How to change the piston on a STIHL 180


Diagnose the malfunction when:

  • the power of the saw significantly reduced under load;
  • engine crankshaft does not turn when starting with the starter motor;
  • Metal sound or clang when you try to start the saw.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, it is best to have your machine checked by a STIHL servicing dealer for. Customers of the STIHL STIHL Self-Service customer service department. г. Kiev str. Radischeva 10. There you can also perform high quality repairs.

For further to find the cause of the problem without disassembling the saw, we need to measure the compression pressure in the engine. Its value should correspond to 9-12 Atm. In different saws this value should be seen in the instruction manual. If these conditions are met, the chainsaw will start well and provide the necessary power to work.

  • if the pressure is normal, then it is the carburetor malfunction
  • if the pressure is significant low, then we need to remove the muffler and check the condition of the cylinder and piston group

When evaluating the condition, special attention should be paid to the presence of:

  • deep scratches and scuffs on the piston and compression rings;
  • compression ring breakage;
  • piston burnout;
  • piston skirt breakage;
  • if there are any signs of deep mechanical damage on the cylinder.

Next, assess the condition of the rings by touching them with an electric screwdriver:

  • if there is small free rotation, the rings are good
  • if there is free play no, the rings need replacement

Band saw bearing. all you need to know about choosing and replacing

If your tool has completely stopped working or its performance has noticeably diminished, we recommend ordering a band saw bearing

in our webshop, which you can install to restore your machine to its former functionality.

In Husqvarna, Makita, as well as domestically produced modifications, bearings are part of shafts and axles that absorb axial and radial loads and provide rotation or linear motion with minimized energy loss. An example of this is a needle clutch bearing or analogous in the form of a guide for the band saw blade. It is important to choose components like these responsibly and give preference to those that are optimized for your STIHL and Partner model.

In addition to the criteria mentioned earlier, when buying the tire-retaining or clutch-retaining bearings, keep in mind that when you buy a Husqvarna Husqvarna Powerpack, you must buy the correct spare parts:

Our managers will be happy to help you find the right parts for your Partner chain saw, including bandsaws made in China. You can use any of the following methods to get advice:

  • Please call us back;
  • Send request by email;
  • Call the phone numbers listed on the site;
  • Visit our store in person in Dnepr.
change, piston, stihl

It is not necessary to try to replace the bearings on the saw Ural or Druzhba by yourself if you don’t have the appropriate tool at hand, and you have only a superficial idea about the design features of the equipment. It is better to leave the repair of our parts to professionals.

Cylinder and piston for STIHL chain saw MS 250, 42,5 mm

Suitable for STIHL chain saws, model MS250. Piston diameter 42,5mm. 1.2mm thick piston rings.

The chainsaw piston cylinder kit includes:

This piston set can be installed on models MS210, MS230. All of these chainsaws are built on the same platform and have the same installation dimensions for the piston group.

Cylinder bore chromed. The piston group comes in a cardboard box. Manufactured by SABER. Serbia.

TIP: When replacing piston groups pay attention to the condition of the rubber nozzle that connects the cylinder and carburettor. Although the gasoline-resistant rubber hose is made of gasoline, it will lose its characteristics over time, becomes coarse, and may let air in. The nozzle is not expensive and it makes sense to replace it with the cylinder.

How to change a chainsaw and brushcutter cylinder and piston correctly.

  • Make sure the cylinder you want to use is compatible with your chainsaw or brushcutter.
  • Clean the carburetor. It is very important to remove old fuel residue from the fuel tank.
  • Make sure to change the fuel filter. You should not use an old fuel filter.
  • Clean the engine crankcase. It’s a good idea to have a compressor to blow out the crankcase. Check carefully for foreign objects in the crankcase.
  • Lubricate the crankshaft bearings. Use only the high-quality grease specified.
  • Wipe the cylinder you wish to install with a rag soaked in solvent. Blow out the air from the compressor.
  • Install the piston rings on the piston.
  • Lubricate piston pin and install piston so arrow points in exhaust direction.
  • Warning! Insert the retaining rings with extreme care.
  • Lubricate the cylinder and piston rings before installing.
  • Replace cylinder carefully.
  • Always use a new cylinder gasket when replacing the piston group. Note that some models of chain saws and brushcutters use sealant.
  • Tighten cylinder retaining bolts to the torque specified by the manufacturer.
  • Take hold of the crankshaft and carefully turn the engine. Make sure it rotates without obstruction.
  • For the first start-up, prepare a 25:1 fuel mixture and start the engine.
  • Adjust the carburetor and try the tool in operation.

