How to check the compressor electric motor by a multimeter. Checking the wire cliff

Compressor for the refrigerator: varieties, signs of breakage, replacement

Any breakdown of the refrigerator is a problem that requires increased attention. Even a slight malfunction, which at first glance does not reduce the performance of the equipment, often causes quick damage to the products and failure of the device in the future.

Since the refrigerator is a complex device, the cause of suspicious signs in its work can be breakdowns of various details. About the most common malfunctions of household refrigerators and ways to eliminate them.

What varieties of compressors for the refrigerator exist?

Compressor is an important constructive element of any refrigerator. You can find units equipped with both one and two superchargers. The second option is now produced much less often the first.

  • Linear. In it, the electromagnetic field is created by engine windings and ensures the movement of the pistons in one plane. Relay sensor analyzes temperature indicators. If its increase is recorded, then the sensor makes a signal. The compressor is included in the work. Refrigerator cameras begin to cool. The sensor does not stop his work and continues to compare temperature indicators. When the desired mark is reached, the compressor is disconnected. All these cycles are progressively replaced by each other throughout the work of the refrigeration unit.

Among the disadvantages of the linear compressor, its strong heating is noted. He negatively affects the state of the refrigerator. A high load on the electrical network of the room is created. Due to the high revolutions of the compressor, electricity is consumed in large quantities, which is not very economical.

The advantages of a linear compressor include environmental friendliness, since safe refrigerants are used during operation. It is also considered a rather quiet. Strong vibration at the time of starting and stopping the compressor in the refrigerator is absent.

  • Inverter. In the work of this type of compressor, there is no peak increase in power and load, as well as its regular inclusion and off. The inverter system converts the current first from the alternating to constant and vice versa. In this case, there is a change in its key parameters: strength, frequency, voltage. The refrigerator cameras are cooled by reducing compressor speeds.

Among the advantages of the inverter compressor, a small electricity consumption is noted. It is also very quiet, because it turns on once. Long life is ensured by the absence of amplitude jumps. Therefore, the mechanism wears out slower.

The shortcomings of this type of compressor include its high cost. However, it should be understood that it is over time compensated by a reduced electricity consumption. Parts in the current supply can easily disable the inverter compressor out of order. To reduce the likelihood of a breakdown, it is equipped with a special sensor that turns the refrigerator into a “sleeping” mode. After the renewal of the supply of electricity, the compressor resumes its work.

What you need to check the compressor of the refrigerator

Repairman-compressors Starter Pack 80 LVL

wire continuity testing

Before checking the compressor of the refrigerator, you need to prepare tools and devices, which you can not do without. You will need a set of screwdrivers with different profiles, instead of them you can take an electric screwdriver with nozzles, as well as:

  • worships 8, 10 and 12 mm;
  • pliers;
  • bites-mittens;
  • universal pressure gauge;
  • Tester (multimeter) or megammeter;
  • Conductive jumpers with crocodile clamps in an amount of 2-3 pieces;
  • insulating tape;
  • vinyl or rubber plugs.

You can’t do without personal protective equipment that will be required when working with harmful substances.

To measure the insulation resistance. a megaummeter

To check in what condition is the insulation of the cores conducting the current, you need a special device called a megommeter. It allows you to measure the voltage resistance from 200 to 1000 V.

Insulating materials have some current conductivity. As a result of the exposure of high voltage, leakage current passes through them. Its value determines the insulation resistance. Based on indications, the wear or suitability of the material is established.

These works are performed in rare cases. Mostly a copper wire is used for winding the electric engine stator, which is covered with special insulating varnish. If it is penetrated, you will have to completely rewind the induction coil. Work can be done at home, but you will need special equipment, consumables. In this case, it is necessary to have knowledge and skills in this area.

To check the compressor. multimeter

An ordinary multimeter determines the suitability of an electric circuit, or as most masters say, they can be called.

First, the casing is dismantled, the unit is removed and the relay is removed. The tester using contacts measure the resistance. If between the upper and lower left contacts it is 20 Ohms, between the upper and lower right. about 15, then the compressor is working.

