How to change lines on a trimmer

Changing the line on your trimmer or brushcutter

To change the line on your trimmer or brushcutter (cord, string), first of all you need to know its thickness. If there are no cord remnants left, then study the datasheet of our gardening equipment. Sometimes the right information can be found by carefully inspecting the mower spool, the range of diameters can be plotted on its surface. If our search is unsuccessful, then simply estimate the diameter of the output hole on the spool. The line should move around in it effortlessly. I do not recommend widening the holes to use a thicker line to increase the performance and capability of the garden equipment. The thickness of the line is calculated by the manufacturer on the basis of the motor power.

To change the cord on most models, you have to disassemble the mowing reel by pushing on the latches. Sometimes, at the same time as pressing the catches, you must also turn the top of the spool.

A standard bobbin is filled with 5-6 meters of thin cutting line or up to 3 meters of thick line. Figures are approximate, it all depends on the size of your mowing head. If it overheats while mowing, it’s better to run less mowing line. There’s a chance it will sinter and you’ll just throw it away.

How to Change Cord on the DR Trimmer with Line Plates

The most common trimmers and brushcutters have a single-lug manual spool. Everything is simple there, one edge of the line is fixed in the slit inside the bobbin. Then reel in as much cord as will fit under the protective cover, following the arrow. Insert 10 cm of the line through the holes in the safety guard and the spool and reel.

Non-automatic spool with one tendril

change, lines, trimmer

Semi-automatic single section coil with 2 tendrils

Semi-automatic bobbin with 2 tendrils

If the line on the trimmer has 2 antennas, then before winding the string is folded in half, shifting the edges by 5-10 centimeters. The bobbins come in different designs, but each one has some kind of catch to secure the middle of the cord. If the bobbin is single section, then there is a hole where one end of the line must be put through and centered again. The two-section reel has a notch in the partition.

Wind-cord and winding direction arrow

The inscription “Wind-cord” and the arrow show us the winding direction. If there is no arrow, you wind it in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation. Hold the edges of the cord with one hand, and with the other turn the bobbin, winding the line, each side on its track. String it tightly enough, no need to be perfectly straight, the main thing is to avoid crossing. It will take care of itself as it works. When about 10 centimeters are left, we fix the edges in the slots. We put the line through the holes on the body of the spool. Gently jerk the line alternately to avoid loops forming inside, and insert the bobbin into the spool. Then reassemble the mowing reel. Sometimes a spool is designed so that when you assemble it, the edges of the string must be released from the slots of the bobbin. Check the correct assembly of the semi-automatic mowing head of our garden equipment by simulating the tapping of the grass trimmer on the ground. Press the button in the middle and at the same time pull on the edges of the line. If everything is okay, the tendrils are pulled out slightly.

On Oleo-Mac brushcutters, the cutting attachment does not need to be disassembled at all. Simply thread the line through the holes. Center it, and by rotating the knob in the direction of the arrow, wind the cord. The replacement of the line on the trimmer is very fast, this design begins to occur more and more often.

I hope you will find the article on the correct selection of fishing line for your garden equipment Forest for grass trimmer, string, cord for electro- and brushcutter.

Threading the line into the grass trimmer.

Today’s article I want to devote to the painful theme of dacha owners and gardeners throughout the former Soviet Union “How to tuck the line into the trimmer for grass”. Not many trimmer manufacturers answer this question in their instruction manuals. That’s why it’s hard for ordinary gardeners to understand how to do it correctly.

I want to start with a brief description of the technical characteristics of trimmers.

So, grass trimmers come in electric and gasoline. The cutting attachment on trimmers can be a line or a blade. The line comes in ordinary, four. pentahedral and intertwined (in the form of a pigtail). Blades come in 2, 3 and 4 blade blades. Blades also come in plastic and metal.

