How to check the corner grinder multimeter. Checking the indicator of short -closed turns (IKZ)

How to call the corner grinder multimeter

Corner grinder is a construction tool used in cutting and processing the edges of various solid materials, such as stone, metal, wood, etc.D.

The rotor is part of the angular grinder engine rotating during the working process, setting in motion other components and parts of the electric tool. The quality of the cutting and grinding tool and the duration of operation of the device depends on the work of this important part.

The rotor control is carried out in two ways. A preventive examination and by determining the cause of non.Service, if the breakdown has already happened.

Power, revolutions and diameter of the equipment

Given the significant difference in the parameters between different models of corner grinding machines, the question arises which is better to buy a corner grinder for a house or work? It should be determined: to perform what operations it is necessary, what are the volume of the estimated work.

Rotational speed

One of the main parameters angular grinder is the linear rotation speed of the circle, which depends on the diameter of the circle. The optimal value for this indicator is 80 m/s, a significant deviation of the speed in the direction of increase will lead to the destruction of the circle. A lower speed causes rapid disk wear. There are five types of corner grinders that differ in size of the used cuts.

The dependence of the spindle rotation frequency on the diameter of the working disc is as follows:

Data on the permissible speed of rotation of the cutting circle for each specific model must be indicated on a special plate, which is attached to the case. The value of the torque should be sufficient to overcome the resulting friction force and maintain the necessary cutting rate. This characteristic is determined by the nominal power of the electrical engine of the corner grinder.

Corner grinder power

The nominal power of the Bulgarians ranges from 650 to 2700 W, and depends on the diameter of the disk used. Accordingly, corner grinding machines, designed for large diameter disks, have more powerful drives. With such parameters, the electric motor provides an effort on the cutting edge of the circle sufficient for effective effects on the processed material.

For normal functioning, it is necessary that the power consumption of the angular grinder with a 125 mm disks diameter is at least 750 W. Over, the larger the diameter of the permissible equipment, the more powerful the engine should be. So in models with a 230 mm equipment diameter, which are designed for intensive operation on construction sites, the engine power consumption should be at least 2200 W.

The diameter of the equipment

Be sure to decide on which diameter of the equipment will be sufficient for your needs. Remember that using circles of the diameter of which is more permissible. Of course, you can do this by removing the protective casing, but such manipulations are prohibited, as they can lead to injury to the operator.

It is especially dangerous to use a corner grinder without a protective casing when working with metal disks with hard.Wandered attacks, which flying around can cause significant harm to health until death. If you have such a desire, just find a photo of people on the Internet who received injuries to neglect the safety when working with a corner grinder and this desire will disappear forever.

The diameter of the equipment is deeply related to such a parameter as the depth of the cut. This moment is especially important if you are going to cut borders and other materials with a large thickness with a corner grinder with the help of a corner grinder. The depth of the model cut with a 125 mm disk diameter is only 30 mm. 35 mm, depending on the model. All because it is completely to immerse the circle into the material, the dimensions of the gearbox will not allow.

Of course cut a curb stone, you can make cuts from two sides. But making such a cut is more high.Quality, and it will take more time for it. Therefore, if you have to constantly cut such materials, then you should look towards the “Bulgarian” with the maximum disk diameter. 230 mm.

Corner grinder with a small working circle is unprofitable for cutting super.Hard materials, and large models are inconvenient for grinding the car body.

Visual inspection

A malfunction can be detected with uneven heating of the tool body. Touching your hand, you feel the temperature difference in different places of the case. In this case, the tool must be disassembled and checked by the tester and other methods.

In case of short circuit of stator turns and the search for malfunctions, we are primarily inspection of the turns and conclusions. As a rule, when closed, the current force passing through the windings increases, and their overheating occurs.

There is a greater short circuit in the stator windings and the insulation layer is damaged. Therefore, we begin to determine the malfunctions of a visual inspection. If there are no burns and damaged isolation, then we proceed to the following stage.

Perhaps the cause of the breakdown of the voltage regulator that occurs with an increase in excitation currents. To detect the problem, brushes are checked, they must be extended evenly and not have chips and damage. Then you should check with a light bulb and 2 batteries.

How to change the old gearbox for a new

Corner grinders differ in size, power, manufacturers, but the principle of componing components is the same. The new anchor of the angular grinder engine is selected strictly in accordance with the model of your tool.

