How to choose a cordless chainsaw

Cordless vs. gasoline chainsaw: 10 advantages

Cordless chainsaws are ideal if you want to work among the branches, as they have no dangling cable, do not require gasoline and are usually quite light and compact. They are less tedious to use and easier to maneuver than other types.

Lightweight. As for weight, cordless chainsaws are not much lighter than their gasoline counterparts: they weigh about 4 kg without the battery pack (a large battery weighs 1.5 kg at 5Ah, and 2.5Ah weighs less than 900 g) vs. 5-6 kg of gasoline saws (average weight of chain saw without oil and fuel mixture).

On smaller sites, the cordless saw works more efficiently than a comparable gasoline-powered model because you don’t have to spend time adding fuel. Just plug in a charged battery and go.

No extra costs for gasoline and oil for the fuel mixture.

No foul odors or emissions. When it’s time to add oil, just pop the cap off and refill.

Comfortable and easy maintenance. In the K modeläThe CNS 36-35 Battery has a keyless adjustment of the chain tension manually without tools by means of a rotary knob, in all automatic chain lubrication.

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Quickly ready for use. The quick charger enables the 36 V/2.5 Ah replacement battery to be charged to 80% in only 48 minutes, when you might have to go to the gas station for gas.

One battery can be used for many years. Brushless motor gives the saw longer battery life and the tool as a whole. Replaceable battery can be used in other K machinesärcher on the Battery Power 36 V platform.

Safety equipment and a reliable chain brake system are included in all cordless chainsaw designs. Some saws are even equipped with more than one brake: for stopping the rotating chain when the trigger is released and an additional manually activated chain brake. Transparent sight glass lets you check the chain oil level at any time.

Quiet operation. There are big differences between the petrol-engine saw and the electric motor. Gasoline-powered saws are loud above 105 decibels. The sound power level of a cordless saw is about the same as a corded electric circular saw at about 90 decibels (you need hearing protection to operate).

The ability to expand the range of gardening equipment on a single platform. If you want to buy more than one battery-powered tool, you’ll save money by choosing one brand to stick with.

The tool is designed to use the motor’s torque, with the chain rotating on the bar, equipped with cutters and is the working tool. Shaft rotation energy can be derived from the internal combustion engine or electricity. The battery provides the tool with the energy it needs as it discharges.

A battery-powered chainsaw has a number of advantages over gasoline and corded models:

  • mobility, like a gasoline-powered tool;
  • minimal noise, like a corded tool;
  • smooth and easy starting;
  • no exhaust and no risk of flammable
  • does not require refueling and maintenance of the combustion system;
  • easy, safe transport of the tool.

However, the cordless tool is expensive, in terms of power is inferior to gasoline models, equal in price.

Like other chainsaws, cordless saws are divided by intensity of use into household, all-purpose and professional. The more work a cordless chainsaw can do, the heavier and more expensive it will be for the price.

In general, all tools are equipped with lithium-ion batteries with the lowest terminal voltage of 18 V, but more often with two sets of batteries providing 36 V.

When choosing a tool, one should be guided by the motor power, the bar length, and the motor location. Determines the choice of comfortable grip and comfortable body position when working. You should not buy a chain saw without a lock button to prevent it from being accidentally started.

The sabre saw has to meet specific requirements and must have the right performance. When buying, it is important to consider several features.


The power rating of the sabre saw affects the speed of the blade and the depth of cut. As a rule, you can buy tools with a capacity of 0.5 to 1.5 watts in stores. The best results in domestic applications are shown by devices up to 1.2 W.

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Pendulum stroke

In the process of work, the saw blade is under great strain. Many models are equipped with a pendulum stroke, the saw then moves with a small torque. The option additionally affects the cutting speed, which increases approximately threefold.

Speed control

When choosing a universal saber device, it is better to take models with the ability to switch speeds when sawing wood or hard steel. Adjustment can be done either with a wheel or a special button, the first option is considered more convenient.