Manufacturer: SABER

SABER products.Serbia offers a wide range of quality spare parts for chainsaws and brushcutters in Ukraine. The assortment of the company. guide bars, chainsaw chain, drive sprockets, carburettors, crankshafts, bearings, piston groups, cutting string and thousands of other important parts. Special attention should be paid to the technique. chainsaws, brushcutters, motor-pumps, engines, generators, which has high performance and every year more and more popular among garden tools users. Thanks to modern materials and proven innovative technology SABER tools are reliable, comfortable and easy to use.The main consumables for chainsaws are tires and chains. And not the least of which is their quality, the operation of the tool depends on.SABER guide bars are made with unique alloy, which has high wear resistance and allows to have in assortment not only home use but also professional guide bars. The chains are manufactured at the newest facilities with modern technology. Quality of SABER chain has been tested time and again both in household conditions and forestry, and its moderate price allows worthy competitors with the famous brands. The combined use of chains, tires, oils and greases by SABER will continue the reliable and safe operation of any tool.In turn, for brushcutters basic consumables are mowing line, mowing heads and blades. SABER brushcutter blades are the result of cooperation with leading companies in the field.Line assortment is as follows (shape of cross-section). Twisted square, star, reinforced square, triangular and string saw. It is important to choose the correct diameter of line and brushcutter line for your tool. SABER’s string assortment allows to do this and to choose diameters from 2,0 mm to 3,3 mm. SABER mowing heads are made of durable material that extends their working life. Each model has a unique type of mowing head connection. But SABER offer also universal mower heads that fit any brushcutter and that simplify the selection problem for user. SABER brushcutter blades with metal thickness of 1,6 mm. 2 mm in diameter from 225 to 355 mm. Manufacturing quality and originality to meet the needs of today’s customers.Production takes place in state-of-the-art factories with state-of-the-art equipment. Products undergo the entire test cycle, quality control is carried out by highly qualified specialists. The manufacturing process is fully automated, which allows you to get a quality product at an affordable price. While manufacturing spare parts and expendable equipment specialists select materials responsibly and use only those materials that will ensure reliability of the finished product.Every year the offer of SABER trademark grows, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Our company is an official dealer of SABER brand products. Appropriate credentials of our company confirmed by an official certificate.

Products of trade mark SABER gained great popularity in our country due to nopoganyy quality of production and low price of spare parts. Wide range of spare parts and consumables for chain saws and brushcutters allows to address the very thing that is necessary for reliable use and high quality repair.

Special mention should be made of the high quality of SABER brand gasoline technology. As an expert in the field of quality spare parts, SABER offers the most reliable technology. Optimization of deliveries enables customers to get high quality tools at an affordable price.

Piston group description STIHL chain saws 180

On chain saw STIHL 180, the piston group has a cross section of 38 mm. The size of the gasoline chainsaw’s cylinder is determined by the cross-section of the piston, the cylinder is not just. The standard MS 180 incorporates a piston pin, 2 piston rings and 2 piston retaining rings.

Installing the piston group on the Chinese lawnmower

9.5. 11 Atm. it is normal for STIHL chain saws to start up correctly and give the best performance; if the compression is too low, the cylinder piston group could be chipped or excessively worn. As a result in case of low compression and for further diagnosis you have to disassemble saw completely.

Find the presence of scuff marks on the piston and piston ring breakage, you can if you remove the muffler and conduct a visual inspection of the visible part of the piston, here is a variant to check the elasticity of the rings, pressing them with a small screwdriver. Working rings will show a slight stirring motion, a defective or jammed piston ring will not stroke.

