How to choose an electric lawn mower for grass. Device

How to choose an electric lawn mower for giving

Agree, no one takes a garden tool for aesthetic pleasure. Any unit should work. And overpay for unnecessary functionality, oh, I don’t want to. Before choosing an electric lawnical mower, we offer to know the equipment better through the correctly posed questions:

As soon as you figure out, you can familiarize yourself with additional functions. which can simplify work with garden equipment or simply improve the life of its owner.

About the cutting system

  • Rotor models carry out a mowing with a steel knife, which rotates on a vertical shaft and removes the grass with chopping movements.
  • Drumsy lawn mowers in design are more difficult than rotary analogues. They are equipped with several knives and before cutting the grass, they reaches it to the desired level.

!Важно. В отличие от барабанных, роторные модели легче переносят неровности земной поверхности и спокойно переносят наличие в траве небольших камней, веток и других сторонних предметов малого размера.

Where are the devices for mowing with a drum cutting system? A great example will be the golf field and other sports grounds where the lawn remains an integral attribute.

In addition to maintaining the premium appearance of the lawn, such electric mowers are less injured by plants. This supports the “health” of the lawn, retains appearance and favors the growth of grass. For advanced models, interchangeable nozzles are provided, which allow you to better care for the personal territory.

What is an electric lawn mower?

An electric mower is a relatively small chassis on three or four wheels (however, two-wheeled models are sometimes found, for example, AL-KO Comfort Trend 38 E) and an electric engine, which is directly or through a gearbox, which rotates inside the deck.

A removable handle is attached to the housing and a container for collecting mowed grass is installed, which is called a grass collector or grass receiver.

The handle is a transfer link between the operator and the lawn mower, providing comfortable control of the device. the height of the lawn mower is small, so to move it around the site, it is necessary to either bend strongly or use the handle.

The handle is installed on the handle of the presence of the operator, which is also called the engine switch. The design of this node is such that it is impossible to accidentally turn on the engine, first you need to press the button unlocking the engine control and then turn it on using the switch.

On top, the engine is closed with a plastic or metal casing that protects it from blows and other potential dangers. Often on a casing that closing the engine or in other places, a handle is installed to carry a mower. Such a pen is very useful, because the average weight of the gas mower 10-12 kg, so carrying it in the hands or in an armful is not very convenient, if you hold by the handle, then the carrying will be more comfortable.

We talked about the types of electric lawn mowers here, so now we will only repeat the main information.

All these devices can be divided into types by one or another functions, for example, by:

  • the material of the case and deck;
  • method of ejecting or processing grass;
  • width of mowing;
  • engine power;
  • type of electric motor;
  • the presence or absence of a drive on wheels;
  • type of container for collecting mowed grass;
  • method of changing the height of mowing;
  • type of handle;
  • The engine is turned on.

Building and deck

The main materials for the manufacture of the case and deck are:

Steel products have high stiffness, therefore they are not deformed while moving in uneven areas, and they are also not broken by vibration, so the damaged engine or gearbox is not difficult to replace.

But they are much harder, and also vulnerable to rust, therefore they require better cleaning after the end of work.

Plastic devices weigh noticeably smaller, and are also invulnerable to corrosion even with poor cleaning, but they are characterized by the following shortcomings:

  • low mechanical strength, due to which fasteners and seats are broken from vibration;
  • vulnerability in front of stones flying away from a knife (only for mowers with thin walls and minimum weight);
  • are not subject to repair-due to insufficient strength in seats and fasteners, it is impossible to install a new engine.

Method of ejection and processing of grass

As in gasoline analogues, the following types of emission and processing of beveled green mass are available in electric lawners:

The most popular are the rear emission and collection to the grass receiver, such devices are often called “2-V-1”, that is, two functions in one device, as the number of functions increases, the name changes to “3-V-1” or “”. The most advanced devices are assigned the name “5-V-1”, and the fifth function is the ability to use them as a garden vacuum cleaner to collect foliage.

Speasing width

This parameter is often called the width of the capture or mowing/mowing.

He describes the width of the striped grass strip, which the lawn mower leaves after passing through the landscaped territory.

The larger this parameter, the faster the device will cope with the cutting of the lawn, but the larger the lawn mower will turn out.

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Engine power

The efficiency of mowing high or thick grass, including weeds and weeds, depends on this parameter. The more powerful the engine, the easier it copes with such vegetation without the risk of overheating.

