How to Choose a Snowblower for Your Home

Snowfall Tomorrow: Choosing a Snowblower

Winter is coming! Check the weather forecast and see if you’re ready to shovel snow around your house for another half-day. We tell you all about snow blowers (aka snow throwers) and how to choose the right model.

A snow thrower works like this: the bucket picks up the snow, the rotating snow blade sends it to a special nozzle and blows it out to the side. so that if you have to clear a larger area, the next pass will also clear this ejected snow. In inexpensive models, the angle, direction and range of throwing snow is adjusted manually, in advanced. from the control panel.

Budget snow blower with an electric motor

Top 10 best gasoline snow blowers

A good snowplow greatly minimizes the physical burden of cleaning during the winter time. Powerful, handy and reliable machines can completely clear a yard, paths in 1-2 hours. Also, machinery is often used by public utilities to maintain municipal or commercial facilities, parks, roads.

In most cases, gasoline snow blowers of the light and medium class are in demand among users. They optimally combine performance, compactness and affordability.

Champion ST661

Champion self-propelled snow blowers are in high demand due to the reliability of their main parts, affordable price and good performance. These advantages more than compensate for minor design flaws encountered, including in this model. So, judging by the reviews, here is a very slow rear gear, and for convenience is not enough double locking levers of movement and ejection. Otherwise, it is an unpretentious and powerful snow thrower, capable of breaking through the ice, breaking through a meter thick piled snow and clean the snow slush. Low fuel consumption and ease of starting in very cold weather also distinguish this snow plough.

  • Four-stroke engine;
  • high power;
  • snow throw over 10 meters;
  • unpretentiousness in work;
  • decent build quality;
  • economical.


Powerful and economical Patriot snow blower is the perfect choice for country houses and private homes with small yard areas. The middle class model features a large number of gears 5 / 2. Classic manual starter, but pretty “live”. Convenient design. proper weight and center of gravity distribution provides a confident ride “in a straight line” on different terrain. And the relative lightness adds maneuverability and controllability to the snow blower. However, the Chinese assembly still affected, before the first start-up is recommended broach threaded connections and an external inspection.

  • many speeds;
  • sturdy starter;
  • informative instruction;
  • powerful engine;
  • quality of snow removal;
  • easy operation.

DAEWOO Power Products DAST 6560

A place in the top best self-propelled snow thrower DAEWOO got for high quality snow removal. According to customer reviews, the unit quickly and easily shovels freshly fallen “fluffy” snow, lying monolithic crust, wet snow and breaks a small ice without consequences. Well implemented and management. the direction and range of the snow removal can be adjusted on the panel, and users make Accent on the convenience of. However, they note that the manufacturer overestimated the emission figure by 10-15%. The snowplow proves itself perfectly in work, especially on plots of 10-20 acres.

  • a good balance of weight and features;
  • copes with any snow;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • convenient control of the snow thrower;
  • beautiful, bright design.

Huter SGC 4100 WIDE

Technics brand Huter instantly won the trust of users with reliability, snowthrowing equipment is no exception. Inexpensive, powerful unit SGC 4100 WIDE impressed by verified ergonomics and usability. According to buyers, it greatly facilitates the process of snow removal in bad weather. Ease of starting and wide wheels with deep tread are also noted as a plus. Many owners have noted that the snow blower is economical and not demanding of fuel quality. But the throwing distance of the snow is a little bit overestimated. the packed snow is thrown to 6-8 meters.

  • not overloaded with features;
  • very comfortable and sturdy;
  • easy to start;
  • good cross-country ability;
  • large working width;
  • economical.

Husqvarna ST124

One of the best gasoline snow blowers in terms of price and quality is in most of the ratings of this year. Respectable brand, internationally recognized, pleased with the excellent quality and durable, even unpretentious self-made motor. A mid-range model that flawlessly combines the moderate power of 6 liters and the pleasant ambience of a professional shovel operator.с. and an acceptable weight of 78 kg. Snow throw distance of 12 meters surpasses many competitors due to high-speed impeller installation. The snowblower‘s strong point is the effective two-stage snow clearing system. Customers unanimously note the speed and ease of clearing large areas in minimal time.