Between the left and right, the highest resistance indicator should be 30 Ohms. The device can show other values, it depends on the engine and model of the refrigeration unit. However, they do not change more than 5 ohms.

Then check the resistance between the passage wires and the casing. One end of the tester is connected to the copper part of one of the fittings, the other to the contacts. If the multimeter shows resistance, there are malfunctions in the motor. When a cliff appears on the display, it means that the unit is in good condition.

How to check the refrigerator compressor yourself

A compressor is an electric motor with a plunger or piston of discharge system. It has a starting and working winding. If a cliff occurs in one of them, or it is burned, the compressor block will fail. 3 contact terminals are displayed from the casing. The first is the output of the launch winding, the second is working, the latter is the total.

Each compressor has a relay designed for starting, which is a small box. It is literally wearing these terminals. The refrigerator may not work due to the breakdown of the launch relay. Modern models are equipped with the latest electronic launch devices, and electromechanical ones are on the previous units.

Possible problems

The fact that the compressor itself is faulty can be judged if there are characteristic signs of breakdown:

  • When starting and during the refrigerator, a strong rattle, trembling, noise and knock are heard;
  • obvious overheating of the motor; under the unit;
  • powerful engine buzz, while the compressor is not heard.

This all speaks of problems in the block, which consists of 2 devices. The specialist will be able to distinguish malfunctions. He knows the principle of operation of refrigerated units, which components and chains interact when starting, while working and stopping.

It happens that the compressor works, but the refrigerator does not freeze. So, the mechanical part has worn out, and the device is not able to create pressure in the tubes. Or the reason is that there is no refrigerant in the system. In such a situation, the device does not cold, but constantly works.

Когда нарушается цикл работы агрегата либо в системе создается избыточное давление хладагента, на стенках камер можно увидеть намерзающий лед. As a result, this leads to a compressor breakdown.

If in the refrigerator the cameras are hypothermia or do not cool at all, then it may be bluntly:

In the refrigerators Siemens, Sharp, Gorenje, Samsung, Indesit, Bosch, Liebherr and LG often the malfunction is concentrated in the electronic control unit. She will not be able to eliminate herself, so the intervention of an experienced master is required.

Features of checking the inverter compressor

This type of compressor is invented not so long ago. The essential principle of its work is that you can set the necessary temperature. The inverter compressor has a function that is responsible for adjusting the speed of rotation. Thanks to the principle of inverting, electricity is consumed more economically. Due to the fact that the compressor works stably and exactly with the accurate output parameters, you can quickly and clearly adjust the temperature in the freezer and refrigerator.

Initially, the engine will accelerate to the highest speed. Cooling the refrigerator chamber to the desired temperature. Then it works slower until the time until the working conditions change.

How to check the worker or not the compressor of the refrigerator? If it is in a non.working state, then you need to separately check the inverter, for the output of which the lamps of 60 W and 220 W are hanged. They are connected in the form of a triangle. They should not burn without a generator. It is connected and the inverter starts, the bulbs light up in a circle. Then connect the compressor.

What will be needed to check the compressor

Before checking the performance of the refrigerator compressor, make sure that you have the necessary devices and tools:

If you do not have a tester, the dismantling of the compressor is inappropriate, since you cannot perform resistance measurements.

