How to choose the right circular saw. Disk saw device

Battery circular saw. Mobile tool for home

During the construction or repair, a circular saw may be needed. It is worth paying attention to the battery models. They are mobile and practical to use. Using this tool, you can prepare various boards, drywall sheets, timber or laminate for finishing.

The main differences in the battery disk saws and network devices:

  • The dependence of the autonomy of the device on the voltage of the battery, usually constituting 10-28 in.
  • Greater weight due to the presence of a power source in the housing.
  • Mobility due to wireless use.
  • Determination of the number of revolutions based on the voltage of the battery. The speed of saw can reach 1400-4000 rpm/min.

A large number of revolutions will be needed to process hard and dense products. Fragile and soft material from high speeds, on the contrary, may crumble, so in such cases it is advisable to use devices with the function of speed adjustment.

High.Speed models with high voltage require quite capacious batteries for long.Term operation without recharging.

Almost all modern battery saws use a power source of lithium-ion type. It has a slight weight, does not require special charging rules, is not subject to energy loss in case of non.Use, and also often has a greater capacity. As disadvantages, there is a high price and fast discharge in the cold.

As in the case of network analogues, wireless saws can work with disks of different sizes. But it is still not recommended to use too large nozzles, as this will significantly increase the load on the battery.

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This feature imposes a restriction on the thickness of the processed material. Most devices cope with products up to 7 cm.

Saws can be equipped with a rotary sole, but in general, for this type of cut, they are not intended.

How to choose a circular saw and discs for it?

Before you go to the store or place an order for the “circular”, it is important to understand how it works, where, how often, in what conditions and for what purposes it will be used. In fact, the general name is united by a wide class of different in design features of tools and consumables, which can significantly complicate the choice for a beginner. Therefore. A little theory.

Additional functions of circular saws

The choice of circular depends on the additional possibilities that facilitate the cutting. Among them:

  • Laser pointer. Paves the cutting line label with a ray. Provides high accuracy, since the fishing line for the trimmer from the pencil is constantly covered with chips and becomes invisible.
  • Rotation frequency adjustment is convenient for selecting engine speeds for working with hard and soft woods.
  • Connection of a vacuum cleaner. Facilitates cleaning the workplace. All sawdust fly to a construction vacuum cleaner or garbage collection.

Criterias of choice

To choose the right electric circular saw, it is necessary to take into account the tasks and features of work and materials (wood, etc.) for which you need to choose a tool, as well as the intensity of use. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.

choose, right, circular, disk

First of all, the power of the device is taken into account. This is the most important characteristic. The cut depth and the turn of the disk, t. E. Their number. According to this indicator, manual electric saws are divided into low.Power (up to 80 watts), medium (from 80 to 120 watts) and professional, the power of which is more than 120 watts and they are able to work for a long time. The higher the power of such tools, the greater their weight. To work with more powerful devices requires skills and experience. All this must be taken into account in order to choose a circular saw for home.

The next important criterion is the diameter of the cutting or saw work disk for the circular saw. This indicator depends on the power of the motor. For larger ones, of course, the engine is required more powerful to provide the necessary speed and speed of the working disk, maintain its right time, as well as to protect the tool from noise, vibration and looping. A hand tool with a more powerful engine has more weight, size, and high cost. But such a device can be used for large and thick materials. If it is planned to work with massive boards, it is recommended to choose such a model

You also need to know what maximum cutting depth can provide the unit to choose the most suitable. The operating instructions most often indicate this indicator, as well as the cut angle. In this case, a perpendicular and mowed incision is noted.

In addition, modern models are equipped with additional functionality, due to which the cost of the product increases. These include:

  • A vacuum cleaner, thanks to which sawdust gather in a container and do not fly around the room;
  • Smooth descent;
  • A special laser mark, which is an exact trajectory of sawing the workpiece;
  • Random launch blocker;
  • Special plastic from which the case is made.

The user is recommended, before you choose to familiarize yourself with the instructions, to understand whether to overpay for additional opportunities or not and choose another model.

Rating of the best hand.Saws on a tree for a house of 2022

When choosing a home circular saw, you can familiarize yourself with the best models that have earned high user ratings. Such devices support a cut of any wood, regardless of its hardness, and the price remains affordable for everyone.

choose, right, circular, disk

Bosch PKS 40

A manual device with a capacity of 0.85 kW copes with both longitudinal and transverse cuts. Equipped with the CutControl system that tracks the evenness of the cut, is equipped with a nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner. There is also a nozzle with 40 cloves in the set, such a disk is suitable for most cuts. Supplies with a thorough cast sole, easily held with one hand. Users include only the lack of speed adjustment to the minuses.

Zubrov ZPD-2000

The semi.Professional circular saw has a capacity of 2 kW. Supports the frequency of 4500 revolutions, carries a cut to a depth of 70 mm and copes with almost any array of wood.

It is equipped with a parallel emphasis and a disk of 210 mm, the key to change the nozzles. Blocking spindle and 2 metal casings are responsible for the safety of the device, and the safety of the engine is provided by a smooth launch.

Dewalt Dwe560

A light manual saw with a weighing of 3.7 kg is suitable for working with solid wood, boards, wood-bruise and plywood. The productivity of the device is 1.35 kW, the tool comes complete with a disc 184 mm.