  • increased technical characteristics;
  • adjustable handles;
  • high quality of components;
  • Maneuverability and controllability on difficult terrain;
  • high efficiency.

Champion ST861BS

Reliable and powerful snow blower from a proven brand generates a lot of interest. In the past 2 months alone, the ST861BS has been looked at nearly 2,000 times by Ya.Marketplace. The machine stands out from the competition with its efficient 9-liter BS engine.с. Thanks to this, the machine can effortlessly negotiate high snowdrifts and effectively shovel solid crust even in harsh climates. According to reviews, the snow blower fully meets expectations and does not annoy with breakdowns. Technically competent design combined with good power makes the model among the best on the market.

  • functionality. heated grips, electric starter, headlamp lighting;
  • high power;
  • reliable engine;
  • Availability of spare parts and components;
  • Quickly starts up in any weather.

Inexpensive gasoline models are mainly suitable for clearing snow from small areas. In some cases, the average. They are small in size and relatively light in weight. Price range is an order of magnitude higher than the electric ones, 42500.48000.

All models in the subcategory are self-propelled, have more than one speed, including reverse, engine power up to 6.5 liters.с. Work in sub-zero temperatures, but up to a certain value calculated for each device.

4 Hyundai S 5556

On the fourth place in the subcategory of snow blower Hyundai S 5556, designed to work at temperatures up to.30° and continuous loads. The model is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine Hyundai ICW160 rated at 5.5 liters.с.

choose, snowblower, your, home

The device has optimal dimensions for both work in the open, and cleaning areas with trees, buildings, on garden paths. Bucket width is 53 cm, skids up to 51 cm in height. Steel auger with ice picks to handle thick and icy snow.

Distance to throw the snow up to 11 meters, the direction of ejection is adjusted during operation vertically and sideways with a range of up to 200 °. Self-propelled snow blower with four forward speeds and one reverse. With enlarged pneumatic wheels and x-track tires, skis under the bucket. Despite its weight of 57 kilograms, it is easy enough to control the device.

Easy start-up with a manual assisted start system. Users note the convenient location of the control panel, the ease of use, the good quality of materials and workmanship of the model.

  • Versatility of use.
  • 5 speeds, including reverse.
  • Wide temperature range for operation.
  • Rugged steel auger with ice axes.
  • Extended wheels with winter tread.
  • Convenient startup and control panel.
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3 Huter SGC 4100 WIDE

The third line is a self-propelled gasoline model Huter SGC 4100 WIDE with a four-stroke engine capacity of 6.5 liters.с. Snow blower has an increased bucket width up to 62 cm in height copes with a thickness of snow up to 54 cm.

The dimensions of the device is compact, designed for cleaning small areas, up to about 15 hectares. Can work in sub-zero temperatures. Moves by means of two suspended inflatable wheels. Thanks to special treads on the tires the wheels have good cross-country ability and maneuverability, without slippage. Product weight 73 kg.

The power combined with robust steel blades of two augers provides high-quality clearing of fresh snow and more dense, frozen. The bucket swings out through a special chute to a distance of up to 15 meters. Direction of ejection can be adjusted as you go, via the handle.

It has five forward speeds and two reverse speeds, so you can choose the best mode for your cleaning needs. Manual start, all controls are conveniently located in front, near the base handle.

than enough power for efficient operation, according to users. Among the advantages are easy starting in cold weather, quality materials, reliable construction.

  • Compact and maneuverable.
  • Good power.
  • Increased bucket width.
  • 7 speeds.
  • Cold start system.
  • The quality of housing, components.

