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TOP-10 eccentric grinder rating: review of the best network and battery models of 2022

Eccentric grinding. An indispensable tool for repair work. What characteristics to pay attention to when choosing a device? Rating of the best grinding machines of eccentric type.

Any construction and finishing work is not dispensed with without using a grinding machine.

It makes it possible to quickly and qualitatively polish any surface, thanks to a well.Thought.Out design of a grinding disk.

Consider what to pay attention to when choosing an eccentric grinder, as well as a rating of the best models.

Ribbon grinding machines

Above, we carelessly called the tape grinder with heavy artillery, in fact it would be more appropriate to say “tank”. The working element of this well.Recognized tool is an abrasive tape glued in the form of an endless ring, which moves along two end rollers and clearly resembles a track of a caterpillar machine. Such units are relatively powerful, they have a relatively simple reliable structure (corner gearbox plus cuneiform transmission), low center of gravity, solid speed of abrasive material. Using a tape grinding machine, you can easily remove a layer of material a few millimeters, make an edge or rounding on the workpiece, remove the old paintwork or rust. They are subject to: wood, metal, polymers, mineral building materials Clean the floors of the floors. Yes, adjust the strict beam. Please align with marriage a putty wall. Without problems. Without problems. However, it should be understood that high performance is not the best friend of the quality, there will certainly be scratches and shells. For finishing grinding, it will be necessary to use an orbital or flat.Grinding machine.

It is no secret that the power of the electric tool is directly proportional to the power consumption of its motor. The higher it is, the more we can squeeze out of a particular unit. In the case of LSM, the consumer has the opportunity to choose from models with an engine from 0.5 to 1.2 kW (Skil Masters 7660ma. 1200 W).

Skil Masters 7660ma

Please note that the instrument of Chinese brands is often declared with high engine power indicators, or if there are really voiced watts, they are not balanced with the rest of the characteristics of the apparatus. Those manufacturers who have nothing more to show, except perhaps the large weight and bulkiness of the “unique” product are praised.

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How To Choose an Angle Grinder

The next important characteristic for the tape grinding machine is speed. Obviously, it also needs to be taken into account to determine the possibilities of the tool. A fast machine will make more, but it will not be possible to crush it if the outstanding speed is not supported by additional power. The notorious torque, which says that the more speed the tool has, the less he will have the strength. The responsible manufacturer carefully balances these characteristics, makes them mutually changed, for which smart electronics sometimes are responsible. The speed of the tape in these grinder can be between 150-550 meters per minute (Fiolent MSL1–100. 550 m/min.).

The question may arise, but why at all to release nimble, but relatively slightly.Melted lnm? Just a super.Performance (fast and at the same time strong) machine is more difficult to control, it is heavier, larger, more expensive. With it, with excessive pressing, it is easy to ruin the workpiece. In turn, with maneuverable high.Speed lightweights, it is convenient in a short time, often “in place”, to treat the surface of a large area. If you still do not know what loads are expected by a grinder. Choose a slower model on which you can press a little, so it will be more universal. Even more multifaceted are LSM with the possibility of pre.Installation of the speed mode (Sparky MBS 976, Dewalt DW433). Among them there are options with smooth or stepped adjustments.

Dewalt DW433

It’s time to say about electronic systems that help with tape grinder in the work. These machines are not rich in electronic filling, compared with other types of electrical tools. Everything is usually limited to regulation of the speed of the tape. The switch responsible for this function is performed in the form of a slider or wheeled with divisions. There are models with overheating (Metabo Bae 75). With a certain stretch here we include the function of fixing the start button in the on position.

