How to choose the right disk for your grass trimmer

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Special blades are preferable for brushcutters. They allow you to mow taller and tougher grass than a fishing line. In addition, the knife is even suitable for cutting young bushes.

There are many kinds of discs, which differ in cutting edge, shape and material of which they are made.

By design of cutting edges

  • with two tines. for young soft grass, lawns;
  • with three teeth. for young grass, dead wood, weeds;
  • With four teeth. for tough grass and young tree shoots;
  • The eight-toothed blade cuts the grass without shredding it too much;
  • with 24 teeth. for tough and dry grass, bushes, thin trees;
  • with 40 or more teeth. for cutting any kind of grass, bushes, trees;
  • with 80 or more. for professional brushcutters.
  • with two. for soft and low grass mowing
  • With three. for mowing weeds;
  • with four or more. for mowing grass for hay.

By shape

According to the form, there is a distinction between blades with disk blades and several blades, which are at a certain distance from each other. The shape of the blades can also be different. It is worth noting that this does not affect either the speed or the quality of work with the brushcutter.

In addition to the traditional shapes, manufacturers are now offering triangular, rectangular and trapezoidal blades.

By material

Disc for lawn mowers can be made of metal or plastic. It should be specified that for an electric brushcutter, it is worth giving preference to plastic blades. They fit very well on the curved bar of this tool, which does not separate the working area and the mower’s legs too much. Knives made of plastic are able to mow overgrown dry grass, for example, nettles or burdock trunks well.

Metal blades only for petrol grass trimmers. This is due to the flat bar, which removes the disc from the feet at a safe distance. Specially shaped handles also contribute to safety. When hitting a hard object, part of the impact is damped by the motor clutch. Iron blades are suitable for mowing grass from large areas, weeds, bushes, young trees.

Trimmer blades

Grass trimmer. the most popular type of garden tool, which is designed for mowing grass. Models equipped with a fishing line are suitable for soft grass. There are also such models of tools, which involve the installation of a disc for the grass trimmer. This equipment allows you to cope with overgrowth and even small bushes.

Why a disc is more practical than a fishing line? When you have to mow tall, dense grass, the line can simply get tangled, which can cause the spool to break. The blade for grass trimmers can easily do the job. This tool differs in terms of material:

  • Plastic blades are designed to cut not high and not dense grass;
  • Metal discs (blades) for grass trimmer are the most reliable, so they easily cut through brushwood, very thick and dry grass, and even bushes. This type of equipment is installed in high-powered machines.

When it comes to blade shapes, there are many variations on the market today:

  • With two, three or four cutting edges. These are the most popular blade cutters for grass trimmers. As a rule, they are included in the basic equipment of small and medium power tools. This tool is suitable for cutting dense grass or small bushes;
  • Saw blades (t.ч. diamond) discs for grass trimmers. This kind of blades can have up to 80 teeth, and some models have hardfacing on the teeth. This equipment is installed on powerful professional machines. As for the diameter of the blade, the larger it is, the more area you will treat in one pass. Diameter is usually indicated on the disc itself.

Blades made of metal do not wear out, which distinguishes them from fishing line, which deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced.

How to put a disc on the grass trimmer? First of all, it is important to pay attention to the diameter of the seating hole. It has to fit exactly, otherwise you risk serious injury, t.к. the tooling can simply come off.

Most manufacturers produce the appropriate tooling for each model of tool, which makes it much easier to select a blade. Once you have your fishing line in place, make sure it is securely fastened. As for blade thickness, it can be from 1.3 to 4mm. The thinnest discs cut plants quickly and accurately, leaving a clean cut. But they can quickly become blunt. 4 mm thick blades cut the thickest shrubs and do not wear out over time.

Buy a disc for the grass trimmer at an affordable price you can on our website “Encor24”. There is a wide range of this equipment, so you can pick up your cutting element for each model of tool. Specialists on-line or by phone will help make the right choice, explain how to install the blade on the grass trimmer and how to safely carry out work. We are waiting for your questions and wishes on the site of Internet-shop “Encor24”.

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Different kinds of metal discs for trimmers what to choose

Having found out that it is better to choose a metal disc for a gasoline tool if you need to mow hard and coarse grass. When choosing, it turns out that the blades have different types and shapes. Many people mistakenly think that a large number of blades affects mowing speed and quality. In reality, all kinds of discs are good for mowing, but only with one condition: the quality of sharpening of the cutting part.

The smaller the number of blades on the disc, the stronger is the shredding of grass. In order not to miscalculate with the purchase of the consumable in question, it is recommended to choose cutting nozzles with 3-4 blades.

