How to check an intentional engine of an electric screwdriver. Is it worth buying a tool with a bronnote engine

VESSEL Cordless Rechargeable Ballgrip Screwdriver

How to check an electric screwdriver by a tester

It is quite difficult to assemble furniture or home repairs without an electric screwdriver, so many men try to purchase a power tool. So that the purchase does not disappoint the owner, checking the model for compliance with the signs of authenticity, the lack of damage and suitability for work is recommended to be carried out in the store. At the same time, having purchased a high.Quality apparatus, the user is not insured from the occurrence of faults in it. It is not necessary to throw out or carry the device immediately to the workshop, experts will tell you how to check the electric screwdriver, find out the reason for the problem and eliminate it.

According to the external device, models with different power sources are practically identical. The difference lies in the presence of a cable in the first and the battery, which is a power source, in the second.

The main constructive elements include:

  • Frame. Made from shock.Resistant plastic with rubberized inserts. The composition includes electrical, mechanical components.
  • Gearbox. Can be classic or planetary. The second option is more common, since it is mainly designed for 2 speeds. The second mode is suitable for using the device as a drill.
  • Spindle. A hexagonal or fast.Packed cartridge is wound on this element. Setting.
  • Electric motor. Consists of a rotor. Anchor and stator. A brilliant engine is considered better than a collector in terms of technical characteristics, but its price is higher. Battery models are designed to install any motor, and when assembling network are used only the second option.
  • Button or trigger “Start”. Provides the launch or disconnection of an electric screwdriver.
  • Spindle rotation regulator.
  • A coupling designed to adjust torque. Allows you to limit the strength of the tool. Made in the form of a ring with a scale.
  • Switch of the direction of movement of the executive body. Reverses provides an opportunity.

Mainly 2 types of batteries are used-nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion. The latter are considered more durable, their price is 3-4 times higher. In addition to power parts, the thermoresistor is usually located in the box box (is responsible for the temperature of the “cans”), the thermal switch (opens the circuit when the battery is overheated), and the control board (LI-Ion model).

Some models have a lamp for illumination, LED display, a beaming depth, grooves for replaceable bit. They increase the comfort of the operation of an electric screwdriver.

Design and principle of action

The development of semiconductor technology led to the fact that manufacturers decided to exclude the collector and brushes in direct current engines. The electronic amplifier was replaced by mechanical contacts.

In models with a br. Current flowed through the conductor, causing the formation of an electromagnetic field. The occurrence of torque, which provides the rotation of the motor shaft, contributes to the magnetic field of stator windings and anchor. To maintain rotational movements, the voltage to the conductors should be supplied according to a given sequence. Such a function is assigned to the collector node of the engine anchor.

How a browned engine works

Despite the absence of brushes and collector, the principle of interaction of the electromagnetic and magnetic field in the BLDC engines remained unchanged. The difference lies in the supply of constant voltage to the stator windings in certain time intervals, which will imitate the work of the collector.

The strata of the bronnial engines are equipped with 3 pairs of windings, so the voltage is supplied to them alternately. First, the anchor with a permanent magnet turns to the position of the power lines of the magnetic field. When the voltage is supplied to the next pair, the anchor continues rotation. Magnets begin to interact with the newly formed magnetic field. Such reactions continue until the voltage is supplied to the windings.

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To strengthen the torque, 2 pairs of windings are used, the voltage of direct polarity is supplied to one, and the reverse. Controls the supply sensor of the rotor position.

Elimination of malfunctions of electrical screwdriver

In order to make sure the battery of the battery of an electric screwdriver, it must be checked using a multimeter.

The battery should first be checked before its possible replacement. Check the battery with a conventional measurement of voltage levels using a multimer on the terminals of the device. You can check with any other tester check. In this case, the coincidence of the output voltage of the batteries in working condition should be observed if they are charged. The values ​​indicated on the batteries of the batteries 12V, 18V, etc. Must be precisely observed. If this condition is not met, then the device should be replaced.

Possible malfunctions of the charger of an electric screwdriver lead to the need to disassemble it followed by a test using a tester that has already been used. Each battery included in the battery must be subjected to a similar check. After determining faulty elements, you should buy special elements of the same type in the store with a similar container to install them in the previous places, replacing the old ones with new.

When repairing the inclusion button, you must have a special skill and appropriate knowledge in the field of electronics. Disassembly of the device should be carried out with maximum attentiveness and caution. Otherwise, the opening of the device can lead to the fact that parts of a certain type can easily fall out of an electric screwdriver.

It is best to preliminarily make a sketch of the order of different springs, contacts and screws.

After you made sure that the cause of the breakdown in the battery, then it will need to be disassembled.