When to change a bearing on STIHL and non-STIHL chainsaws?

To recognize when a STIHL chainsaw or other sawmaker’s bearing is faulty, such as Družba, you need to know the basic causes and symptoms of trouble. It should be noted that bearings can fail as a result of prolonged and intensive use.

Also causes of chainsaw bearing failures can be:

Schimb set motor Stihl ms 180 ��‍��⚙️

change, piston, stihl
  • Use of the saw to cut materials that are not intended for the specific saw model;
  • Improper maintenance of the tool;
  • Lack of lubrication in the element.

Defective symptoms can be vibrations while operating the tool, noises, and irregularities in the piston/cylinder group or engine. You can visually see if a part needs to be replaced.

The chainsaw’s needle roller bearing, for example, can shatter under extreme loads. Its moving rollers (needles) can be dislodged if it breaks. this can be caught visually. If the piston is damaged it is best to replace it with a new one.

The gasoline piston for chain saw

STIHL 170 Hp AIP Piston (d=37 mm) The piston is the main component in pumps, compressors and reciprocating internal combustion engines that convert energy.

STIHL 180 AIP Piston for STIHL BP The piston is the main component in pumps, compressors and reciprocating internal combustion engines and is responsible for converting the energy of the combustion process.

AIP Piston for Husqvarna Husqvarna BP 137 The piston is the main part of pumps, compressors and reciprocating internal combustion engines, which converts the energy of the combustion process.

AIP Piston for Husqvarna 142 CU (d=40mm) The piston is the main part of pumps, compressors and reciprocating internal combustion engines, serving to transform the energy of an electric motor, the piston is a key element of the pump.

Homelite S30 Piston Assembly The piston is the main part of pumps, compressors and reciprocating internal combustion engines that converts the energy of combustion with the energy of the combustion process.

Goodluck chain saw 38mm Piston Assemblies The piston is a key part of pumps, compressors and reciprocating internal combustion engines that convert combustion energy into a variable speed drive.

Goodluck 43mm chainsaw piston assembly The piston is a key component in pumps, compressors and reciprocating internal combustion engines that converts natural gasoline and diesel engines.

Goodluck 45 mm chainsaw piston assembly In the course of operation even the most reliable saws malfunction as a result of overloading or mechanical damage. In order to h.

Goodluck 5800 45.2 mm chainsaw piston assembly The piston is the main component in pumps, compressors and reciprocating internal combustion engines for converting natural gasoline and diesel engines.

Homelite chainsaw piston assembly The piston is a major part of pumps, compressors and internal combustion piston engines, serving to convert energy.

Husqvarna chainsaw piston assembly 137 The piston is a key part of pumps, compressors and reciprocating internal combustion engines, serving to convert electrical energy into a fuel cell.

The most common breakdowns of the STIHL 180 chain saw:

  • Breakage of starter mechanism cord (starter);
  • Engine crankcase air intake;
  • Problems in the chain oil supply for lubrication;
  • Wear of the oil pump gear;
  • Malfunction of carburetor, no fuel supply;
  • Wear of the drive sprocket;
  • Spark plug does not give a spark;
  • Breakage of the control button.

How to change the starter cord?

First unscrew the cover and remove the remains of the old cord, if any, then take the new cord and lightly burn the ends for convenience and easier penetration into the technical holes. Next, we pass the cord through the hole in the lid, where the old cord was, there next to find the pulley and run it into the hole pulleys. At the end of the cord, which we ran do a tight single knot, if you feel that the knot is not quite tight and will eventually untie. tighten it with pliers, so the knot is sure to be tight and will not come undone inside at the most inopportune moment.

Then we take the second end of the cord, put it through the handle (we put it through) and it comes out at the side, for convenience, you can use tweezers. Here we make a double knot and tie it in the same way tight. Now go back to the left end and twist the cord clockwise until it stops. Check the cord return stroke, if everything is all right, you may put the cover back on its place.