2 Huter SGC 4000L

Snowblower Huter SGC 4000L ranks second. The design of this model has a lot in common with the previous device. It is a self-propelled device, with a similar capacity of four-stroke engine 6.5 liters.с., Manual cold start system. Designed for clearing snow from small areas.

Functional differences lie in the parameters of the bucket’s grip, 56 cm in width, 42 cm in height. The model operates with four forward speeds and two reverse speeds. Gasoline tank has a smaller capacity of 3 liters compared with 3.6 liters. On the previous model. The advantage of the device is in the weight of 65 kg and cheaper in cost.

The snow blower handles fresh, packed, frozen and freezing snow perfectly, throwing it up to 12 meters through the chute. Robust metal augers with protection against foreign objects in the mechanism. Chute rotation can be adjusted during work to the sides, to change the height of ejection. Bucket height is adjustable.

Support wheels with winter tread contribute to the maneuverability of the model. For convenient operation at night, the device is equipped with a headlight. Apart from some assembly faults, the owners of the SGC 4000L are very satisfied with the results of its operation.

  • Compact and powerful tool.
  • Copes with thick and icy snow.
  • Reliable augers.
  • Easy to start and operate.
  • Headlight.
  • Maneuverability.

1 Patriot PS 603

First place is a snow thrower PATRIOT PS 603, self-propelled, with a 6.5 liter engine.с. Refers to the model of medium size, great for work on the territory of the country house. In comparison with other models in this sub-category, it has the most affordable price.

Large, 13-inch diameter (33 cm) wheels with deep treads for easy maneuverability on slippery or deep snow. With five forward and two reverse speeds to choose the best way to move around, taking into account terrain conditions.

Bucket grips the snow cover 56 cm in width, 40 cm in height. Metal augers are good for hard snow and icy surfaces. The model has a selectable bucket height. Adjustable chute height and ejection sides of 70 and 190 degrees, respectively. The snow can be thrown up to 10 meters.

The device is started manually, without any problems. Operates in temperatures up to.25°. According to users, it cleans up perfectly, is easy to operate, and consumes fuel economically.

Rating of the best snow blowers

Champion ST556

If you live in a region where it often snows, consider the Champion ST556 snow blower.

  • 5.5 liter four-stroke single-cylinder engine. с. air-cooled. The unit can run for hours. Do not have to periodically turn it off to cool the motor;
  • A special handle allows you to quickly start the engine;
  • There are 4 gears for forward movement. Two more will allow you to go back in case you need it;
  • The chimney sweep is compact, its weight is 62.5 kg. Wheels are equipped with powerful tread, allowing to move even in soft snow.

Champion ST556 is ideal for cleaning any area, including difficult terrain. Ribbed metal auger grabs all types of snow, including ice. The model throws the crumb at a distance of up to 15 meters.

To avoid problems, it is important to read the operating manual and check the condition of all components before beginning work. No loose screws or foreign bodies.

PRORAB GST 55, self-propelled snow blower

If you want to work independently and not depend on the length of the electric cord, choose the gasoline snow blower PRORAB GST 55 ELV. It is equipped with a 4-stroke engine. Powerful. 6 liters. с.

With the PRORAB GST 55 ELV it’s no problem to sweep driveways, parking lots and areas around shopping malls and office buildings. The machine is easy to operate, no experience or special skills are needed. Thanks to the variator gearbox, forward and reverse travel is effortless. Tires with quality treads will keep the snowplow from getting stuck, even in deep snow.

  • a special control panel with the necessary levers allows you to control the work of the equipment;
  • The machine is held reliably even on ice thanks to the clever shape of the treads;
  • No cracks or chips in the bucket even when clearing ice. Additional protection against damage is provided by the skids;
  • The headlight allows snow removal even at night.
  • The engine starts in a few seconds thanks to the electric starter;
  • to turn on the spot, all you have to do is unlock any wheel;
  • the bucket is oversized. Large sheets of snow can be shoveled immediately
  • the ejection chute can be rotated 190 degrees, so you don’t have to do the same job over and over again;
  • Variator speed is variable;
  • Metal auger. It can even deal with ice quickly and accurately.

