How to charge the battery from a Metabo electric screwdriver

Everything for converting electric electric electric screwdriver to lithium from AlieXpress

Everything for converting electric electric screwdriver from NiCd to Li-Ion from AliExpress. A quick guide and links to all the necessary components are in the topic.

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1) BMS protection board

Needed for battery protection against overdischarging, overcharging, overcurrent and short circuit (short circuit).

Decide which one to use. If you have a 12V screwdriver, buy a 3S BMS. If you have a 14V screwdriver, buy a 4S BMS. In general I recommend to convert to 4S at once, t.к. And the power will increase and the battery will be more fully used. BMS card is a must in this case, otherwise you will kill the battery in a couple of months! Optimal current protection 30-40A.

2) High current batteries

Need a good bank with a current output of at least 15A. Ideal on the price/quality ratio LG HE4 2500mah (yellow “bananas”), Samsung 25R 2500mah, Samsung 30Q 3000mah and LG HG4 3000mah (“chocolate”). If you buy a 3S BMS, then a 4S BMS.

LG HG4 3000mah with welded-on pins HERE

Another option with welded pins. HERE

than a few thousand orders everywhere, normal quality.

3) Nickel welding/soldering tape

Needed for connecting the batteries into a battery. You can also use a regular multi-core wire with a large cross section, but tape is preferable. If you solder, use peorized tape!

4) Spot welding “by hand

It is two ionistors (supercapacitors) connected in parallel. Charge is high, allows you to weld intentionally. Buy at least two, otherwise the charge is not enough for normal welding.

5) Power stabilizer

You may try to charge with a standard battery charger, but most likely the balance will not work. This board allows you to charge with a fixed current of up to 5A (better not to exceed 2A), plugged after the pins of a standard charger.

6) Mini voltmeter 0.28 inch

Designed for charge control. Simple and handy. Mounted in the battery.

7) Holders for 18650 battery packs

of an optional accessory. Designed to protect the banks from short circuits when dropping the assembled battery. You can just wrap the cans with duct tape, but it’s less reliable.

8) Spare electric motor for screwdriver

Just in case. Just in case you need it for supplies. Cost a penny, about 6 bucks. There are with and without gear.

9) Quality Kaina solder

You still have to solder, so use the best solder of all time (no kidding). I was surprised myself when I tried it. With flux in it!

10) Separate balancer

Just in case you bought a BMC board without one. Levels out the charge on all jars.

11) Multi pin connector for separate charging

If you are not happy with built in slow balancer and you plan to charge from a model, like Aimax, Icharger and others. I recommend to take it out and every couple of months to balance it on such charger. Additionally buy a 50 cent plug to keep dirt out! The connector is almost never sticking out of the case.

That’s about it for now. If the topic is interesting, in the next topic I’ll tell you how to put it all together, plus a couple of tips for use 😉

Another interesting thing:

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What you can charge with?

If the right charger isn’t available, there are three ways to solve the problem:

  • Use a car charger;
  • Buy a standard universal charger;
  • Convert a power tool to be powered by an external battery.

If one chooses to use a car charger, one must take into account that screwdriver batteries have their own characteristics, they are different from lead car batteries. Only a charger that will be equipped with electronics with current and voltage regulation can fit. Here it is necessary to choose a charging current, because the necessary value can simply not fit into the range of work. This, in turn, can force the user to limit the current by means of a ballast resistor.

Universal device is purchased if, in addition to the electric electric screwdriver itself, there are devices in the house that work on batteries. The advantage of such devices is the mass of settings, through which the master can determine the desired charging mode of an electric electric screwdriver and choose the right option for the battery of an electric screwdriver. If the existing electric electric screwdriver is already old, the purchase of an external power source is impractical and simply expensive. Choosing a rectifier for car batteries, it is important to pay attention to polarity. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a tester handy. And to charge an electric electric screwdriver needs constant supervision.

