How to choose a plow for your power tiller

Equipment from other manufacturers

In addition to the original factory plough from Kadvi, attachments from other manufacturers can be installed on the Oka single axle tractor.

For proper installation and further safe operation, make sure that all fasteners have the right diameter, suitable for aggregation with the power tiller.

One can mount a plough made by such Russian companies as LLC MOBIL K, Kirovograd Region, Chita, Russia. Gagarin, Vsevolzhskiy RMZ, PC Rusich. One such “Mole” manufactured by Mobil K, which is sold without a hitch. “Mole is suitable for mounting on motor blocks and power tillers of different manufacturers.

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Setting and Adjusting Before Working

The machine has to be set up for it to work as you want it to. The machine must be hitched to the tiller before adjustment. Then it needs to be adjusted before the plough can be put to work.

What kind of hitch is needed for the plough??

The Kadvi factory produces ploughs with a hitch, but it is often possible to find a simple unit on sale, without the attachment. Then the hitch has to be bought separately, in special agro-technical stores. Screw hitch mounted on the Kadvi. Using it, you can adjust the depth of the tines into the ground as smoothly as possible, as well as the angle at which it will penetrate the soil.

Coupling CB-1/1 Coupling CBM-1

Thanks to screw coupling maximum smooth regulation of depth and tilt angle (angle of attack) is provided. this, in its turn, facilitates the work and reduces the labor costs of the operator.

The hitch can be used in combination with an arrow or with two arrows on the beam (frame), and with various diggers, ploughs and other attachments.

How to make adjustments and adjustments?

Before installing, remove the wheels from the tiller and put the skids on the axle. Then mount hitch on tractor, if plough is not equipped with one. All you need for mounting is a wrench, plow, hitch, and single axle tractor. The stand is aligned with the holes for mounting, connected with bolts, nuts, using a wrench.

Tip: To make mounting the plow easier, put the single axle tractor on supports, which can be bricks, planks or stones.

Now you can mount the plough to the single axle tractor and secure it with cotter pins.

  • Place machine on an elevated position, e.g. on spacers 15 cm high. So you can adjust the depth of plowing. according to the norm it is from 15 to 18 cm;
  • The angle of inclination is adjusted by a bolt on the hitch. The higher the heel of the plough, the deeper the soil will be plowed, and vice versa;
  • The distance from the ground to the plough should be 3-5 cm. Then it is recommended to conduct a trial plowing. so the depth of the furrow created, the stroke and smoothness of movement of the power tiller with a hitch is checked;
  • After passing the first furrow, if necessary, readjust the linkage for the most accurate depth of plowing into the soil and capturing the ground layer.

Rotary plow on a single-axle tractor: advantages of the unit

It has the most advanced form for plowing of virgin land, overgrown with weeds to a depth of about 30 cm. Rotary homemade plow includes:

The single-axle tractor on which this tool is mounted must have a functioning PTO. It is he who drives the axle, and it drives the ploughshare.

Rotary plows on a single axle tractor in homemade version are most often found with disc mechanisms. But also known are drum, shovel and auger ploughs. Indispensable for fertiliser and weed control.

Overview and price of add-on equipment

Choose a plough depending on soil type, and power and model of power unit. Also much depends on proper installation and adjustment of equipment before plowing. Before we buy a plough, let’s first look at the most popular models and their costs.

Model Type Weight Working depth Moto-block model
For power tillers Oka, Ugra, Salyut, Neva, Krot Turnaround 10 kg 200-250 mm Oka, Ugra, Salyut, Neva, Krot 1300-1800
Mole plow for power tillers Single-hulled 8.59 kg 150-200 mm MB-2 Neva 1000-1200
Two-turn plough Reverse 15 kg 150-200 mm MB-2 Neva 4050-4150
Plough P1-20/2 Single tine plow 8,5 kg 150-200 mm MB-2 Neva 1200-1300
Zykov plough Revolving 9 kg 200-250 mm Neva, Salut, Favorit, Oka 1700-1800

If to compare

The implement is a device with three planes. One of them is mouldboard, the second one is horizontal, and the third one is vertical. The last two are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees.

Specialists note the importance of cutting edge dimensions. Its edge must be in line with the edge of the mouldboard. In this case the distance of the protrusion of both is one centimeter.

After use, the plough must be cleaned to remove clods and dirt. Then carefully oiled and placed in a special case or box. This is the only way to protect the product from corrosion.

Types of ploughs

A special material is used for manufacturing the equipment, which can withstand fabulous loads during further operation.

