How to change the engine on a walk -behind tractor. Motoblock repair

Which engine can be put on a one.Axis cascade tractor

The installation kit is used to install an imported engine on the domestic uno-based tractor (transmission) MB-1, Oka, Neva, Cascade, Favorite, Ray and structurally like it.

The kit includes a pulley, a platform (stove), a belt sedative, a set of fasteners.

When ordering the installation kit, please specify the information we need to correctly configure the set of the suitable for your engine, namely:

  • The model of the walk.Behind tractor on which your new engine will be installed to determine the type of pulley.
  • Model of the engine itself, for which you want to purchase an installation kit.
  • The diameter of the output shaft of this engine (19 mm., 20 mm., or another), necessary for the selection of the right pulley in diameter.
  • Type of thread from the end of this output shaft, simple metric or inch (you can check with an attempt to screw a simple bolt by 8, if it does not go, then, then the inches thread).
  • Type of thread of two holes above and below the output shaft necessary for installing the belt-driving belts (can be checked with the same bolt)

Given this information, the installation kit you need will be compiled by the necessary.

How to change the engine on the Neva walk.Behind tractor

Models Neva MB1 and MB2 were previously produced only with the Russian motor of the DM-1k brand. Now units are also produced with an imported Subaru engine and others. First you need to decide which engine is better for your walk.Behind tractor. If you put an imported motor, then the cultivator will work much longer. But such designs are very expensive. Therefore, when replacing engines of motor cultivators, you must first find out which devices are more durable, reliable and inexpensive. It is necessary to decide what can be replaced by Japanese production systems, as well as choose who will carry out the installation of the mechanism: a car service specialist or the owner of the motorcycle unit.

Currently, there are many different options for replacing the engine for the cultivator Neva, the most common of them:

The appropriate option is chosen depending on climatic conditions, the type of soil and other characteristics.

Consider the characteristics of the engine supplied by Robin Subaru. The motor body is made of durable material, which determines the long period of its operation. The crankshaft is made of steel, connected on both sides by bearings, has a high.Tech air purification system. The electronic ignition system replaces the coil, cast iron sleeves increase power. Subaru engines are highly durable. Even with large loads, the oil will not overheat, t. To. Special channels have been created to cool the block and head of the device.

Currently, an increased degree of depreciation of devices has been achieved. The company produces a large number of spare parts for Subaru engines. The motor does not consume a lot of oil. The cylinders are located vertically, thanks to this, all contacting parts are well lubricated. This determines the large value of the torque of the shaft. Carter ventilation has become better, the oil fence ring has a special improved structure. Subaru replaced the distribution shaft and the cross.Section of the piston. With small breakdowns during the operation of the engine, the farmer will cope on its own, t. To. The elimination of problems is not difficult.

In the Subaru system, the air filter has a special design. The crankshaft is fixed rigidly, thanks to this there is no noise during the operation of the motor. It is characterized by a quick launch. The starter is equipped with an enlarged bobin, which contributes to the rapid overcoming resistance when starting. The driver will not have to make much effort when starting the cultivator with the Subaru engine due to an automatic decrease in compression.

Engine characteristics for the Neva MB-2 motor block

The engine on the uno-ears Tractor Neva MB-2 has the following distinctive parameters:

Such a modification allows you to use a single.Based tractor to transport cargo, hilling, plowing, cultivating various types of soils, even the most difficult.

Changing the motor of the Russian motor block MB-1 to the Chinese Forte F-200G

  • Own the highest power, from 1.5 to 12 liters.With.
  • Have the highest performance.
  • The engines of this office are equipped with a spraying lubricant system that will significantly grow the motor resource.
  • Have an air forced cooling, which will allow the engine to work longer thanks to this system. The engine does not overheat.
  • Start the engine after downtime is swiftly and simple, thanks to automatic decompressors. The system is launched manually and the starting time is not dependent on the weather conditions;
  • Honda engines are reliable and economical, correspond to environmental standards.

