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Benzocosylins Trammers for grass how to choose: Recommendations, which is better to buy the price of gas.Codes of popular brands

Published: Evgeny Afanasyev updated: 05.05.2019

With the advent of the spring-summer season, all owners of suburban sites always faces the same problem-caring for lawns and lawns and the fight against fast-growing weeds and breaking through wild bushes. An ordinary braid for grass does not always become a good assistant: firstly, to use it, you need a certain experience, and secondly, in close conditions of the site it is almost impossible to operate with such a tool between trees, bushes, benches, columns, borders, etc.P.

In order not to resort to manual, very time.Consuming operations, it makes sense to purchase a trimmer for grass, or, in other words, a motorized braid with an electric or gasoline drive. In the case when the lawn or lawn is located near the house, it is small in size, and they are not expected to work with a greater load, there may well be enough electrical device. But the trimmers for grass have much greater possibilities for the grass, how to choose which. Will be told in this publication.

Trimmer for grass and lawn mower. What is the difference?

Each store of garden equipment on this score has its own opinion. For some, there is no difference for some, someone believes that it consists in the location of the engine (from below-in a trimmer for grass, on top of motorcycles), in its type (electric/gasoline), someone sees the cutting as a difference Elements. Let’s figure it out.

Trimmer for the grass. From the English “trim” (finishing, trimming), a special device for caring for adjacent territories. For trimming of grass, small shrubs. In order to better understand the meaning of the word and the purpose of the unit itself, you can draw an analogy with a trimmer used by a hairdresser during a haircut to trim the hair on the temples, the back of the head, that is, in those places where it is already inconvenient to work with scissors. Trimmer for grass, the mower does not allow to get the same homogeneous surface of the lawn as when using the lawn mower. It is used precisely to cut grass in hard.To.Reach places: around trees, along the edges of lawns, along the curbs, fences, in areas with irregularities and large slopes. This is its key difference from motorcycles, which stands out primarily by significantly higher performance.

The lawn mower is a more powerful type of trimmer for grass, often equipped with a two.Stroke or four.Stroke internal combustion engine with high performance. Motokos for caring for the adjacent territories of large area are intended, including in solving problems in the field of housing and communal services, when you do not need to receive a lawn with an ideal texture. They are distinguished by high performance and power, they are able to cope with thick vegetation, weeds, shrubs and young shoots of trees.

These are only general differences. Below we will consider in detail the main varieties of trimmers and motorcycle, since it is not a position in the general classification, but the technical characteristics and features of each individual model will play a decisive role in choosing.

The location of the engine

For gasoline trimmers, the engine is quite heavy, so it is located in the upper part (this is much easier to wear and mow it). Different schemes are possible in electrical models. The lower location of the motor is characteristic of low.Power trimmers, in modifications with a power above the average power unit are usually placed at the top. The last option is more practical: the engine has better cooling, the ground and beveled grass does not fall into it, and again, it is more convenient to work with such a trimmer.

Reducer and nozzle

The complex of worm gears conveying rotation from the shaft to the nozzle is called a gearbox. It can be serviced and incomparable. The first will last longer, but provided that he will be properly careful. Cleaning and lubrication are required. As a cutting nozzle, a fishing line for a trimmer or a knife is used. The coil with the cord is wound on the output shaft.

Как работает триммер. Обзор на Patriot 555 XT. Кошу траву.

The thickness of the cord varies, selected under the power of the device, the type of vegetation and the type of landscape. As a rule, a fishing line for a trimmer is used for softer grass. The knife is placed on powerful models. Distinguish between plastic and metal cutting nozzles. They differ in shape. The most “hardy”. A metal disk knife. He easily copes even with shrubs. Installed only on high.Power benzotrimers.

The power of the trimmer for the grass: what depends on it?

A fishing line for a trimmer or a knife in a trimmer is untwisted to high speeds, in which the grass and stems of weeds are cut off. Than thicker grass, the thicker the stems. The higher the load on the cutting tool. And, therefore, on the engine.

If the engine power is not enough, the speed of its rotation under load falls, while the cooling quality (it is usually air) will sharply decrease and overheating will occur. At best, the lock will work, and the device will turn off. But powerful motors will work without problems at the same speeds, so they can easily cope with dense thickets.