Multimeter for checking the operation of the refrigerator compressor

The resistance of the winding of the Atlant refrigerator motor

Compressor labeling the resistance of the working winding in the OMMs The resistance of the starting winding in the Oma
S-K 100H5 18.94 27.88
S-K 100N5-02 18.94 27.88
S-K 100N5-10 17.61 27.88
S-K 120N5 18,29 21.08
S-K 120N5-02 18,29 21.08
S-K 140N5 15.1 20.1
S-K 140N5-02 15.1 20.1
S-K 160N5-02 14.74 19.6
S-K 160N5-1 14.74 19.6
S-K 160N5-1-02 14.74 19.6
S-K 175N5-02 14.29 19.08
S-K 175N5-1 14.29 19.08
S-K 175N5-1-02 14.29 19.08
S-K 200N5-02 11.87 17.61
S-K 200N5-1 11.87 17.61
S-K 200N5-1-02 11.87 17.61
S-Ko 60N5-02 40.4 63.47
S-KO 75N5-02 26.4 43.41
S-KO 100N5-02 27.88 48.94
S-KO 120N5-02 18,29 21.08
S-Ko 140N5-02 15.1 20.1
S-Ko 140N5-1-02 15.1 20.1
S-Ko 160N5-02 14.74 19.6
S-Ko 160N5-1-02 14.74 19.6
S-KO 175N5-02 14.29 19.08
S-KO 175N5-1-02 14.29 19.08
S-KO 200N5-02 11.87 17.61
S-KO 200N5-1-02 11.87 17.61
S-KO 200N5-03 11.87 17.61
S-KN 60N5-02 23 35
S-KN 80N5-02 23 35
S-KN 90N5-02 18.94 27.88
S-KN 110N5-02 18,29 21.08
S-KN 130N5-02 18,29 21.08
S-KN 150N5-02 15.1 20.1
CKHA61H50 43.35 43.25
CKHA68H50 33.41 37.58
CKHA72H50 28.35 34.98
CKHA81H50 28.65 34.47
CKHA96H50 26.33 35.72
CKHA101H50 19 21.2
TLX4 KK.3 61 19
TLX4.8 kk.3 46 22
TLX5.7 kk.3 37 21
TLX6.5 kk.3 thirty.00 fifteen
TLX7.5 kk.3 29 thirty
TLX8.7 kk.3 19 13
Tly4 KK.3 48.06 15.69
Tly4.8 kk.3 38.25 17.65
Tly5.7 kk.3 34.33 20.6
Tly6.5 kk.3 2775.00% 24.62
Tly7.5 kk.3 23.24 20.69
Tly8.7 kk.3 17.06 14.42

Freon will need to refuel a new one, replacing the compressor of the refrigerator requires knowledge of official information: type of launch protection relay. Of course, it is better to put the native spare part, in most cases others are suitable. We are sure that the linear compressor can be replaced with a crankshaft, in old models there is a thermostat, the voltage is 230 volts of the frequency of 50 Hz. There are no modulations on the power circuit. The start.up relay should be worried about those considerations that the compressor engine does not burn from improper regulation. Another thing is if you change tandem immediately. There is a big chance that the device will work.

By the way, do not rush to throw out old household appliances, pay for disposal. The old compressor of the refrigerator Atlant will serve in the garage, pumping the wheels. Read the section! Compressor refrigerator. standing thing. They become safer, more reliable, you can’t say about adsorption, abused by fishermen. In the near future, a small chance will come up with something new, effective, cheap, the problem of buying a compressor for the refrigerator will disturb many generations of the planet people.

We want to say goodbye, please do not judge the weak knowledge of electrical engineering. Standing textbooks in electronic form did not translate. We do not use others! Answer strong Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Checking the compressor performance. steps

If you want to know how to check the compressor of the refrigerator. a worker or not, instructions will help you understand this difficult issue. Regardless of the type of equipment, the inspection algorithm and the identification of the causes of breakdowns is similar for different models.

Before experiencing compressors of refrigerators, the equipment must be de.energized. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the wiring or getting a shock.

check, compressor, electric, motor

The device compressor device

So, how to check the compressor of the refrigerator. the video on our page will help to navigate in the main points. To find a breakdown in the system, follow the algorithm:

Disconnect all the pipes from the compressor

To disconnect the tubes leading from the compressor to other elements of the system, use the nippers. If you are not confident in your skills, call a specialist. The refrigerator repair master will dismantle quickly and safely.

