How to choose a wood grinder

Wood grinders (orbital grinders)

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Eccentric sanders are considered the most effective and versatile tool for polishing and sanding surfaces. In industrial production and in private use, they show the best results in terms of surface finish.

Polishing and sanding is possible through a combination of rotational and eccentric movements of the sole. The sole plate orbits and simultaneously rotates around its axis. This complex abrasive movement allows efficient sanding with minimum imperfections.

Machine weight from 1 to 3 kg, equipped with a round soleplate with Velcro, to which the abrasive wheel on a felt base is fastened. The base plates are available in two diameters: 125 and 150 mm. Machines with 125 mm soleplate are lighter, designed for a smaller area and for more delicate works than the grinders with 150 mm soleplate. Electric motors consume from 200 to 900 W high power ensures high productivity. When installing accessories it is important that the holes on the base of the grinder coincide with the holes of the abrasive wheel, otherwise the dust removal process will be difficult.

Suitable for rough or fine sanding of large surfaces, for sanding between layers of materials and coatings, for polishing, for sanding large surfaces along and across fibres. This type of machines is often used in carpentry and by car painters. Volumetric, profile and curvilinear surfaces are machined with EDM. Working with an eccentric grinder is unlikely to spoil the workpiece: make scuffs, burn the material or overdo with the depth of grinding. Noise and vibration level is less than other types of grinders.

The disadvantages are obvious: the eccentric machines are not suitable for processing internal angles and recesses. Performance is small, in comparison with belt sander.

Choosing a sander to choose for dacha and home? Review and Types: for wood, plaster, floor, beam and log walls- Help in choosing Video

Compose details of wood, sanded, remove paint, remove rust, mended putty, treat plastic and polish the stone can be with modern grinders. But how to choose a sander for dacha and home?

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Какой гриндер брать не стоит, и ответы на вопросы.

Some of the most popular ribbon models include the following:

  • Bosch PBS 75 AE. used for sanding linings and structures from beams.
  • Metabo BAE 75. 1 kW device is used for polishing dense wood.
  • Makita 9403. sander with a wide belt, which allows you to process floors, walls and large wooden products.

Important! Belt models create a lot of dust during work and therefore they must be used in special rooms dedicated to sanding wood.

How to choose the right wood grinder

How to choose the right wood sander

When it comes to grinders, the first thing that comes to mind is the most common model. the angle grinder. This is a popular angle grinder, which is versatile among craftsmen.

But its abilities, although great, are not always able to meet the tasks at hand. For this reason, engineers decided not to stand still and designed additional electrical devices that mechanize the pipes of grinders and polishers.

True, not every professional is able to choose the right tool when buying, so let’s take a look at how to choose a wood sander for the home.

Technical characteristics

There are several parameters you should pay attention to when choosing. About each it is desirable to learn more about.


Here there is a direct correlation: the more powerful the device, the more productive the work will be, respectively, the less time a person will spend for processing a particular surface. If the tool will be used for household purposes, power up to 1000 watts is enough.

Speed of rotation

The tool’s purpose depends on the equipment. For example, if you have to work on hard materials, you have to work at high RPM. For polishing, on the other hand, you can also use a low speed of rotation.

Professionals recommend paying attention to the ability to adjust the rotation of the shaft in order to customize the tool for a particular type of work.

The size of equipment

The size is directly related to the area of work. For example, if you have to work in a confined space, then you have to look for equipment with a small size of equipment.

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As a rule, the heaviest machines are professional, because they have a powerful motor. This indicator must be chosen individually, depending on the physical capabilities of the user (only this approach will be correct).

Smooth start

Modern devices are often equipped with a soft start function. It means that when starting, the speed will gradually increase, which is extremely important if a jerk is to be avoided.

Cord length

In recent years, the manufacturer began to give consumers a choice of cable length. This is very convenient if there is no possibility to use a portable. it is enough to pick up a unit with a long wire.

Speed control

This is a useful feature, because it turns an ordinary grinder into a versatile tool. RPM adjustment allows you to select the mode of use.

Safety functions

The more expensive the machine, the more safety features it has. For example, you can choose a device equipped with an automatic shutdown at overheating. There is also a function that protects the operator from accidental start-up.

Шлифовальные станки. Рейтинг. Какой гриндер выбрать

Rubber pads on the handles

The rubber pads help you to work, because with prolonged use your hands can get sweaty, so the device will slip. Rubber pads avoid this difficulty.

Dust bag

This is an optional accessory for the machine. No dust bag as standard, so must be purchased separately. At the same time, make sure that such an addition is suitable for the specific type of grinder.

Concept and purpose of belt grinders

A belt-type grinder, or as it is often called LSM. a device with which you can grind various surfaces. Very often such a device is used to work with wood. The main area of application is the processing of various materials with an abrasive belt. The grinder can be used for the following materials:

Very often the device is used in the furniture industry. However, it is also often involved in industrial organizations.

Belt sander for wood: features and subtleties of operation

When finishing a country house, dacha or bath, a wood sander becomes a truly indispensable tool. It can do almost anything. remove a layer of wood, sand a planed board, remove a layer of old paint coating and even fit details on the mowing line of the cut.

What are these devices?

Hand grinders are compact and lightweight analogues of industrial samples. They all perform surface treatment with an abrasive material. sandpaper. There are various ways of using this material, and appropriate tools are made for each of them.

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They have different designs designed for specific tasks:

How to choose?

Choosing a floor grinder is not easy. One of the most productive models is a belt. These machines are characterized by their high performance, reliability and durability. With belt units, you can easily remove a layer a few millimeters thick, and the machine works well with a wide variety of aggregates. For finish floor processing optimal flat sanding machines. here involved a fairly large work surface, there is the possibility of processing corners, so there is no skipped areas and do not need additional hand sanding.

If you have decided on the type of machine, then to choose a model you will need advice from experts.

  • For occasional home use, you do not need professional units. If you intend to work occasionally or only occasionally, you should choose “hobby” class products. The most high-quality tools are considered firms Bosch, Skil, Sparky, as well as BlackDecker, “Interskol” and “Fiolent”, the products of Belarusian manufacturers are also in demand.
  • The weight of the machine is important (especially if you choose a hand-held tool). If the area to be treated is small, it is worth choosing even less powerful, but compact tools. You should be comfortable working with the machine.
  • Pay attention to the location of the switches, as well as to the replacement technique of out-of-work abrasives (preferably, that the cord does not interfere with these manipulations).
  • It is better to test the machine in a store, turn it on and see how it idles, this way you can evaluate the noise and vibration it makes.
  • Be sure to visually inspect the entire installation. the elements of the body must be a tight fit to each other, all the withdrawable components must be excluded the presence of backlash.
  • Check the cost and availability of consumables as well as the service.

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Only after familiarizing yourself with all of these points you can make the right choice and buy the model that will best meet all conditions of use.

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