Air intake into the crankcase. how to replace the glands?

To change the crankshaft oil seals in STIHL MS-180 chain saw it is necessary to carry out a complete disassembly of the saw. To do this, we first remove the top cover and unscrew the plug, then unscrew and remove one by one the carburetor, saw handle, starter, in general, do a complete disassembly. And so in the hands we have to leave a cylinder-piston group or cylinder block, carefully clean it from traces of exploitation, any trash, dust, dirt, and so on.д. so it doesn’t get inside. Then loosen the 4 screws and carefully open the crankcase, and pull the piston and rings out.

If our diagnosis was correct and the air intake occurred exactly because of the glands, we will see how they are pretty loose on the axis and very easily removed (do not forget about the fact that no matter how easily behave glands second of them protected by a retaining ring and lest it be damaged, first remove it also gently, his bit under something)

If the piston rings are ok, we wipe everything carefully and put new glands, not forgetting to grease the inside. so that they go back in their place without any trouble. Check after locking one of the circlips to make sure the glands are sitting tight, if so. it means we did everything right and now they won’t leak any more air. You can reassemble our STIHL MS-180 chainsaw in reverse order!

You can also always buy crankshaft assembly along with the standard bearings and oil seals on our website.

Problems with the oil feeder. how to fix?

As assured by almost all service centers the most favorite in terms of neglecting owners of their chainsaws is to check the oil supply to lubricate the chain. That’s why there are always queues of people in the workshop with this problem. and if everybody remembers to pour oil into the tank, almost everybody forgets to check oil refill and check if nothing prevents oil from flowing to its intended use, and this can lead to chain blunting in no time. or replace it with a new one altogether.

Of course we can’t teach you how to take good care of your machine, but we can tell you what to do in case you have noticed a problem with the oil flow. it’s welcome. The oil pump is located under the clutch, we remove it (this is done easily by simply unscrewing), then the rubber, the cage and the oil pump drive is in front of us. Next, we unscrew the screws, remove the protective cap and we saw our gas pump.

unscrewing 2 more screws, we have it in our hands, here already diagnose individually what is wrong, maybe you can do with the replacement of one of the components, most often this is the drive. or the filter, or we change the system.

Oil Pump Gear Wear

Probably every chainsaw owner has faced this problem. Gears are consumables and no matter how hard we try, if you work with a chainsaw you have to change gears quite often. The clearest indicator that you now have to get under the cover is the cessation of oil flow to the chain, it can be either full or partial. once you have removed the cover and got to the drive you can already see the pinion in malfunction, although it is made of high-strength plastic. It’s plastic and it wears out when it interacts with metals.

if all is well with the gear, the reason is the oil pump and it will have to be changed, although most users, if they have already started to change the oil pump, immediately change the gear, because it does not cost so much to unscrew the tool and waste time because of it.

Carburetor Malfunctions

Malfunctioning of the carburetor in chainsaws is fairly common and it’s not because the carburetors are of questionable quality, or “the seller at the market put the Chinese one”. NO! There are more than one and two reasons for carburetor malfunction and of course it would be better to bring your saw to service center, but we will try to find out the most widespread ones at least.

  • the throttle key does not move at all or very often does not work. This is most likely due to the fact that during the operation of the saw, gasoline particles get on the coating of the air damper, thereby dissolving it, resulting in the formation of tar, which leads to problems in the work of the throttle mechanism. luckily getting rid of it is simple even at home, you need to wipe the throttle axle with solvent.
  • if you can hardly start your saw after disassembling the carburettor and there is even smoke coming out of its muffler, then most likely you have lost the spring which locked the petrol supply and did not “fill” the spark plug during assembly. Just find the spring, clean it and put it back.
  • if your saw does not pull, the carburettor is most likely blocked. It is the only way to get rid of the clogged carburetor, but make sure you thoroughly and carefully clean the filters, because the dirt is the reason why the chain saw “does not pull” as you would like it to.

In any case, to do the repair work, you need to buy carburettor kit, and in case the carburetor can not be repaired, we recommend to buy an original one STIHL Zama carburetor, Such a carburetor will work well for many years!