In addition, the ratio of the periods of operation and cooling of the electric motor depends on the power, the lower the power, the faster the cooling period should occur, so powerful mowers can work for a long time on the haircut of well.groomed lawns without overheating.

Type of electric motor

2 types of electric motors are installed on electric lawnmands:

Synchronous engines have a lot of advantages, compared to asynchronous motors, they:

choose, electric, lawn, mower, grass, device

However, they have serious shortcomings. Compared to the Beskollector Electric Motors, they are:

  • heat up faster;
  • Short.term overloads tolerate worse;
  • very poorly tolerate work in the mode of even slight overload;
  • Due to the very high speed of rotation of the shaft and a small torque, they cannot turn the knife directly, so they need a gearbox.

Therefore, asynchronous engines do not use it very often, because they are noticeably more expensive than collector analogues, however, you can find mowers with such electric motors.

Wheel drive

For lawn mowers of small power and a small width of the capture, the wheel drive is not required, because the weight of such devices rarely exceeds 15 kg, so it is not difficult to push them around the site.

powerful braids, the mass of which exceeds 20 kg, pushing around the site is noticeably harder, so some models are equipped with a drive to the rear wheels.

Despite the enormous weight, working with them is even easier than with light models, because the operator does not have to push them around the site, instead he activates the drive and the braid goes forward on his own.

Operation, maintenance, malfunctions

All electric lawn mowers are arranged according to one principle, so their maintenance and repair are almost completely identical and are distinguished by insignificant details.

Despite the assertion that European or Japanese mowers are very reliable, and Chinese, on the contrary, reliability primarily depends not on the place of production, but on the correct operation.

In order for the mower to work for many years without breakdowns, the following rules must be followed:

  • mow only low lawn grass, if it is necessary to cope with grass to the waist or thickets of weeds, use a trimmer for grass or a powerful gasoline mowing;
  • Do not overheat the engine, why observe the mode of operation and cooling, adjusting it, taking into account the height and thickness of the grass;
  • not to allow overflowing the grass receiver, because this leads to an increase in the load on the engine;
  • Correctly and timely serve the mower;
  • Do not use the device where it is likely to stumble upon a stone, a stick or another inconspicuous, but a solid and strong obstacle;
  • timely clean the grass collector and ventilation holes from the remains of crushed grass.

Serving the mowing is in:

  • cleaning the grass collector, case and deck after the end of the mowing;
  • release of ventilation holes in the process of mowing (if necessary);
  • lubrication of bearings;
  • sharpening and balancing a knife, if this is not possible, then its replacement;
  • check and lift of all threaded joints;
  • search for damaged isolation on all wires available to the gaze, including cable, as well as the restoration of its integrity.

Most often, the repair consists in replacing the engine or gearbox elements. Such malfunctions arise due to overheating or collision with a solid strong obstacle. Sometimes you have to restore the contacts of the wires inside the mower, as well as to patch damaged deck (only on models with a plastic case).

You will find more details and useful recommendations on the maintenance, repair or operation of mowers here.

Criterias of choice

Before choosing a particular model, the following parameters must be taken into account:

  • the volume of electricity allocated for the House (can be clarified in a resource.supplying organization);
  • the remoteness of the lawn or other landscaped territory from the house;
  • the condition of the wiring and extension cords;
  • The area of ​​the landscaped territory;
  • the height and type of grass in the landscaped territory;
  • relief of the landscaped territory;
  • desired haircut mode;
  • The amount of the budget for the purchase of a lawn mower.

The volume of the selected electricity

For most private houses, the volume of selected electricity (power) is 5-15 kW, however, in the presence of electric heating, the volume of the selected power may be increased.

If the power of the lawn mower exceeds ½ or 1/3 of the selected power, then when all consumers of electricity are turned on, its overspending may occur, which often ends with the house disconnection from the mains.

Therefore, the more power consumers in the house and the higher their total capacity, the less electricity will go to the lawn mower, which means that this parameter determines the maximum power of the mower.

If you do not know what power is allocated to your home, find an agreement concluded with a resource supplying organization or request a certificate, but you will have to pay 1-4 thousand for this.

You can reduce the influence of the selected power on the power of the braid by turning off the rest of the electricity consumers, however, if you forget to disconnect one of the consumers for some reason, then the probability of overspending and subsequent disconnection of the network will sharply increase.

