How to Check the Oil Seals on a Husqvarna Gas Saw

The machine stops at any load. the reasons?

Often “blame” errors in the carburetor adjustment, lack of tightness, air leakage through the carburetor gasket or crankshaft oil seals.

It is more expedient and efficient to remove these defects in special services, because this requires special tools.

If saw does not work under load, it won’t hold revolutions even at idle speed. The first step in diagnosis is always to check for leaks in the carburetor and then in the crankcase. If there is air leaking through the crankshaft oil seals, they definitely need to be replaced. With air leaks, it makes sense to install the gaskets from the repair kit.

If all of the above has not saved, the carburetor and the crankcase are 100% tight, you can take up the carburetor adjustment. It is logical, because if the choke is not removed, then there will be more fuel in the mixture than necessary, if the crankcase is sealed. It is logical that its consumption will increase, and the fouling will prevent the owner of the saw from normal sawing.

Certain chainsaws have special hoses to keep the fuel pump running. They transmit the air pulse from the crankcase directly to the pump. If such a hose suddenly fractures, the unit will not be able to operate with the load at all.

The proprietors of Husqvarna 137 and especially Husqvarna 142 series domestic saws have to take the pulse hose for immediate check if they have any troubles, as it is most often the root of troubles!

Replacing the Crankshaft Oil Seals on Partner Chainsaws

Husqvarna 340 Oil Seal Bearing Even the most reliable saws fail during operation due to excessive loads or mechanical damage. Abby Benz.

Husqvarna 340/345/350 BP (pair) “WINZ.

Husqvarna 340/345/350 (pair) “WINZOR” Oil Seals Even the most reliable saws fail due to overloading or mechanical damage.

Oil Seals for Husqvarna 365 PSU.

Husqvarna PSU 365 While working, even the most reliable saws malfunction because of overloading or mechanical damage. For chain saws.

Husqvarna 562XP Crank Seal Diagnosis

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Excerpt from the catalog of the specialized site is a single copy of spare parts, as well as kits. Speaking of the Huskvarn crankshaft oil seal, then this part is offered in a pair of kits. left and right, as well as the nozzle. with the bearing inside. This type of gasket serves to seal the crankcase, and if old, worn or damaged oil seals are leaking air and then fluid, dirt and dust, they should be replaced immediately.

BenzoZip store offers for sale crankshaft gaskets for different models of Huskvarna chainsaws. Some are suitable for more than one, others for one. It is important to make the right choice, and then the tool body will be attached as a crankshaft to which the bearing seals are directly attached.

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  • The first thing to decide before you buy. Is the need to purchase the oil seals or parts separately, along with the bearings inside the. If you are in doubt about the performance of the latter, it is better to get a complete set.
  • Carefully review the catalog and look for products in your chainsaw brand.
  • Decide on the brand. It will be an original Husqvarna or a solid analog. Consider the wide range of Chinese spare parts, including high-quality pieces.
  • Compare the outside diameter of the potential purchase with the old part. they must be evenly matched.
  • The inside diameter is just as important.
  • The thickness of the product. a third important aspect to look for.
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The unit should be cleaned of sawdust with oil after each use. They accumulate under the cover of the chainwheel. You also need to wipe the inside of the cover. If this is not done, the sawdust will be compressed and it will be difficult to remove it in the future.

After cleaning, you should inspect the tire for potholes and burrs. If they are present, it is better to file them. In order for the bar to wear evenly, it must be turned over every cycle. You also need to take regular care of the chain, cleaning it of sawdust and sharpening. This can be done by yourself or have it serviced by a specialized service center.

Chainsaws are widely used at home and in industry. In carrying out construction and repair and garden work, you simply can not do without them, as well as equipment of the world famous company Husqvarna, which produces reliable and practical in use products. Technics of the brand is characterized by impeccable quality and excellent performance. However, even the most powerful equipment can fail over time. There can be many reasons for this: from normal wear and tear to improper use, which leads to malfunctions of the tool. But if you need to buy parts for chain saws Husqvarna, then choose the online-market “Benzomoto”.

Of course, to give a chainsaw to be repaired. is not the most pleasant thing to do. This is an additional expense, which consists of payment for services and the purchase of spare parts. But such situations are easy to avoid if you use quality components. Only buy from reputable suppliers. This will help maintain the functionality of the devices, as well as by following simple rules on the use of the tool:

  • to prevent the motor from overheating during operation, try to adhere to the manufacturer’s requirements regarding the load. If you will use the unit of the domestic model above the permissible level, then you will soon need to buy the original spare parts;
  • Use a quality fuel mixture, otherwise over time the components will fall into disrepair due to the huge amount of impurities in the composition;
  • Be as careful as possible when refueling the unit. It is important not to spill fuel past the tank. Debris can adhere to soiled parts, which in a very short time will lead to their complete failure;
  • it is important to check the braking system all the time. This will help increase operating safety and save you the additional cost of purchasing parts;
  • If you use the tool on a daily basis, the condition of the spark plugs should be checked regularly. With intensive use of chain saws, they should be constantly replaced, the more so that they are affordable. In addition, replacing the spark plugs will cost you many times less than repairing all the equipment.
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Recommendations for Chainsaw Clutch Replacement