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Installation of the engine on a single tractor MB 1

How to install an imported engine on the video promotion of Motoblock MB 1

What is a motor club for 6 hectares?

Most of you and me with cottages and land are not exceeded 2-6 acres. It is a lot or a little? If you dig a shovel. A lot, but if you mechanize work with a motor cultivator, then very little. In our market, mini-cars are still favorites for Russian manufacturers.

For comparison, we will consider motor cultivators that are ideal for processing a land plot with an area of ​​2 to 15 hectares. (This is a light motor cultivator weighing from 40 to 60 kg and engine power from 3 to 7 liters.With.)

Soil processing is carried out using a rotational cultivator, which provides loosening the soil, grinding and filling the vegetation of weeds, uniform mixing with the soil of organic and mineral fertilizers throughout the depth of processing.

A wide selection of accessories will ensure the implementation of a variety of garden and garden work: rotational mills, transport devices, Polo lodges, protective discs, lawn mower, mower “Strina”

Mass, kg: 42 power, l.With.: 5 (3.7 kW) Engine: 4-stroke gasoline one-cylinder with a vertical shaft engine: 164 FL, volume 135 cm. Cube. Tank capacity, l.: 1.2 fuel consumption, l. / Motorizis: no more than 1.1 clutch: dry automatic centrifugal gearbox: single-stage hawstry of ha / hour: 0.06 (6 “acres”) depth of processing, mm: 100-200 processing width, mm: 350-700-1000 manufacturer: manufacturer: manufacturer: manufacturer: manufacturer: manufacturer: manufacturer: Chinatarpan

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Mass, kg: 45 power, l.With.: 6 (4.44 kW) Engine: 4-stroke gasoline single-cylinder with a vertical shaft engine: BSTOT tank, l.: 1.2 fuel consumption, l. / W TU: 0. 95.1.1 Clutch: Dry automatic centrifugal gearbox: single-stage worm HAM performance / hour: 0.06 (6 “acres”) depth of processing, mm: 100-200 processing width, mm: 350-700- 1000 manufacturer: Russia Chervye gearbox allows you to refuse from unreliable belt and chain transmission installed on traditional motor cultivators and motor blocks. Automatic centrifugal coupling allows you to disassemble the cultivator into two parts and deliver it to the place of work in the trunk of the car. To disconnect the power unit, it is necessary to unscrew only 2 nuts.

Replacing the engine of the Soviet motor block MB-1 with Chinese Forte F-200G

Sovetsky Motobo block MB –1 on. // Replacing the Engine in the Walk-Behind Traactor.

What gives the replacement of the engine on the motor.Cultivator Neva MB1 or MB2

You can change the motor on the Neva motor blocks not only to the version of the brand with which it is made, but also of another, for example, more or less powerful. At the same time, what to choose the engine for the Neva walkover, you need to know. In the starting configuration, models with the DM 1K engine were made. Updated Neva motor block machines can be equipped with foreign engines from brands:

Как правильно чистить карбюратор двигателя мотоблока, культиватора, генератора, буксировщика

The replacement of the engine on the Neva MB-2 motor block by foreign will increase the service life, but such models are the most expensive. Therefore, if it is necessary to replace the engine on the Neva motorblock machine, it is necessary to understand that such motors are durable, wear.Resistant, but their price is higher. It is important to know what alternative there are engines created in Japan. Take into account whether the engine will be replaced independently or per hundred. There are a large number of replacement options. The shift option is selected based on the symbiosis price, suitability for repair, weather conditions and other points. You can apply for advice to the expert.

The first breakdown of a walk-behind tractor in its entire history.

The engine uniform tractor with automatic clutch

Lifan engine with a capacity of 6.5 l.With. For motoblocks. This is simplicity and reliability

The Chinese company Lifan is a large corporation, unites many productions: from small.Blood.Cubatic motor vehicles to buses. At the same time, he is also a supplier of engines for a large number of small companies producing agricultural machinery and small vehicles.