In this regard, the most popular for ordinary residential buildings and cottages are mowers that consume 1-3 kW. They have sufficient power for the mowing of lawn and not too high or dense wild grass, and also do not load the electric network too much.

In houses with an officially installed electric heating, mowers with a capacity of 2.4–5 kW are in demand, because they have greater performance, and they have to be used in the warm season, when the load on electric networks is minimal.

The remoteness of the territory from the house

The farther the site is located from the house or sockets in it, the more the cable should be.

In addition, the cable cross section is of great importance, because the more powerful mowing is connected to the network, the more the cable cross section should be, which means the harder and heavier the extension cord should be.

For lawn mowers with a capacity of 1 kW, any, even very thin and flexible two.core cable is suitable, however, for mowers with a capacity of 3–3.5 kW, the cable cross section should be 1.5–2 mm 2.

An extension cable even 100 m long will weigh 6-15 kg, however, it is very difficult to find a ready.made so long wire with a fork and outlet, because its length rarely exceeds 50 m.

If you use several extension cords, then the likelihood of disconnecting from each other, as well as electric shock, increases sharply.

In addition to the large weight, a powerful extension cord is also quite hard, therefore, the farther the plot is from the outlet, the more difficult it will work with the lawn mower due to the power cable that interferes to move normally, which can confuse your legs or get under the lamp of the lawn mower.

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Wiring and extension cord

Even the gas mowers of small power (less than one kW) consume such a large current that with faulty wiring, this can lead to a fire.

After all, any bad contact is a area with high electrical resistance, which heats up during the passage of electric current, and the stronger the current, the more thermal energy will be allocated.

In addition, home sockets and protective electrical equipment are designed for a certain current strength, therefore, its excess will also lead to heating and possible fire. The same situation with extension cords, without which it is impossible to use electric lawnmands. any defect can lead to heating with the subsequent fire of the cable or other problems.

Often it is the state of sockets or extension cords that limits the power of electric mowers, or even makes their use impossible.

Therefore, when choosing the device, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the home power grid and wires that will connect the lawn mower with the outlet.

One of the ways by which you can increase the power of a suitable lawn mower to use is the laying of a separate line with a special outlet and connecting sufficient length of the extension cord on it on the coil. This will not only save the fire, but also reduce the negative impact of the lying wire on the movement of the lawn mower or person around the site.

Land area

Theoretically, any lawn mower can mowed grass on any area, but in fact, much depends on the width of the mowing (capture), because the smaller it is, the longer the device will process a plot of a certain size.

The longer the lawn mowing engine works, the stronger its bearings and windings heat up, so too long work can damage the engine and it will have to be fixed or changed.

Part of the manufacturers indicates the maximum area of ​​the site, which the device can process for one application.

For example, for the ELM3800 model from Makita, the width of the mowing of which is 38 cm, and the engine power is 1.4 kW, the maximum area of ​​the site is 500 m 2.

For most network electric motors, which are installed on the lawnmands, the operating time under load is 20-50 minutes, so to determine the maximum area of ​​the site, it is enough to multiply the width of the apparatus by the path by the path that it goes during this time.

What parameters are decisive?

There are situations when when choosing an electric lawn mower, one or more parameters have to be sacrificed for the sake of others.

For example, if you need the easiest model, you will have to sacrifice either the power of the motor or the width of the capture, in the first case, the device will poorly cope with thick or high grass, in the second its performance will fall.

If there is a restriction on power, then you will either have to come to terms with the impossibility or inefficiency of mowing of high thick grass and take a mower with the most accessible capture width, or put up with a drop in performance for the ability to mow thick high grass and take a model with a minimum capture width.

Wheel equipment is divided into drum and rotational. It varies in the number of wheels, so the drumsy gas mower has 2 wheels, and rotational 4. Basically, such units are designed for a small area, they are easy to manage and do not require certain maintenance. In this category, five best models of electric lawn mowers are collected, which were selected due to their quality.

Makita Elm3320

Electro.gasonewood with power supply power was created by engineers of a Japanese company for plots of not more than 400 kV.m. The model has a slight weight, thanks to a case of light, elastic and durable polypropylene. An elderly person or woman can easily cope with mowing. A feature of the design are the side guides that are installed on the deck. During operation, they unfold grass growing at the fence, the foundation of the house, on the knives.

A soft grass collector has a volume of 30 liters-the optimal size for a plot of 3-4 acres. The filling indicator will help to unload the container in a timely manner. Knife adjustment of a height of three.ledpasic, the user can configure the desired parameter by pressing one lever. The folding handle will simplify transportation, storage. The capture width is 33 cm, which makes the model one of the most maneuverable in the classroom.