When the housing of the device is opened, the device must be checked for the presence of contacts in it, which darkened. If they have, it is necessary to clean them using sandpaper.

When the switch is already repaired, it is possible that the device will not adjust the number of revolutions if a smooth press is made on its trigger. At the same time, the functions of the device are not lost when pressing the trigger is complete. In this case, the malfunction itself is associated with the adjustment scheme. In this case, the switch is fully replaced.

If there is no reverse in the device, then it is replaced by a reverse switch, but you can try to repair it. For this purpose, reversal repair resembles the repair of the switch button. The switch cover is carefully lifted. Then the contacts are checked, their cleaning and assembly.

If charred or deformed contacts are found under the reverse lid, it is necessary to replace. With the button option, when the reverse is assembled in its case, that is, inside it, the button changes completely.

Brightless electric screwdriver: Pros and cons of the unit

Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of inactive screwdrivers, it is worth noting that the efficiency of bastard units is significantly higher and is close to 90%. For comparison: in a competing version, this indicator hardly reaches 60%.

Note! This indicates that with an equal battery capacity, a brilliant tool will work much longer on one charge, which is extremely important if the charging source is far away.

Among the advantages of screwdrivers in which there are no brushes include:

Brightless screwdrivers have efficiency significantly higher than ordinary products

  • Easy to regulate the speed of rotation. At the same time, users get the opportunity to adjust this indicator in the wide range. It all depends on the features of the work performed.
  • Due to the absence of a collector-base node, the tool is practically not subject to breakdowns associated with it in case of proper use. In addition, due to this, maintenance of the device does not cause difficulties.
  • The device copes much better with a significant load, which is associated with an increase in torque.
  • The energy consumption of the battery of the battery is as much as possible.
  • The engine of an electric screwdriver of a bronnial type provides the ability to use the device in a dangerous environment, which is characterized by the presence of gas mixtures. This feature is associated with a lack of sparking.
  • Small mass and miniature size.
  • Regardless of the direction of work, the maintenance of a single power is ensured.
  • Even if the load increases, the speed does not decrease.

As for the disadvantages, the presented tools have only the only. They have a higher cost than their collector competitors. At the same time, the high price of electrical screwdriver is easily justified by the advantages of technology. The higher the requirements for the product, the more arguments appear in favor of a blessed device. Perhaps for a tool used at home, the cost is really high. If we talk about which electric screwdriver is better. Brush or inaudible for professionals, the choice is obvious.

Bronger screwdrivers have only one minus. A rather high price

The speed controller of electrical screwdriver and its elements diagram

In this article we will consider the device of an electric screwdriver. We will pay special attention to such responsible details in the design as a speed controller for electrical screwdriver. In addition, we will figure out how the regulator of the effort of electric screwdriver works. We describe in detail the process of making a revolution regulator with our own hands, as well as get acquainted with such a function of an electric screwdriver as automatic speed adjustment.

Electric screwdriver speed controller

Electric electric screwdriver works either from the 220 V network, or from the battery. Its power depends on the voltage of the battery. The speed of rotation of an electric screwdriver starts from 15,000 rpm. In addition, an electric screwdriver that works from the network has 2 rotation speeds: slower for screwing, higher for drilling. A speed controller is located inside the power supply button. The rather miniature size of this tool node is achieved using micro.Glue technology. Its main detail is Simistor. The principle of operation of the regulator is as follows:

  • When the button is turned on, an alternating current has a sinusoidal phase to the control electrode of the simistor.
  • The simistor is opened, the current begins to pass through the load.

The trigger time of the simistor depends on the amplitude of the control voltage. The larger the amplitude, the earlier the trigger is triggered. The value of the amplitude is set using a variable resistor connected to the start button. The button connection diagram differs in different models. The condenser can be connected to the speed regulator.

Often, in the current economic conditions, the buyer can not always afford a full.Fledged expensive electric screwdriver from eminent firms. In cheaper models, such a function may not be. But this is not a reason to despair. The revolution regulator can be assembled independently, which we will talk about below.

The speed controller of electric screwdriver is assembled on the basis of the PWM. Controller and key multi.Channel field transistor. The operation of this tool unit is controlled by a resistor. Its position depends on the pressure on the launch button of the electrical screwdriver.

The direction of rotation of the working body changes by changing the voltage poles that is supplied to the engine brushes. This is instrumentally carried out using cross.Line contacts, acting as a reversal lever.

TOP-10 best models rating

Having familiarized with the opinion of users with browned screwdrivers, based on customer reviews, you can make a rating of the best models.

