How to check the Magneto chainsaws with a multimeter. How to determine the integrated ignition?

How to Test a Lawnmower Coil

Lighting system device on a walk.Behind

The ignition coil allows you to convert a low.Voltage electric pulse coming from a current source to a high.Voltage impulse, without which it is impossible to get a spark. It can have from 1 to 3 petals in the shutter of an electric breakdown. Depending on the technical characteristics of the power plant, the clearance of breakdown can be within 0.4–1.1 mm. To ensure confident ignition, the voltage of the electric impulse should be at least 10 kV. In this case, it should be remembered about the possible drop in voltage in the conductors and therefore the coil should produce an impulse in 12–20 kV.

Such stress can pose a serious danger to people and this is especially true for those who suffer from various heart disease. When checking a faulty coil, it is necessary to show maximum caution, because even standard rubber gloves cannot guarantee complete safety. The principle of operation of this element resembles an autotransformer. To create the primary winding, a copper wire is used, covered with insulating varnish. Most often the number of turns is 100-200. The secondary winding consists of a thinner conductor, but has 2000-3000 turns.

During the operation of the power plant, the fist mechanism located in the trambler rotates. The main task of this element is to open the contacts. When a short opening occurs, a large force current passes through the primary winding. This leads to the appearance of induction in the secondary winding, and the high.Voltage impulse is transmitted to the gap of the candle.

This ignition scheme was used in cars for a long time. Its main disadvantage can be considered the burning of contacts due to the passage of a large current through them. Often, owners of vehicles complemented the factory circuit with a simple electronic amplifier.

Today the situation has changed and manufacturers are actively using more reliable devices instead of interruptions, for example, Hall sensor. If the user needs to know how to check the ignition coil of the chainsaws with a multimeter, then this procedure is carried out similarly to the one that is performed for testing car candles.

The main malfunctions and their elimination

If you run the saw the first time, there may be several reasons. Most often, the problem is related to the spark plug:

  • Wear of the electrode or damage to the ceramic insulator;
  • Loose fit of a removable cap (if any);
  • The sparking along the ceramic winding, a sign of which is the brown residue on the outer shell;
  • Cracks in the cap of candles (saw with such a problem will continue to work, but can hurt the user when touching).

If there were no problems with the candle, it is recommended to inspect the wires coming from the coil. They can be broken or have other mechanical damage. Ruptures of the wires inside the isolation are possible, therefore, sometimes these disorders cannot be detected by visual examination.

The cause of the breakdown may be shutdown. It is easy to check them. To do this, disconnect the wires from the module, and then check the ignition. If after disconnecting the spark appears, then the switch must be replaced.

Failed search algorithm

In all other cases, the search for ignition malfunctions begin at the end and in order. After each step, check the spark.

  • Change the old candle to the guaranteed working.
  • If the model has a removable candle cap, it is removed, a bare candle wire is closed to a mass with a gap, approximately like a candle. Pull the starter. If there is a spark, problems in the cap. It is eliminated.
  • Change the candle wire where the ability to dismantle it from the source is provided.
  • Visually inspect the wires from the switch. With vibration, in case of contact with metal, they can be damaged. If there is a friction place, the wire is changed, even if there is no external insulation damage. To check the wire, you can use a tester or multimeter.

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On this, small and easily eliminated problems end. If the problem is not solved, then the reason is more serious. Modern coils and ignition systems on most chainsaws are very reliable. They are designed for the life of even more than the entire chainsaw in general. They do not have mechanical moving details, as in old cam systems. They are insulated enough from clogging and moisture.

If an interval closing in a coil occurs in a random factory marriage or electronics fails, these parts are not subject to repair. It will take a replacement for new.

There is not a rare breakdown of a mechanical property. Due to wear or destruction of the crankshaft bearing on it, backlash appears. And then the magnetic rotor begins to touch the case of the ignition system, inside which it rotates. This is a serious breakdown. It will be necessary to “cut” (disassemble) the entire engine, replace the bearing, and collect everything in place.

Causes of problems

Когда бензопила не запускается с первого раза, рекомендуется осмотреть провода, которые связны с катушкой. So you can find:

Important! Damage to internal isolation during examination cannot be identified.

