How to choose a sliding compound mitre saw

How to Choose a Mitre Saw (3 Steps)

High-capacity package crosscut saws are shown in this section of the overview. Suitable for professional applications. They do not overheat even when cutting several tough jobs in a row. Robust constructions are not damaged by sufficiently hard mechanical stresses. A good crosscut saw in this category performs its functions flawlessly through many years of intensive use.

Metabo KGS 305 M

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The integrated broach for wide workpieces up to 205 or 305 mm at 45° or 90°, respectively. Electronics gradually increase the RPM after startup, preventing excessive strain on the motor and gearbox. The laser transmitter is installed in such a way that clogging is eliminated after several working cycles. High brightness ensures good marker visibility in all lighting conditions. Transparent cover for easy monitoring.

  • The best professional mitre saw with pulling mechanism;
  • Powerful motor;
  • soft start;
  • well-designed chip evacuation system;
  • backlight, laser marker.


This professional mitre saw offers high productivity. It doesn’t overheat during long cutting operations and cleans the work area quickly and gently with the connected vacuum cleaner. Cast frame gives the saw resistant to strong loads; connected components are properly secured. The pivoting mechanism can be swivelled to a large angle (up to 50°) in all directions. Disc shadow control makes it easy to create an accurate mowing line of cut. Eliminates the need for extra adjustments.

  • one of the best in terms of reliability of the saw model according to experts;
  • sturdy design;
  • high-quality components;
  • backlight with shade;
  • fixation of the support elements with a setting scale;
  • comfortable carrying handles;
  • compactness.

Bosch GCM 8 SJL

The multifunctional technology equipment comes in handy for laying floors and major renovation work. This mitre saw is used for trimming edges at specific angles, for sawing wide workpieces, for grooving. Extendable support legs are used for processing large workpieces. Reliable motor designed for long cutting cycles with high load.

The Bosch GCM 8 SJL saw’s high level of quality is confirmed by individual design details. In the composite cover, the lower part shifts as the disc approaches the workpiece. This solution provides reliable protection without hampering visual control of the work area. Two deflecting points make for efficient chip evacuation. The laser transmitter complies with modern standards of safety for the eyes.

  • improved dust removal technology;
  • ability to make wide cuts up to 312mm;
  • wide reliable support elements;
  • High disk rotation speed. 5 500 rpm;
  • A convenient handle for carrying the mitre saw.

The main feature of such a tool is the ability to rotate the working surface at the required angle.

It is 45-55 degrees in most models. Depending on the device, the table can be tilted either in one or both directions.

Best Budget Sliding Compound Miter Saws Of 2021 | Sliding Compound Miter Saw Buying Guide

The main criterion when choosing a crosscut saw is its power. It ensures the productivity and continuity of the tool:

Remember that models with high power are big in size and expensive.

Some mitre saws have a variable speed, which makes them versatile and suitable for different materials. For occasional daily use, 3200 rpm is usually sufficient.

The depth and quality of cut is affected by the size of the saw blade and the work surface. Required value can vary depending on saw’s purpose and type of work. Usually working disc size is max. 200 mm for home models and max. 250 mm for professional models.

Let’s talk about the design features of the device. The main elements of the crosscut saw are the frame with a turntable and the cutting mechanism. It is driven by a motor. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the number of available gears.

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There are two main types: toothed and belt drive. Working with a toothed gear eliminates the possibility of slipping of the workpiece. The belt drive is silent and vibration-free, which increases the service life of the motor.

The design and operation of the motor can also be different. The asynchronous type is notable for its durability in constant use. The collection motor allows the saw’s cutting mechanism to rotate at higher rpm. But it requires careful maintenance and is less durable with frequent use.

best sliding compound mitre saws

Our topic for today’s ranking of the best coping saws. Faced with the need to frequently cut long workpieces, you can’t help but think about choosing the right tool. Sabre saw? It is difficult to produce a consistent cut, especially if the same boards need to be cut at an angle and a precise joining is required. Jigsaw with angle? Uncomfortable, slow, especially for difficult cuts.

Industrial workpieces are usually cut with reciprocating saws: the disc, which swings on the lever, cuts quickly and, most importantly, with minimum effort to ensure repeatable results. Add to it the possibility to adjust the cutting angle and a table mount instead of a heavy frame and we have a ready-made mitre saw that can be used both in the workshop and at the construction site.

Trimmer saws with broach


High-quality universal mitre saw with broach, which can be purchased at a pleasant price, and in terms of functionality it will be no worse than expensive “competitors. Working with such a saw is very convenient: it has a laser marker, soft start and quick shutdown, the vacuum cleaner and dust collector, of course, can also be easily connected. saw blade is included in addition to the saw itself. RYOBI RTMS1800-G has one speed, but it is sufficient for both soft metal and wood. If you haven’t worked with crosscut saws before, the RYOBI RTMS1800-G is the right place to start.