The technique is designed for even and well.groomed areas, in which it is impossible to find stones and stiff bumps. In such conditions, knives will serve for a long time. You can buy a proprietary model in the online store of the Japanese brand.

choose, electric, lawn, mower, grass, device

Champion EM3313

Inexpensive electric coser with belt gear and brush engine. Designed for alignment of grass in a height range of 25-65 mm. To adjust this parameter, a five.dyapasic switch is installed, which will help to quickly set the optimal operating mode.

The case is made of plastic, which made it possible to reduce the weight of the machine. A container is also made from the polymer to collect grass. The capacity is easily disconnected for emptying, if necessary, it can be washed from vegetation residues. The volume of 35 liters is optimal for giving with a lawn of not more than 2-3 acres. The case has a small width, which makes the technique maneuverable: users easily cope with caring for areas with a complex design.

  • The height of the cut level is reliably fixed during operation;
  • Low level of vibration;
  • Comfortable soft handle;
  • Well cuts wet grass.

In pursuit of weight loss, the thickness of the case was noticeably reduced, which requires careful handling of technology. The model is adapted to conditions, can be used in uneven, neglected areas. Small disadvantages are completely compensated by the low price.

Stavr GKE-1700

The brand garden technique is equipped with powerful, reliable brush engines. A feature of motors is a low noise level. This allows the use of equipment in cottage villages, where the houses are located close to each other. The case is made of plastic, this makes the equipment light and convenient to work. The height of the bevel is tuned in the range from 25-75 mm. For this, one lever with reliable fixation is provided.

A soft container with a volume of 35 liters is installed for the grass. Small weight and convenient attachment system allows the grass collector quickly and shake the contents into the composter. The technique easily moves around the site thanks to large relief wheels. Capture width. 38 cm, which makes the device one of the most productive in its class.

Engine power allows you to quickly put in order a neglected lawn. According to users, the technique copes with the burdock and the young shoot of the shrub, which makes the mitch a good choice for the summer residence.

Huter ELM-2000T

Huter is a semi.professional rotary technique that has high power (2000 watts). The lawn mower has a modern design, small dimensions and light weight, while the housing and wheels are made of shockproof plastic, so the device is not terrible. Thick material reliably protects the internal elements and engine, but the manufacturer tried to significantly facilitate the model without weighting it with additional elements.

A voluminous grass collector is able to accommodate up to 45 liters of vegetation, and thanks to moisture.proof fabric, it will not proceed. Huter can be used for mowing raw grass, anti.corrosion treatment protects elements from rust. The wheels of increased diameter are designed to work on an uneven surface.

  • Adjustable folding handle;
  • Convenient control system;
  • Convex wheels;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Large revolutions for high.quality lawn processing.
choose, electric, lawn, mower, grass, device

This is a rotary lawn mower, which provides an effective even cut. It is designed for a large area and can easily process a plot of 1000 kV/m, without a break.

Champion EM3313

The nominee is distinguished by a bright, notable design. The case is made of yellow-black strong plastic, which increases the service life of the device. This model also has a low noise level. The assembly quality is worthy, all the details are fastened reliably, there are no gaps and there are practically no vibrations. A 1300 W electric engine is responsible for functioning. The mowing height can be adjusted in five ranges, from 25 to 65 mm through the central control lever.

One of the key advantages is a sharp stainless steel knife, it does not require frequent sharpening, even thick plant stalks cut off evenly and quickly. The waste collection tank is made of plastic, has a low weight and is easily washed from stems, dirt.

Experts consider this model an exemplary option that presents the best price ratio and quality. CHAMPION is suitable for medium.sized lawns, it easily copes with any kind of grass.

Robotic models are able to move independently. They have a obstacle sensor, which works when barriers occur on the path of technology. Also, the advantages of robots include the lack of wires, multisonality and simplicity of control. The rating of electric lawn mowers examined two nominees, which became the best, due to the high estimates of experts.

Worx Landroid S Wr130E

Worx intelligent lawn mower. It is designed to cut narrow lawn sites up to 300 kV/m, is quite maneuverable and is able to fully tune in to the specified parameters. This model provides a system of navigation and automatic planning, with which it adheres to flower beds, trees, flower beds on its own.