You can buy a direct current charger that will match the right battery parameters of an electric electric electric screwdriver. To do this when buying pay attention to three factors: charging current, power, and capacity. It may be necessary to upgrade the device by equipping it with special protection, for which a 10-amp fuse is purchased and plugged into the mains. As for the wire, you have to buy a version with a larger cross section (compared to conventional wiring).

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Is it worth charging before storing for a long time?

If the device is not used for a long time, it is necessary to store it properly to prevent damage to the batteries.

Nickel-cadmium batteries should be discharged before storing, not completely, but partially, to the point of reducing their capacity. Before use, they should be fully discharged and charged at least three times.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries are stored fully charged, and are kept on charge for at least one day before operating the tool. After the device has undergone 200 to 300 charge-discharge cycles, its capacity may be partially reduced.

Lithium-ion batteries should never be fully discharged as this will disable the safety circuitry. Store batteries filled to 50 percent full. The number of charge-discharge cycles is unlimited, but the life expectancy is no more than two years.

What is the ideal amount of time to recharge?

Typically, the time it takes to fully charge the battery is stated in the instruction manual for the electric screwdriver. It is recommended that these guidelines be followed. There are often indicators to tell you when the procedure is complete and when it is over. They will help you understand how long to keep the battery charging. Remove the battery from the charger after the procedure to avoid damaging it.

Typically, an electric electric electric screwdriver battery will take anywhere from half an hour to 7 hours to charge. For example, nickel-cadmium batteries with a capacity of 1.2 A / h fully charge at a current of 250 mA in about 7 hours.

Battery chargers come in two types. conventional and pulsed. The first ones are designed for household screwdrivers and charge the battery for 3-7 hours. The latter are used in professional equipment and can restore the capacity within 1 hour.

Metabo Powermaxx BS Basic cordless electric screwdriver cordless drill review: miniaturization and high efficiency

We haven’t studied yet the tools of this trade mark. And they say that nowadays this brand is almost rattling. Thunder, no doubt, not least due to the modest price of the tool on the background of decent quality. Decent, precision-accurate? Interesting.


The main characteristics of the tool are shown in the table below:


Electric screwdriver comes in a large (385×300×110 mm) plastic suitcase-case with a sticker, which printed a brief technical specifications of the tool. When you open the case, you start to wonder: an electric screwdriver is not hard to lose. So much free space, why? After thinking about it, you answer: Of course, to store additional accessories. Drills, bits, whatever. Even if it is a stash! No, it is too big for a stash. However.

The electric electric screwdriver comes with a quick-action chuck, two Metabo 12 V / 2.0 A battery packs·h and the Metabo LC 40 battery charger.

Second battery pack is a definite plus. But also a hint of the need for frequent battery changes during long working hours. Put a tick in your head.

At a glance

The tool uses a compact battery that slides into the handle cavity. Standard form factor with a slight tilt of the axis of rotation for a better grip on the tool. The black plastic housing with green inserts (or maybe the other way around, green with black) with a rough finish resonates well with the bright orange lever, switch and battery heel. With these bright inserts the tool can be easily found in a pile of junk. That of other tools.

Due to the modest size of the electric electric screwdriver there is no place for a spare bit on its body. But do you need it?? Who has ever used a spare?? But there are a lot of other things. For example it is possible to change the location of belt hook with your bare hands by just pressing the back clip and pulling it out of the slot.

The second and third are located near the trigger lever: it is a three-part indicator of the remaining battery charge and a built-in flashlight. The flashlight is not bright, but it is harmful in a tool, because the bright one will dazzle the eyes. The only bad thing is the top position of the backlight. Practice shows that the most ergonomic position of the LED, which illuminates the working area at the bottom, in the end of the handle.


The slim, multi-lingual booklet contains three pages in Russian. As it has become fashionable these days, there is no useful information in the text. The instructions are absolutely universal. It goes with any power tool, from a vacuum cleaner and router to a mixer and a lip-roller. Warnings, safety, warranty, disposal. That’s handy! You put it in the paper once, and then it’s done!