Technical features:

  • table-top design;
  • power. 1800 W;
  • Cutting height/width 84/130 mm;
  • disc diameter is 254 mm;
  • rotation. 4500 revolutions per minute;
  • cord length. 250 cm.
  • pleasant price;
  • easy to use;
  • there is a soft start;
  • You can connect a dust collector and a vacuum cleaner;
  • handles both soft metal and wood;
  • long mains cord;
  • large number of revolutions per minute;
  • there is a laser marker.

Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PL

Trimmer saw with high power and nice price. an excellent option for both amateur and professional. Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PL perfectly copes with both soft metal and wood (as cross-cutting, longitudinal or diagonal). This model will quickly pay for itself if you use it every day, and is unlikely to fail at the right time. This trim saw is equipped with a laser guide (though, as noted by some buyers, the line is not always shown accurately), the ability to lock the motor, and the electronic brake.


  • tabletop design;
  • power. 1800 watts;
  • Cutting height/width. 75/305 mm;
  • disc diameter. 255 mm;
  • rotation. 5000 rpm;
  • Length of the cord. 200 cm.
  • compactness and lightness;
  • the model can work with both soft metals and wood;
  • pleasant price;
  • laser designator;
  • You can lock the engine;
  • The kit includes a clamp, a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner;
  • reinforced gearbox.

Bosch GCM 12 GDL

a crosscut saw Bosch GCM 12 GDL is suitable for professional use. for amateurs it may seem heavily “contrived” and quite expensive. The model is equipped with a laser guide, which ensures a quality and always a straight cut. As it becomes clear, this is a crosscut saw with a broach, with which you can make a perfectly smooth and clean cut, even metal! Of course, this saw allows you to connect a vacuum cleaner and dust collector. If desired, you can adjust the tilt angle stop. The only disadvantage is the heavy weight.

Technical specifications:

  • The design is table-top;
  • power. 2000 W;
  • Cutting height/width: 104/341 mm;
  • Disc diameter. 305 mm;
  • rotation. 3800 rpm;
  • cord length. 200 cm.
  • A large number of useful functions;
  • laser guide;
  • Allows you to make a clean and even cut;
  • works well with different materials;
  • it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • safe use thanks to the protective cover;
  • Cutting depth can be limited.
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Makita LS1216

Quality mitre saw with a fairly long pull. This model allows you to adjust the angle of inclination in different planes. It is possible to cut workpieces by both straight, angular and combined methods. By the way, Makita LS1216 works well with both wood and metal. it’s still one of the top models. Handle of this saw is rubber coated, which provides a comfortable and firm grip. Includes saw blade, clamp, holder, template, and assembly wrench in addition to the saw itself.

Technical features:

  • tabletop design;
  • power. 1650 W;
  • cutting height/width. 107/363 mm;
  • disc diameter. 305 mm
  • rotation. 3200 rpm;
  • cord length. 200 cm.
  • soft start;
  • quickly turns off;
  • good quality of cut;
  • works with various materials
  • it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • comfortable handle;
  • long feed.


Rather “old”, but still popular and high-quality crosscut saw, loved by many professionals. Although its price is quite high, but this is due to the large number of useful features and capabilities: for example, this model is equipped with a soft start, it has the ability to lock the power, you can connect a vacuum cleaner. The DeWALT DW 717 XPS does not weigh too much. The design of this crosscut saw is pleasant, the body is strong, and it is easy to use. an excellent option for professionals.

Technical Specifications:

  • design. table;
  • power. 1675 W;
  • Cutting height / width. 88/302 mm;
  • disc diameter. 254 mm;
  • Rotation. 4,000 rpm;
  • cord length. 200 cm.
  • a pleasant design;
  • The model can perfectly cope with different materials;
  • there is a soft start;
  • It is possible to lock the motor;
  • it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • handy casing.

Editor’s Choice

In the entry-level category, the two most attractive tools: Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut and Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PLR. Very compact crosscut saw Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut from the famous Japanese manufacturer at a low cost has a wide range of features that allow high-quality processing of parts with small cross-section.

Domestic tool Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PLR, which also has a small cost, in addition to other functions is equipped with the ability to dissolve wooden elements in length.

Features of Combination Trimmer Boards

The combined design not only makes it possible to use the mitre saw for mitre cuts, but also for crosscutting.е. cross cuts in lumber, as well as longitudinal cuts typical of a circular saw. The main feature of combined devices is the presence of the mechanism for turning the saw blade from one position to another, located in a perpendicular plane to the original one. Advantages of combined models are:

Should You Buy A Miter Saw?. Beginner Woodworker’s guide

  • increased functionality;
  • no need to purchase two types of equipment;
  • ease of transformation from one position to another for different types of work;
  • compactness and mobility.

