How to choose a trimmer for grass garden gasoline. Which electric trimmer for grass is better to choose

Choosing a motorcycle to perform heavy, energy.Intensive work, it is necessary to focus first on the power of the motor, because the higher this parameter, the better the device will cope with its work.

In addition, the power of the motor, coupled with the volume of the power unit, determines the engine resource, and therefore its service life.

Battery Grass Trimmer. Weed Trimmers Women Can Use

Therefore, when working under a serious load, a powerful but inexpensive Chinese apparatus can be more tenacious than 10 times more expensive, but noticeably less powerful lawn mower from the USA or Europe.

Gas vs Battery Powered String Trimmers for a Lawn Care Business

Hello, Pavel. On the one hand, you are right, the volume of the combustion chamber and the working volume are not the same. When the piston reaches the upper dead point, there is still a free space over it, formed by the cavity in the head of the cylinder block, which is included in the volume of the combustion chamber and recesses in the piston. And usually the ratio of volumes is called the degree of compression. But! In two.Stroke engines, the degree of compression is about 10, in theory it should mean that the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder block is 10 times smaller than the volume of the cylinder, however, in fact, this is not so. And the ratio is much less. For example, the still popular VAZ 21083 automobile engine, the declared volume of which is 1499 cm3, the degree of compression of 9.8, but the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head, including the space under the laying and distance from the upper dead point of the piston for the edges of the cylinder block. As well as excavations in the pistons under the valves is 164 cm3, that is, the total volume of 1663 cm3, but in any instruction or in any description of this figure it is not indicated, because it does not reflect the real capabilities of the engine.

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As use to two.Stroke engines that are equipped with powerful trimmers for the grass, the situation is the same, because their compression degree of 9–11, depending on who makes and how. However, the main problem is that an ordinary buyer does not understand the difference between a common and working volume, but he knows how to compare the numbers of different models among themselves. For example, one trimmer for grass has an engine of 30 cubes, the other has 50, so the second is more powerful. And the worker is a volume or a complete buyer, no difference, moreover, 27 and 33 cm3 are still very different from 45 and 55 cm3, so no matter how indicate the volume, and the total information will not change from this.

Therefore, on the one hand, you are right, but on the other hand, it has historically so happened that only the working volume indicates with regard to internal combustion engines and, if important, the degree of compression. This is applicable to any motorized technique, from trimmers to ocean ships, which is why we did not confuse readers with information that would not help them in assessing the capabilities of a particular trimmer for grass. But, since you paid attention to this, we decided to clarify the situation, suddenly, for someone, the size of not working volume, but a combustion chamber, will really turn out to be important?

Before learning others, deal with the concepts of a combustion chamber and working volume. You have these concepts confused.

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