  • After unscrewing all the mounting bolts of the casing, case and gearbox, we take out the gearbox with an anchor from the case. Usually the gearbox and anchor are firmly attached to each other. To disconnect them, it is necessary to disassemble the gearbox.
  • Unscrew the mounting bolts.
  • The rotor shaft is screwed to the gearbox body with a nut. Unscrew it. Remove the gear.
  • Next, there is a bearing. To remove it, sometimes it is enough to knock a wooden bar along the gearbox body. But most often a boiled bearing is not removed without some tricks. Between the impeller and the bearing there is a plate that is screwed with two bolts to the gearbox. To get to them, break off a piece of plastic impeller or burn two symmetrical holes with a warm nail. The second hole is necessary for balancing if you are not going to change the impeller.
  • Unscrew both bolts, tap the wooden bar along the gearbox, and the anchor will disconnect from it. In this case, the bearing will remain on the shaft. Remove all bearings from the shaft with the shooter.

Standard diagnostics

Before you take the diagnostic device, inspect the anchor. It may be damaged. If the wiring is melted, the burnt insulation varnish will leave black traces or a specific smell. You can see bent and crumpled turns or conductive particles, for example, the remnants of the solder. These particles are the cause of a short circuit between turns. Lamels have bent edges called cocks to connect with the winding.

Due to violation of these contacts, the lamella is burned out.

Other damage to the collector: raised, worn or burnt plates. Graphite from brushes can accumulate between the lamels, which also indicates a short circuit.

How to check the serviceability of the stator

The stator is the motionless part of the electric motor designed to create an electromagnetic field in which the rotor rotates (the moving part of the motor). Among the possible causes of the malfunction of the corner grinding machine. Ugly grinding, “corner grinding”. Includes a break or short circuit of the turns of the winding (coil) of the stator.

Device for checking the anchors and stators of electric machines

Another device with which you can believe the stator of the corner grinder is a device for verifying anchors and stators of electrical machines PUNS 5. The device has light and sound alarms, allows you to detect an interval closing of windings, break, measure the insulation resistance of the coils.

The device operates in two modes. “Anchor” and “Stator”. Change of mode occurs using a switch. The device is equipped with a convenient device for installing and fixing the engine checked. It consists of two paws attached to the shaft. The legs move freely along the shaft, which allows you to change the distance between them and check engines of different sizes. Verification is carried out using two probes. For a cliff or short circuit, special red LEDs and sound signal indicate on the stator winding. Read more the check procedure is described in the instructions for the device.

Carefully check the stator of the angular grinding machine is relatively simple. But you can do this only using special devices. Therefore, if a visual inspection confirmed that the cause of the malfunction of the corner grinder is a spoiled stature, it is better to further check and repair in a specialized workshop.

Possible reasons

Factors causing the stator failure:

Signs by which you can understand that the stator is faulty:

  • The smell of burning insulation appears.
  • The case overheats.
  • Smoke appears.
  • The rotation of the shaft slows down or stops.
  • The shaft spontaneously spontaneously spaces, the tool is dramatically gaining maximum speed.

The wires of the winding are covered with a protective layer of insulating varnish. When overheating, it burns out and destroys. This causes a short circuit of the turns. The varnish at the same time makes a specific smell. The closure of only one of the wires completely disables the corner grinder.

Rules that will help to avoid overheating of the engine angular grinder:

  • Turn off the device after working at low speeds not immediately, but after about one minute.
  • When working under load at low speeds, make frequent breaks.

Often you can avoid replacing a faulty stator by rewinding its winding. The rewinding of a spoiled coil of the stator of the corner grinding stator can be done with your own hands, but it is recommended to entrust this work to a specialist.

Checking the serviceability of the stator

The stator is a motionless part of the electric motor, creating an electromagnetic field in which the rotor rotates. The reason for the refusal is often either a short circuit or a break in the windings (coil) of the stator.

Step.By.Step instructions

You can also check the stator using a multimeter:

  • The probes connectors are inserted into the appropriate nests on the tester housing.
  • The device is installed in the resistance measurement mode. The measurement range is placed from 20 Ohms to 200 Ohms.
  • The probes are alternately brought to the windings and fix the readings on the screen.

We decipher the results

  • The tester everywhere fixes the same resistance. The coil of the stator (winding) is in good.
  • At some points, the resistance differs. There is a short circuit in the winding, or there is a break in one of the turns.

Thus, having at your disposal even the easiest multimeter, you can determine the nature of the malfunction of the corner grinder and make a balanced decision about whether it is worth repairing or better to purchase a new one. Although, for diagnosis, it is better to take the tool to the workshop, where there are more opportunities and devices for expert opinion.

Now you know how to check the angular grinder by multimeter.

Question answer

Question: So, after all, what to correctly call the moving part of the rotor or “anchor” engine?

