How to Change a Filter in a Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

You have a question about Bosch and the answer is not in the manual? Ask your question here Give a full description of the problem and ask your question clearly. The more detailed the description of the problem or question, the easier it will be for other Samsung Galaxy A7 users to give you a comprehensive answer.

Bought a Bosch GL-20 vacuum cleaner in January 2017.,The work of the vacuum cleaner satisfied, powerful, lightweight. But recently I have a problem, after cleaning the container and filters, the dust is not collected in the container, but around it. The impression that the tube does not fit into the container. Tell me what to do.

Hello! The Bosch gl-20 vacuum cleaner comes with a reusable or disposable dust bag?

How to put the filter back in place after cleaning

Hello! Please help understand the filters! Bought in M-video, said that the kit does not include a filter, separately bought the same box with two filters inside, one white, one black. Do not understand what and where now.Please help! Thank you in advance!

Afternoon! Up to a certain point, the vacuum cleaner worked well and powerfully, even lifting linoleum. But now for some reason the power is down

Hello. I washed the filter in a bosh GL 20 vacuum cleaner. Forgot there was a sponge filter left inside. Unfortunately it went bad and started to decompose. Now I can’t find a replacement. How do I get one?? Answer please

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You have a question about Bosch and the answer is not in the manual? Ask your question here Give a comprehensive description of the problem and ask your question clearly. The more detailed the description of the problem or question, the easier it will be for other Samsung Galaxy A7 users to give you a comprehensive answer.

Does this model has a disposable dust bag or not? If not, how do you get the trash out of it??

Does this model has a disposable dust bag or not??

How do you retract the cord in this vacuum cleaner??

How do you retract the cord on this vacuum?? Bosh GL. 30

How do I know when the dust bag in a Bosch GL-30 vacuum cleaner is full? The indicator shows less than half yellow, and the bag has never been changed, and I’ve been vacuuming for a long time.

When changing the dust bag, what color should the LED be?

Please write in Russian how to remove the microfilter. I cannot understand anything from the manual, it does not come out. Thank you for your help.

Please write in Russian how to remove the microfilter. I can’t understand anything from the manual, it won’t come out in any way. Thank you for your help

Bosch GL-30 vacuum cleaner gets very hot and does not suck up dust and debris.Why?What to do?

How do you remove the cord in this vacuum cleaner?? can not find the button.

HELLO. Bought a vacuum cleaner Bosch GL 30 2400W/ A WEEK was fine, then, when you turn it on at full power suction capacity is practically nothing, even a 50 kopeck coin does not suck. EVEN IF THE BAG IS EMPTY, IT SHOWS FULL. FILTERS CHANGED AND RINSED. DOES NOT WORK. COULD YOU SUGGEST WHAT ELSE COULD BE THE PROBLEM?

Place a new paper dust bag in the vacuum cleaner’s dust chamber by inserting the insertion point (thick cardboard with a hole) into the special guides. Spread the dust canister in the dust chamber. Close the lid of the vacuum cleaner, insert the hose. Machine is ready to use.

Your vacuum cleaner is equipped with either a paper (20) or a cloth (22) dust bag (depending on the model). Grasp the dust bag handle and pull it out. Remove the bag and throw it in the trash. To install a new bag, push the cardboard base of the bag into the holder (21) until it stops.

Advantages and disadvantages

The undoubted advantage of homemade filters is considered to save time and money to replace them. In some cases, the cost of installing such a filter is not necessary at all. often all the necessary elements for its creation are present in the home.

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Self-made filters significantly extend the functionality of vacuum cleaners, allow you to achieve better cleaning quality, and even complement the dry cleaning with wet cleaning. Thus on the operational parameters “home-made” filters are not inferior to factory-made, and in some cases superior to them.

However, keep in mind that homemade filters can not always be installed. When the appliance is under warranty, you will be denied free service and repair if the device includes “foreign” parts. At the end of this period after the first replacement of the filter, try to make sure that the refinement will not increase the load on the vacuum cleaner and the power consumption.

Cleaning Steps

Before taking out the drain filter, you need to prepare a flat container and floor rags, since water can accumulate in the location of the filter. Next you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • de-energize the appliance;
  • Spread a rag on the floor and prepare a container for draining water;
  • open the panel and unscrew the desired part;
  • clean the filter of dirt and foreign objects;
  • carefully clean the hole in the machine, where the filter will be installed afterwards;
  • install the filter in its place;
  • close the panel.

Following these simple steps will help keep dirt out of the filter. But after that, you can often see water starting to leak out of it.

If this happens, it means the filter is not all the way in, or not screwed in tightly.

To fix the leakage, it is enough to unscrew the part and then put it back in place.

How often should you change your vacuum cleaner filter?

To keep your vacuum cleaner from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and just dirt, you need not only to wash it, but also change it regularly. In a standard vacuum cleaner there are two. a HEPA filter and a motor filter. Let’s consider what function they perform and how often they need to be replaced.