The core of the Prorab machines is the ingeniously designed auger mechanism with blades. It allows you to capture large amounts of snow, grind it and send it to the ejection chute.

Let’s highlight a few advantages of Prorab cleaners:

  • The base is a sturdy, one-piece frame. It withstands operation even in adverse conditions;
  • if something broke, buying spare parts would not be a problem. Service centers are available everywhere;
  • the price is affordable for most buyers;
  • to work with the unit does not require any special knowledge;
  • the technique works in all conditions. Adaptation is quick and easy.

the manufacturer has the right to change the parameters of the equipment, its appearance and configuration. No advance notice to representatives. Keep this warning in mind when buying equipment.

  • snowblower;
  • Instructions for use and safety;
  • snow evacuation chute;
  • wrench set for adjustments.

RedVerg RD-ST65E

REDVERG RD-ST65E Snowplow allows you to quickly clear a private yard, parking lot, the area around the store. Electric starter for easy starting. Even with a cold engine, all you have to do is plug it in to a 220 V outlet.

Snow can be shoveled in any weather. Special headlight illuminates the area well. The unit is self-propelled. No special force is needed to move it. Key components are made of steel, reducing the likelihood of mechanical damage.

REDVERG RD-ST65E 6631267 advantages:

  • the headlamp has already been mentioned before. It makes it possible to remove snow even at night or late at night;
  • the steel auger is equipped with teeth that crush even ice;
  • Solid treads are applied to the tires. The snow blower won’t slip even on icy surfaces;
  • special skids protect the bucket from mechanical damage during cleaning;
  • grip has a large area, which greatly speeds up the cleaning
  • The technique is equipped with a gasoline engine that allows you to work completely autonomously;
  • The equipment can be started manually or with the help of an electric starter;
  • 5 speeds allow you to move forward. Another speed allows you to go back if necessary;
  • a special shovel allows you to clean the chute from clogs;
  • the maneuverability of the equipment is increased by unlocking the wheels.
choose, snowblower, your, home

The manufacturer notifies you that the equipment parameters, equipment set, production address are subject to change. Representatives are not informed in advance. Pay attention to this information when ordering!

  • snow blower unit;
  • set of handles and levers;
  • wheels for moving;
  • snow collection chute;
  • trowel for cleaning the gutter;
  • instructions for use;
  • package.
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best wheeled snow blowers

Wheeled snow blowers are mobile, maneuverable and productive enough. Their relatively small size and weight will be appreciated by owners of homestead plots up to 20 hectares, especially if they have to clean the winding paths and hard-to-reach corners of the territory. Manufacturers equip wheeled models with heavy-duty tires that provide stability and traction. Larger wheels make it easier to maneuver in loose snow and turn the machine.

Huter SGC 6000

Snow blower with 8L engine.с. There are two ways to start the motor: by hand or with an electric starter.

Bucket dimensions are 62×54 cm. Wear-resistant metal augers with scalloped teeth. Chute for removing snow is adjustable by hand crank. Large-diameter wheels with heavy-duty tires provide maneuverability and easy movement through snowdrifts.

Transport handles are heated, the control panel is equipped with a backlight.

The structure is equipped with safety elements (cotter pins for working mechanisms and shoes on the chute for snow removal).

Easy to operate, electric starter is best for colder climates.

Additional features make operation easier.

DAEWOO Power Products DAST 6560

Compact, powerful and lightweight 6.5 liter gasoline engine.с. Fires by hand starter. Chute adjustment knob and speed selector (4 forward, 2 reverse) are on the control panel.

Snow grip dimensions 57×51 cm, 12 m throw distance.