There is still an important point. Low-power models, firstly, will only work with fishing lines, with knives-they will not be able to. But restrictions will appear with fishing lines: thick ones will not work, because again they will create an additional load on the engine.

General criteria for choosing motorcycles

2-stroke or 4-stroke engine?

The vast majority of motorcycle are equipped with a 2-stroke engine, which provides sufficient power and performance. Its advantage is a relatively small weight and dimensions in comparison with a 4-stroke. However, 2-stroke engines involve the pouring of oil and gasoline into one tank, so it is important to properly observe the proportions. If you add too much oil, then the engine will be baptized, and if too little, the piston group will be difficult to wise faster.

In 4-stroke engines, everything is much simpler-oil and gasoline are poured into different tanks, so it is impossible to make a mistake with the dosage. Also, at the same power, 4-stroke consumes less fuel than 2-stroke. Although it is worth noting that if you mow it infrequently, then the difference in fuel consumption is practically not noticeable. Only a few motorcycles are equipped with 4-stroke engines. Plus such devices are quite expensive. If you are not confused by the price, but you need power and performance, then you can take Makita EM4351UH with a 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 2 liters.With.

What power to take the device?

For gasoline trimmers, the power varies between 0.85. 6.1 liters. With. Of course, high.Power devices are extremely rare, they are heavy and are mainly used for mowing virgin grounds. In most cases, at home, such a lawn mower is not needed.

To nourish grass in the garden and in the garden, there is quite enough device with a capacity of 1. 2 liters. With Most of the models in our ranking of the best motorcycles are just such power. They are able to work both with a fishing line and a disk knife. We also note that small.Power trimmers for grass and weigh a little, so they can work for quite some time.

Among other things, the power of motorcycles affects how thick the fishing line for the trimmer can be used with it. Here are the average indicators of the dependence of the thickness of the fishing line on the power of the unit:

  • From 1.3 to 1.6 mm. Suitable for motorcycles with a capacity of 0.85. 1 liter. With.
  • From 2 to 2.4 mm. Is suitable for models with a capacity of 1. 1.3 liters. With.
  • From 2.7 to 4 mm. Suitable for trimmers with a capacity of 1.5. 6 liters.With.

Please note that a thin fishing line for a trimmer, for example, 1.6 mm cannot be placed on a motorcycle with a capacity of 2 liters. With.: it will be quickly spent, and you will not get the desired result.

The width of the mowing

The width of the mowing is determined by the size of the deck (protection), which limits the departure of the fishing line or knife. The larger the width of the mowing, the faster you will pass overgrown areas. Such an emission can be from 35 to 55 cm. In some braids, the width of the mowing is large only because the deck is located further and it is smaller in size. This is not always good, since the less deck, the more likely that grass and garbage will fly to the operator. Optimal is the width of the mowing of 40. 45 cm. For large areas, take a device with a width of a 55 cm width.

Extra options

When deciding which motokos to buy, pay attention to additional functions:

  • Overheat protection. When a critical temperature is achieved, the engine stalls to avoid breakdown. The function is convenient when mowing during the warm time of the day (we recommend doing this in the morning or in the evening, when it’s not so hot).
  • Hands adjustment. Although the overwhelming majority of motorcycle is equipped with the adjustment of the rod, some still do not have a bargain. This parameter should be clarified directly by the seller. The adjustment of the handle allows you to adjust the braid under its growth.
  • Semi.Automatic fishing line. During the mowing, the fishing line for the trimmer is gradually consumed in contact with grass and solid items. To push it out of the coil to the desired length in some models, just press it with a bobbin on the ground. Thus, you do not need to turn off the device and bend to pull out the fishing line for the trimmer.

What to look for when choosing

The above models are included in the top of the best for 2022, but if desired, you can choose the option yourself. To do this, it is important to know the criteria that is worth paying attention to when buying.

For manufacturers

The most reliable include gasoline trimmers for grass from the following manufacturers.


A German enterprise operating in many countries of the world with the main office in Vibelingen.

Is engaged in the development, production and sale of chainsaws, trimmers and other motorized tools for the construction sector, rural and forestry.

The STIHL assortment also includes batteries and electric trimmers for grass, special.Purpose heaps and other similar equipment.