  • Single-hulled. Suitable for processing soft soil, previously prepared for planting. They have the advantage of being easy to assemble and lightweight. According to technical characteristics there is not more than one ploughshare.
  • Two-shoes. They also work on hard ground, except stony soils. Manage creation of furrows for planting, hoeing, weeding.
  • Stockpiled. Designed for small areas. Their peculiarity is the special arrangement of the share. It not only turns the soil, but also loosens it, making it soft and fluffy.
  • Shoeless. often used on large areas in agricultural activities.
  • Reversible. They are used on soils that are difficult to cultivate. They are characterized by quick turn over of soil, as soon as the plough lifts its layers. To do this, the feather is made of a special material and is positioned at an acute angle.
  • Rotary. like a cultivator. Several shares are mounted on one axis, they have a curved shape and lift the soil, loosening it up. The working depth is 300 mm.
  • Disk. Able to work on wet soil, but characterized by shallow impact.

When choosing an attachment and a plow, many factors are taken into account: power and strength of the power tiller, the volume of the site to be erected and its characteristics, as well as the tasks that will have to be solved with the help of the attachment. Rotary ploughs are used most often for home use.

Review of ploughs and plows for the MTZ power tiller

Plow is an integral part of engine block and obligatory for use by every owner of Belarus. It is worth noting that they come in different forms, and you should choose carefully.

choose, plow, your, power

Plows come in:

  • Rotary plows, also called rotary plows. Plowing is carried out with the help of the mouldboard;
  • Disc (aka rotary). Plowing by means of rotating discs.

From the manufacturer

The official website presents one type of reversible plow. universal PU-00.000-01 for the MTZ-09H power tiller. It fits not only MTZ-09H model, but also any other MTZ power tiller. Universal plough is used for plowing any lands, including virgin lands.

Features of universal plough PU-00.000-01

  • A reversible plough can be used on new lands, as well as on already ploughed ones;
  • The turnover plow weighs only 16 kg;
  • The width of a single track when ploughing is about 30 cm, which means you can work large areas;
  • It is possible to work at depths up to 25 cm, plunge adjustment is done with the help of special holes on the stand;
  • Thanks to its shape, it is also possible to use Belarus for digging root crops;
  • Low weight makes it easy to transport;
  • Attached to the MTZ power tiller using a conventional hitch.

The main design feature of this model is the shape of the reversible plough. The ridge in the lower part captures the soil, and in the upper part it expands and discharges it. This tilts the soil away from the trench and prevents it from being rolled back in.

It is made from high quality steel, and the construction is simple and robust. Thanks to it, long-term reliable operation of the equipment instead of the plough is achieved at high loads.

P1-20/3 plow

This reversible plough is produced by Mobil K company from Minsk. Gagarina. It is made in the same shape as the PU, but the single stroke is fixed at 21.5 cm. And that’s almost a third less than the universal plow.

Weighs 8 kg. P1-20/3 plough should be used only on small plots of land.

Reversible double hoe plough

This model has a special configuration. The beam of this plough is made in the shape of a feather. Its tip enters into the ground and soil is not thrown aside at once, but turns several times in front of plough and then plows away. Thanks to this it is possible to achieve better mixing of the soil surface.

How to make a PLOW for a mini tractor. Homemade plow

The maximum ploughing depth is up to 20 cm, the width of the ploughshare is 15,5 cm. It is less than other models, but plowing is of higher quality.

Such construction weighs 12 kg, and the speed of Belarus together with the reversible plow is from 2 to 5 km / h. It is made in Russia.

Homemade version

The turnover plough design is simple. Its main working part is the ploughshare. It plunges into the ground and plows. It can be made individually for MTZ-09H power tillers.

Stages of making a homemade plough

  • For this you will need a steel plate. The metal thickness should be 3 mm and more. Since this element cuts the soil, and a lot of pressure will be put on it.
  • Next we need to make the mouldboard. Metal pipe half a meter in diameter is perfect for its making. It is enough to cut out a template from cardboard, transfer it to the tube and cut out.Do not take too thick metal, the recommended thickness of the ploughshare for normal plowing is 3 to 5 mm.
  • Using a square metal pipe make an L-shaped coupling.
  • The next step is to weld the mouldboard to the share, and at the back a small piece of square tube to connect it to the hitch with bolts. You can then use these bolts to adjust the plow depth.

There are also plenty of different diagrams, drawings and videos on the forums on how to assemble a plow for Belarus with your own hands.

Adjusting the plow

A properly adjusted plow is the key to successful plowing. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Depth adjustment. The recommended level for ploughing is 5-7 cm. First, this is the average plowing depth of the shovel. Secondly, in this case you can’t hit the clay rock that may be underneath. Thirdly, with this ploughing depth the roots are not covered with much soil, and during the winter frost.
  • Adjusting angle of attack. This moment means adjusting the angle of the ploughshare into the ground. If it is too big, instead of plowing, it will be used as an anchor, and just pull Belarus to the ground. If it is too small, it will slide over the surface instead of plowing.
  • And one more tip. The first track should be as flat as possible. Since all subsequent plows will follow it. After you make the first track, put the single-axle MTZ tractor with one wheel in the track and continue working. If it is uneven, additional adjustment will be necessary.

