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TOP-10: Rating of eccentric grinders 2021-2022

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Rating 2021-2022 The best eccentric grinders according to customer reviews: which eccentric grins are better to buy, how to choose the right price, buy in a reliable online store of your city.

Despite the smaller motorsurs, the household series tool can process flat and curved surfaces. Make black and finishing grinding concrete, plaster, putty. Polish metal, plastic, glass, natural and artificial stone

Kolner KRS 430 is the cheapest in your segment

The eccentric machine is used on wooden, metal and plastic surfaces. It is used to align the plastered walls during home repair. Polishes varnish and enamel coatings. Smooth adjustment of the number of revolutions determines the required processing mode. Equipped with a dust system, which allows you to carry out operations in a closed room.

Patriot OS-125-the lightest

The grinder will perform the stages of rough and final processing of flat and curved surfaces. The small mass of the tool allows you to spend more time more time while working in the process of processing the part. Effective dust system concentrates waste into a removable vacuum cleaner. Abrasive circles are fixed by Velcro. This provides a quick change in consumable.

  • Light. The hand does not get tired longer.
  • Optimum power for home repairs.
  • An effective cooling system. The electric motor does not overheat.

Encor MSHE-450/150E-the biggest fluctuations

It works effectively during draft and medium grinding operations. Aligns the plastered surface, smoothes the finish putty. Removes old paintwork, rust, scale from metal blanks. The presence of an additional handle contributes to convenience when working.

Bosch PEX 300AE. The most productive

Household use tool. Despite the classification, it allows dry grinding of wood, metal, plastic. It is used for home repairs to remove old LKM coatings, alignment of plaster and putty. Dust emission is leveled by an effective microfiltration system.

Elitech MSHE 0515E. The most powerful

The power of the electric motor is enough to perform operations to grind the bulges of the plastered walls, smoothing the putty layer, grinding the surface of ferrous and non.Ferrous metals. Produces black and finishing wooden workpieces. Connection of a vacuum cleaner allows you to maintain a workplace clean.

The best professional tool

Professional grinding tool is characterized by increased engine power, the presence of options for choosing the operating mode and adjusting technical parameters. The list of operations performed, the performance has been expanded, the quality of the operations performed is increased.

Metabo FSX-200-the lightest

Light, convenient in operation, the device performs cleaning, grinding, polishing metal, plastic and wooden parts. The small weight of the machine allows you to use only one hand. The second, at this time, you can produce the manipulation necessary for the workflow. The handle is equipped with an ergonomic, compensating vibration, rubber lining.

Amazing Grinder Machine| Dry Grinder | High Speed Blender #Shorts267

  • A good ratio between the power and mass of the tool.
  • Delicacy during processing. Does not leave scratches on the surface.
  • Conveniently located in the hand.

AEG EX 125 ES. Optimal for periodic part.Time jobs

Professional tool for completing household tasks and periodic execution of third.Party orders. The accuracy of the work is facilitated by the function “smooth start” and adjusting the engine speed. It is used to clean up old coatings, rough and thin grinding, preparation of the surface for coating with paints and varnishes.

  • The presence of a soft start and an effective brake.
  • Small weight does not burden hands, operations can be carried out with one hand.
  • Effective method of removing fine dust.

Bosch Gex 150 AC is a good choice for private brigades

High.Performance tool for processing metal, wood, plastic. Smoothes and corrects irregularities on plaster and putty. Prepares the surface for applying varnish, enamel or paint. The mode is selected based on the tasks and the type of material processed.

Dewalt D26410. Prof

A professional class machine is used to process the surface of the metal, update the surface of the floor, restoration work on furniture, walls and ceiling of the room. Performs accurate operations, including polishing complex planes. The correct mode of operation is ensured by the possibility of setting up the required engine speed.

  • Ergonomic case, convenient grip and tool management.
  • Examination of two types of amplitude vibrations.
  • Minimum level of vibration loads.

Makita BO 6040. The most powerful in its class

The eccentric machine performs all the operations provided for by the design: gross and thin grinding, stripping the surface from rust, scale, old coatings. Produces polishing and preparation for finish coatings. Equipped with a smooth start and adjustment of revolutions.

Ashm rating (customer selection)

Ashm Wert Ees 125DE, 350 W

This tool is designed for grinding metal, wooden plastic products. There is a special container with a dust system. Also electronic revolutions. Small dimensions help to work in hard.To.Reach places.

Rating of eccentric grinders

Before you purchase Ashm, you must familiarize yourself with the rating of the best eccentric grinding machines.