Wear on the drive sprocket

This problem occurs more often in the spring, after the winter time when we don’t let the saw down after working and when the chains are changed often. Especially when the chainsaw is not intended for private use, but for production. So if it would threaten only to replace a new sprocket, it would be half the battle. But if you regularly ignore preventive maintenance of the drive sprocket, the crankshaft and the entire bearing group becomes unusable!

Those who have already experienced it, after replacing half of the saw’s parts resort to preventive maintenance almost every time just to tidy up the appearance of the tool.

The spark plug doesn’t give a spark

If there is no spark, you need to look at the ignition system. This is done by unscrewing the 4 screws on the saw starter cover, loosening the entire housing, unscrewing the screws from the handle on all sides as well. After that we take off the cover with the cable and diagnose the nature of the problem on the spot, in most cases it is simply oxidized contacts because of not using the technique for a long time, getting all kinds of dirt. you can also measure the resistance and check it against the certificate of the saw, because different models may have different values.

Breakage of the control button

Also not an uncommon problem in chainsaws is the breakage of the trigger. in this situation you do not have to beat around the bush for a long time, you should first remove the top cover and immediately just above the base of the handle on the right side there should be a plastic hook. If it is broken completely it can be immediately ordered in the DEKADA store.SHOP the case on your model and change it completely, but if not, and there is only a broken edge, you can slightly drill a hole fix the hook with an ordinary wire and make sure that the lever does not wedge, and it is not resting against the bar opposite, and slips up.

This is another reminder that no matter how good the technology is, no matter how long the brand is in the market, it is not the result of only one day of repeated failures to follow the operating instructions of the machine. Take good care of your engine and it will run you for years with no problems!

STIHL MS 180 cylinder and piston. 38mm

Industrial chrome plated cylinder. The coating thickness is 0.22mm. Surface hardness 70HRC.

Aluminum alloy piston with oil retention notches. Diameter of the piston is 38mm.

10mm diameter pin to put the piston on the connecting rod.

The cylinder is made of. Low pressure die casting. No press mold is used in this process. The metal is cast in a casting mould, where it cools without exposure to external influences. Thanks to this the air bubbles have time to escape and the walls of the cylinder are solid and homogeneous. This improves the thermal conductivity of the cylinder considerably and increases the service life of the piston group.

Manufactured by ARCHER. Australia.

Tip: When replacing the piston group, pay close attention to the condition of the rubber tube (elbow) that connects the cylinder and carburetor. Even though the nozzle is made of gasoline-resistant rubber, it loses its properties over time and can become rough and leak. The pipe is inexpensive and it makes sense to replace it along with the cylinder.

How to correctly replace the cylinder and piston on your chain saw or brushcutter.

  • Make sure the cylinder you want to install corresponds to your chainsaw or brushcutter.
  • Clean carburetor. It is very important to remove old fuel residue from the fuel tank.
  • Always change the fuel filter. It is not recommended to use an old fuel filter.
  • Clean the engine crankcase. It is very good if there is a possibility to purge the crankcase from the compressor. Check the crankcase is clear of debris.
  • Lubricate crankshaft bearings. Use the best possible lubricant.
  • Wipe the cylinder you wish to install with a cloth soaked in solvent. Blow out the air from the compressor.
  • Install the piston rings on the piston.
  • Lubricate the piston pin and install the piston with the arrow pointing in the direction of the exhaust.
  • Warning! Install the retaining rings with extreme care.
  • Lubricate cylinder and piston rings before installing.
  • Replace cylinder carefully.
  • Always use a new cylinder gasket when replacing the piston group. Note that some models of chain saws and brushcutters use sealant.
  • Tighten the cylinder fixing screws to the torque specified by the manufacturer.
  • Take hold of the crankshaft and turn the engine carefully. Make sure it rotates without interference.
  • For the first start prepare fuel mixture in the ratio of 25:1 and start the engine.
  • Adjust the carburetor and try the tool in operation.

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