Elimination of the compressor compressor joints

After cutting the highway, a quick exit of the refrigerant is possible to the outside. Since this component is explosive, do not use electrical appliances at the moment, redraw the gas and ensure the ventilation of the room

Dismantle the compressor from the base

After the main part of the freon disappears, you can continue to work with the equipment. It remains to separate the remains of the pipes with a burner. The combustering freon is not dangerous. To remove the compressor, it is enough to unscrew the fasteners.

We remove the remaining pipes with a burner

Remove the starting relay

Before checking whether the refrigerator compressor works, you need to disconnect the starting relay. This element hides the contacts necessary for the following processes. In order not to damage the start.up relay for refrigerators, use the screwdriver. The design of the mechanism is similar to an ordinary electric fork with three pins instead of two.

The starting relay of the refrigerator

The relay contacts melted about the compressor malfunction

Clean the paint on the test surfaces

Before checking the compressor of the refrigerator with a multimeter, make sure that there is no paint on the tested areas. To determine the resistance level between the three contacts and the case, the metal must be clean. If there is a coating, carefully scraping it with a file.

Check the winding with a multimeter

The resistance measured is carried out by the tester. The indicators on the conclusions should be as follows:

Before checking the refrigerator compressor winding, read the parameters allowable for your technique, since they may differ depending on the brand and model.

Checking the compressor winding multimeter

If the resistance indicators do not exceed 8-10 Ohms, most likely there is an interval circuit in the windings. The lower this level, the greater the likelihood of damage

Check the working fishing line for a trimmer for a cliff

To identify the presence of a cliff, it is necessary to determine what resistance is formed between the contacts of the passage and the equipment. To do this, the multimeter connects to:

Checking the level of compressor resistance multimeter

If the equipment works correctly, data about the cliff will be displayed on the screen. The presence of resistance indicates serious malfunctions.

Check the compressor by the manometer

If during the previous check you have not detected damage, but the refrigerator still works incorrectly or does not start, use the manometer. This apparatus measures the pressure level. For this you need:

The minimum mark should reach six atmospheres. If the figure increases, the refrigerator works correctly.

Checking the pressure in the compressor using a pressure gauge

Check the current strength

You can also identify problems in the motion of the current how to check the relay of the refrigerator compressor, only now you need to use the tested, working part. For this you will need:

At the power of the electric motor of 140 watts, the permissible indicator is 1.3A. These values ​​are directly proportional. Respectively, when the power of the motor is reduced, the current strength should be less. So for 120 watts for an electric motor, the indicator of 1.1-1.2A will be normal.

These are the most effective methods how to check the operation of the refrigerator compressor without involving a master. If you have questions, you can ask them to specialists. Having called on the phone. If necessary, components will also be selected for the replacement of faulty, including relay, compressors, heating heater of refrigerators and much more. Contact any time!

Pressure measurement

If all indicators are within normal limits, but at the same time, the technique continues to fail, you will need to use the manometer to measure the level of vibration of the waves.

Pressure measurement

Optimal indicators for a large two.chamber refrigerator. 6 atmospheres. For medium or small-4-5 atmospheres. You will need to quickly disconnect the manometer so that it does not break.

How to call the engine a multimeter

One of the frequent malfunctions of the electric motor is the lack of rotation. The cause of the breakdown can be determined as follows. First of all, using a multimeter (in a voltmeter mode), the supply of supply voltage is checked. If the power is supplied, the problem is the electrical malfunction of the engine itself, respectively, it is necessary to check the integrity of the connection and rally the windows. In most cases, a regular multimeter is used for this.

  • The usual voltage for the household is 220V. Most of the household appliances are powered by 220V, because it is designed precisely for these features,
  • The vast majority of collector electric motors that are present at home are not asynchronous, but a synchronous unit,
  • Unlike an asynchronous engine, synchronous devices have a motionless stator winding and a shaft winding, that is, anchor. A voltage of 220V is supplied to them through a graphite device or collector.

Such electric motors can be found in the following devices:

Features of faults

If the power tool motor began to work poorly or completely out of order, many send not only a collector electric motor to the landfill, but the whole device. Do not do this.

