How to choose a cartridge for a drill. Features of the use of cangy cartridges

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Cartridge for a drill: varieties and differences.

Almost every master has at the disposal not only hammers, but also a drill for drilling holes in wood, metal and even concrete. To work with this tool, the design provides for a special clamping mechanism. This mechanism is also called an executive organ or a cartridge for a drill that is different. Drilling tools are equipped with such a device, but when you fail, you will need to dismantle, repair or replace it, which will be discussed in the material.

Types of cartridges. Recall the design of the part on a hand drill. When choosing a cartridge for a drill, the buyer is interested in the question of what diameter the drill can be squeezed in the lips of this device. That is why many buy cartridges in which the shanks of the working nozzles are clamped by the parameter (size of the muzzle). In addition to the maximum diameter of the drills, you must also know that the devices differ in design and type of seat. To begin with, we find out that the cartridges for drills are classified in appearance into two main types:

  • Key-this is their folk name, and in the scientific they are called gear-cage, which is associated with the mechanism of their functioning. This is a popular version of clamping mechanisms for drills, characterized by high reliability indicators.
  • Quickly jokes or BZP. Differ from key ones in that they do not need to use a special key that compress the sponges of the device.

Tough-cage cartridges from fast-and-packed are highly reliable. The very first prototypes were used on hand drifts, which have similarities with key and quickly and quickly ascense. The principle of operation of the simplest cartridge from the old hand drill is as follows:

  • To fix the nozzle in the device, it is necessary to hold the handle and twist the clamping coupling or sleeve.
  • Install the nozzle of the tail inward.
  • Twist the clamping coupling to the stop, and then additionally use a chisel or breakdown with a hammer for a more reliable fixation of the nozzle.

Fixation with a chisel is needed so that there is no nozzle during operation. Such cartridges had many shortcomings, so the advanced models soon appeared. Key. Unlike the first types of cartridges, key ones do not require the use of a chisel and a hammer for a clip of a shank nozzle, as they are replaced by a special key with teeth. In addition, the carving of the clamping coupling was quickly covered with corrosion, so there were difficulties with its twisting. Today, old types of equipment are found only on manual old droplets, and are practically not used on power tools.

It is interesting! Why outdated models of cartridges have much in common with modern key and fast.Packed devices? All of them have the same principle of operation based on the movement of fists. These fists are also called lips or tsangs, from where the names of Tsang and fist cartridges appeared.

The design and advantages of fast.And.Recessive and key executive bodies

Cartridges on the drill are cone.Shaped devices, the main purpose of which is to transfer rotational actions from the gear shaft to the working nozzle. The principle of operation of modern executive mechanisms is simple and uncomplicated, and it is based on the movement of movable sponges. The movement of the sponges occurs due to the thread. Figs with threads move through the sleeve, due to which there is a nomination or vice versa. There are three fists in the cartridge design, which are located in a circle at the same distance from each other. This method of clamping of nozzles is considered one of the most reliable and effective. 4 fists are used on mini-fists. To find out the pros and cons, consider the features of the types of cartridges for drills.

  • Popularly and self.Loading cartridges are popular, which do not require the use of a special key. The devices under consideration are one.Button Idwuhmuft. One.Way devices are less reliable, and they are more difficult to disassemble, unlike two.Litter. Two.Litter consists of two elements, which simplifies their use. For the clip of the nozzle, it is necessary to hold the lower part of the cartridge (skirt) with your hand, and the second tighten or twist the clamping clip
  • Key cartridges have high reliability, which is associated with the application for the clip of nozzle through a special mechanism and key. The principle of operation of key cartridges is the same with fast.Packed, and they differ only by the method of acting moving sponges.

Knowing the varieties and the differences between the devices for the drills, we will deal with their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of fast.Packed devices include:

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  • There is no need to use additional tools
  • The ability to fix the nozzle with one hand
  • High speed of replacing nozzles
  • Aesthetic appearance. This is a slight advantage, however, a drill or an electric screwdriver with this type of equipment looks more modern

Before buying a cartridge for a self.Loading drill, you should deal with their shortcomings:

  • Low reliability. This is due to the manual way to clamp the nozzles. The sponges are not able to tightly squeeze the tails of nozzles, so when jamming, the drill will turn inside the cams
  • Quick wear. The more often the drill jams, the faster the mechanism wears out
  • The need to take into account the size of the hole for fixing the nozzles with the corresponding diameters of the shanks. The models are common in which you can fix drill with tailings up to 10 mm. Models of 12 mm and 13 mm drill are also produced, but they are less common

Based on the above advantages and disadvantages, it can be concluded that the use of rapidly and two.Luminous cartridges is rationally on low.Power power tools, such as gayworms, screwdrivers. The use of them on drifts is irrational, unless this tool is used to screw screws and screws. The most important advantage of the BZP is that they allow you to quickly replace the nozzles during operation.