The model copes very well with fresh snow, but with frozen drifts can be a problem. Not recommended for hard snow on 3 and 4 speeds.

Reliable economical engine from DAEWOO.

High performance and maneuverability (especially in loose snow).

Easy to start and operate.

Hyundai S 6561

A wheel-driven snowplow. 6.5L engine.с., Hand and electric starter for easy start. Grabs snow layer 61×51 cm, throwing the snow mass 11 m to the side. The snow thrower’s chute is made of metal and is mechanically adjustable.

The auger is embossed, with sharp teeth. There is a headlight on the control panel.

Powerful wheel drive, 13″ wheels with flat tires.

Auger mechanism is designed for heavy snow and icy snow.

Excellent maneuverability.

MasterYard ML 7522B

Snow blower with Briggs and Stratton engine designed for use in sub-zero temperatures (5.5L power).с.) Bucket dimensions are 56×51 cm. Ejection is 10 meters to the side.

Rugged alloy auger with scalloped teeth. Metal snow thrower chute adjustable with lever. Wheels with large-diameter tires (14″). Weight of 78 kg.

Easy start and stable operation in low temperatures.

Maneuverability thanks to proprietary wheels with tread.

Easy to maneuver and move.

Champion ST762E

Two-stage self-propelled snow blower with 6.5L engine.с. Bucket grabs 62 cm wide and 51 cm high layer of snow, removes snow up to 10 meters to the side. Snow deflector blade can be adjusted with a hand lever.

Provides electric start and additional lighting for working in the evening (halogen headlight).

The manufacturer guarantees the stable operation of the unit only at temperatures no lower than.10° C.

Champion ST762E is equipped with a 7-speed gearbox (2 rear and 5 front speeds).

choose, snowblower, your, home

High capacity due to powerful engine and oversized bucket.

Robust auger mechanism made of durable metal.

Treaded wheels for easy going in loose snow.

DAEWOO Power Products DAST 8570

Snow blower with oversized bucket (grabs snow layer 67×54 cm). Shovels snow up to 15 meters to the side.

Suitable for frozen and icy snow. with ice augers installed. 8 liter engine.с. Designed for low temperatures. Lighting is provided for evening work.

Gearbox has 8 speeds. 6 forward, 2 reverse. The machine weighs 103 kg.

Metal snow thrower blade, lever adjustable.

Handles are heated.

Electric start.

Husqvarna ST124

High-performance snow blower with 6L engine.с. Snow shovel bucket size 61×53 cm. Throw distance of 12 meters to the side. Snow removal nozzle is metal, adjustable with a lever. Electric start.

Wheels with tires, 13 inches in diameter. Metal auger and impeller, designed for heavy snow and ice.

The low weight of the device (78.5 kg) is worthy performance and power.

Easy to steer and maneuver.

Convenient placement of snow chute and control levers.

Hyundai S 5556

Compact, lightweight snow blower for clearing small areas. 5.5 liter motor power.с., Bucket dimensions 53×51 cm. A throw of 11 m to the side. Machine weight 57 kg, disassembled can be transported in the trunk of a car.

Wheels with 13-inch tires.

The snow thrower’s pipe is metal, the throwing direction is set with a swivel lever.

Gasoline snow blowers

Most advanced version. They are the most expensive, but also the most powerful and productive. If you need to clear a big territory, but not a couple of paths in the garden, it makes sense to look at these machines. Also, gasoline snow blowers cope well with high drifts, icy, damp or caked snow. Such equipment would be optimal for those who live in regions where heavy snowfalls and snow drifts are not uncommon, as well as for those who do not clear snow on a regular basis, but, for example, when going to the country for the weekend. Another plus. gasoline snow blowers do not depend on electricity: no need to worry about turning it off (which is not uncommon in heavy snowfalls), pull across the wire site to think where the socket, and so on.