The usual check performed by yourself allows you to check the node, evaluate its current state. What is most interesting, in most cases, the device can be returned to working condition by spending a minimum of effort and means.

  • Before checking and thorough repairs, do not be too lazy to look at the condition of the cable going to 220V. It is not rare to check the cord shows that there was a break in it. Because of this, the collector electric motor does not function,
  • Another possible problem is the failure of the buttons responsible for managing and turning on. They can also lose contact, break down mechanically. Their verification will answer this question,
  • Checking the commissioning device will also not be damaged in case of its presence,
  • Source for 220 in. And in what condition is 220 volt socket? Do not exclude the situation where a voltage of 220 volts simply does not go to your electric motor and the entire power tool. Banal advice to verify the presence of light in the house. But checking the condition of the outlet for 220 volts is worth. To do this, connect the device to another source 220 volts. If everything is in order, we move on to the most common breakdowns of the collector electric motor.
check, compressor, electric, motor

How to call the electric motor multimeter

There is nothing left to identify the electric motor malfunction at home for lack of expensive professional equipment, how to call the electric motor by a multimeter. With it, you can determine most of the breakdowns, and you do not have to attract a specialist. So what needs to be done?

Before conducting diagnostics, it should be:

  • De.energize the unit. If the resistance measurement is carried out in the circuit connected to the mains, the device will fail.
  • Calibrate the device, that is, put the arrow in the zero position (the probes must be closed).
  • Inspect the engine and find out if it is flooded, is there a smell of burning insulation or broken parts, etc.D.

Asynchronous, collector, single.phase and three.phase engines are nicknamed the same methodology, a small difference in the design does not play a special role, but there are nuances that must be taken into account.

The most common malfunctions can be divided into two types:

First, consider how to call a 3-phase electric motor multimeter. It has three coils connected according to the “Triangle” or “Star” scheme. Its performance is affected by the reliability of contacts, the quality of isolation and the correct winding.

  • First, check the closure on the case (keep in mind, the value will turn out to be approximate, since more sensitive devices are required for accurate readings).
  • Set the measurement values ​​on the multimeter to the maximum.
  • Connect the probes with each other to verify the correctness of the settings and serviceability of the device.
  • Connect one of the probes with the engine housing, if there is a contact, attach the second probe to the body and monitor the readings.
  • If there are no failures, in turn, touch the probe of each of the three phases.
  • If the insulation is of high quality, the check should show a fairly high resistance (several hundred or thousands of meg).

It must be remembered that when measuring the insulation resistance using the multimeter, the readings will be higher than the permissible, since the EMF does not exceed 9V. The engine operates at 220 or 380V. According to the law of OMA, the resistance value depends on the voltage, so make a discount on the difference.

Next, check the integrity of the windings, calling the three ends included in the engine of the engine. If there is a break, a further check does not make sense, since before it is necessary to eliminate this malfunction.

Then check the short.closed turns. When connecting with a “triangle”, the malfunction indicator will be greater in the ends of A1 and A3. When connecting a “star”, the device shows an inflated value in the A3 chain.

Knowing how to call the asynchronous electric motor with a multimeter, you will save time and money, since, perhaps, only small malfunctions will be detected, which you easily eliminate yourself. For more serious and detailed diagnostics, other devices are required, which are rarely used in everyday life due to high cost. If you could not find damage using a multimeter, consult a specialist.

Checking a collector electric motor

How to Test Motor Start and Motor Run AC Capacitor of ac fan and compressor

Now let’s move on to the aforementioned nuances, because the engines are of different types. How to call a collector electric motor multimeter? The scheme of its verification is as follows:

  • Turn on the device per unit ohm and measure the resistance of the collector lamellas in pairs.
  • Then measure the resistance between the anchor body and the collector.
  • Check the stator windings.
  • Measure the resistance between the body and the stator conclusions.

Interpretation circuit is determined only by a special device. There is a way to measure the anchor resistance. Remove the brushes from it and bring the voltage to 6V to the plates, measure the voltage drop between them.