Thanks to the multi.insan control, the technique solves the problems of cutting several lawns at once, and adaptive automatic programming allows the device to determine the height of the mowing itself. Landroid S works almost silently, leaving behind a flat cut. You can control the top of the TOP class using a smartphone. The case has an structure, rain sensor, well protected from dirt. To expand functionality, the manufacturer offers many additional modules.

  • Control through Wi-Fi Inte Wee;
  • Lifting sensors and blockade;
  • LED symbolic display;
  • Voice control;
  • Alarm.

Users note that with great functionality with the settings of the compact lawn mowed, it is quite difficult to understand, you need to get used to it. However, having studied this model, buyers give only positive reviews, calling it high.quality, comfortable and reliable.

Bosch Indego 350

This nominee has earned the highest grades. The robot is fully automated, it provides an intellectual control system and wide functionality. You can remotely control the lawn mower from a smartphone or tablet, through a free application. The device is connected via Wi-Fi Inte Wee or mobile network, and the built-in GSM technology provides light conjugation anywhere.

Robotized electric lawn mower with mulching carefully copes with the task. The technique is able to determine the dimensions of the area and time that will be spent on mowing. Based on this, Bosch will make up a more convenient work cycle and produce it, and will also remember the data in the calendar. Users note the convenient Logicut function, which is able to calculate the simplest movement route along straight and oblique lines. Wide wheels do not leave on the lawn of stripes.

  • PIN-code protection and alarm;
  • Obstacle determination sensor;
  • Automated recharge system;
  • Work on slopes and bumps;
  • Long guarantee.

The model is equipped with a reliable knife that does not require regular sharpening. Users do not always manage to cope with the mapping mode, but if patience, the device will provide perfect accuracy when caring for the lawn.

Rating of the most reliable models

In this rating on quality and reliability, we included those models that showed the greatest survivability when working in difficult conditions, often much worse than indicated in the manual for their operation, which is why these devices are sales leaders among house owners and private houses.

They cannot always boast of impressive characteristics or high assembly quality. Their main advantage lies in durability.

Stiga Combi 48 ES

The reliability of this self.propelled lawn mower is due to the engine protection system from overloads, thanks to which the engine is turned off when too much load appears, for example, meetings with stones or too thick/thick grass.

The steel case easily tolerates vibrations that occur during short.term overloads, and high.quality paintwork reliably protects it from corrosion.


  • synchronous engine 1.8 kW;
  • capture width 46 cm;
  • mass 26 kg;
  • 3-in-1 without lateral release;
  • the volume of the travosbonika 60 l;
  • steel building;
  • self.propelled;
  • .

Husqvarna LC141C

This non.self.propelled mower with a synchronous engine with a capacity of 1.8 kW and a capture width of 41 cm.

The motor operates at higher speeds, so a lowering belt gear is installed between it and the knife shaft, which slides with too strong loads, thus protecting the engine.

Increased wheels diameter (front 17 cm, rear 20 cm) facilitates the advance of a rather heavy (20.5 kg) apparatus, which makes it suitable for an uneven area.

Here are the main characteristics of this model:

  • synchronous engine 1.8 kW;
  • capture width 41 cm;
  • mass 20.5 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and working with a 60 liter grass collector, as well as mulching as an option (you need to buy an additional knife);
  • steel case;
  • non.self.propelled;
  • .

Stavr GKE-1700

A lawn mower with a plastic case and an asynchronous engine with a capacity of 1.7 kW.

Due to the small width of the mowing (38 cm), the motor does not experience strong overloads even with a mowing of relatively high meadow grass.

In addition, asynchronous engine is easier to tolerate short.term overloads than synchronous analogues, so the apparatus of Stavr GKE 1700 turned out to be very tenacious, according to the reviews of the owners.

Here are the main technical characteristics of the mowing:

  • synchronous engine 1.7 kW;
  • capture 38 cm wide;
  • mass 10.5 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and working with a 35 liter.liter grass collector;
  • plastic case;
  • non.self.propelled;
  • .

Champion EM3313

This is a small.sized mowel of small power (1.3 kW) and 33 cm width.

The asynchronous engine easily tolerates overloads, so the owners of this device sometimes use it even where young shoots of fruit bushes are knocked out of the ground.

The minus of the model is a knife made of soft metal, so it has to be sharpened often, but this is a common trouble of many, even noticeably more expensive lawn mowers, because when meeting with a solid obstacle that cannot be cut off, such a knife will be bent and this will protect the motor.