The line delivery system of grass trimmer is manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Engineers-developers, who create new models of trimmers, clearly calculate the diameter (thickness) of the line and the number of blades of the blade, according to the power of trimmers. Otherwise, the engine is overloaded, resulting in its failure. And this is an additional and substantial cost.

Grass trimmers are on the market today:

With a single nozzle. only a fishing line. With two attachments. a fishing line and a three- or four-blade blade. Only three-four-blade blade trimmer can be used with one attachment.


Our dodgers long time ago learned to improve any mechanism. For example, some gardeners are successfully replacing fishing line with metal cord or fishing line, in their opinion. But at the same time do not think about the safety of their own and their loved ones, because the cable with the power of running trimmer for grass can easily break away and not only injure the mower and others, but leave a cripple for life. Using fishing line can and gives a better effect, I’ve never personally tried than a fishing line for grass trimmer, but this work has a number of inconveniences: when in contact with solid objects rassatitsya or can just limitless pulls from the spool.

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So, let’s get to the point. Here is an example of how to tuck the line into the trimmer for grass (trimmer for grass Bosch Art 30). It’s very simple. Start.

After you have chosen fishing line for the spool, you must cut off the necessary amount of line, because all the line in the reel will not wind up in the spool.

Removing the spool and the protective cover from the spool.

Take off. We fix one end of the fishing line in the gap and carefully and evenly wind the line.

The amount of line has to be enough for the protective cover of the spool to close and the line on the spool to unwind a little by itself.

The other end of the fishing line is slipped into the hole on the protective casing.

Ryobi String Trimmer Line replacement

Then we take the spool and the protective cover of the spool. Let the end of the line slip from the spool through the metal hole in the protective cap of the spool. Pull up the line a little.

Slide it onto the weed trimmer. Turn the spool clockwise until you hear a click.

Fixing. Now connect the grass trimmer to the power outlet. Place the grass trimmer in its initial operating position. Turning on the grass trimmer. Excess line length will be cut off against the trimmer blade.

In my trimmer except for the standard line for cutting the lawn even provided a thicker line for cutting heavy weeds. It is shaped like a pigtail, i.e.е. The three lines are tightly intertwined with each other. This line has its own spool.

Thick line

It is stored on top of the grass trimmer body.

A place to store a spare spool

This line is inserted in the spool very simply by the internal circuitry inside the spool. The center of the line with the metal fastener is inserted at the top of the spool, and the ends of the line are guided through the grooves and outward.

Heavy-duty line in spool

It’s attached to the grass trimmer in the same way as a normal line reel.

How to change the line in any trimmer

Technological progress gives us a lot of opportunities to get rid of manual labor. Among other things, this includes mowing the grass, which would be physically demanding with a conventional grass trimmer. In modern conditions this process is much easier, t.к. The technique used minimizes all costs. Such devices as electric and gasoline trimmers have firmly taken the place of indispensable aides in gardening. Mowing the grass with their help has become more of an entertainment than a hard and exhausting job.

Structurally, the grass trimmer consists of an engine, a boom and a working body, which, depending on the mowed vegetation is either a mowing head or a disc cutter. And if everything is more or less clear with the cutter, then sometimes there are questions with the nozzle. As a rule, they appear when the line runs out.

Safety precautions

In order to quickly and safely change the line on the mower spool, you need to follow safety procedures. Before removing the spool to wind the line on the lawnmower, it is necessary to disconnect the technique from the power supply (if the mower runs on electricity). Here we want to mention the rating of electric lawnmowers on reliability, which will help you choose a safe helper.

Another important safety rule to follow is to press the lock button. You can find out its location on the body of the equipment with the help of the instruction manual. For example, you can find the manual gasoline lawnmower operating instructions here.

Do not forget that the cutting element must be adjusted. There is an adjustment button on the machine. If it doesn’t start automatically, and the thread tension slackens, the button is pressed and the line is pulled out of the reel with force.

It should be remembered that replacing the line in the lawnmower is an important process that requires responsibility. Everything should be done in stages, and only special polyethylene fishing line should be inserted into the reel. No iron rope, no high quality wire or even reinforced fishing line will do.