All products are characterized by low noise, ease of work, slight weight and democratic price.


A Swedish manufacturer engaged in the production of lawns and grass-beams, chain saws, bushes, vacuum cleaners, altitude and other equipment.

Benzotrimmers of this brand are highly performance, low noise and emissions, loyal pricing policy.

The features of the brand models include hollow rods with a wear.Resistant shaft, the upper location of the engine, the durable cast reducer and a high.Quality cutting set.

Japanese brand engaged in the development and sale of high.Tech equipment. The company produces chain saws, motorcycles and black cutters, blower devices and much more.

The manufacturer’s products are characterized by good equipment, high quality parts and a long service life.


A large Japanese concern with an office in Tokyo, who released the first product back in 1910.

Benzotrimmers of this brand have economical and reliable engines, high.Quality cutting elements and affordable price.

Have a little weight, a comfortable belt and many protection elements.

Other manufacturers, such as Huter, Makita, Patriot, Champion, Bosch, DDE, can also boast of quality goods at an affordable price.

They have a good configuration, have earned many positive reviews, and their benzotrimers are included in the ratings of the best in terms of price and quality ratings.

Sales indicators for manufacturers are shown below.

Power choice

When buying a gasoline trimmer for grass, you must look at the power. If it is high, this indicates the ability of the engine to cope with complex tasks, for example, the removal of thick vegetation.

Of the minuses of this option, it is worth highlighting a high price (not always), more weight and fuel consumption.

To process the country, garden plots and with a rare use of the tool (up to two times a month), you can choose a small power benzotrimer. It will last for many years, and its purchase will not hit much on your

For frequent use and long.Term work, it is better to take trimmers for grass of higher power from proven brands, for example, STIHL, Husqvarna or Echo.

They are distinguished by a longer resource and reliability, which explains a higher price.

Trimmer design for grass

Structurally, the rod of the benzotrimer can be straight, curved or collapsible.

The first option is characterized by simplicity and reliability of use, used in the most part of the devices under consideration.

The curved form allows you to reduce the total length and simplify the process of work in hard.To.Reach places.

A collapsible bar is a big plus, implying the possibility of disassembling and reducing the total size of the device.

For ease of use, a shoulder belt is provided, with which you can hang a trimmer for grass on the shoulder and transfer most of the weight to the back. This is very convenient when you need to work with a trimmer for a long time.

НЕ ВЗДУМАЙ ПОКУПАТЬ,пока не посмотришь видео! Обзор бензотриммеров PATRIOT PT 443 и CHAMPION T528S-2

The handles can be D- or T-shaped. The first option is compact and convenient for left and right-handed operators.

But in general, T-shaped bicycle handles are more convenient, therefore, most often are used on light trimmers.

The downside is that T-shaped handles are most often focused on right-handed users.

The engine can be placed on top or below. The upper location is the best option for devices with medium and high power motors.

This is due to the ability to unload the operator and simplify the movement during operation.

The lower location of the engine implies a simpler design, but makes the work more difficult (especially with large engine weight).

That is why the location of the motor from below is more suitable for low power trimmers.

In rare cases, the engine can be transferred separately in the shoulder backpack.

In some models of benzotrimmers, support videos and even wheels are found that allow you to roll the design on the ground and facilitate the process of use (see the photo above).

The pluses of this design should include the support of the nozzle at the same height and the possibility of obtaining an almost perfect result. Of the minuses. Weight gain and higher price.

A large plus is the presence of a metal deck. An element of the case, which closes the knives.

In more budget models, this element is made of plastic, but the metal is a more reliable and durable option.

The main disadvantage of metal decks is the high price, which is especially true when using aluminum.

Steel devices have a lower price, but also more weight. In addition, they require additional protection against rust.

Functional features

When choosing a suitable benzotrimmer, it is worth considering its additional functional features.

  • Blocking random inclusion.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Fuel level indicator.
  • Collapsible shaft.
  • Adjustable / folded handles.
  • Handles for transportation and others.

