How to choose the correct trimmer elektrichesky for the grass

How to choose a grass trimmer for grass that will not let you down

Power, power type, cutting elements, as well as other parameters that are worth paying attention to.

Modern mowers are divided into two types: electric and gasoline-powered. The first are based on electric motor, which is powered from the mains or built-in battery. Secondly, there is an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline.


The simplest and most affordable are corded mains grass trimmers for grass. They do not need regular maintenance and are ready to use immediately after purchase. These models boast environmental friendliness and low noise levels. Although, unlike other types of trimmers, electric are always tied to the outlet, and their range is limited to the length of the cable. Suitable for not very dense grass and small areas.

Cordless grass trimmers are an upgraded version of corded. They are lightweight and fully mobile and self-contained. But the price is twice or even three times higher. Plus, the battery must be recharged.


Grass trimmers with this motor are more expensive than corded electric trimmers, but less expensive than cordless trimmers. These models are the most practical, productive, and adapted to high loads. They are self-contained, can easily cope with dense grass, weeds and even bushes. These mowers are rather noisy, require periodic maintenance and must be prepared before operation.

Most trimmers are equipped with two-stroke engines that are filled with a mixture of gasoline and oil. Less common are models with a four-stroke ICE, which have a separate lubrication system and run on pure gasoline. They make less noise and vibrate less, but are heavier and more expensive.

What to Buy

Makita UR3000 Electric Grass Trimmer

The Makita UR3000 electric grass trimmer‘s adjustable boom length makes it possible to optimize technical parameters for specific jobs

Engine power, kW/ Weight, kg Working passage width, cm / Max. shaft rotational speed, rpm. in min Price, Notes
0,45/2,6 30/9000 4100-5400 This model with less power compared to the previous version provides an impressive width of mowing area. It is notable for its low cost, ease. This has a boom that is adjustable in length.
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Electric grass trimmer STIHL FSE 52

Working in safety requires the proper safety gear

The photo marks the special clip for the power cable. These and other useful details are helpful when you buy STIHL electric grass trimmers.

Motor power, kW/ Weight, kg Working width, cm / Max. shaft speed, rev. in min Price, Notes
0,5/2,2 40/6000 4900-5800 The standard delivery only includes the line for the trimmer, so the belt and other accessories have to be bought separately. It should be emphasized that a wide range of additions of this manufacturer will modify the basic equipment in accordance with the various desires of future users.

Electric trimmer for grass EFCO 8092

In Efko’s electric mower, the motor is mounted on top, so you can cut wet grass without fear

Engine power, kW/ Weight, kg Working width, cm/Maximum shaft speed, rpm. in min Price, Notes
0,9/3,5 22/5000 6400-8200 Special built-in system reduces vibrations. A cutting edge is installed in the protective cover, which removes unnecessary line for the trimmer. Special damping mechanism prevents damage to the power cord during jerks.

How to choose the best model for mowing in the country?

The ideal purchase is one that is of good quality, has high output and does not cost a penny. To ensure that the grass trimmer model does not turn out to be a waste of money, you should pay attention to the basic selection criteria.

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  • Most important. power. If you need a grass trimmer to maintain a well-groomed grass, it will be enough up to 1000 watts of power. Remember, the more power, the heavier the device.
  • The location of the motor in the trimmer affects the cost. Models with the motor located at the bottom are not recommended. As a rule, such grass trimmers fail faster due to grass, moisture and poor cooling. Models with an overhead motor are equipped with special shoulder straps. Pay attention that the manufacturer has them in the kit.
  • The choice of “handlebar” control depends on the preferences and needs of the user. D-shaped steering wheel is put on trimmers that have maneuverability. The more serious models are equipped with a “bicycle” handlebar.

Electric grass trimmers make it much easier to work, easily coping with the task. Maintaining a tidy garden with mechanical help is much easier.

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