self-propelled gasoline snow blowers are larger and heavier, but they do not require any effort to move them. Non-propelled snow shovels are smaller and lighter (as a rule, they weigh half as much. 30-40 kg). However, it is tiring to clean a large area or work on a site with difficult terrain (and the more so to push them uphill). They are optimum for clearing the area of up to 100-150 sq. km. м;

At the same time, self-propelled machines, as a rule, are more sophisticated and have more options;

the most cross-country. crawler snow plows. They are also well suited for sloping areas. However, they are not as maneuverable as wheeled, and cost significantly more. If there are no snow drifts on the site and it is not on a slope, there is no special need to choose a tracked version. In addition, the wheels of some gasoline snowthrowers are additionally equipped with chains, similar to cars. for better cross-country capability;

the bigger the tank volume, the less you have to fill it up. Also keep in mind that in heavy snow and high drifts much more fuel will be spent;

electric starter is a useful option, especially in cold weather.

High weight. self-propelled on average 80-100 kg;

models equipped only with a manual starter can be difficult to start in cold weather;

The oil-gasoline mixture for snowthrowers with two-stroke engines (the most common) must be made by yourself.

Types of snow throwers by shredding method

Single-stage snow blowers

A single-stage snow blower grabs snow, shreds it, and ejects it solely by means of a spinning auger. Naturally, a single helical surface can not boast a high capacity, so most often single-stage are electric and low-power gasoline models of snow shredders.

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Two-stage snow blowers

In the two-stage snow throwers, two parts are responsible for working with snow: the auger itself and the impeller. a rotating disk with blades. The auger digs into the snow with force, picks it up and grinds it, then delivers it to the impeller. It throws the snow mass into a special pipe, where the shredded snow flies out. The work of these two moving parts can throw the cleared snow for tens of meters. However, this functionality requires more power from the unit and increases the overall weight of the device. That’s why most two-stage snow blowers are self-propelled gasoline models.

When buying it is important to find a really reliable model, which will serve its owner more than one season. It does not necessarily have to be expensive equipment. You can always find the right options at a low cost. Below is a review of 8 snow blowers in the best price-performance ratio.

Mobil K C65

Snowplow equipment designed for use in times of heavy snowfall. Thanks to its steel construction with internal welding seams protected against corrosion, quality 4-stroke engine 6.5 liters.с., With its de-icing, ice-free, high ground clearance, large wheels with deep tread and cast steel wheels, it can easily handle large amounts of snow up to 58 cm in height. In addition to the bucket with cutter bar, a sweeping brush can be installed in the center.

Transmission on the snow blower is professional, gear-driven with the ability to reduce the travel speed to 0.63 km/h. This feature allows it to effectively pass more difficult, uneven areas, piled with snow masses. Meter throwing distance of 12 meters, 30% more than many other models. The controls are manual, with ergonomic, rubberized, frost-free handles and a gearbox (7 in total: 2 rear, 5 front).

  • Stable design with four large wheels.
  • Detachable, deep scoop for clearing large amounts of snow.
  • Option to mount a headlight on the handlebar for convenient operation at night.
  • High snow throwing distance.
  • Reliable frost-resistant motor.
  • There is no brush and lights are not included, they are sold separately.

Caliber SNUB-6,5/560/405

Inexpensive gasoline snow blower with two-stage cleaning system. It attracts customers with its moderate cost and high performance. This is a great helper for clearing snow in domestic plots. Makes a quick and efficient sweeping of paths, driveways and large areas, e.g. front of the garage or house.

Snow blower is self-propelled, with 7 speeds, 5 forward and 2 reverse. In one single pass, it covers a 56 cm wide area and throws snow up to a distance of 11 meters. Chute, through which the snow is thrown to the side, can be rotated 180 degrees, selecting the most convenient, suitable throwing angle. Tank capacity of 3.6 liters. Enough fuel for 4 hours of work.

  • Good maneuverability.
  • Metal auger.
  • Makes a good throw.
  • Low price.
  • Many maintenance requirements.