Vacuum Cleaner Filters: the first step in cleaning the air

The simplest vacuum cleaners use bags. They also act as filters. Can be paper (disposable) or cloth (reusable). Paper bags consist of several layers that collect dust efficiently (almost 100%). Cloth filters trap about 60% of flying contaminants, so it is mandatory to put other filters to help.

Disposable bag lasts about a month. It is very easy and hygienic to remove. Practically no contact with dust thanks to the lid.

A reusable bag can last a year or more. It has to be shaken out, which is accompanied by a cloud of dust. Here everyone decides for himself, what is convenient to him: buy a reserve of disposable filter bags or do one cloth bag.

Container vacuums clean the air differently. Cyclonic filtration system is used here. Inside the container, dirty air currents swirl around like a tornado, causing dust to settle inside and clean air to escape.

These vacuum cleaners without a bag are quite convenient: no need to buy consumables, and the suction power remains the same. The container itself is easy to clean and wash.

Vacuum Cleaners with Aquafilter are considered the most “advanced. They use water, nature’s best filter. Fluid is great for trapping the tiniest dirt. The result is not only dust-free air, but also humidified.

The next stages of air filtration

After the dust canister (bag, bin or water tank) comes the filter in front of the motor. It is a foam rubber sponge, often enclosed in a plastic case. Needed to protect the engine from clogging and overheating.

The motor filter is the most commonly used permanent filter. That is, it can be washed, which saves unnecessary expense. If you notice your vacuum cleaner isn’t sucking as well as getting warmer, it’s time to clean the motor filter.

The third stage of purification is fine filters (FTOs). They trap up to 99% of contaminants. Fine Filters include:

HEPA filters are the most common. Worn in most vacuum cleaners (Samsung, Bosch, Philips, LG, both conventional and upright models). These filters provide four-class protection.

HEPA filters for vacuum cleaners have different degrees of filtration. These are labeled as H10, H11, H12 and H13. The higher the number, the better the air is filtered.

S-Class filters provide the best cleaning, found on top-of-the-line models. Essentially it is the same as a HEPA filter, but with the highest degree of filtration.

They remove almost all contaminants from the air;

There are vacuum cleaners that are not equipped with fine filters. But in some models they can be installed (though not in all).

PTFs can be replaceable or refillable. The latter are washable.

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How to choose a filter for your vacuum cleaner

Filter boxes always indicate which vacuum cleaner they are designed for. There are consumables for a specific model or universal, for several devices at once.

You can also buy a set of filters for the vacuum cleaner. It consists of filters to protect the motor and FTO.

To choose a filter, you only need to know the model of the vacuum cleaner. Name it and our vacuum cleaner consultants will find the best choice for you.

There are three steps to the typical vacuum cleaner filtration procedure

What are the best vacuum cleaner filters. types and features?

  • Bag. Made of synthetic or paper. Available as reusable or disposable versions. The main task is to keep the dust inside.
  • Aqua Filters. They are placed over water. Dust, penetrating the cylinder, is moistened with water and settles at the bottom.
  • Coarse dust. It takes place in a compartment under the large garbage. They clog quickly and need to be replaced regularly.
  • Fine cleaning. Available in micro, electrostatic and HEPA filters. Efficiently eliminates even the smallest particles, ensures high performance, and prevents dust from being blown back out of the vacuum cleaner. Quality air filters for vacuum cleaners remove not only dust from the air, but also allergens. flower pollen, microticks, plant spores.
  • Cyclonic. equipped with a container under the dust and dirt, which must be emptied after each appliance.

How Do I Change my Vacuum Bag and clean its filters. Cleaning & Care

Review: Bosch vacuum cleaner GL-30. My assistant, completely satisfied with it!

Hello Dear readers of my review.Vacuum cleaner Bosch GL-30 in the use of more than a year and we are very happy with it.The design is the usual, small, compact, “chubby” such:

The background to this purchase.The purchase was spontaneous. Wanted a vacuum cleaner, we needed a powerful and not expensive, at that time in the store it was 50% off, applied coupons. The result is a very budget purchase for only 2248. Without discount the vacuum cleaner costs 8990, but it often has a discount and at a discount it costs 4990rubl. The most important thing is to choose the right moment:

Immediately catch the eye a nice blue color. The inscription “Made in Germany” inspires confidence.This vacuum cleaner is easy to use.The Germans have thought of everything in terms of convenience of use: For ease of storage there are special holes, where the handle is inserted vacuum cleaner:

Can be stored both vertically and horizontally:

One button control: This button is the on/off switch of the vacuum and also adjusts the power of the vacuum by means of this button:

This vacuum cleaner has 4 wheels. The wheels are good enough, the cleaner glides well on any surface. But if you do not have to stop in a corner:

On the vacuum cleaner there is a little information on the characteristics of the vacuum cleaner:

This vacuum cleaner has a long enough cord. This button is used to turn the vacuum cleaner on or off, to control the power, it is easy to get it out, it twists back on itself, but to unscrew it to the end and pull the “wire” toward you and that’s it. the cord is twisted:

Open the vacuum cleaner easily, all you have to do is push the button:

This vacuum cleaner is bag. I buy him a special bag dust collector Menalux 2000 (review here).