The torque is adjusted, as in most screwdrivers, by the indexing clutch. The clutch rotates rather tightly with a distinct clicking noise in each graduation. The last bar with the drill icon puts the tool in drill mode. In this mode, the electric screwdriver does not engage the gearbox, the ratchet is disabled. But an integrated torque sensor prevents the screwdriver from turning the hand.

The speed ranges are switched with a standard slider, the maximum spindle speed is 1400 rpm.

The spindle direction of rotation is also selected with a conventional toggle switch, the middle position of which locks the start lever.

Start lever, which supplies power to the light and motor and controls spindle speed, has a 9 mm stroke and is pressed with moderate force. LED and battery charge indicator light comes on at 2 millimeters, and the motor starts to rotate at the 3rd millimeter of lever travel. That leaves 5 mm to adjust the speed from 0 to 1400 rpm.

The quick-action chuck of the electric electric screwdriver has a locking mechanism: one hand is all it takes to clamp the tools. In the photo you can see that the chuck is attached to the spindle from the inside. It is not fastened to the spindle in any way!

It can be unscrewed from the spindle easily if you keep turning the clamping sleeve counterclockwise because the locking mechanism works. And that, you know, reminds me of something. Ah, yes! Screwing and drilling with this tool is a pleasure. But the unscrewing. There is a suspicion that after a few screws out of the wood coupling will fly off, unscrewed. But experiments have shown that there is no such thing! Apparently, there’s an interlock that works here, too. The coupling can only be unscrewed from the spindle by turning the coupling itself by hand.

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The medium bright LED under the socket illuminates the lower part of the working area, i.e. it is parallel to the drill or bit. The bulb does not glare, but gives a blurred cone. When you release the main button, the LED turns off instantly. We have to note this as a disadvantage. Well, it is worth letting the LED light idle for about 10-20 seconds so that you can see what you’ve screwed or screwed in?

The battery pack fits inside the handle of an electric screwdriver, like a magazine in a pistol grip. There is no ejector spring in the handle, just two pins.

From the following photo, you can see why this form factor of an electric electric screwdriver can’t have a bottom-type backlight. A large hand will block the light from the flashlight if the LED hits from below.


The standard two main rules for working with screwdrivers are.

  • The mode of operation of the tool should be suited to the intended purpose. If drilling is intended, you should switch to 2nd speed with the obligatory turn of the ratchet ring to drill mode. Otherwise oops, up to and including critical overheating followed by throwing the motor in the trash.
  • When working with self-tapping screws/bolts/nuts, select speed 1, and in order not to break the heads of self-tapping screws or bolts, the torque ring should be set to a position that matches the length/thickness of the fastener and the density of the material (to be selected by experience).

Chuck, motor and battery are the three main components that need attention and care. The cartridge needs to be cleaned regularly. Do not store the electric screwdriver in a humid and/or unheated place and it is advisable to put the reversing switch in the neutral (middle, locked) position during storage. Regular recharging of both batteries is also recommended.

An electric electric screwdriver: torque. The test that left a good impression

Torque is the force with which the spindle with the chuck rotates. We measure the torque with a simple test bench (you can find a detailed description here).

Every electric screwdriver has a torque sensor. This system turns off the power to the motor a second or two or three seconds after it locks up, which is the case with most screwdrivers. Yes, we have seen wrenches with a different personality. Sharp and fast, like an upset stomach. When the spindle locks, they shut off the motor almost instantly. But the considered electric electric screwdriver, rather, looks like an apathetic strongman: the engine turns off after three whole seconds after locking the spindle. This made it easy to get the right readings: 19.5 N·м.

Recall, the manufacturer specifies a different torque value, 34 N·м. Nothing special, so do almost all brands. Someone overestimates less than twice as much as Metabo. And someone at 8 times, there are such heroes.