How to wind the line on the reel of the Patriot grass trimmer?

Almost every beginner faces the problem of changing the line when using a grass trimmer. Despite the fact that it is very easy to change the line, you need to learn how to do it correctly. Replacing a fishing line with the proper skill will not take more than five minutes. you just need to practice it all the time. In this article, we will consider the replacement of the line on the example of Patriot trimmers.

How to wind the line on the reel of a semiautomatic grass trimmer

Replacing the grass trimmer line with step-by-step instructions will allow even an inexperienced lawn mower owner to do quite a bit of complicated work.

However, before you begin work on replacing the fishing line on your trimmer, you need to ensure the safety of the work. In particular, you need to take precautions against the mower starting up carelessly or accidentally:

  • Prevent spontaneous starting,
  • Remove the battery pack (if applicable),
  • place the tool on a comfortable work site.

Grass trimmer line replacement work is convenient to perform when the mower is lying on the table, and the master, who performs the grass trimmer line replacement, has the ability to approach the tool from any side.

Grass trimmer head cover removal

The first stage of disassembly is removing the cover of the grass trimmer head. Using the “Black and Decker” and other trimmer models as an example, to remove the cover it is usually sufficient to apply some force to push the locking tab, which is located on the side of the head.

On some models of lawnmowers, the grass trimmer head removal is initially provided by using the hex wrench included with the tool. The head is usually held by two or three screws, which are accessed through the side holes of the back decorative cover.

The head cap, where the filament spool is installed, is usually held in place by a clip-on lug. It is enough to push off the tongue-latch with some effort and slightly turn the cover, after which the cover is easily removed At the moment of pushing off the tongue-latch, you need to slightly turn and lift the cover of the grass trimmer head to extract the winding drum.

Second step: Removing the spool (spool) with the line

The next step in the process is to remove the spool with the line from the inside of the head. The open side of the head must be turned to see the line and spool. On the side of the head find the two recesses (eyelets) through which the line is led out.

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Release the line from the holes by turning the reel. Then carefully remove the spool from the head area. Some models have the spooling reel mounted on a spring. This point must be taken into account during the extraction process.

Procedure for removing the filament spool of the grass trimmer from inside the head: 1. head complete with spool; 2. extracting gently with slight axial movement; 3. extracted parts The old line is completely taken off the spool. To perform removal of the old grass trimmer line, you need to remove the line from the loop-fixators and pull the free end. Use this method to remove all old winding. The same process is repeated on the second section of the drum. It is recommended that the handyman wear gloves when working.

Choosing a line

The line must be strong, stiff and flexible. in a trimmer, it is the working tool for cutting the grass. Filament thicknesses from 1.2 mm to 4.0 mm are available. Most models are designed for a maximum filament thickness of 3 mm. Which line diameter is right for your grass trimmer depends on a number of factors.

Depending on the hardness of the mowed vegetation:

Too fine filament accelerates wear on the motor, but too coarse filament will cause the motor to overheat and fail prematurely.

The structure of the cord of the line matters:

  • Round. universal, the most robust, for coarse grass;
  • Shaped. for soft plants;
  • Curled and notched. for thin, long stems.

Important! You should choose a line of the kind and parameters recommended by the brushcutter manufacturer. Such material will work long and well with optimum loads on the product motor.

How to change a line on a trimmer?

Grass trimmer is considered to date the easiest and most convenient device for cutting grass and other types of low vegetation. It should also be noted that this particular device is in demand among consumers today. Today let’s find out how to change the line on it, and do it without any help.

You have a trimmer for the grass. it is great, because the device is inexpensive and at the same time very convenient and effective. As time passes, and if you’ve been using the machine all the time, the line is wearing out, which means it’s time to replace it. Take to a specialized repair point. this is one option to change the line, but why pay for it, if you can carry out this process yourself.