Main technical characteristics:

  • asynchronous electric motor 1.3 kW;
  • capture 33 cm wide;
  • mass 10 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and working with a 35 liter.liter grass collector;
  • plastic case;
  • non.self.propelled;
  • .

Oleo-Mac G 44 PE Comfort Plus

Oleo-Mac-a non-self-propelled lawn mower with a power of 1.5 kW and a mowing width of 41 cm is well suited even for areas with multi-track (meadow grass) not too large (15–25 cm) height.

The asynchronous engine easily tolerates short-term not too strong overloads, so with careful use, the Oleo-Mac device will last many years.

The strong paintwork of the steel case reliably protects it from rust, and the wheels on closed ball bearings are not clogged with grass.

Here are the main parameters of the lawn mower:

  • asynchronous electric motor 1.5 kW;
  • capture 41 cm wide;
  • mass 20.6 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and working with a 60 liter grass collector;
  • mulching;
  • steel case with powder coating;
  • non.self.propelled;
  • .

Budget devices

Reliability and performance are the most important parameters not for all buyers.

After all, part of those who are interested in acquiring such technology, for various reasons, need the cheapest mower, albeit to the detriment of other characteristics.

Therefore, we have prepared a rating of the best budget, that is, as cheap, apparatus as possible.

Common for all models of budget lawn mowers are:


An asynchronous engine with a capacity of 1 kW is installed on it, due to which it successfully mows lawn and meadow vegetation.

FPLM1000 4 does not have particular reliability, but according to the reviews of many buyers for 2-3 years, it serves without serious breakdowns, after which you can buy exactly the same, but a new one.

A comfortable handle facilitates the carrying of the device, and the slight weight makes it suitable for women or the elderly.

Here are the main parameters of the lawn mower:

  • asynchronous electric motor 1 kW;
  • capture 32 cm wide;
  • mass 9 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and working with a 27 liter grass collector;
  • .

CMI C.ram-1200/32

The CMI CMI ERM 1200/32 electric device is one of the cheapest lawn mowers with many positive reviews. Equipped with an asynchronous engine with a capacity of 1.2 kW, and its spinning width is 32 cm. Thanks to small sizes, it is well suited for mowing grass around obstacles and in narrow areas of complex shape.

Despite the low price, the device turned out to be quite reliable, so it can be used even for mowing relatively high meadow grass.

However, not only a trimmer for grass, but even a gasoline lawn mower is not about a full.fledged replacement. After all, the main purpose of this model is the haircut of grass in small areas.

Here are the main parameters of the lawn mower:

  • asynchronous electric motor 1.2 kW;
  • capture 32 cm wide;
  • mass 12 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and gathering in a grass collector with a volume of 30 liters;
  • .

Carver LME-1032

This low.power (1 kW) braid is well suited for mowing grass in areas with an area of ​​50-200 m 2.

Thanks to the plastic case, it turned out to be not too heavy (9 kg), so it is well suited for people who do not have great physical strength, for example, women or adolescents.

Imagine engine speed I provide good quality haircut of lawn grass, but the thicker the stems of plants, the worse this model copes with it.

At high speeds, the motor has a small torque, which means that the speed of rotation of the knife falls when a collision with more or less thick and gesture stems of plants.

The main characteristics of the lawn mower:

  • synchronous electric motor 1 kW;
  • capture 32 cm wide;
  • mass 9 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and working with a grass.collector with a volume of 17 liters;
  • .

GreenWorks 1200W

This small lawn mower with a small capture width (33 cm) and a rather powerful synchronous engine (1.2 kW).

Thanks to this ratio of these parameters, the device copes well even with relatively high meadow grass, therefore, when used without frequent strong overloads, it will last many years.

For their power, the mower was not too heavy (6.9 kg), so even women will be able to independently deliver it to the lawn and back.

  • synchronous electric motor 1.2 kW;
  • capture 33 cm wide;
  • mass 6.9 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and working with a 25 liter grass.collector;
  • .

Caliber GKE-1200/32

This model, despite a fairly low price, is very good survivability.

A 1.2 kW synchronous engine and a 32 cm width capture provide an effective mowing of any grass with a height of 5–40 cm.

However, according to the reviews of many buyers of this GKE 1200/32 caliber, the factory sharpening of the knife is insufficient for a high.quality haircut.

To solve this problem, it is advisable to immediately sharpen the knife.