One Makita DDF083Z
2 Makita DF032DWAX1
4 Bosch GSR 18 V-EC TE
5 Makita DF032DZ
6 Zubble DB-20 A5
7 Dewalt DCD701D2
eight Metabo BS 18 L BL
nine Interskol 573.One.2.70
ten Makita DDF481RTE

Diagnosis and elimination of malfunctions of the electrical part of the electric screwdriver

If you have a battery device, then the first thing you need to check the batteries in the battery block by dismantling it. There are collapsible and non.Vegetable blocks. In the second case, you will need to carefully insert the screwdriver into the place of gluing the walls of the block and, slowly, disconnect them.

Next, it is necessary to measure the voltage on all “banks”. The voltage rating is indicated on the body of each battery. The voltage should be slightly lower than the indicated, but the same on the working batteries. Faulty batteries will differ significantly from the rest in the voltage issued. They will need to be replaced. New batteries can be purchased on the Internet.

It is important to solder them correctly, that is, in series: plus one battery connects with a minus another, and plus the second with the minus of the next, etc.D.

If you are the owner of a network electrical screwdriver, then the test algorithm is slightly different. At first, you need to promote the body of the apparatus and remove it one half. Take the tester and “call” the power cord for a cliff. In the case of a good cord, you need to check the start button. Check with a button pressed if there is a circuit on the output of its contacts. If the button is faulty, it will need to be replaced or repair. How to do this will be considered later. With a good button, the problem can lie in electrographs or engine.

Repair button

Below is the electrical circuit of the battery electrical screwdriver.

It shows from the diagram that 2 wires from the battery are suitable for the button, and 2 wires to the engine come out of it. Also, 3 wires from the transistor responsible for adjusting the revolutions are connected to the button. To understand the device of the button of the electrical screwdriver, it must be disassembled. All wires going to this details can not be soldered. They will not interfere with disassembly.

Remove the pressing mechanism (red) from your seat. Do this with neat rotational movements, while pulling the part in the opposite button, making sure that the joke does not break.

Next, remove the button cover. In the places indicated in the figure with arrows, with the help of a knife and screwdrivers, you need to put and push the latches, then remove the lid.

Removing the lid, you will see the reversal compartment. But the button mechanism will still be unavailable. Using the soldering iron, disconnect 2 elements (the next figure is indicated by the arrow).

Gently pull out the element under number 1, then remove the cover that closes the compartment with the mechanism for turning on the device.

Holding the return spring, take out the mechanism from the body.

In a faulty button, you will see the erased contact sites.

Contact sites wear out quickly due to the poor quality of metal. Small metal dust from the cooked contacts accumulates between them and closes the platforms. As a result of this, a spontaneous launch of the apparatus occurs.

With the help of a cotton swab moistened in alcohol, remove metal dust. If this fails, you can scrap her with a knife. After these actions, the spontaneous launch of the device will stop.

If a revolution regulator does not work, then the transistor is burned out, which must be replaced.

Replacing brushes

To check the condition of the brushes, it is necessary to disassemble the engine by bent the “antennae” located at the end of the case.

Next, with light beats of the hammer on the engine shaft, knock out the rotor from the body.

In this case, the cover in which the electric shows will be removed first.

The following photo shows that the collector has black. This means that it will pollute the dust from the brushes. As a result of the pollution of the collector, as well as the grooves between its plates, the engine power drops and the brushes sparkle. It is necessary to wipe the collector with cotton wool moistened in alcohol, and clean the grooves with a needle.

The following photo shows what a clean collector looks like.

If the brushes are worn out, they will need to be changed. For some models of screwdrivers, it is difficult to find original brushes on sale. But you can find brushes suitable in size, after which on a sharpener to trim them and connect (solder) to the brush holders.

Which electric screwdriver is better: brush or brilliant

For many, the acquisition of tools is a complex and long process. It is necessary to study the technological characteristics, compare models and their cost. Therefore, choosing from several options: an electric screwdriver is inaudible or ordinary, which only a professional or a person who has used them in practice can say better.

It is clear that technically the advantages of gestural motors are much larger. He has the highest efficiency, reaching up to 90 %. This indicator in other types of products is much lower.

The ability to do without charging is valuable only when there is no network of electricity nearby.

Important! Light weight reduces fatigue during operation, and makes it possible to perform it more quickly and efficiently.

Thus, inverter electric screwdriver is more profitable due to its characteristics and effectiveness. But the price is too high for a wide circle of buyers.

The classic options have a reliable and proven technology. They are easy to repair, in addition, the cost of parts is not large. For many, this is the best option. The main thing when choosing is to check the quality of the device.

Of course, a more expensive brownient option is better. But here each buyer must decide based on his own financial, user priorities.