When using a saw, you can adjust the angle of inclination of the nozzle and the depth of the cut, and this is done without a key. The device is comfortable for the hands, accurate and neat, with a low noise level. About 88 dB.

Circular saws: how to choose

When choosing a disc saw, you need to understand exactly what purposes it will serve and what tasks to solve. When looking for a suitable model, pay attention to such characteristics as:

Power. This parameter depends on the number of speeds necessary for specific works, the speed and depth of the cut. For simple domestic purposes, a small tool (up to 1.2 kW) and medium power (up to 1.8 kW) is suitable, for larger work. From 2 kW.

The depth drank. Most often it is up to 60 mm, up to 150 mm. In professional equipment.

Disk speed. The maximum hardness of the materials depends on it, which will be able to cut the chosen tool. The higher the speed of rotation, the more electricity consumes the circular saw and the less likely the jamming of the disk.

Disk diameter. The external diameter determines the depth of the cut (up to 350 mm). The internal diameter of the disk (up to 32 mm) depends on the size of the power shaft of the tool. In case of mismatch, you can use the transition ring.

Building material. It can be high strength plastic or metal.

Left-Blade vs Right-Blade Circular Saws

Work at an angle. The depth of the cut is indicated at a right angle. This value is considered the main. The cut at the angles of 45 and 60 degrees is used less often, the possibility of adjusting them provides convenience when cutting in hard.To.Reach places.

Ergonomic pen. Choose a model that lies well in your hand: so you protect yourself from injuries and increase the accuracy of the cut.

Additional functions. These include:

choose, right, circular, disk

Types of circular saws

There are many types of circular saws depending on the type and size of the processed wood, location of the device, as well as the frequency of its use.

Depending on the place of use of the tool, it is divided by the type of constructive performance:

  • Stationary machines. Installed in workshops, production workshops or on sawmills. Designed for prolonged work and harvesting of a large amount of material.
  • Desktop. Machines convenient during transportation and device at a construction site, for work throughout the time the building is erected, such saws are also called end.To.End.
  • Manual. Compact circular saws used to ensure fast cutting of piece materials from wood with small volumes of work.

Depending on the purpose of use, the tool has a different work resource, engine power and the strength of the main elements of the case.

  • Professional. Reliable expensive equipment intended for prolonged continuous operation, for example, in the implementation of commercial activities in the trade material trade.
  • Household. Can be used in gentle mode at home or in the country, work without interruption for several hours a day with interruptions in order to avoid overheating of the motor. The performance of such saws is lower than that of a professional tool.

Before buying a circular saw, you must verify the quality of the disk as the main working body. Teeth and steel from which it is made must correspond to the type of material processed. If the condition is not met, this accessory is purchased additional.

We previously already considered:

Technique and safety rules when using a disk saw

Circular saw. Potentially dangerous power tool. Safety rules when working with it are reduced to the prevention of mechanical and electrical injuries, fires and other damage.

Recommendations of manufacturers for safe work with circular saws:

  • Use the saw along with a special system for removing chips;
  • Work only with the use of personal protective equipment (glasses, respirator);
  • Clean the saw with a brush designed for this;
  • The minimum excess of the height of the crumbling knife above the saw canvas is 5 mm;
  • Perform the replacement of the canvas only with a completely disconnected device;
  • Monitor the order at the workplace. It is impossible to allow accumulations of a large number of sawdust and dust;
  • The requirement for work clothing: it should not be too free so that it does not fall into the working mechanism;
  • The power of the tool must correspond to the volume and nature of the work. For example, you cannot use a low.Power tool for cutting a thick log;
  • Using a disc saw should only be in a well.Lit room;
  • Avoid approaching the tool cable to the work disk.

In no case should you use damaged and deformed saw canvases. It is allowed to use disks of only the diameter that is spelled out in the instructions for the tool. It is also prohibited:

  • Work with wood, which contains metal elements. Before starting work, all brackets and nails should be removed;
  • Use a saw in a state of illness or even a slight malaise;
  • Operate the tool with a faulty start button;
  • Use a saw with an improper location of the canvas.

When you fail one or more components of the tool, you should contact the service center. This is a guarantee that only original spare parts from the manufacturer will be used during the repair.

Working rules circular saw

Disk saw is a traumatic tool, so working with it implies the presence of practical skills. Before starting sawing, make sure that the mechanisms and electric cables should. Check the reliability of the fastening of the saw disk, the correct installation of a protective casing and a blanching knife. Also, if necessary, clean the working organ of the saw with a brush or rough cloth.

It is necessary to remove extraneous objects from the surface on which the processing of the product will occur, check the stability of the desktop and grounding the machine. You should protect yourself from sparks and wood dust with the help of special clothing and individual protective equipment.

choose, right, circular, disk

It is necessary only with a fixed product, holding the saw device tightly to the surface of the workpiece. At the end of the work, it is important to return the protective casing to its original position and completely de.Energize the electric saw.

The circular saw has a balanced, complex mechanism of work. It combines high safety requirements during operation and high.Precision setting up all components that ensure quality work and maximum labor productivity.

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