What is the difference

Trimmer for grass and lawn mower. Tools that are very similar in appearance. Over, many manufacturers belong to Motokos to one of the varieties of trimmers. However, these are fundamentally different devices that have many significant differences. The main of them:

  • Cutting elements. Knives or cord or cord are installed in Motokosa, while the grass is equipped with a fishing line.
  • Appointment. The trimmer for grass is designed to cut grass, fine vegetation and thin bushes, while the motokos has a more serious task. It easily copes with thick vegetation, shrub and young trees.
  • Power and performance. The trimmer for the grass works for the battery or electric network, therefore it does not have high power and can only serve a small area. The lawn mower is equipped with a gasoline engine, so much more powerful, it can work longer and serve a large territory.
  • Weight and ease of use. The trimmer for the grass is light. Its weight is only about 3 kg, this allows you to use it for a long time to a person of any gender and age. Standard weight motorcosa at least 7 kg, so using it is much harder.

As a result, it turns out that both of these tools are very different and are suitable for different tasks. A trimmer for grass is a light, low.Power and purely household device suitable for simple tasks and capable of processing small areas. The lawn mower is a more serious tool, has high power and performance, can process large areas with thick vegetation.

Rating of trimmers of budgetary

Asking the question of which is better to buy a trimmer for home grass, buyers most often look at first of all at the price. We have compiled a rating of the 6 best motorcycles that are suitable for household work.

Model Type of power Power, W) Type of the handle Drive shaft Cutting element Weight, kg) The average price in Russia (.)
Huter Get-1200SL Electric 1200 D-shaped Hard Trimmer fishing line / knife 5.5 5 890
Huter GGT-1000T Petrol 1000 U-shaped (bicycle) Flexible Trimmer fishing line / knife eight.2 8 090
Patriot Pt 500 Electric 500 D-shaped Flexible Lines for a trimmer 2.4 3 299
Patriot Pt 3555es Country Petrol 1320 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard Trimmer fishing line / knife eight.05 7 990
Daewoo Dabc 520 Petrol 2200 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard Trimmer fishing line / disk eight.69 12 990
Patriot Pt 555 Petrol 2210 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard Trimmer fishing line / knife / disk 7.7 9 467

Electric Huter Get-1200SL

Opens the rating of trimmers for giving a cheap, but quite powerful sample. In addition to the fishing line, you can install a knife on a motorcycle.

  • High power for domestic class.
  • The price of the tool.
  • Overheat protection
  • Collapsible bar: it is convenient to transport motorcycle.
  • Good build quality.
  • Suitable for primary ennolation of a neglected area.
  • The ability to work with different equipment.

Gasoline Huter GGT-1000T

A universal lawn mower of a household class, which can be cut out of both soft grass and dense, high vegetation. The only controversial constructive solution is a flexible drive shaft on a straight rod.

  • Shoulder belt is included.
  • Bicycle handle is the best choice for wide areas.
  • The position of the handle on the bar can be adjusted to the growth of the owner.
  • Easy to start.
  • Vibration protection.

Electric Patriot Pt 500

A trimmer for grass with a D-shaped pen will be a good choice for servicing small areas. Can be used as an independent or additional tool for mowing grass.

  • Available price: This is the cheapest in the rating of budget tools Trimmer for grass.
  • The angle of inclination of the gearbox with the engine and the cutting element can be changed, which increases the efficiency of work in hard.To.Reach places.
  • When choosing which trimmers for the grass are better to buy with the ability to configure the length of the bar under growth, pay attention to this model: it is equipped with a telescopic rod.

Gasoline Patriot Pt 3555es Country

If not the best trimmer for the grass for a summer residence, then certainly one of the most popular models that entered our rating. The lawn mower is equipped with everything necessary for intense domestic mowing.

  • All.Metal shaft providing reliability and durability.
  • Fuel pumping pump (primer), which allows you to easily start the internal combustion engine after a long break.
  • The price of the kit includes a special knife to combat hogweed.
  • Simple replacement of candles and filters.

Daewoo Dabc 520 gasoline

Solid lawn mower for operation on a personal plot. Can be used to cut thin wood, since a saw disk is installed on it.

  • Hard drive shaft providing high power.
  • You can install spark plugs for 2-stroke engines from any manufacturers.
  • Light start.

Gasoline Patriot Pt 555

Closes the rating of trimmers for the home multifunctional lawn mower from the Russian company Patriot. The device is suitable for ordinary meadow grass and dense thickets.

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