with a fuel mixture. The oil burns well in the motor, reduces the risk of failure of the spark plugs. Thus, the volume of the necessary maintenance for the chainsaw can be minimized.

The quality of the oil is confirmed by the tolerance of the largest manufacturers of chainsaws. In addition, Rolf Lubricants GmbH offers a simple and effective system for protecting against fakes: all products of the company are reinforcing only in tin containers. As practice shows, counterfeit in such conditions is practically not found on the market: for fake manufacturers, packaging in plastic is more profitable.

Fuel mixture

To prepare fuel correctly, you will need a list of additional tools:

  • Plastic or metal container for breeding a substance;
  • Measured bottle for gasoline;
  • Dispenser;
  • Syringe;
  • Lake for filling the tank of the chainsaw.

Some manufacturers, such as STIHL, immediately make measured containers for a more convenient measurement of the fuel mixture.

Different manufacturers produce oils of different shades. HP manufacturer produces red liquid. Green oil is a premium segment “Synthetics”. For the Husqvarna chainsaw, you need to take the oil of the corresponding brand. It is distinguished by high cost, good quality and has green or blue.

The main thing is to correctly calculate the proportions of the mixture. Excess oil can form soot on pistons and candles. Excess gasoline can cause engine breakdown or the formation of a backbone on the pistons. Each manufacturer gives its own proportions to models of different capacities.

To mix the components, you will need the above additional accessories. You can also find special canists with two openings for oil and gasoline on sale. Everything is very simple here, pour the ingredients, tightly twist the lid and mix, by inclining the container. You can use glass and plastic bottles.

Water or dust should not fall into the fuel mixture.

What will happen if you do not take into account the recommendations

An inexperienced person does not know how to dilute gasoline with butter, how to choose the right fuel, what proportion of gasoline, and many other nuances. Often, such ignorance leads to the emergence of a large number of problems in the operation of the equipment:

  • Increase in fuel consumption;
  • Defects of the unit and its components;
  • The appearance of extraneous noise;
  • Strong toxic exhaust and t.D.

Therefore, experts recommend adhere to tips related to all aspects of the equipment, starting from how to choose the right fuel, ending with how to dilute gasoline for the chainsaw.

breed, stihl, correctly, correct, proportions

How to dilute gasoline with oil fuel mixture for chainsaws and trimmers mineral or synthetic

The design of the chainsaw

Chainsaw consists of several large independent nodes.

  • The internal combustion engine is designed to produce mechanical energy, which is used to drive a chain saw.
  • The gearbox transfers torque from the engine to the cutting tool. Is a set of gears and intermediate shafts.
  • Clutch is an intermediate link between the gearbox and the chain. It is used for a short.Term rupture of the “gearbox. Chain” chain. Provides the immobility of the chain saw at idle. Interrupts or weakens the transfer moment in emergency situations (for example, drainage of the saw until a complete stop), which allows the engine to work and not stall.
  • Automatic brake interrupts the circuit when it is cut off, bounced from the processed tree, the occurrence of emergency operating modes.
  • Tire. Guide for a chain saw.
  • The mechanism of the chain tension.
  • The device lubricant and other elements.

Useful tips

When calculating the proportions, remember that it is better to overcome the oils than to save on it: only a significant excess of lubricant is dangerous by the formation of soot, and a slight excess will not harm the engine. If it is not not possible, the consequences may be more dangerous.

When mixing fuel for the STIHL chainsaw, the manufacturer recommends first pour oil into the canister, then add gasoline and then mix the components vigorously. But the practice of use shows that the oil can “stick” to the walls of the canister and mix poorly, so it is better to carefully pour oil into gasoline and mix.

It is better not to leave the residues of the fuel mixture in the tank to extend the life of sealing gum and other parts subject to chemical damage. After stopping the saw, the fuel must be drained and disposed of: with long storage (more than a month), the octane number and other physicochemical properties of the mixture are reduced and it becomes unsuitable for safe use.

In addition, after the devastation of the gas tank, you need to start the saw engine and let it work at the idle speed until it stops on its own, it will mean that the carburetor is also spared from the remnants of the fuel mixture.

It is important to remember that the durable operation of the equipment largely depends on the user. Fuel saving in the case of a chainsaw can do much more in the future. A non.Warranty repair of a failed saw or acquisition of a new unit. Compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions in most cases helps to understand the principles of the device and extend its trouble.Free and trouble.Free operation.

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