The situation is much more interesting with the mechanical “bells flashes”. The kit may be included in a stand or special clamps designed for stationary mounting of the tool (very convenient for processing small parts). The grinding frame serves as a kind of limiter that helps to avoid damage to the workpiece. Parallel or angular emphasis is useful to obtain an accurate bevel or flat parallel surface. The thin front video in some lshm (BlackDecker KA88) has a small diameter, which allows you to minimize the dead zone in the inner corners. Automatic centering of the tape (a cunning barrel.Shaped shape of one of the rollers) does not allow the latter to treasure the latter at the most inopportune moment. An additional handle with a variable inclination or removable will significantly increase the functionality of the machine in “clamped” places. Sometimes significantly.

Blackdecker KA88

Special attention should be paid to the size of the working plane. The sole, respectively, the length and width of the tape. Wide soles (100 mm) are characteristic of powerful professional models, due to which they become more stable and productive. Class “Hobbies” is usually limited to 75 millimeters. The long and wide sole of expensive lsm has a complex structure consisting of a substrate and an elastic plate, which allows you to have constant uniform contact with a part, such a tool “holds a plane” well ”. It is necessary to mention the “ribbons” with a narrow equipment. These are the so.Called “electric beacons”, which do not differ in great power and versatility, but specialists value them for unprecedented compactness (for example, Makita 9032 with a tape of only 9 mm wide).

Makita 9032

The dust system is in all tape devices, but not all it works equally efficiently. The fight against dust is carried out either using a vacuum cleaner connected through the pipe, or by collecting it into a bag, a built.In filter. Of course, the vacuum cleaner is preferable, especially when grinding mineral grounds. In super.Dressed models, the impeller, which is responsible for absorption of air, does not cope with its function, the channels are quickly clogged, there are many harmful “flour” in the air.

Criterias of choice

Popular manufacturers of orbital grinder (eccentric type)

Power consumption is considered one of the main characteristics of the choice, which affects the performance of the process. It is also necessary to take into account this indicator so as not to overload the mains. A tool with greater power is chosen mainly for black work, like grinding concrete and metal. The range varies from 50 to 1200 watts.

You need to understand, the greater the power of the Ashm model, the harder it will be.

The size of the platform stroke, mm. Can vary from 1 to 20 mm. The larger the amplitude, the faster the processing process moves.

Disk diameter, mm. Can be divided into three types: small 100. 125 mm, average 150.180, large 200-230 mm. Each of them is selected depending on the work performed. The larger the number is in the table, the lower the degree of granularity.

Type of grinding
Finishing 180. 320
Forting blades 170. 220
Round finish 60. 100
Round pendant 24. 36
Flat 16. 36

The equipment is classified:

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  • P40. P120. Intended for gross work, for example, primary stripping of the surface before grinding wood, metal, IT.D
  • P140. P180. Removal of small flaws.
  • P400. P1000. Polishes products.

The maximum speed of the disk (revolutions per minute). This parameter depends on the maximum size of the disk for a certain model, the larger it, the lower the number of revolutions becomes.

It is exhibited mainly for specific material and nozzles. The smaller the granularity of the skin, the higher the processing speed (from 5000 to 13,000 rpm).

Additional functions
Rotation frequency adjustment Allows you to do work better.
Limiting the starting current Gently accelerates the engine, reducing the wear of the tool, and does it safer to work.
The stabilization system of revolutions Fixes the desired value by typing the speed and preserving them.
Cracking protection Disconnects the engine during overload or jamming, which prevents the tool breakdown.
Anti.Vibration system Works as a dynamic counterweight, reducing strong vibration.
Rubberized body There is more comfortable grip and there is less vibration.
Blocking button VCL Prevents the launch of the grinder from random pressing, also holds the VCL button with prolonged operation.
Case Convenient for carrying tools and storage of equipment.
The weight Less weight does not allow the hand very much, which improves performance.

The diameter of the plate

The productivity of the grinder directly depends on the diameter of the support plate. The higher this characteristic, the larger the area you can process in one pass. The most common diameter of the plates is in the interval of 125–150 mm. The name of each specific Ashm model, as a rule, contains a digital index denoting this parameter.