The following table shows the torques of different screwdrivers that have passed through our test bench. The tested screwdrivers are sorted by review publication date (earlier earlier, later), and the model name is a link to the published review of the tool.

Model Kr. torque, N·m Kr. torque measured, N·m Difference, times
DEKO GCD12DU3 32 7 4,6
Kolner KCD 12M 14 7 2,0
Zitrek Green 12 32 4 8,0
Bosch Ixo 4,5 3,5 1,3
Stanley SBD201M2K 55 55 1,0
Tonfon 12V 25 12,5 2,0
Worx AiDrill WX178 20 8,3 2,4
BlackDecker BL186K1B2 52
Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic 34 19,5 1,7

To summarize the torque measurement: an electric electric screwdriver allows you to adjust the force in the range of 1 to 20 divisions of the adjusting clutch. In the vast majority of cases, we used a medium force level, about 10 parrots. Only sometimes, when a screw hit a limb, I had to set the force close to the maximum, otherwise triggered the ratchet.

electric electric screwdriver: unscientific test that genuinely surprised

This practical test consists of screwing screws with a length of 50 mm and a diameter of 3.5 mm into dry wood (pine). Charge the battery as far as it will go before use.

The electric electric screwdriver under consideration worked for about 50 minutes (with interruptions, of course), during which I managed to screw in 413 screws.

Finally, here’s a signage constant in our screwdriver reviews. It shows the battery capacity of the tested screwdrivers in watt-hours and the number of screws driven in units. From these numbers it is easy to calculate how much energy an electric electric screwdriver uses to drive one screw. So the efficiency factor is. The higher the value, the more efficient the electric screwdriver.

Model Battery capacity, W·hour (V · mA·h) self-tapping screws driven, pcs. Fuel efficiency (more = better)
DEKO GCD12DU3 18 210 11,7
Kolner KCD 12M 12 28 2,3
Zitrek Green 12 18 222 12,3
Bosch Ixo 5,4 0,0
Stanley SBD201M2K 72 1293 18,0
Tonfon 12V 24 376 15,7
Worx AiDrill WX178 40 750 18,8
BlackDecker BL186K1B2 36 717 19,9
Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic 24 413 17,2

In brief: 17.2! The efficiency of this electric electric screwdriver has the level of products of such legendary brands as Worx or Stanley. I want!

Electric electric screwdriver: the battery

The enclosed battery charger is of modest size and has a molten form. The battery is inserted in the designated slot and the green charging LED turns on and flashes.

Blinking continues until the battery is fully charged. After that, the LED lights up continuously. The second LED on the right is to warn you if the battery is out of order or if it has overheated.

One battery takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to charge. Given that an electric impact wrench with a charged battery can work intensively for 50 minutes, you have a maximum of 20 minutes to relax.

You wouldn’t expect such power and efficiency from a tiny device, the dimensions of which are at most a screwdriver. It’s a pleasure to work with: your hand doesn’t get tired, and the tool can get lost in the of your work jacket.

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Revitalizing an electric electric screwdriver. All for converting an electric electric screwdriver to lithium-ion 18650 batteries

The battery of an electric electric screwdriver sooner or later will “get tired” and it will need to be replaced. Buy a new battery is justified in a situation where the tool costs a penny. But if you have something more or less decent, or the battery is old on Ni-CD, then it definitely makes sense to change the dead 18650 batteries for new or completely convert the screwdriverts nickel to lithium.

Of course, as in any business, there are nuances, but if your hands are at least minimally straight, it is not difficult to remake your electric electric screwdriver on lithium. You just need to know what to buy for the conversion and understand the basic nuances of the process. And to buy everything on aliexpress to convert an electric electric screwdriver to lithium is elementary.

Why 18650 Li-ion? The advantages of lithium batteries are obvious:

By the way, if you like to read, there is a great option to save! The book service LITRES, the largest in Russia and the CIS, gives the fourth book as a gift when you buy three. I’ve been buying books there for about 5 years. The price tag is affordable as it is, and with this bonus it comes out to be quite small. There’s a handy app for reading and listening to books. The link above is one of my picks that has a bold updated promo code.