If everything is in order with the initial assessment of the coil, you need to look for the cause of the breakdown in the toggle switch (you need to disconnect the module from the wires). Do not know how to check the ignition on the chainsaw? To start:

  • Assess the state of the electrode (it can fail due to wear), check the integrity of the insulator from ceramics;
  • Examine the removable valve, which should fit tightly (not in all models it is removed);
  • Brown plaque on ceramics of the winding indicates a walking spark;
  • Looking for a crack in a candle (sometimes a cap is cracking).

Carefully inspect the coil for the presence of traces of fuel. The candle should be dry (the traces of deposits should have a light color). If you find excess fuel, then the problem may be in the carburetor, which, supplying a large amount of gasoline, floods the candle. In addition, plaque may indicate a change in the geometry of such components of a chainsaw as a piston and cylinder.

A thorough check

If the preliminary assessment of the state of the coil did not give results, you need to carry out a thorough diagnosis.

  • Experts recommend taking the multimeter and check the level of resistance of the coil. Learn the optimal indicators of your model (this information is in the instructions for the chainsaw). Keep in mind that sometimes the “call” ends with the “chain rupture” indication, you should not panic, since semiconductor parts are used in many saws. A positive result of the audit indicates the presence of a malfunction.
  • Checking the serviceability of an electrical circuit. The cable is leaning against the gap between the cylinder and the reel. In the absence of a spark of breakdown, we can conclude that the malfunction of the high.Voltage cable, damage to internal isolation.
  • Verification of the presence of a spark (a special device is also used). The testing device is placed between the output of the coil and the flask flag (this place is called the rupture of the chain). Pay attention to the data displayed on the measuring device screen, compare them with optimal for your chainsaw. This method of verification can be allowed in “home” not all, since special equipment is expensive.
  • Performing homemade ignition. This test involves the use of a candle. It is taken out and leaning against the cylinder body, while starting the starter. Follow the spark. The method is not the most reliable due to the non-standard speed of rotation of the flywheel (since the position of the candle is unnatural), but many masters actively use it.

In the field, when the above methods of ignition testing are not available, resort to this method.

  • For the method, you will need a clove without a hat, which is placed close to the cylinder. 7 millimeters from it. Keep care so as not to damage the part.
  • Pull the starter and follow the spark. If it appears and will be bright, there is no malfunctions.

The method is useful if there is no electronic nodes. In addition, you will have to adhere to such rules.

  • Do not unscrew the candle completely so as not to accelerate the rotation of the flywheel. This will negatively affect the engine work.
  • The candle is placed so that the distance between it and the cylinder is no less than that recommended taking into account the compression model of saw and dielectric properties of the used fuel mixture (on average placed at a distance of 7 millimeters).

How to check the ignition coil of the chainsaw?

If after setting up the necessary gap, the household chainsaws still do not start, then the coil itself is faulty. To determine the exact cause of the breakdown, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Check the part by the device that measures the presence of a spark. For this, the device must be connected to the rupture of the electrocope between the high.Voltage factory wire of the standard coil and the candle;
  • Make measurements of the resistance of a standard coil. This method is not often used, since the owner of a household saw needs to know the exact values ​​of the reel resistance in advance. In addition, in addition to inductive coil, the ignition contains certain semiconductor elements that help to form the necessary high.Voltage pulse. Problems in them can only be determined after preliminary heating. To measure the resistance, you need to disconnect the cap and armored pipeline from the coil. In an inexperienced user, this can cause difficulties, therefore, this kind of test is best carried out only in specialized workshops;
  • Check the coil directly using a candle. For this, the standard candle will need to be twisted and attach it to the cylinder. Next, you need to sharply pull the plastic handle of the built.In starter and observe the spark formed between the contacts of the candle used. It should be noted that this method gives only an approximate understanding of the serviceability of the factory coil. The fact is that the candle used at the time of verification is not under the desired pressure, as a result of which the standard flywheel, due to the lack of the necessary compression, will initially rotate faster.

How to set a ignition on a chainsaw

The ignition of the chainsaw should be adjusted periodically. This action implies the proper gap of the spark plug between the coil and the flywheel. The parameter depends on the chainsaw model. It is indicated in the operating instructions. The average value is the parameter 0.2-0.4 mm. The presence of the correct clearance is important for the spark to appear at the right time, t. E. Not earlier and not much later than the supply of fuel.