The greater the engine power, the more Ashm weighs. Weight does not directly affect the quality or the speed of processing. However, it is important to consider it for the convenience of the operator who will use the tool in various planes. For example, it is inconvenient to work in an upright position or when processing the ceiling with a heavy grinding. For horizontal work, this parameter does not matter much.

Rating of eccentric grinders

Before you purchase Ashm, you must familiarize yourself with the rating of the best eccentric grinding machines.

Network eccentric grinders

If Ashm is used only at home, you can look for network models. Among the most popular devices operating from the network, the following can be distinguished:

  • Dewalt DWE6423. This is an American orbital grinder, which is equipped with an engine with a capacity of about 300 watts. The maximum rotation speed reaches 12,000 rpm. Suitable for processing wood and metal.
  • Wert Ees 125DE. The model is equipped with an engine for 350 watts. This is enough for grinding even the firm coatings.
  • Makita BO5031. This model is very similar not the previous. Its power is also 300 watts. However, the amplitude of the BO5031 has more than competitors. It reaches 3 mm.

Important! Each of the listed models is equipped with a power regulator. This allows you to reduce and increase speed.

Battery eccentric grinders

If you have to work on the street away from the outlet, it is better to purchase batteries. The most popular models include:

  • Bosch Advancedorbit 18 10. This is an ideal model for domestic use. It is used to polish metal coatings and wood. The amplitude of movement reaches 3.3 mm.
  • Ryobi R18ros-0. A high.Performance model with a rotation frequency of about 20,000 revolutions per minute. The amplitude of the oscillations is 2.5 mm.
  • Greenworks G24ROS. This is a universal tool that is suitable for intermediate, rough and subtle grinding. Power is 350 W.

Additional Information! When choosing a new grinder, you need to pay attention to the package. The kit should have a set with working discs.

Examples of models for specific tasks

Choosing SHM, it is necessary to accurately decide on the tasks that are to be completed. As an example, you can disassemble a specific situation: a grinder for a car. Which is better.

For the repair and grinding of a car

For initial processing, you can select the STURM BS8511U unit. It is ideal for the initial cleaning of metal surfaces, and tearing the paintwork. This is a very useful unit if you need to repaint certain parts of the car, before this cleaning the surface.

Get Another Angle Grinder

Unfortunately, the unit is not suitable for finishing polishing. And therefore, for further auto repair, you can use a special SCN machine 1200/180 00000020585, designed for polishing.

The information provided is enough to understand what grinder are, and independently choose an unit for home, cottage or professional needs.

What is an eccentric type grinding machine?

Eccentric type grinding machines. Novelty in the field of tools. They have a random trajectory of movement around the circle. In 1976, Festool from Germany presented a device in which the rotational and reciprocating movement was achieved simultaneously. After 6 years, the company produced the industrial model of grinding.

The grinding machine of an eccentric type (orbital) performs the surface processing by quality as a device polishing around the circle. But its performance is comparable to the devices with the reciprocating movement. The movement of the circle of the device occurs in random order, the trajectories are not repeated. Such a constructive solution eliminates the constant grinding of the same places and the appearance of scratches on them.

The English name of this type of device “Random Orbit Sander” is an orbital grinding machine moving along an arbitrary trajectory.

Rating of eccentric grinders

In the market of working tools, you can find many interesting OSM options, both Russian manufacturers and foreign. Some of them (judging by the ratings) are more popular among consumers and professionals, others. Less.

Name Peculiarities
From the category of household and semi.Professional
Bison 452 Inexpensive, but well.Established model
Interskol Ashm 125/27 Compact apparatus with a little weight, convenient to work
Vityaz OSHM 125/700 Universal tool used on all types of grinding. Works with various materials
Professional devices
Bosch Gex 150 AC Great for workshops with a small volume of work
Metabo FSX-200 Small.Sized lightweight instrument from the Pro category is quite suitable for working at home
Dewalt D26320 If large surfaces must be treated in one entry, this is the most suitable model
Ashm-125e vortex A powerful device operating from the network is equipped with a set of abrasive of various granularity

If you choose a tool from the professional category for personal use, in this review it is recommended to pay attention to the models from “Metabo” and “Bosch”. They are convenient in work, equipped with a voluminous vacuumber, provide high quality grinding.