To check a single.phase engine, call the working and starting winding. The resistance of the first should be one and a half times lower than the second.

For example, take a single.phase motor with three conclusions, used in washing machines (often the old model). If there is a very large resistance between the ends, then the coils are connected sequentially. It remains to find the middle point and thus determine the ends of each of them separately.

Since electric motors are found in every house in household appliances. this is a refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner, and much more. and they periodically break, know how to check a single.phase electric motor with a multimeter, it is simply necessary. If the breakdown is not too serious, it is impractical to carry the device to the repair workshop. And you will have the opportunity to gain experience and get skills, working with engines of different types and modifications.

How to check the compressor of the refrigerator with a multimeter and manometer

To check the pressure inside the system, the pressure gauge and the next sequence of actions are used:

  • Free the injection hose.
  • At the end, attach a fitting that has a challenge.
  • Turn on the motor.
  • Start to measure pressure directly. In this case, the parameters on the device must issue 6 atmospheres. And with further operation of the device, the figure will increase. At this stage, the pressure gauge is unable to turn off in order to avoid breakdowns of the device.

The first indicated figure on the pressure gauge is perfect. But what to do if the indicators differ from the established standards. How can you interpret the numbers on the manifold of the manometer:

  • If the pressure does not reach the 6th atmospheres a little, then this most likely indicates that the device is small in its dimensions.
  • If the manometer gives out 5 atmospheres and below, then, in the predominant majority of cases, such data are suitable for single.chamber household appliances.
  • If the mark is less than 4 atmosphere. it is non.working. Its replacement is required.

Those who have a manometer in the home arsenal, with the help of this device (if you have experience), can be extremely accurately and quickly help to determine any of the possible faults.

If during the given manipulations it is not possible to solve the problem, you should install the engine in place and without connecting the starting relay, take the measurements again with the tester.

note! Such actions are permissible only to conduct only an experienced specialist who has admission to work with electricity. Otherwise, you can get a mortal shock.

The engine is connected according to a specially installed circuit through the cord.

After the scheme is collected, the indicators are measured on the wire, which approaches the device. over, he must issue at least 1.1 amperes by 120 volts of voltage and 140 W power.

We pay attention once again that the last manipulation can be performed exclusively by the master specialist.

Dismantling and replacing the compressor

If a problem is detected, then the part should be replaced. To do this, you can use the services of the master or arrange all the repair work yourself. This is done when the winding becomes unusable or there is a breakdown of any other component of the part.

We hope that in the question of how to check the compressor of the refrigerator, there are no dark spots and uncertainty left for you.

It is also necessary after repair work to pour oil into the compressor. This is a prerequisite for the normal operation of bearings and preventing the rapid wear of parts as a result of friction.

Even if you cannot completely eliminate all the breakdowns independently, you will receive accurate information about faulty details.

All of the above steps will help to replace the compressor in the refrigerator with your own hands. But if for some reason, some points remained incomprehensible, then you can use the video presented, where all manipulations are examined in detail.

Checking the compressor operation using a pressure gauge

Checking the electric motor did not reveal defects, but the refrigerator does not cold. You need to check the compressor’s operation using a manometer to make sure the compressor shakes and the valve group is in good. To do this, we attach the manometer to the compressor’s injection fitting, turn on the compressor, pressure 6 atm. And continues to grow. The compressor is working.

Checking the value of the current consumed compressor electric motor

It is necessary to enable the compressor and check the current consumed by the compressor. If the indication of the working current is 1.3 A at the power of the electric motor 140 W, then the parameter corresponds to the norm. Thus, knowing the power and value of the working current of the tested electric motor, it is possible to determine the serviceability of the compressor. With a significant excess of the working current, you can immediately assume an inter.flip circuit in the electric motor winding. Such an engine will not work for long.

Now you have learned the basics of independent check of the compressor. You should not conduct testing if you haven’t done this before. The correct decision would be the master’s call, especially if the refrigerator is under warranty, you must contact the service center.

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