In addition to the basic rules of operation described in the previous section, it is worth remembering about some nuances when replacing the clutch. Use only original manufacturer’s parts. this is the guarantee of a long and productive tool. The clutch thread on all chainsaws from any manufacturer is always left-handed. Before removing the clutch, carefully remove all dirt and dust from the tool to prevent it from getting inside. When reassembling, be sure to replace all small parts such as washers and bearings. Watch the installation of special spring (not all chainsaws have it). if it is not installed correctly oil will not flow to the saw bar.

Chainsaw for the economic man. an indispensable tool that comes to the rescue when carrying out logging work of varying volume, the implementation of construction projects from a bar, improvement of private estates, garden, yard, on the farm.

The power unit consists of several important components, including the clutch. Often a tool can malfunction because of a faulty chainsaw clutch. This is a typical breakdown faced by chainsaw owners, regardless of its class, power, model and manufacturer. To fix the clutch or at least accurately diagnose the cause of the breakdown, operators need to know how to unscrew the clutch on a chainsaw. This knowledge will not only allow you to carry out forced repair work, but also planned cleaning, inspection for preventive purposes. Don’t forget that the clutch and its serviceability affect the long and efficient operation of the tool.

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Crankshaft oil seal for chain saw Husqvarna 137, 142, JONSERED CS2137, CS2138, PARTNER

SABER products.Serbia offers a large range of quality spare parts for chainsaws and brushcutters. In the assortment of the company. guide bars, chainsaw chains, drive sprockets, carburetors, crankshafts, bearings, piston groups, cutting string and thousands of other important parts. Special attention should be paid to machinery. Chainsaws, brushcutters, motor-pumps, engines, generators, which has high exploitation characteristics and year by year becomes more and more popular among common users of garden tools. Thanks to modern materials and proven innovative technologies SABER tools are reliable, comfortable and easy to use.Main consumables for chainsaws are guide bars and chains. And last but not least, the performance of the tool depends on their quality.SABER guide rails are made of unique alloy, which has high wear resistance and allows to have in stock not only guide rails for domestic, but also for professional use. Chains are made on the newest equipment, with observance of modern technologies. Quality of the SABER chain has been verified by repeated testing both in household conditions and in forestry, and its moderate price allows it to compete with famous brands. Chain and guide bar as well as oil and grease produced by SABER provide for safe and reliable work of every tool.For brushcutters the basic consumables are: brushcutter line, cutting heads and blades. SABER brushcutter blades are the product of cooperation with leading companies in the field.The range of lines is as follows (shape of the cross-section). Twisted square, sprocket, reinforced square, triangular and string saw. Choose your line responsibly and select the diameter according to the requirements of the tool. SABER’s string range allows for this and selects diameters from 2.0mm to 3.3mm. SABER mowing heads are made of durable material that extends their service life. Each tool model corresponds to a unique type of mowing heads fastening. But SABER also produces universal mowing heads suitable for any brushcutter and that simplifies the selection for the user. SABER brush blades have a metal thickness of 1.6 mm. 2 mm, diameters from 225 to 355 mm. Manufacturing quality and originality to meet the needs of today’s customers.Produced in state-of-the-art factories with the most modern equipment. Products undergo a full cycle of tests, quality control is carried out by highly qualified specialists. The manufacturing process is fully automated, so you get a quality product at an affordable price. During production of spare parts and equipment specialists select materials responsibly and use only those materials that will ensure reliable use of the finished product.Every year the offer of SABER trademark grows, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers.

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Our company is an official dealer of SABER brand products. Appropriate credentials of our company are confirmed by official certificate.

SABER brand products became very popular in our country due to low price of spare parts and excellent manufacturing quality. Wide range of spare parts and consumables for chain saws and brushcutters allows to choose the very thing you need for reliable use and high quality repair.

Special mention should be made of the high quality of SABER brand gasoline equipment. Being the expert in the sphere of quality spare parts SABER offers the most reliable equipment. Thanks to the optimization of supply, customers get high quality tools at an affordable price.

Husqvarna crankshaft oil seal from Benzo-Zip spare parts store

The exposition of the catalog of a specialized site consists of single pieces of spare parts, as well as kits. If we talk about Husqvarna crankshaft oil seal, this part is offered in a pair set. left and right, as well as with an addition. with a bearing inside. This type of gasket works to seal the crankcase, and if old, worn or damaged oil seals are leaking air, and after that, liquids, dirt and dust. then they must be promptly replaced.

BenzoZip store offers for sale crankshaft seals for different models of Husqvarna chainsaws. Some of them fit a few, while others are exclusively for one. It is important to choose wisely, and then the tool crankcase will be protected, as well as the crankshaft, to which, directly, the oil seals with bearings are attached.

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