Technical characteristics of the lawn mower:

  • synchronous electric motor 1.2 kW;
  • capture 32 cm wide;
  • mass 9 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and working with a 30.liter grass collector;
  • .

Sibrtekh L1200

This inexpensive small.sized household apparatus is designed to cut small areas on which lawn or wild grass grows 5-30 cm high.

The quality of the manufacture of most such mowers is quite high, but there are unsuccessful copies.

This is due to the fact that the domestic company Siberchics is a packager, that is, it does not have its own production and sells products of various manufacturers under its brand. Nevertheless, for the budget segment, the Sibrtektek L1200 mitch is rather reliable and the reviews about it are very good.

The main parameters of the device:

  • asynchronous electric motor 1.2 kW;
  • capture 32 cm wide;
  • mass 8.2 kg;
  • rear discharge of grass and working with a 30.liter grass collector;
  • .

Elmos EME-120

Elmos EME-120-This is a good Chinese electric mower with an asynchronous engine designed for mowing lawn and meadow low grass.

The engine differs in survivability, but deck is made of too fragile plastic, and its walls are not thick enough, which is why the stones flying away from the knife often break it.

However, when used in areas without stones, this device has been working without breakdowns for several years, which is not bad for the lawn mower for such a price. With careful use, it can last 3-5 years.

Stavr GKE-1700

For those who are looking for the best electric lawnical mower, we advise you to take a closer look at the model from the company Stavr, which differs in small weight and low noise level. To ensure a high level of efficiency, the device was equipped with a 1700-watt electric motor. He develops a speed of 3300 about \ min, which allows even hard plants to mow.

Depending on the personal preferences and features of the landscape, you can set the height for mowing, limited in the range from 25 to 75 mm. The chassis consists of four plastic wheels. They easily overcome small hills and fossa, allowing you to process even inclined areas of the lawn.

The soft grass collector is designed for 35 liters and is located in the rear of the structure, and the curved handle is equipped with a height adjustment system, which positively affects the convenience of using. The pluses include protection against overloads that reduce the likelihood of premature engine breakdown. Speasing width is limited to 380 mm, so the model is better to choose for a territory with an area of ​​up to 600 m².

  • Even newcomers will deal with the assembly;
  • Fast and convenient system for adjusting the height of mowing;
  • Good width of mowing;
  • High.quality assembly;
  • Copes with small bushes;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • A great option for a territory with an area of ​​up to 600 m²;
  • Ergonomics at a height.

Al-ko 112856 Classic 3.82 se

Comparison of electric lawn mowers passes to a high-quality and reliable model with a 37-liter grass collector that allows long-term non-stop work. The aggregate part is represented by an electric motor characterized by a capacity of 1400 W. Its maximum speed at idle reaches 3200 rpm, which indicates high efficiency and allows you to bring the lawn to the perfect state as soon as possible.

Thanks to the thoughtful chassis, the device is well controlled both on a flat and bumpy terrain, and the handle with a height adjustment function makes use convenient for all users. Additional advantages can be classified as a system of overload protection, which plays the main role in ensuring the durability of the engine.

The functionality of the model is expanded by the possibility of adjusting the height of herbal mowing. over, your choice is provided with a fairly large range, limited within 20 to 60 mm. Recommended area for work. 500 m², but this does not mean that serving larger territories will not work. You just have to suspend the workflow more often to clean the container from the grass.

  • Easily moves along the bumpy terrain;
  • Convenient container for grass;
  • It works quietly;
  • Mowing width 380 mm;
  • Even weeds downloading without difficulties;
  • Practical design;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Can be used in close proximity to borders;
  • Ideal for women.

Types of braids

By the simplicity of use, of course, trimmers for grass are leading. They are also characterized by increased universality. A good professional lawn mower, along with the alignment of lawns, will help:

However, the lawn mower is hardly appropriate on a large flat area. She does not cope with the haircut of grass at the same height. The fact is that maintaining the stable placement of the cutting element is difficult. Trammers for grass are much simpler: in them the electric motor is associated with a spinning head. Already on this head they wound a fishing line for a trimmer or a steel string in the form of a coil.

But in some models the cutting unit is planted directly on the shaft of the motor (if it is placed from below). In devices with the upper placement of the engine, the transfer of force through a steel cable or bar is used. A similar design in the best way corresponds to the conditions of long.term work. This is provided due to the balancing by mass. Self.propelled devices are optimal when they have to work on a large area, because they can only be recommended for a large summer house.