Answer: As for the corner grinder, both terms are used in relation to the rotating part of the electric motor.

Milwaukee M18 grinder

Question: Which multimeter is best used to call corner grinders?

Answer: You can equally successfully use both types. Both analog and digital. Both devices will equally effectively show the magnitude of the parameters of interest. But non.Professionals more often use digital.

Question: Is it possible to rewind the rotor winding at home if, when a multimeter is a multimeter, a flavor of the winding was found?

Answer: If you are well versed in electrical engineering and specifically in electric motors, you can take a chance. But for this you will need to work extremely carefully, observing the winding scheme and avoiding damage to the collector’s contacts when removing the burned winding.

check, corner, grinder, multimeter

Question: Before impregnating a new winding of a crossed rotor, you need to check it with a multimeter?

Answer: To exclude the presence of a breakdown of a fresh winding, it must be checked by a multimeter. And only after that you can warm up the anchor and impregnate a new winding with epoxy resin.

Expert’s opinion Strebizh Viktor Pavlovich, I ask any questions expert and electrician, I will help me!

You need to understand that the anchor of a small engine of a construction tool has a winding and a magnetic circuit where the rotation shaft is located. If you do not understand something, write to me!

Diagnostics by the anchors checking device (throttle)

Throttle is a small transformer that has only the primary winding. A special magnetic gap is cut in his core, which is used to determine the closure.

During diagnosis, the rotor must be placed in the gap and enable the device. Then you need to anchor the iron plate. If she begins to vibrate, then there is a closure.

check, corner, grinder, multimeter

Checking and repairing the anchor of the corner grinder

What wants to see the prime owner of the house in his “baggage” of power tools? Everyone, without hesitation, will answer this question for a second. The drill. And immediately add. And, of course, an angular grinder! After all, it is she who will help to cut metal, ceramics, brick, concrete, asphalt, stone or wood; perform work on arranging niches, arched and doorways. Using this power tool, you can clean the surfaces from rust, soldering spray and influx; get rid of welds or just polish the metal to shine. Corner grinder will become an indispensable assistant in other types of home repairs.

Whatever the corner grinder (corner grinder) has a reliable design, during operation, some nodes and parts fail. A breakdown of anchor working in fairly strict conditions is often the reason for the lack of normal functioning of the electric drive. In the article, the master plumber will consider the methods of repairing or replacing the anchor of the corner grinder.

The anchor of the angular grinder engine is a conductive winding and a magnetic circuit in which the rotation shaft is pressed. He has a lead gear at one end, on the other a collector with lamellas. The magnetic circuit consists of grooves and soft plates covered with varnish for isolation from each other.

How to Use an Angle Grinder

In the grooves, according to a special scheme, two anchor winding guides are laid. Each conductor makes up a half of the turns, the ends of which are paired on the lamella. The beginning of the first round and the end of the latter are in one groove, so they are closed to one lamel.

check, corner, grinder, multimeter

By purchasing a power tool, few people think that someday he will fail. Breakage happens to any electric tool, regardless of the price and the manufacturer’s company.

  • Club of conductors.
  • Interpretation close.
  • The breakdown of isolation to the mass is the closure of the winding on the metal case of the rotor. Occurs due to the destruction of isolation.
  • Slopics of collector conclusions.
  • Uneven wear of the collector.

The main causes of the breakdowns of the Bulgarians, including their anchors, can be considered:

  • Mechanical wear. Brushes most often suffer.
  • Non.Compliance with the operational “passport” mode of operation. Anchor and stator.
  • Overload and voltage surges in the mains. Stator and rotor.
  • The failure of small details. Bearings, fixers, nuts, washers, etc.
  • Falling, blows and other careless attitude to angular grinder. Hull breakdown.
  • Lack of preventive cleaning. Gearbox malfunctions or breakdown of the VCL button./Off.

If the anchor is faulty, the engine overheating occurs, the insulation of the winding is melted, the turns are shortened shortly. Contacts connecting the anchor winding to the collector plates are soldered. The current supply stops and the engine stops working.

The volume of repair work allows you to determine competent diagnosis of rotor damage. The specifics of the formation of defects that most appear when overheating of the corner grinding of the grinder during prolonged work at increased loads allows you to determine them visually.

Standard diagnosis involves a visual analysis of the device. It is necessary to analyze the integrity of the wire and the supply of current to the motor collector. With normal feeding, the angular grinder should be examined from the inside. To disassemble the device will not be difficult. It is best to photograph the location of the main modules of the device when analyzing. After disassembling, conduct a visual test of the anchor on the following properties:

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