Special templates will help adjust the ignition on the chainsaw, but it is not always advisable to purchase them for one.Time use. Therefore, they can be replaced with homemade. For its manufacture, you need to cut a strip from a plastic bottle. The part of the container where there is no relief embossing is suitable. After that, you can install the ignition, acting in the following sequence:

  • Unscrew a little ignition bolts for weakening.
  • Magnets located on the flywheel, lead to the ignition coil.
  • Squeeze the plastic plate between the flywheel and the coil, and then tighten the bolts back.
  • Remove the strip.
  • Scroll the flywheel into the full revolution several times in a row, while you need to ensure that it does not cling anywhere.

If during the diagnosis any malfunctions of the coil were identified and it did not work out, then the part should be replaced, since the repair is inappropriate.

Characteristic malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Now consider the main malfunctions of Magneto:

Set the magneto clearance: Partner, McCulloch, Jonsered

  • Contrices in sparking. There may be several reasons, as well as ways to solve them. This is the oxidation or burning of contacts, a violation of the clearance of the clearance, wear of the pillow of the lever of the interruption device, a broken condenser element. Outdoor elements are subject to replacement, and the cesspool gaps should be adjusted. If the problem is in contacts, they need to be changed or cleaned.
  • Lack of sparks. The reason may consist in the cliffing of the transformer wiring, the closure of a mass or a breakdown of the insulating layer on a high.Voltage cable. If the problem is in the transformer, then the node changes, if the closing, then it should be eliminated, and if the reason is the breakdown of the insulation, then the cable must simply be changed.
  • If the spark is too weak, then most likely, the reason is a broken capacitor, which will also need to be changed.

Replacement of fast.Omiting details

If you do not replace the fast.Intake parts in time, their excessive wear will adversely affect the remaining nodes of the chainsaw. In particular, if you do not change the tire and leading star in time, increased vibration will adversely affect the crankshaft bearings. 2 How to check the magnet module. The ignition module of the chainsaw. The maximum depth of production of sprocket teeth should be 0.5 mm. In practice, stars are often exploited to depth of wear of one mm or more. Not suspecting that this leads to an increased load on the crankshaft bearings and their accelerated failure. With wear of 3-4 chains, it is necessary to change the tire itself, by this time its wear and tear reaches the limiting values.

The tire of the chainsaw wears out especially in the zone, the cutting of which is performed most often, usually. This is the lower side of the guide tire. For uniform wear, with each chain replacement, the tire must be turned 180 ° relative to the horizontal axis.

When installing a new chain, you should put a new leading star. Since with normal load, the service life of the leading star is twice as much as the service life of the chain, it is advisable to use one star for alternating work of two circuits. Thanks to this, the star and chains wear out almost simultaneously. If a new chain is placed on a worn sprocket, then the leading links of the chain wear out much faster. For profitable operation of the chainsaw, always consume together: one guide tire, two chain stars, four saw chains.

Electronic ignition for the Friendship and Ural chainsaws: performance verification, independent repair

The main question that buyers ask themselves is the easiest: how to buy the right product? But even little.Known brands have more than a dozen tools of the tool, not to mention world.Famous companies. How to choose the right? To do this, you should figure out what the main characteristics of the chainsaws mean, why they are highlighted and whether large numbers always mean high performance, and not just high cost.

Technical parameters are directly related to the design of the tool and the principle of its operation. For example, the power, permissible sizes of the saw headset depend on the volume and type of engine. From the design and the materials used. Weight.

check, magneto, chainsaws, multimeter, determine

In general, the design of the chainsaw is a motor, the mechanisms of transmission of torque and the saw blade. Between themselves, the engine and the circuit connect the gearbox (transmission system) and the adhesion system. The saw canvas is a tire with a chain placed on it. Since the chainsaw engine is two.Stroke, it has 2 tanks. Oil (for lubrication of the chain) and fuel (for the fuel mixture).

The fuel mixture is used, not gasoline, due to the structure of a two-stroke engine that does not have a separate tank for lubricating its internal elements.