Why all drills from the plant are equipped with key.Type cartridges with a zangia mechanism? Few people think about it, and the answer to this question is simple. Key elements provide a high degree of reliability of fixing the nozzle. Even if the drill jams, then with a low probability it will turn into the mechanism. That is why all the electrodeus are equipped with safety couplings, excluding the likelihood of tearing the tool from the hands, as well as prevent engine burning at high loads.

Types of cartridges

The clamping devices of screwdrivers are divided into:

The difference lies mainly in the fact that self.Loading models fix products automatically.

If the tool has a lock, you can use one.Way cylinders.

In the absence of a lock, you will have to use a two.Button type.

Elements with one coupling can be clamped with one hand.

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To work with another type, the participation of both hands is required.

Quick and self-loading models are intended mainly for modern tools.

It is convenient to use models with automatic clamps to those who have to quickly and often change various nozzles.

Key options are less convenient, but more reliable. They are better clamped and more resistant to shock loads.

If the cylinder is used in intensive mode, it is recommended to choose an electric screwdriver with a key.

How to remove and replace a threaded cartridge

Not all owners of such tools know about how to replace the cartridge for a drill. But sooner or later the time comes when the product fails, as a result of which it is required to promote the device to replace it or repair. How to do this, we will find out later.

A threaded cartridge has a simple design of a fixing device. To dismantle it, you will need to use a cross blade, and sometimes flat. To clarify which screwdriver is required, the products of the product should be hidden inside. Inside, the head of a fixing element will be visible, which should be twisted along the watch.

After the mounting screw is twisted, you can proceed to dismantle the device itself. To remove it, you need to spin the product in the direction counterclockwise. If you can’t unscrew the product manually, then you can fix the tool in a vice, and then use the plumbing key. In this simple way, threaded cartridges with drills or screwdrivers are dismantled.

Threaded mount. Implies the presence of a metric or inch thread on a drill. When buying a new cartridge, it is important to know such information as the diameter of the thread, as well as the step. Such information is usually indicated on the cartridge case. The replacement of the product is carried out in the order of reverse removal.

The edges of the fixing screw of the cartridge were licked what to do

What to do if the edges of the screw hat are licked inside the cartridge? A very common problem, which is quite realistic to solve. First, consider the reasons why the edges are licking on the screw:

  • Without reading the instructions, the owner is trying to unscrew the screw in the direction against the passage of the time. If there is a screw inside, then it should be twisted for unscrewing clockwise, that is, on the contrary
  • Incorrectly selected tool, that is, a screwdriver with slots that lick the edge of the screw is used. Before use, you should choose the right screwdriver as correctly as possible
  • Poor.Quality screw. This is usually found on cheap Chinese devices

However, if the boundaries of the screw are lung, then do not rush to change the tool. There are different ways to unscrew it:

  • If the screw hat has a cross.Shaped shape, but the facets are licked, then you can use a flat screwdriver. Manufacturers have provided the likelihood of licking the faces, so you can unscrew the screw not only by a cross.Shaped, but also with a slotted screwdriver. Usually this method helps to solve the problem
  • Take advantage of the purge pistol, trying to clean the pollution inside the helmet of the hat. Often a large amount of contaminants accumulates in the hat, which interfere with a qualitative connection with the screw
  • Take a screwdriver, and putting it on the screw hat, apply several light, but sharp blows. The screwdriver will deepen into the cap of the cartridge screw, which will increase the likelihood of twisting it
  • Cut off a piece of rubber, and placing over the hat, try through it a screwdriver to catch on the remaining edges, and remove the
  • If all methods are tried, it remains only to either disassemble the electric screwdriver or drill, followed by the replacement of the executive body, together with the shaft from the gearbox or corner grinding, cut the cartridge. Having opened access to the screw hat, you can grab it with a manual vice, and get out. The cartridge after this method must be replaced

In this case, there is no need to replace the entire tool at all.

Types of cartridges for drill

For household and professional drilling equipment, they use a fast.And.Packed cartridge for a drill that works without a key.

With such a clamp in a couple of seconds, you can change the drill, without resorting to the help of the key.Looking key. With increased pressing the palm weaken the mechanism, which will free up the cutting tool from the cartridge. The same way fix the drill for further work. This type of cartridge works due to a corrugated metal sleeve and a blocking spindle.

The disadvantages of the fast.Packed cartridge include unstable clamping. Already worn by a fast.Packed cartridge does not qualitatively fixes a large diameter drill, which leads to cramming. Characteristic of a round shank.