The bag is inserted in special grooves, it is easy to insert and holds firmly:

It is very convenient that the vacuum cleaner has a fill indicator on the dust bag:

When the dust canister is full and it is time to change it. the scale becomes completely “yellow”:

I recommend reading the instructions for use before using. This vacuum has two filters, one of them needs to be wetted before cleaning.All the information on changing the filters is in the leaflet that came with the vacuum cleaner:

One filter is located under the dust canister, it is a bit difficult to open it only the first time:

This filter gets dirty fast, I have never changed this filter in a year of use:

And the second filter is on top. Here it is very easy to open and change it:

This is the filter that needs to be wetted before cleaning (from what I understand. This is done to ensure that the vacuum cleaner does not dry the air in the apartment):

This filter has already changed a few times (in the dustbin, which bought the vacuum cleaner comes with this filter, only need to cut the square of the required size).The brush at the filter is comfortable enough. Adjustable in length (easy enough).Minimum:

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The vacuum cleaner came with 4 pins (3 small ones my husband took with him). That’s why I’m going to tell you about the biggest, standard broom:

The brush is pivotable, handy, easy to reach in difficult places. On the counter two modes with an additional brush (if it is necessary to remove the hair from the palace. cleans well).

Mode switch with a special button, switch easily, with gentle pressure. Very easy to switch the desired mode during cleaning with the “foot”, and no need to bend over:

Now on the job. The vacuum cleaner is very powerful, to the maximum, even lifts up the linoleum, sucks just “hard”:

Also, it is not very convenient to vacuum the edges of the palace, as the vacuum cleaner always lifts the palace:

We are satisfied with vacuum cleaner Bosch GL-30 from the first use. The vacuum cleaner is very good at removing all the dirt and dust from the carpets. After the first cleaning with this vacuum cleaner was just shocked how much “hidden” dust and dirt was in the carpets and hard-to-reach places. the dust canister was half full.Well, now a little show you how good this vacuum cleaner in action. Specially poured sugar sand on the carpet:

And just a couple of movements my helper and the palace again clean:

If you are looking for a regular, inexpensive vacuum cleaner without the various modern contrivances, I recommend to look closely to the vacuum cleaner Bosch GL-30, as it is powerful, perfectly cleans dust and dirt. And it often has discounts and you can buy it at a very attractive price.Have a nice shopping experience and see you soon.

Treatment of the motor filter and the output filter

After removing the bag, you can start to process the filter, which is located behind or under the bag (depending on the model of the vacuum cleaner). It protects the motor from dust from the container or bag. To remove it, it is necessary to pull the housing. The engine filter is made of foam rubber or compressed synthetic fiber.

In cyclone vacuum cleaners have 2 additional filters. The part under the dust canister consists of a sponge and a hard plastic mesh. In front of it. only of foam rubber.

Only the foam layer needs to be cleaned regularly. It is carried out as follows:

  • The sponge is removed from the plastic case. A fishing line with a ring through it is cut (if there is any).
  • The filter is washed with warm water and then additionally cleaned with soap. Do not unscrew or squeeze the foam rubber too hard.
  • After rinsing and drying the foam part is returned to its place.

The plastic mesh is wiped down as needed. In case of heavy dirt take it off and wash in a basin with powder. Pressed filter must only be blown and shaken out.

Replace the motor filter with a new one after one year or sooner if it is cleaned frequently. The main indicator of wear of the upper protective layer is the instantaneous heating of the device after plugging in.

Like dustbags, fine dust filters are available as reusable or disposable. The latter, made of paper, fall out of use after a few cleanings. The care of reusable appliance parts depends on the material from which they are made. Like this:

The foam output filters that line the vacuum cleaner’s air outlet are washed and dried, as is the motor protection.

Adding fabric softener to the water for the last rinse will keep the air extra fresh during cleaning.

HEPA filter made of fluoroplastic requires a special approach:

  • First place the filter element folded down and tap it out gently.
  • Then, without changing its position, dip it into a warm soapy solution and leave it in for 20 minutes. For light soiling simply rinse with water.
  • Intense up-and-down movements, the filter is washed in detergent, and then rinsed in the same way. Do not rub the harmonica with a brush.
  • Place the clean part on a cloth to dry. Please note that it takes a long time because there are several layers in the filter.

The HEPA filters are replaced and cleaned not more than once a year. Foam elements. after every cleaning.

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