TOP-12 rating of the best brownient screwdrivers

Place Model Price
TOP-4 Brightless screwdrivers in the ratio of price/quality
#one DEWALT DCD701D2 Li-Ion 2.0 A h 12 in x2 case tstak
#2 Metabo BS 18 L Bl 2.0ach x2 case
#3 Bosch GSR 12V-30 Li-Ion 2.0 a-h 12 in x2 case
#4 Bosch GSR 18V-50 Li-Ion 2.0 a-h 18 in x2 l-Case
TOP-4 inexpensive brownless screwdrivers
#one Interskol Dau-13/18V
#2 Favourite DC12NB
#3 Bosch GSR 12V-30 0 box, without a battery
#4 P.I.T. PID03001-12M2/BL
TOP-4 powerful browned screwdrivers
#one Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I LIHD 3.5 A h 18 in x1 box
#2 Dewalt DCD791D2
#3 Dewalt DCD991P2
#4 Stanley SBI201D2K

The final breakdown of the tool is often accompanied by preliminary events, paying attention to which you can prevent a serious malfunction: the appearance of extraneous sounds, sparking, smells of burning, increased vibration, fast battery discharge.

By dismantling the device, you can understand which knot is faulty. All devices are divided into two types:

Each type is characterized by their primary signs, by which a damaged part is easily calculated. A special family includes malfunctions associated with the battery. The nature of the breakdown is due to the fact that the battery is quickly discharged, or the device does not want to start at all.

If the purchase of a new battery is problematic, you can try to disassemble it and replace it in it faulty element.

The battery is disassembled by withdrawing its latch from the grooves. Under the casing are elements with a capacity. Their connection is made by contact welding. A multimeter can measure the voltage value on each bank. The normal value of the charged element is 1.2 volts. Faulty elements are removed. For this they are carefully bought by nippers at the contact site, and similar ones are installed instead of them. If there is no welding, it is possible to use the soldering iron. Then the battery must be assembled and installed in a screwdriver for verification.

But the problem is not always related to the battery. For example, when repairing a Bosch screwdriver with your own hands, damage to the charger circuit (ZU), not a battery, is often detected with your own hands. Repair of the item consists in calling the radio elements. First of all, the network fuse and rectifier bridge are checked.

Usually, when opening the body housing by external signs in the form of blackening of radio elements or a textolite board, you can immediately see which element requires a replacement. Most often, transistors that are located on the radiators and the operational amplifier come out of the system.

Damage to the electric part

Most often, the malfunctions in the electric part are associated not only with the inability to turn on the tool, but also the lack of switching into the reverse mode or the ability to adjust the speed.

If the battery is serviceable, and when connected to the screwdriver circuit, the voltage on its terminals drops, then this indicates a malfunction in the elements of the device motor. If the voltage is normal, the button is checked. To do this, the tester switches to the call mode and its probes are installed parallel to the button. When it clicks it, the multimeter should issue a squeak, otherwise the non.Working button. You can try to restore the part independently by cleaning its contact groups.

Reversion checks also using a multimeter. One probe should touch the button entry, and the other to the contact of the electric motor. When switching a reverse, resistance should occur, if it is absent, then damage should be sought in the wiring. If the engine speed adjustment does not work, then the breakdown is associated with the control transistor or button.

Checking the electric motor brushes is visually carried out, their wear should be no more than 60 percent. If everything is in order, you should check other engine elements. To measure the resistance of the windings, the engine contacts must be disconnected from the rest of the circuit. With a cliff, inter.Trough circuit or closing on the housing, the winding will need to be rewound. The anchor is also checked in the same way. To measure its resistance, the probe probes are installed on the collector plates. The resistance value should be zero. If the winding cannot be repaired, you have to purchase a new engine.

Electric malfunctions also are considered sparking and crackling during operation. This is due to the wear of the brushes or the slow rotation of the collector due to its blockage.

Malfunctions in mechanical nodes

If extraneous sounds appeared during operation and the wedge of the device occurs, then this indicates the wear of bushings or bearings. After disassembling the gearbox, it will become clear that it could break. Uncharacteristic noise can also form with shaft deformation. Such a breakdown also manifests itself during the beating of the cartridge. If tightening weakens in the cartridge, then it is necessary to check the coupling for wear. When working the tool, the teeth wear out, and the coupling begins to scroll through.

To avoid breakdowns in the gearbox, it is necessary to periodically serve it. To do this, it is recommended to lubricate all the rubbing mechanical parts, preferably removing the remaining old lubricants in advance. The clogging of the structure can also affect the turnover of the tool.

Extraneous sounds can be characteristic not only due to damage to the gearbox, but also caused by the engine. Noise occurs with a torn magnet or with wear of the anchor bushings. To restore the anchor, you can try to lubricate it with machine oil.

Thus, with mechanical breakdowns, the reason is easy to find, but the repair will require the purchase of new components in return for the broken. To find electrical faults, you will need to use a multimeter.

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