The key cam cartridge must be loosened and clamped with a special key, which over time is easy to lose in working situations. It is interesting that more experienced users of the drilling tool prefer the cartridge with the key, since you can squeeze the drill or cutter “tightly”, for example, even in a vice.

By purchasing a drill, an electric screwdriver or a peorator with a key cam cartridge, immediately fix the key from the kit on the wire with insulating tape or tie it on a strong cord. There will never be problems with a change of drill.

Mini cartridges for drill are very popular among radio amateurs. Such elements are sometimes placed on a bourgeois or mini drill. Can be installed on any tool adapted for drilling. For example, jewelry masters will not be able to perform work without this fastener.

Most often, mini cartridges are used for a light drill or household electric screwdriver. The optimal drill diameter for a mini cartridge from 0.1 to 4.5 millimeters.

It is very convenient to drill a microcircuit, mini models and jewelry.

The mini cartridge has the simplest design of a fast.And.Packed canovic cartridge. Most often made from brass.

How to choose the right set of canging clamps

When acquiring a set of canging clamps for a hand cutter, you can encounter the fact that the Tsangi will not be quite high.Quality. In addition, they may not coincide with the diameters of the tailings of the tools, for the fixation of which are designed. Such situations, unfortunately, are not very rarity and are especially characteristic of those cases when a cheap set or products from little.Known manufacturers are purchased. The way out of such situations most often only becomes the acquisition of a new set of KANG for the milling.

The tsang cartridge must match the spindle of the milling machine, and the tsang should be made of this cartridge. Tsangi often have a different angle of cones and are only suitable for “their” clamping nut

In order not to encounter the problem of acquiring inappropriate quality and inappropriate size for the cutter, it is better to opt for the products of trusted manufacturers. If this is not possible, it is necessary to carefully check the zangi included in the set, on their compliance with the required quality and the standard size of the tool for the milling.

Cartridge for a drill which is better

A pitch cartridge plays the role of an adapter between a drill and a working tool. For any task or for each type of drill, you need to select the best option for the cartridge. The mode of operation and loading are also important.

Which is the most influencing the operation of the cartridge and what factors can disable it? Replacing the cartridge “in the field” can be difficult if there is no reserve.

  • The quality of materials. The “Chinese” cartridge can fail in heavy loaded operations. Therefore, it is better to purchase high.Quality models.
  • When a drill or a cartridge itself is lost, time is lost. When drilling at a height under the threat of safety. In a loose conical landing during a cracked mount, you need to take measures in advance.
  • Beaming of the cartridge drill. If you arise, disassemble the cartridge from the drill, check the presence of contaminants or correct the fasteners. When bending, manually is usually not subject to the repair, it is optimal to replace with a new.
  • Jacket or sponge. To straighten the situation, you will need to disassemble the cartridge (you take off the cartridge itself, if you know how, they already changed). Cleaning, lubrication and assembly is performed.

The most popular varieties besides the key: quickly and rapidly and “BZP”) and self.Loading.

The edges of the fixing screw of the cartridge were licked what to do

What to do if the edges of the screw hat are licked inside the cartridge? A very common problem, which is quite realistic to solve. First, consider the reasons why the edges are licking on the screw:

However, if the boundaries of the screw are lung, then do not rush to change the tool. There are different ways to unscrew it:

In this case, there is no need to replace the entire tool at all.

Now consider the method of disassembling the part for the purpose of its subsequent repair. The disassembly method is simple, and does not require the use of a sledgehammer or corner grinder. In this case, the main condition should be fulfilled. The absence of corrosion processes on the thread. The principle of dismantling the conical cartridge from the shock drill has the following view:

During the operation of power tools such as drills and screwdrivers, malfunctions of fast.Collapsible cartridges often occur. Take a hurry to buy new mechanisms, since the old one can try to repair. For this, the equipment should be removed from the power tool, as mentioned above.

Possible problems when working with a cartridge

The drill cartridges are an important detail of the tool, so you should know the possible types of breakdowns of this part. These include:

  • Detail loss. Treasures are rare, but possible for conical types of cartridges. If the product flew off the tool cone, then the situation should be corrected as follows: heat the product in oil to 110 degrees, and then put on the tool cone. If this procedure is difficult to execute, then the cartridge should be replaced.
  • The clamping sponges were jammed. When jamming the sponges, which happens quite often, you need to remove the product, disassemble it, clean, grease, and then return to place. These actions are described in the video.
  • Beating. In the event of a beating, it is recommended to try to find the cause. If the reason is not possible to establish, then the device must be replaced.

Interval and the need to replace the cartridge depends on different reasons. Strongly affect: features of operation, the quality of the cartridge itself, the manner of working with the tool. If the problem that has arisen cannot be detected or eliminated, then it is best to purchase a new product.

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