  • very easy to service
  • easy to operate, everybody can cope with it
  • affordable, which means that it can be purchased by anyone

So, in order for the work of the grass trimmer to be effective. it is necessary to choose correctly cutting heads or special heads. While the cutting head can be sharpened, there is nothing to be done with a fishing line; it only needs to be replaced.

It is worth noting that the line tucked into the spool is called a cord, and the part in question can be installed on the trimmer, which runs on electricity or on gasoline.

When you needed to change the fishing line on the trimmer, to begin this process is worth dismantling the coil itself, without this is simply not possible to achieve the goal. It turns out that first we remove and then disassemble the spool to get to the line.

Grass trimmer head by its design is not simple, it has several parts, namely. springs (this detail can be found in not all models), cover, cover and bobbin with a fishing line.

If your machine is powered by electricity, you must unplug it from the mains before proceeding with the disassembly process. The mowing head can be attached to the trimmer in several ways, which will determine how it will be dismantled. So, let’s proceed to the removal of the trimmer head (it should be understood that this process will require disassembly completely):

  • Look for the clips on both sides of the cover, push them down and remove the cover, which is a protective barrier for the mowing head that is underneath it.
  • Under the cover is the bobbin, it is necessary to take it out. It should also be noted that some models are also equipped with a spring, which is located directly under the bobbin, and if it is present, it should also be removed. Because it is small and can be lost.
  • Under the bobbin is a screw that can be unscrewed either a Phillips or a flat screwdriver (also depends on the model and manufacturer). Some models have a screw instead of a screw, so keep this in mind. The screw or bolt will need to be unscrewed.
  • After the fasteners have been removed, carefully grip the housing and remove it from the gearbox shaft.

The second method of disassembly is useful if the head is screwed directly onto the gearbox shaft. In order to remove the part in question, it is necessary to fix the shaft. A metal rod or a thin screwdriver will come in handy here:

  • Insert a rod into the hole and fix the shaft
  • After that, it is necessary, holding the head housing, to twist it, and it is necessary to do it only in a clockwise direction, but not counterclockwise. It should be understood that the thread in this case is left-handed, and that is why the screwing must be done in the specified direction.

Now let’s start winding the new line. First you need to choose the thickness and, of course, the length of the cordon, usually these parameters are chosen depending on the model. In principle, you need to buy a new line similar to the old one in all respects. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the parameters of the old one, then you should define them yourself and buy the one which you think will be the best variant.

You should also realize that the thicker the line you choose, the thicker the grass it can cut, but a 2mm line diameter is considered universal in this case.

The new fishing line you bought should be wrapped around the head, which is why the first step in our process was to take it apart. When the head is open and you have the new cord in your hands, start winding it up:

  • First determine how much line we need for reeling. To do this, wind the fishing line in such a way that it does not go beyond the reel itself.
  • Now tuck the line in the bobbin for this fold the line in half, with one end being shorter than the other by about 10 cm.
  • As the bobbin itself consists of two parts, and the center rim is a separator, you need to find a slot on it, which will be inserted into the line. It is worth noting that in order to perform this process, you will need to apply force.
  • On the bobbin will indicate the direction of winding the fishing line, so be careful. Coil it carefully and take your time. Secure one end, which is shorter, in the groove. We fix the second end in the side part of the spool, and in the other groove.
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Now install the coil head in place and fasten it all in the reverse order. Your trimmer now has a new line on it, which will help you mow the grass quickly and without problems.

How to wind the line correctly on the grass trimmer: step-by-step guide and video instructions

A beautiful lawn will only look really well-maintained if the grass is regularly mowed. For the treatment of difficult areas, the grass trimmer is best suited. Any owner of the machine sooner or later will face the problem of how to wind the line on the spool, because from the wrong actions can not only worsen the quality of mowing, but also bring the equipment out of operation. Today in our Homius review, we’ll cover all the ways and nuances of changing a line and the peculiarities of choosing a consumable.