Rebuilding an electric electric screwdriver battery. What you need to know:

1) You need high-current 18650 batteries for an electric electric screwdriver (ideally, Sony/Murata VTC5, VTC5A, VTC6. Acceptable. Samsung 25R), or less high-current batteries connected in parallel (if space allows).

2) Categorically do not use old laptop batteries and just different batteries. All 18650 batteries in the assembly should have minimal variation in capacity and other characteristics. Of course, to buy a high-current 18650 battery on aliexpress is the easiest solution. Just take into account beforehand that the model name will not have anything to do with the cell inside. 4 batteries purchased in one lot from one seller may differ significantly in capacity and internal resistance. Although the link below would be a good option for those who don’t want to solder.

Ideal variant. buy 18650 from a proven seller on the same avito, or order 18650 on nkon In the latter case, you have to pay 10 euros for shipping, but the batteries will be 100% original and much cheaper than buying on site (which will reduce shipping costs to zero). I personally for many years I buy batteries in this store.

I did an article on how to choose a 18650 lithium-ion battery, if you are interested. read it here

3) The batteries are connected to the BMS board in strictly sequential order: first 0V, then 4.2V, 8.4V, 12.6V, 16.8V. It will not work if BMS is broken!

4) The 18650 batteries in the assembly must be charged equally. It is best to charge each battery separately and then assemble.

5) How to calculate how many 18650 lithium batteries you need instead of nickel batteries? In general, the calculation is: 2-3 NiCd = 1 lithium, 5-6-7 NiCd = 2 lithium, 8-9-10 NiCd = 3 lithium, 11-12-13 NiCd = 4 lithium

6) Lithium batteries are very afraid of overheating. Ideal is spot welding. Soldering also works quite well. How to solder 18650? Most importantly, you need as large a sting as possible. Keep the contact time between the stinger and the 18650 battery to a minimum and do not overheat the latter. Otherwise the process is not different from any other soldering. It is best to get a handle on those old batteries that you will be replacing.

BMS board

BMS (Battery Management System). BMS board is extremely important when converting an electric electric screwdriver to lithium. Why you need one and how it works? It controls the charge and discharge, preventing over-discharge and over-charge of the electric electric screwdriver battery, it has a built-in “balancer” that charges each Li-Ion battery separately in the assembly. The latter is extremely important! There are BMS without a balancer! 3S. 12v, 4s. 14v, 5s. 18v To choose a BMS board, you must consider that the minimum current must be 30A, otherwise it will go into protection.

The BMS board option at the link is 2-3 more expensive than some basic versions, but you get 100A instead of 30A or 40A. In my opinion, it’s the best BMS board from aliexpress in terms of functionality and deserves this token overpayment.

Basic Classification

Specialists distinguish the following categories of electric electric screwdriver:

Since the battery is designed for a certain use and load, each type of tool requires an appropriate battery charger. Tool life depends on battery capacity. Experts distinguish the following types of batteries:

Metabo PowerMaxx Li Pro cordless screwdriver.

2 type of battery, unlike the others, is compact, has a higher power capacity. Tool can be charged more than 1000 times if used properly. The battery of an electric electric screwdriver must be charged according to the following rules:

  • Fully charge the battery. If not, it will reduce the battery capacity and run time of the tool.
  • Nickel cadmium battery toxicity (must not be dropped).
  • The rechargeable NiMH battery is a newly developed battery that is environmentally friendly to humans. It can be charged frequently. If the tool is not in use, then the battery is stored in a charged state. When an electric electric electric screwdriver is at rest for a long time, the battery is completely discharged.
  • Li-ion device has no memory effect. The battery has a high energy capacity. Due to susceptibility to the negative effects of low temperatures, the lithium-ion battery is not used in winter.
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