But if the cleaned space is small or the site has a complex shape, you need to give preference to cars without drive to wheels. They maneuver and move forward and move more effectively. However, self.propelled motorcycles can be devoid of reverse. In the absence of it, the speed adjustment is very difficult. It becomes more difficult to hold the device in your hands even at the lowest speed.

It should be noted that some designers deliberately do not equip their equipment with a grass collector. In this case, mowed grass will be crushed. Mulch is an excellent fertilizer for a summer cottage and lawn. Robotic models are very rare and are extremely expensive. But there is no doubt that in 5-8 years they will occupy a already noticeable market segment.

Massively found lawn mowers are driven due to connection to the network or the use of the battery. Models with a battery are ideal for a modest territory, which needs to be mowing infrequently. Wired devices are even more autonomous (within the limits where the wire will reach). But often you have to use extension cords.

In addition, you will have to constantly ensure that the car does not run into the wire.

Model rating

Among the best models of electric lawn mowers can be called DDE LME3109. This device is equipped with a 26 liter.of. Power consumption reaches 0.98 kW. The rotary cutting system can trim the grass to a height of 0.02 m. At the same time, the highest cut height is 0.06 m. An electric motor can reach 3550 revolutions per minute. The case, although made of plastic, is quite reliable.

Among the high.quality alternatives included in the TOP is Hammer ETK 1000. The four.wheeled device develops a power of 1 kW and can cut the grass to a height of 0.055 m. Thanks to the plastic grass collector, the weight of the structure is reduced to 8 kg.

Patriot PT 1132E consumes 1100 watts. Relatively heavy (10 kg) equipment is equipped with a motor that develops 3,000 revolutions. A cutting node is built into the plastic case, which removes the grass strip 0.32 m wide. The capacity of the grass collector is 35 liters. The system is designed to connect to a household network 220 in.

Possible problems

Unfortunately, even the highest quality products manufactured by eminent manufacturers are not insured against malfunctions. Based on this, the owners of the lawn mowers have to deal with situations when the equipment stopped starting or smoked in the process. It must be borne in mind that all breakdowns of such equipment are divided into mechanical and electrical. In the first case, we are talking about breakdowns of knives, wheels, handles, elements of the housing, and in the second. about the failure of the electric motor, the battery, controls and damage to the wiring. The most common problems include the following situations.

  • The appearance of extraneous sounds in the region of the Decks, which are symptoms of low.quality tightening of fasteners.
  • Strong vibration accompanying the inclusion of the knife system. The reasons can be poor fixation of the knives or their damage.
  • The appearance of a whistle during the operation of the lawn mower. Most often this indicates the entry of foreign objects into the mowing zone.
  • Significant deterioration in the quality of lawn processing. In such situations, sharpening or replacing knives is required.

In situations with self.propelled models, many malfunctions are associated with the drive system. Problems with the uniform movement of the device may indicate a belt wear. Eliminate such a malfunction (replace the belt with a new one) is quite possible independently.

Summing up, we can conclude that with many mechanical malfunctions they cope with their own hands in the presence of appropriate knowledge, skills and tools. If you had to encounter electrical breakdowns, then the most rational solution would be to appeal to a specialized service. This approach will avoid aggravation of the problem and reduce financial costs for repair work.

Do not forget about the timely, quality maintenance of equipment, which is the key to its performance and durability.

Review of reviews

The reviews of real owners of electric lawn mowers help the potential buyer to objectively evaluate the operational qualities of equipment to the potential buyer. As in the situation with any equipment, in the open spaces of the World Wide Web, you can find both positive and negative users’ statements. At the same time, the characteristics of mowers equipped with electric motor and internal combustion engines are often compared.

Judging by the reviews, many make a choice in favor of precisely electrical models, taking into account the noise level. From the point of view of this parameter, gasoline braids clearly lose. In parallel, attention is focused on the difference in the cost of gasoline and electricity. Those who decided to change the equipment equipped with an ICE for an electric counterpart, most often note the absence of noise in the process of work and the smell of gasoline.

Positive reviews about the considered category of equipment for the care of lawns are left by ordinary people and representatives of firms carrying out appropriate activities.

At the same time, not everything is so cloudless, and negative reviews are often found on the Internet. In situations with wired models, their owners are unhappy with the limitations of the working area. When it comes to battery mowers, the minuses include a relatively short duration of the working cycle. An equally important factor for some users is the risk of an electric current operator damage.

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