Plowing with the MZT-09H reversible plow

Compute the drawbar pull of a plow on a power tiller with depth and width of cut of 10 cm x 8 cm. Th


There are a lot of reviews on the Internet about the plows work, so for example:

Manufacturing of ridge plough power tiller || kalappai || agriculture tool || Building Strong


“After I made the plow with my own hands, I started using it. But I forgot to grind it. As a result, dirt was sticking to the plow, and it worked like a bulldozer. As a result, all rust and scale had to be scraped off, then it was much easier”


“It is important to maintain the same tire pressure. In my experience, 2 atmospheres is considered ideal. If less, then the wheels will quickly erode and crack under the weight of the Belarus itself, it is better to let them be over-inflated than under-inflated. If the pressure is not equal, the MZT will constantly go to one side. And even better (if it’s possible) change ordinary wheels for the grouser, and the work with a plough will go clearly and smoothly, the main thing to regulate it make correct”

Often before making a purchase we consult our friends or acquaintances who have already purchased a similar product or service. But what to do in the event that no one from the acquaintances bought a plow? If you have the Internet, you can always read the reviews of those who have already bought a plow for a Neva power tiller.

As for reviews of this model on the Internet, the forums do not notice a clear criticism of this power tiller, in most cases all reviews are positive.


“Plowing the ground has always been a problem in our family. The tractor drivers don’t have time, or they break down, or some other nonsense happens to them. And in the end it was very difficult to plow the land before planting. So not only do you have to go and grovel before them, you have to pay them money and buy fuel. It’s just unbearable! So I decided to buy myself a Neva single-axle tractor and a plough to go with it. Ended up being a million percent satisfied. I’m always sure that my land will be prepared for sowing and cultivated after the harvest, so I do not depend on anyone.”


“I bought the VRMZ plow and I am completely satisfied. Easy to install, no superfluous details, copes with his work on 5 I use it for 3 years. After work, I washed it, lubricated the joints with Lithol, and put it down until next season’s necessity.”

You can also help other readers of our web-site with your reviews of this model. If you are the owner of this model of power tiller or of attachments you can leave your review about it, or ask any question about this model in Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

Peculiarities of choosing a plow for a power tiller

Work with small mechanization techniques, in particular with a power tiller, involves the use of a variety of attachments. Only with a plough it is possible to do most of the work.

A plow and tillers for the power tiller are very necessary equipment. Without this kind of equipment it is impossible to till the ground, and it is the main function of a power tiller.

Even a large area can be plowed without difficulty. In order for the work to be as easy as possible, the plow for the power tiller must be of the highest quality.

There are two ways to get this equipment: to buy a ready-made plow or make one on your own. When there are no skills of working with metal, you should not proceed to self-made, because in this case there is a very high probability that homemade plows will be of improper quality.

Before buying a plough, it is worth getting acquainted with the types offered, and choosing the one that suits you best. For those who will make this equipment on their own, you should find the drawings of the plow for the motor block and make equipment, based on them. Only having a quality plow for power tiller, you can count on comfort when plowing.

There are brand-name plows for the Neva power tiller. Besides, it is worth noting that it is most convenient to use an adapter with a power tiller, to which the plow will be hitched.

How to install it correctly?

First you have to put the earring. The working part should be attached to it. To attach it, use cotter pins and bushings

Important: The fasteners must be inserted into the second hole from below. This allows to adjust the plough’s ploughing depth in an optimal way for full-fledged land cultivation

Sometimes it happens that the standard deepening (20 cm) is not enough. In order to adjust the coulter to a deeper penetration, it is lowered and attached to the clevis through the upper holes. On the contrary, if you want to work only the uppermost layer of soil, attach it through the bottom hole before using the tool. Specialists recommend a test run with your power tiller first. Only this will tell you if everything was done correctly.

The basic design of a plough on a single axle tractor

The design of this tool is not complicated, so you can make it yourself. The main thing is to correctly size the fixture. Here’s a description of the attachment:

  • Headstock. This is a cutting part made of alloy steel.
  • Two brackets.
  • Side plate stand.
  • Coupling for plow.
  • Spacer plate.
  • Fixing.
  • Upright bar. This is a reinforcement of an agricultural tool.
  • base plate.
  • Linkage for power tiller.
  • field board. This is an angle, dimensions: 30×30 mm.
  • Pipe 42 mm in diameter.
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