Availability of “hot” replacement of the blade

The most convenient are models that allow you to rearrange the wood and metal blades without using additional tools. Changeover is faster, and the default quality of the sabre saws is also better.

Quick blade change function means no wrenches or screwdrivers needed


It is desirable that the sabre saw is equipped with a soft start system and brake. Such models have a longer durability, the gearbox and motor wear out more slowly. The tool’s overload protection is useful, but usually only on the more expensive professional models.

It is very important for the sabre saw to have a lock for the start button and to prevent it from being switched on accidentally. The first feature increases the convenience of using the tool, and the second takes care of user safety.

Adjustable support shoe

When buying a scissor tool, it is desirable to choose models with a support shoe equipped with a movable frame. This design allows you to adjust the reach of the hacksaw and more accurately make cuts at an angle.

How to choose an electric sabre saw

When choosing an electric model, you need to consider all the basic criteria listed above. But in addition, it is worth paying attention to the length of the wire. Without connection to the socket, the tool will not work, so it is desirable that the cord unwinds for 3 m or more.

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Since corded saber devices have an increased power, you must ensure that the tool was not heavier than 3 kg, otherwise handling it will be uncomfortable. It is good if the machine is equipped with a system of dynamic counterweights, responsible for absorbing unnecessary vibration.

How to choose a cordless sabre saw

Battery capacity is the most important factor for a cordless tool. A battery life of at least 5 hours is desirable.

The built-in battery has a limited life. It is recommended to choose a sabre saw with a removable battery, in case of need it will be possible to replace only the battery element and not the entire tool. You may find the remaining charge indicator on the housing helpful for a portable device.

How to choose a sabre saw for country houses

When choosing a saber saw for country houses, it is better to give preference to cordless models. They are less powerful, but they allow you to work on the site, not stretching extension cords from the outlets in the house.

Double insulated tools are a good choice for country houses. The sabre saw then retains its full functionality in high humidity and even in drizzling rain.

How to choose a sabre saw for home

When choosing a home saw it is worth paying attention to models with compact dimensions. The tool can be used anywhere in the apartment. It is good if the machine is fitted with not only vibration damping but also noise reduction. it is more convenient to work in a confined space.

At home it makes sense to choose a mains-powered model. It is important to make sure that the saw has a sufficient cord length. 3 m or more.

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Despite the fact that electricity is everywhere now, it becomes a problem in household plots. Or rather access to it. Even if the house is wired, how can it help if, for example, you need to cut down a tree at the far wall of the fence, fifty meters, or even a hundred from the nearest outlet. Petrol saws are heavy, environmentally unsafe and harder to work with. The most environmentally friendly, of course, are manual, but it almost always requires a partner and sawing takes a long time. There is a way out there is a cordless chainsaw.

Electric chainsaws can be divided into several categories. They can differ in principle of power and motor location.


Such devices need a 220 V connection to work. Electric corded chainsaws offer more power, no operating time restrictions, and are good for making firewood on the property or doing carpentry work.

Corded electric chainsaw offers better performance


This type of chainsaw is battery-powered and needs periodic recharging. Although the power of cordless models is usually lower, their advantages include maneuverability and mobility.

Cordless chainsaw can be used anywhere

With a longitudinal motor

The gearbox of electric saws in this category is tapered. The devices are durable and high performance, well-balanced, suitable for work in hard-to-reach areas.

Longitudinal orientation of the motor gives the saw better balance

With transversal motor

The machines are well-suited for making vertical cuts, but can be awkward to handle horizontally. The advantages of electric models include reliability and affordable cost, and the disadvantages are the large width, which negatively affects maneuverability.

It is more convenient to make vertical cuts with a chain saw with a transverse motor

Wood is the most common building material used in the construction of floors, supporting structures, rafters. Saw blades with electric motors are used for machining. They increase productivity, the speed of the project. Working is often necessary in difficult conditions: at high altitude, with a lack of free space. The power cable reduces maneuverability in these situations. The best cordless saws, which can work on a single charge for up to 3-4 hours, will help to effectively cope with the task. This tool is in the catalogs of all leading manufacturers.