How to Change a Filament in an Efco Trimmer

How to replace the trimmer in any trimmer So, first we unscrew the nozzle. Do this by turning the drum to the right. Here we have in our hands a drum with the remains of the old fishing line. We open this. Often the cover is closed with latches, which can be opened with a screwdriver by inserting it into the holes and lightly pressing. Or you need to press the lock and turn the lid in the direction of the arrow. In this case it is necessary to save the cover itself, because the reels have an auto-feed spring, which, when straightened, can push out all the internal parts of the reel. Carefully pulling out the coil, we remove the hairpins from it.

Now you need to take 5 meters of new mowing line and fold it in half (to find the middle). In the middle part of the spool there is a recess (in some constructions a hole), for which we need to hook our hair line. There is also an arrow on the bobbin that shows the winding direction. An important detail is that if the coil has two compartments, one half of the coil must be wound in one direction and the other half. the other. After winding, 15-20 cm of the mowing line should be left free. On the upper ring of the coil there are also two notches through which these free ends should pass. We’ve managed directly with the winding itself.

The last step in the process of changing the mowing line. drum assembly. First we need to put the springs and washers in their place. Then, holding the reel with one hand, you need to screw the ends of the mowing line into the appropriate holes on the sides of the nozzle with the other. Then set the spool in place by pulling the hair growth line and taking care not to move the spring. With all the inner workings in place you can close the reel with the cover. You only have to work hard to install the clips. Voila! The conical grass trimmer is ready for use! Choosing a fishing line for your grass mower (gasoline or electric), it is worth highlighting some points, which we will discuss in detail.

Changing the line in the trimmer (lawnmower)

Many garden brushcutter owners are baffled by the question of replacing the line in the trimmer head. Sometimes this can be a hassle, and it can incapacitate not only the tool, but also the user. To prevent such a situation, let’s review step by step the process of replacing the cord (fishing line) in the nozzle.

Removing the head from the gearbox. To do this, align the side hole of the bottom shaped washer and notches on the axis, insert a screwdriver and secure the shaft from twisting. Then we can unscrew the line. Remember that the thread on the shaft has a left-hand thread, so unscrew the element by turning it to the right.

The next step is to disassemble the body of this assembly. The cover is usually secured through the slotted holes with clips. To open it, you need to push the clamps into the body and press the edges of the cover. If the nozzle has an automatic or semiautomatic line feed mode. it means that there is a spring inside, which can come out when disassembling. So hold all the parts with your free hand and carefully spread out on the surface.

Now we need some fishing line. We measure 5 meters of it and cut it off. It is not recommended to wind a cord that is larger in diameter than the value given in the instruction manual of the tool. Otherwise you might increase the load on the engine and increase fuel consumption. Fold the fishing line in half to find the middle and get such a “loop”.

change, lines, trimmer

On the reel, in its middle part there are 2 notches opposite each other (instead of notches there can be holes). Hook the loop in one of the holes and start winding the line counterclockwise. If the spool has two compartments, the winding goes separately for each branch of the line. Let free the last 15-20 cm of the cord and clamp both ends through notches at the top of the spool.

Assemble the feeding elements (spring and washer) in the nozzle and output the free ends of the line into the holes on the body. Put on the cover by snapping the catches in the corresponding grooves. Then pull the loose cord.

It remains to screw the nozzle in place, proceeding similarly to the first step. Only now, in order to tighten the element, you must move it counterclockwise. Here is such a simple instruction will help you quickly conduct the replacement of the grass trimmer line, without spending a lot of effort to find other solutions.

Plastic cable ties: advantages and disadvantages

If you suddenly run out of fishing line during work, and there is still a lot of work to be done, it is not necessary to look for a new one. Plastic cable ties can temporarily take over this function. They are quite stiff and can handle almost any grass.

The disadvantage is fast wear and tear. The effectiveness of plastic clamps, in such a non-standard application, is also low. Nevertheless, this alternative can always be used.

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