Inexpensive snow blower with good maneuverability. It is equipped with a four-stroke engine and a metal auger that allows you to effectively remove even frozen snow. Deep treads on the wheels provide excellent traction in snowy and icy conditions, so the machine won’t slip or get stuck. Adjustable skids protect bucket from damage.

Model is designed to work in harsh conditions. The machine does a great job in temperatures up to.25 degrees. When picking up snow, it throws it to a distance of up to 10 meters. Two ejection angles, direction and range adjustable for easy operation. The machine has a 7-speed transmission with 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

Trash chute cleaning shovel is included with the snow blower and instructions.

  • Inexpensive maintenance.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Quality construction.
  • Small tank volume (3 L).

Denzel GSB-53

Powerful gasoline snowthrower, designed to work on flat areas with a hard surface. It attracts customers by its cost and excellent maneuverability. Off-road tread design provides wheels with superior traction on snowy and icy surfaces.

The machine has a two-stage auger system for fast snow removal. Gearbox has 5 speeds, of which 4 are forward and one is reverse. Metal augers give the snowblower a long service life. Adjustable throw distance up to 11 meters. Provides wheel lock.

  • Moderate noise level.
  • Easy to start.
  • Long throw (11 m).
  • Low fence.
  • No headlight.
  • Difficult to find spare parts.

Champion ST656

Reliable in operation self-propelled snow blower, developed by the manufacturer for removing snow on small areas. The engine power of 5.5 horsepower is enough to clear the area around the cottage, the driveway, the parking lot. In one pass the machine covers a swath just over half a meter wide.

Metal augers and its two-stage processing system allows you to quickly and efficiently remove both fresh and frozen winter precipitation. Snow is ejected through a metal chute from the augers to a distance of 12 meters. Chute can be adjusted in different positions using the control panel, choosing the most convenient angle and throw distance.

  • Reliable engine.
  • Good build quality.
  • Easy gear shift.
  • Long throwing range (12 m).

Cub Cadet XS3 71 SWE

As we noted above, for cleaning very large areas to focus on the most powerful snowplows with a large bucket. Perhaps one of the best options in the heavy class is a model Cub Cadet XS3 71 SWE.

The snow blower is equipped with a four-stroke carburetor gasoline engine with electronic ignition Cub Cadet ThorX 10.6 l.с. It is powered by gasoline which can be no lower than Ai-92. Engine is specially designed for operation at low temperatures, is characterized by economy, environmental friendliness, low noise level and vibrations.

The engine can be started with a 220 V electric starter or a manual starter. Fuel tank capacity of 4.Fuel tank capacity of 4.7 liters, allows 3.5 hours of continuous operation at maximum load.

Six forward and two reverse gears, depending on snow depth and consistency. Wide, tubeless rubber wheels with deep tread provide good traction, increasing the snowblower‘s passability. Wheel drive with wheel release for turning.

Left and right maneuvering of the machine is made easy with the wheel release levers under the tiller arms. By pulling the trigger, you can disengage the drive of one of the wheels. Heated handles to keep your hands warm in extreme cold.

Metal Cub Cadet XS3 71 SWE snow blower bucket has a working width of 71 cm, with a maximum snow cover height of 58 cm. Bucket is additionally equipped with two vertical, adjustable folding blades for cutting through the toughest snow.

The bottom of the bucket is equipped with height-adjustable plastic skis that prevent damage to paving slabs and other surfaces. Three-stage auger effectively removes and processes not only loose snow but also ice and crust.

The snow blower can also be used in the dark. Two halogen lights on the body. The headlights turn on automatically when the engine starts. If the chute turns and covers one headlight, the second headlight continues to illuminate the work area. Cub Cadet snow blowers guaranteed for 3 years.

And in conclusion I would like to say that even if you do not have a modern snow thrower, a reliable shovel is always at your service.

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