The main disadvantage of such devices is a small cutting depth of material to be processed in comparison with narrow-directional models. The functionality of the end miter saw can be increased by adding a special saw blade to the broach saw.

In this case, the user receives a crosscut saw universal, which can be used for sawing metal and plastic, ceramic and stone.

TOP 15

In order for everyone to be able to positively decide for themselves what characteristics should have a face saw on wood. which is best suited for its specific purposes and tasks, it is necessary to consider the rating of the most sought-after models for today:

  • Makita LF1000. Unit from Japan with a lightweight combination motor. Used as a machine for sawing and facing. Equipped with aluminum table with legs. Disc 260 mm, depth 68 mm, 1,6 kW motor, cutting angle left and right 45°. Equipped with the system of protection against accidental start-up and auto shut-off in case of jamming. Lightweight, easy to transport, store and use.
  • Metabo KGS 315 Plus. German-made product with a powerful motor. 2.2 kW and 4.1 thousand rpm. per minute. Characterized by high quality overall assembly, high power, low operating noise. Not only for wood, but also for plastic and metal. Equipped with a laser meter, dust collector, speed adjustment. Expanding the table is possible.
  • Evolution RAGE3-S. Model of the British manufacturer is included in the cutting saws rating as one of the most modern among the innovative developments of the company. Designed for professional tooling of wood, plastic and aluminum. with one and the same multifunctional blade. The product is characterized by high-quality assembly, reliability, ease of use, durability.
  • DeWALT DW713. Trimmer from the American manufacturer. Characterized by high power, durability and universality of use. Suitable for small-sized workshop. According to reviews, the model is characterized by a comfortable base, low cost, compactness, light weight and high-quality construction. The only disadvantage is the lack of a soft start.
  • Bosch PCM 8. German machine with power of 1.2 kW, weight of about 8 kg, a disk of about 200 mm. The model is recommended primarily for home use. Allows accurate enough cut of the workpiece due to the rigid locking system, precise guides and comfortable table. Optionally equipped with a laser meter and dust extraction system.
  • Hammer STL1400/210. Inexpensive model with a power of 1.4 kW, 5 thousand. rotational speed and 210 mm disk cutter. Rotating work surface provides comfort and a wide range of applications. Aluminum housing weighing 6.3 kg, a capacious dust canister, three cutting depths, high-quality equipment. the main advantages of the product.
  • DeWALT DWS774. One of the best solutions to the question of what should be a crosscut saw with a broach. which one to choose for a home workshop, and that it was not very expensive, but of high quality. The model is so precise that all new cuts are identical to those previously started when resetting workpieces. It is equipped with an adjustable swivel scale. to the right angle.
  • DeWALT DHS780N. Brushless trimmer model with the possibility of independent work. due to the built-in battery module. Makes it possible to cut pieces with a cross section of more than 10×30 cm. The device is equipped with a system of illumination and accurate alignment. Electronic speed control function allows the unit to adjust operation to different conditions and types of materials.
  • Zubr ZPT-210-1400 L. Fairly inexpensive home-made machine. 1,3 kW motor for easy sawing of workpieces with 210 mm circular saw. The model is equipped with a laser measuring tool, is compact and lightweight, has a high quality build. The disadvantages include the lack of spare parts for repair, laser dusting during the operation. In addition, the installation has no clamps for the workpiece.
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Trimmer saw: a guide for the choice

When it comes to precisely cutting corner joints and making cross cuts in wood or aluminum and steel profiles, few tools can do the job as effectively as the mitre saw.

The tool is designed for fairly narrow cuts, but makes them perfectly. Typical tasks where the saw will be most in demand: the assembly and installation of doors and windows, trim various moldings and trim, laying hardwood flooring, cutting rafters for the roof.

Trimmer, as the name implies, is suitable for making end cuts at different angles to the workpiece. Most mitre saws have a wide range of cutting angle settings. They can make oblique cuts, and advanced models can perform a combination of beveling and facing at the same time combined cut.

Trimmer saws are designed so that the blade hits the workpiece at precisely the right angle. Circular saw, a more versatile tool because it can work with massive workpieces. Reeling is good where you want to create a large number of parts with aligned angles. Precise joints and cross cuts are vital for joining frames as well as making seamless joints.

What can be done with a sliding compound mitre saw: functional features of the models

Trimming saw is a carpentry tool with an electric motor, on the shaft of which a saw blade is mounted. Models are stationary and manual, but both are a valuable auxiliary device for any carpenter in the enterprise or in the home workshop. All the same, what can be done with a crosscut saw?

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