In accordance with the generally accepted tradition of Chinese industry, a successful sample is copied instead of its own development, usually a Japanese.

The exception is the widespread engine of the 168F family mounted on a large number of motor blocks, cultivators, portable generators and motor pumps: the model when it was created was Honda GX200.

General description

Motor for the walk.Behind tractor Lifan 6.5 l.With., whose price ranges from 9 to 21 thousand Depending on the modification, in different stores, it has a classic layout: it is a single.Cylinder carburetor engine with a lower camshaft and a rod drive (OHV).

Its cylinder is made with the engine body, which, despite the theoretical possibility of replacing the cast.Iron liner, significantly reduces its maintainability during GPG wear.

The engine has forced air cooling, the performance of which is sufficient when working in hot climate even with heavy loads.

Ignition system. Semiconductor, during operation it does not require any adjustments. Low compression coefficient (8.5) this engine allows it to work on the gasoline of the AI-92 brand any quality.

At the same time, the specific fuel consumption of these engines is 395 g / kWh, t.E. Within an hour of work with a rated power of 4 kW (5.4 liters.With.) at 2500 rpm, with the correct settings of the carburetor will consume 1.1 liters of fuel per hour of operation.

Currently, the 168F engines family include 7 models with various configuration options and the connecting sizes in which the following characteristics are present:

  • Cylinder size (diameter / move): 68 × 54 mm;
  • Working volume: 196 cm³;
  • Maximum output power: 4.8 kW at 3600 rpm;
  • Nominal power: 4 kW at 2500 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 1.1 nm at 2500 rpm;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 l;
  • Motor oil in the crankcase: 0.6 liters.

Lifan 168f-2

The cheapest equipment with a connecting shaft size is 19 or 20 mm.

To obtain additional information about the work of.

Lifan 168F-2 7A

The engine option is equipped with coil lighting, capable of supplying to consumers a power of up to 90 watts. This allows you to use it on various technologies requiring the presence of lighting devices: motor tractors, light swamps, etc. D. Shaft diameter 20 mm.

Lifan 168f-2

The power supply unit has a conical shaft exit, differs from the basic model only with a conical groove of the crankshaft toe, which provides a more accurate and tight fit of the pulleys.

Lifan 168F-2L

This engine has a built.In gearbox with a 22 mm and 12100 outbuilding diameter of the output shaft.


The engine is also equipped with a gearbox, but with an automatic centrifugal clutch, and the size of the shaft of the secondary gear is 20 mm.

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Lifan 168F-2R 7A

As can be seen from the marking, this version of the engine, in addition to the gearbox with an automatic clutch mechanism, has a semi.Paraper light coil, which increases its price to 16500.

Lifan 168FD-2R 7A

The most expensive option is not only the diameter of the output shaft of the gearbox by 22 mm, but also the presence of an electric starter. At the same time, the rectifier necessary for charging the battery is not included in the supply.

Repair and adjustment

Sooner or later, Motokross is expected on any walk.Behind tractor, let it be Caiman, Patriot, Texas, Forman, Viking, Forza or some others. The procedure for disassembling and defects is simple and does not require any special tools.

change, engine, walk, tractor, motoblock

It should be noted that the manufacturer does not indicate the specific limits of wear for defects of any engine components, therefore the data below are indicated by analogy with other four.Stroke air cooling engines:

  • Drain the oil from the crankcase and the gearbox (if they are installed), twisting drain plugs and fuel residues from the gas cylinder.
  • Remove the fuel tank, muffler and air filter.
  • Disconnect the carburetor, attached to the cylinder head with two pins.
  • Remove the manual starting mechanism and fan casing.
  • Fixation of the flywheel with an impromptu tool, so as not to damage the fan blades, unscrewing the fixing of it.
  • After that, a tripartite universal puller press the flywheel from the landing cone.
  • In the case of poor starting and reducing the engine power, check if the key groove is damaged, since in this case the flywheel will move, and the ignition angle determined by the magnetic mark on it will change.
  • Remove the ignition coil and lighting winding if it is available on the engine.
  • By unscrewing the bolts of fastening the valve cover, unscrew the four bolts of the cylinder head located under this lid, and remove the head. To check the tightness of the valves, turn the head of the combustion chamber up and fill it with kerosene.
  • If kerosene does not appear for a minute on the intake or exhaust channel of the head, the tightness of the valves can be considered satisfactory, otherwise they should be rubbed with abrasive paste on the saddle or (if burnout is detected) replace it.
  • On models equipped with a gearbox, remove the lid and remove the secondary shaft, then click the lead gear or sprocket from the crankshaft (depending on the type of gearbox). Mechanisms with noticeable development on the tooth replace.
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the back cover around the perimeter, and remove it, after which you can remove the distribution shaft from the crankcase.
  • Having thus liberated space in the crankcase, unscrew the bolts, connecting the lower connecting rod cover with the body, remove the cover and crankshaft.
  • Press the plunger with a connecting rod in the crankcase.

Oil in the engine

Consider how the oil is replaced in the engine. The substance must be poured into the crankcase and not mix with gasoline. Oil for the cultivator motor should be four-stroke and meet the requirements of GOST 10541-78. Type of oil for the cultivator motor: Mineral 10W30, 15W30.

To check the fluid level, you need to unscrew the crankcase plug.

There should be an oil trace between the maximum and minimum mark on the probe.

After unscrewing the plug, the substance should be at the level of the neck thread in which the cork is twisted.

If you have a new engine for the Neva one.Based tractor, the oil is replaced after the first 5 hours of operation, then after every 25 hours of operation. Farmers usually change oil every spring before starting work.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of oil, t. To. The cultivator engine consumes at least 1 g of oil per hour of work. If you use a low.Quality product, this can lead to engine malfunction and failure. Before buying oil, you need to read the instructions for the operation of the walk.Behind tractor.

Consider how the oil is replaced in the motor. The unit should be located vertically on a flat surface. Under the mechanism, set a large container (3 l). Remove the sapun. Unscrew the screw and drain the oil. Then wrap the screw, pour the required amount of oil. Close the saapoon and check the performance of the mechanism.

Typical breakdowns of motoblocks

Gasoline and diesel motoblocks can break through various occasions, and most often breakdowns occur for the following reasons

  • The gasoline (diesel) uniform tractor is not started, there is no spark formation of the cause: the spark plug is faulty, the ignition coil (magneto), damage to the parts of the manual starter, the fuel system, wear the cylinder-piston group is faulty;
  • The unoic tractor stalls, the possible reasons: the blockage of the fuel system (there is no fuel supply), wear of the cylinder-piston group, the carburetor, blockage of the air filter;
  • The uniform tractor does not go, the main reasons: the drive belt is worn out or torn, the drive gearbox, the operation of the drive belt, was not adjusted, the tension of the drive belt was not adjusted, the progress control cable was not adjusted;
  • The working cutters of the walk.Behind tractor, the main reasons: the parts of the gearbox (gear, asterisk) are worn out; Frasing belt wear/dashing circuits, not adjusted/damaged by the cutting drive control cable.

The Servy service center has been repairing motoblocks for several years and therefore the main causes of the above breakdowns can be distinguished. Among them: improper operation (no maintenance is carried out), untimely cleaning of the walk-behind tractor, the use of non-high-quality benzo-mixture (oil and gasoline, diesel) or not recommended fuel, untimely oil replacement in the engine or motor-car gearbox, the use of unremarked mills and other nozzles and other nozzles and other nozzles to motoblocks, many hours of uninterrupted operation of the walk.Behind tractor, mechanical damage to the device units. However, all breakdowns with a proper and professional approach are easily repaired by specialists of the Servy service center.

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