Additional functions on ASHM. What they affect

The above has already indicated that the presence of additional functions directly affects the convenience of the work, and only indirectly affects the quality of the work performed. To decide why certain functions on the tool are needed, you should find out their features, so we consider each function separately.

  • The revolution regulator is one of the most important additional functions that allows you to adjust the discharge frequency of disk depending on the type of work is finishing or black grinding. The absence of a regulator leads to the need to acquire two grinder with different parameters of the speed of rotation
  • The vacuumber and its types. The presence of a vacuumber is not mandatory, but you will definitely want to purchase a tool with such a device when you learn its purpose. The vacuumber serves not only to collect dust during the work, thereby excluding the contamination of the room, but also prevents the appearance of small scratches on the treated surface. The removed particles of the material fall into a special compartment, so they are not in the disk rotation zone, and do not have a negative effect. Vacurances are produced by different types. Plastic, rag and paper. Each species has its own characteristics, but the most important thing should be noted is the ability to connect to the hose tool from an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • The option of connecting a vacuum cleaner to Ashm. The presence of a vacuumber is a budget option for carrying out work without raising dust, and if the device is equipped with a device for connecting a hose from a vacuum cleaner, then it can be safely argued that the tool belongs to the category of professional. If there is no mechanism for connecting the hose from the vacuum cleaner on the tool, then this is not a reason to be upset. Today manufacturers produce special adapters that are installed instead of vacuumers. Hoses from vacuum cleaners are connected to the adapter
  • The presence of an additional handle. When working as an instrument, the master needs to control it. For this, the device is held in the hands, and pressed to the processed surface. The higher the power of the device, the more difficult it is to hold with one hand, so the presence of an additional handle is almost a mandatory requirement. An additional handle can be removable or built.In, but most importantly. Choose devices with an additional handle present
  • The start.Up limiter is a part that allows you to provide an instant increase in speed when turning on the tool, but smooth or gradual. The starting current limiter is also called a smooth starting system, due to which the probability of damage to the processed surface is excluded. Smooth start allows the master to adapt to the necessary operating mode
  • Indication of the squeeze effort. If you are a beginner, then this function will be a real salvation for you. Its benefit lies in the fact that the master does not need to feel the effort of pressing on his own, and adjust it, training on the workpiece. A special indicator is responsible for this, showing sufficient pressing force. The presence of an indicator allows you to train with grinders
  • The method of fixing abrasive materials. When working with a grinder, it becomes necessary to replace abrasive materials. This simple action can take a lot of time. To exclude such a drawback, manufacturers equipped the tools with special Velcro platforms. The principle of Velcro operation is simple. A round disc is simply leaning against the platform, and you can continue to perform work. There are other types of fastening, but the most popular (with the maximum number of advantages) is Velcro

It is interesting! Why is it precisely eccentric grinders, not corner, which are very similar to each other, are recommended to use the car body. External similarity does not mean at all that an angular grinder can be used to polish the body of the car. The main difference between these tools in their design. Even if there are revolutions on the corner grinder, it does not mean that the tool can be used to perform such a responsible work. The most important difference is that the angular grinder does not create vibration, so it is not able to ensure a highly effective result.

At the end, it should be noted that if you are going to buy a grinding machine, then in the cylinder online store you can choose models of manufacturers such as Einhell, Eltos, Grand, Intertool, Miol and others. Also take into account the cost of tools, since buying the cheapest option is not always justified by its quality. It is better to choose a model from the average price segment than to buy an inexpensive machine, and in a few months look for spare parts for it.

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