The work of the tool is as follows: when the user pulls the “lace” of the starter. The crankshaft is spinning. In the event that a sufficient amount of fuel mixture in the tank, then a spark plug is triggered at one of the revolutions. The spark is ignited by the mixture.

She, burning, distinguishes that increase in the volume of the gases that pushes the piston.This element is connected through a connecting rod with a crankshaft, which by inertia goes to the second revolution, thereby continuing the process again without the participation of external forces. When the saw is launched, the engine begins to spin the leading star.

check, magneto, chainsaws, multimeter, determine

The saw blade is attached to it, and the chain, driven by an asterisk, begins to “walk” in the grooves of the tire. The lubricant of the chain occurs automatically when moving. At the end of the work, turning off the chainsaw, you can notice that a certain amount of lubricant flows from it.This is an inexplicable oil remaining in the grooves.

check, magneto, chainsaws, multimeter, determine

Engine volumes, fuel tank and oil tank

The size and capacity of the engine directly affect the power of the saw, the greater it, the more energy is released for the movement of the piston. The volume also indicates what fuel consumption produces a saw for a certain time. It should be borne in mind that if the engine volume does not correspond to the capacity of the saw, this reduces its work resource due to the inefficiency of use.

The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is from 0.3 to 1 liter. In accordance with this, the oil for oil is 1.5-2 times less. This difference in volumes helps with a full load on the tool to spend the fuel mixture and oil with almost the same speed (about 30-50 minutes).

In the saw of the domestic class, the engine volume reaches 40 cubic meters.Cm, this is 1.5-2 hours without refueling. Semi.Professional saws capable of working for 8 hours have a engine up to 60 cubic meters.Cm, and professional up to 121 cubic meters.Cm. Models with a large volume are additionally equipped with elements of launching.Power

check, magneto, chainsaws, multimeter, determine

The larger the engine volume, the more powerful the drank, and, therefore, more productive. The speed and intensity of the saw. This indicator is measured in “horsepower” or in kW (1l.With. = 0.735 kW). Depending on the power of the saw, they are divided into classes and areas of application.Up to 2 kW. Households 0.74 to 2.94 kW. Semi.Professional

Chainsaws with high power require additional physical efforts during operation and knowledge of safe use techniques, since it is quite difficult to manage such a tool. The capacity of the equipment can decrease due to the natural wear of the components, the use of low-quality fuel mixture and an incorrectly selected saw headset.The weight

Nominally, the weight of the saw is the amount of engine weight and the hull with the handles. Knowing weight, you can also make an idea of ​​the functional affiliation of equipment: household saws weigh on average from 2 to 5 kg.

They do not need high power and the main requirement for them is the convenience and simplicity of performing periodic small works (harvesting of firewood, cutting branches).Semi-professional saws weigh a little more-5-7 kg, which indicates higher power, and, accordingly, the expansion of the front of the work.

Since this type of saw is often used as knobs, the design provides lightweight tires.

As for professional saws, the weight of the most powerful of them can reach 11 kg.

They are “facilitated” by the use of lighter alloys (mainly based on magnesium) for the production of a cylinder and a crankcase. The goal is to make the tool easier, but not to reduce the resource of work, reliability and safety during the operation of the goods.

In fact, the master when using a chainsaw experiences the load of not only these elements, but also the weight of the saw headset, completely filled with fuel and oil tanks. Therefore, if a small mass is an important criterion, it is worth giving preference to domestic and one.Handed saws. They are easier than the rest.

This parameter becomes decisive when choosing a bronation tool. Cutting the upper branches and throughout the crown of the tree. Heavy chainsaw in this case is not only not effective, but also dangerous. The maneuverability is low, and the mass and vibration of a powerful engine will quickly lead to the fatigue of the master, it is difficult to hold on weight and it is completely impossible to do it with one hand.

Therefore, for this type of work, they recommend a specialized, lightweight tool.

It should also be borne in mind that people who are contraindicated by intensive physical activity are not recommended to use chainsaws, the weight of which exceeds 5 kg.

For work, a professional tool needs good physical training, t.To. For such safety saws, a belt mount is not provided due to high risk in case of unforeseen complications in operation (a tree fall, for example). The operator must have time to let go of the tool, and not be freed from it.

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