Features of cordless chainsaws

Structurally, a cordless chainsaw consists of the same elements as a fuel-powered device: body, bar, handle, etc.д.

  • The most important part of any electric or gasoline-powered tool is the engine. With cordless products, the heart of the saw is the battery. Cordless machines have no starter motor and no fuel tank, and the battery takes the place of the gasoline engine.
  • Modern machinery uses lithium-ion batteries. They have no memory effect and the charge lasts for a long time. The parameters of modern batteries allow cordless electric saws to compete with their counterparts equipped with internal combustion engines.
  • The difference between petrol and cordless devices is in the attachment and the tensioning of the saw unit. When working on the first units, it can be removed and adjusted with a universal wrench. In cordless models these operations are performed without devices, which is much easier.
  • The chainsaws have a longer guide bar than cordless chainsaws. This depends on the diameter of the processed wood, but for use in private households, the size of the mechanism, which comes with a cordless chainsaw, is quite enough.

Important! As indicated in the instruction manual, it is recommended to use only units with a sharpened chain. Otherwise, kickback, risk of injury and high energy consumption are possible.

  • The cordless tool produces noticeably less vibration. The chainsaw with fuel in it does not differ much from a cordless unit (with battery) in weight.
  • The maximum torque of the petrol-powered model is reached when the engine reaches the necessary rpm. Wireless devices work at maximum productivity as soon as you press the button.
  • When comparing gasoline-powered units and saws with batteries, it is also necessary to consider the cost of operation. Owning the former involves maintenance of filters, spark plugs, carburetor, starter, pistons, fuel. Added to this are the cost of gasoline and oil for two-stroke engines.

With cordless tools, the costs are just the electricity costs for charging the battery and the oil for lubrication.

Different types of machines

When selecting a unit needed in the household, it is necessary to evaluate the types of work that will have to be done with it.

Professional devices are the most powerful, suitable for serious activities. If you need to saw wood every day, in large quantities, for several hours, choose this version.

Machines are equipped with good vibration protection and have a comfortable handle. The tool is not cheap, but it is reliable and durable.

For regular but short work, you can choose semi-professional cordless chain saws. They are versatile enough, have simple vibration protection, but the price of the tool is much lower than professional.

If the saw is required for garden work or for preparing firewood, which does not involve regular use, it makes sense to purchase a lightweight household model that is simple in design and operation.

To avoid spending extra money and buying a tool with features you don’t need to use, you need to be clear about the purpose of your purchase.

Portable and smokeless: the best cordless chainsaws

Sawing wood is a task that many people face: from professional woodcutters to dacha owners and even city apartment dwellers who regularly go out for a barbecue. The chainsaw has almost completely fallen out of favor: professionals have no time, they need productivity, and ordinary people rightly think that an automated tool will save them a lot of effort. Today the market offers gasoline and electric chainsaws, making it easy to work with wood. There is a separate tool with battery power.

Choosing the right Chainsaw for the job

Worx WG368E

Main features

  • Country of Origin. China.
  • Battery capacity. 2Ah.
  • Lubricant tank capacity of 0.1 liter.
  • 30 cm long guide bar.
  • Weight. 3.7 kg.


Best cordless chainsaw is also available with the Worx WG368E. This is a powerful cordless saw, which is characterized by ease of use and original design.


  • No tools required to adjust the tension and change the chain;
  • Transparent oil tank with oil level indication;
  • automatic chain lubrication;
  • ergonomic handles.

Real Customer Review:

If I buy a normal saw, I should buy a good one with no expense spared. I decided to take the most convenient and economical option. Simply recharge it, and you can work in peace of mind, no gasoline, no wires. Great equipment, everything fits me.

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