Network eccentric grinders

If Ashm is used only at home, you can look for network models. Among the most popular devices operating from the network, the following can be distinguished:

  • Dewalt DWE6423. This is an American orbital grinder, which is equipped with an engine with a capacity of about 300 watts. The maximum rotation speed reaches 12,000 rpm. Suitable for processing wood and metal.
  • Wert Ees 125DE. The model is equipped with an engine for 350 watts. This is enough for grinding even the firm coatings.
  • Makita BO5031. This model is very similar not the previous. Its power is also 300 watts. However, the amplitude of the BO5031 has more than competitors. It reaches 3 mm.

Important! Each of the listed models is equipped with a power regulator. This allows you to reduce and increase speed.

Battery eccentric grinders

If you have to work on the street away from the outlet, it is better to purchase batteries. The most popular models include:

Jainnher JHP-3506 CNC cylindrical grinding machine

  • Bosch Advancedorbit 18 10. This is an ideal model for domestic use. It is used to polish metal coatings and wood. The amplitude of movement reaches 3.3 mm.
  • Ryobi R18ros-0. A high.Performance model with a rotation frequency of about 20,000 revolutions per minute. The amplitude of the oscillations is 2.5 mm.
  • Greenworks G24ROS. This is a universal tool that is suitable for intermediate, rough and subtle grinding. Power is 350 W.
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Additional Information! When choosing a new grinder, you need to pay attention to the package. The kit should have a set with working discs.

Examples of models for specific tasks

Choosing SHM, it is necessary to accurately decide on the tasks that are to be completed. As an example, you can disassemble a specific situation: a grinder for a car. Which is better.

For the repair and grinding of a car

For initial processing, you can select the STURM BS8511U unit. It is ideal for the initial cleaning of metal surfaces, and tearing the paintwork. This is a very useful unit if you need to repaint certain parts of the car, before this cleaning the surface.

Unfortunately, the unit is not suitable for finishing polishing. And therefore, for further auto repair, you can use a special SCN machine 1200/180 00000020585, designed for polishing.

The information provided is enough to understand what grinder are, and independently choose an unit for home, cottage or professional needs.

As soon as a person has the need to sharpen the first stone knife, then the grinding technology arose. A natural exit was found. It was necessary to apply stones with greater firmness for these purposes than the processed material.

Along with this, a person began to use polishing art products in order to give them aesthetic species. For this, minerals differing in hardness were used. Sand, pumice, shells. Even plants were used. For example, until recently, in villages for cleaning and grinding of metal dishes used horsetail, whose stems contain silicon. Then a homemade technique appeared in the form of sharpener machines with a foot or manual drive.

Criteria for choosing orbital (eccentric) grinders

Each eccentric orbital grinder is created for work under certain conditions, has specific technological characteristics and can withstand only cyclic loads provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, in order to choose a suitable grinder for yourself, it is necessary to be guided by the following criteria:

  • Rotation speed and oscillation amplitude. When stripping and rough grinding, rotation speeds from 10,000 about./min. With a large amplitude of oscillations. This increases productivity, but affects the quality of the surface. Thin grinding is performed at speeds of 2000 ÷ 4000 about./min., At the same time, it is desirable to have a smaller amplitude of the eccentric. As a universal one, you can use eccentric grinding grinding with adjustment of the number of revolutions and an amplitude of 2-3 mm.
  • Performance. This parameter entirely depends on the size of the sole and selected processing modes. The larger the area of ​​the abrasive and the speed of rotation, the higher the performance. In eccentric grinding grinders, grinders with a diameter of 125 mm are used, and the diameters of the circles of professional general purposes are usually equal to 150 mm.
  • Working cycle and production load. The ability of grinds to perform work in a long cycle without a break and the full work shifts for many months depends on the components and materials used in its manufacture. This is the main difference between everyday and professional power tools. For this reason, the latter can be many times more expensive than its amateur analogue, which has similar power and engine rotation speed.

Additional criteria include ergonomics, vibration and noise level, as well as the cost and availability of consumables. Information about all this can be gleaned only from user reviews or on the relevant forums.

Network eccentric grinders

Orbital machines operating from the network are more often used in the professional field. Thanks to the constant power source, unlimited operation of the device is ensured, which allows you to process large surfaces in a short period.

These models are more convenient in everyday life and workshops with a small volume of work. Battery OSHMs are indispensable where there is no possibility of connecting to an electric network. But the operating time depends directly on the energy intensity of the battery, which requires periodic recharge.

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