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Changing the blade on a trimmer

You will need to replace the disc on your trimmer regularly if you use the chain saw frequently. Even good blades get blunt over time and must be resharpened or new blades fitted. In practice, plastic and metal discs with different numbers of blades and sharpened in different ways are used. The procedure for changing the blade does not depend on this in any way. When working in the field, it is important to pay attention to safety precautions. If the material of the cutting part of the tool allows it, you can sharpen it yourself, which will save money.

Before you change the blade on your trimmer, you must unplug the tool from the mains. If we are talking about brushcutter. turn off the engine.

Steps of installing the blade on the grass trimmer. instructions

  • If the grass trimmer has not been used before. Use a hexagon socket wrench (or a bar with a matching diameter. it can be a nail) in the hole in the gearbox. This is to prevent the shaft from turning. Unscrew the securing nut and remove the gearbox shell from the shaft.
  • If a mowing head is installed. As in P.1, insert the wrench into the hole in the gearbox. Hold down the wrench and unscrew the mowing head.
  • Install the washer on the hub, then the blade. Make sure the projections match the notches. Then the blade is correctly centered.
  • Put the thrust washer and gearbox shell on top of the mowing head.
  • Fit the fixing nut on the shaft and tighten counterclockwise. For this you will need a pipe socket wrench.
  • Note. so that the nut does not unscrew during operation, most gasoline trimmers have a stud, which is inserted into the hole in the shaft.

How to choose?

There are many things to consider when choosing a mower blade. For example, discs with metal teeth are often circular in shape. Teeth can vary in shape, appearance, size. For small trees as well as dense grass, it is better to use discs with more teeth.

choose, right, disk, your

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It is worth mentioning the advantage of mowing wheels for brushcutters, like the fast speed. Nevertheless, high moment of inertia does not best affect the drive unit. For dense mowing, for tall and small coarse grass and shrubs, it is better to choose circles with 40 or more teeth and peoria. They are not capable of destroying vegetation, and it will not practically wrap around the circle. If the number of teeth exceeds 60, you can safely mow grass and trees with a trunk thickness of 7 cm.

Discs with a hard blade and without holes have a lot of weight, so they should be chosen for powerful trimmers (more than 40 cm3). Also good for sparse grass and dead wood; they are also suitable for mowing varying densities.

choose, right, disk, your

Winning blades should be chosen for mowing plants near obstacles. If you need to mow grass in hay, prefer steel blades with lots of gently sharpened teeth. Hard blades with 16 to 32 teeth, good for cutting thick-stemmed plants.

For low-power trimmers, blades with minimal torque are better. The smaller the blade, the harder the tool will shred the grass. Yes, two-blade discs are most often used for cutting uniform grass. The main advantage of this type is that it throws the cut plants to the side.

When mowing hay, it is recommended to choose blades with four blades so the grass is not cut.

Blade thickness is also important in the selection. Discs can be stamped or forged. The first have a low price, but at the same time, they can be seriously damaged in a collision with an obstacle. As for forged disks, they do not form chips and cuts when colliding with hard objects.

Only plastic blades should be used with electric trimmers. Their small weight will not create unnecessary load on the engine. The soft plastic allows the blades not to break when they are on an obstacle, but to bend or deform slightly. Using such cutting elements is recommended for cutting dense, soft grass.

How to Properly Put a Disc on the Lawnmower

With the advent of summer, many owners of homestead plots anxious about how to put a knife on the trimmer for grass. vital are the questions, why and when it is purposeful to substitute the line on brushcutter stronger cutting element. In our article we will try to analyze it and give some useful tips for gardeners.

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Grass trimmer with a blade installed on this address is most convenient to use for more comfortable mowing the tallest and coarsest grass in the country. The line on the brushcutter is no good with this model. Narrow one tears in a short time. Introducing the Thick 4.5.3 mm cord or homemade rope ropes force the vegetation to wind on the bobbin. This increases the strain on the engine. The piston group and the rest of the machine’s moving parts become worn out over a short period of time.

choose, right, disk, your

If you create mowing weeds electronic trimmer without a knife, a single line, even if it is thick with a figured section, the problem is not solved. There is always a risk of overheating the electric motor and causing the flexible shaft to break. And the big torque of the electronic motor. Grass wound on the spindle makes a strong resistance to the shaft, reminiscent of the speedometer cable, which can not stand and twists.

In order to save technique from early wear and tear domestic manufacturers have provided the ability to install on trimmers for grass special knives. The design and shape of the available cutting parts allow for trouble-free control not only with coarsened and overgrown grass, but also to successfully fight with a young bush undergrowth.

Before you take and put on a brushcutter knife find out what they are and where they are used. Now domestic manufacturers offer the consumer many types of these consumables. Completely all cutting tools created for mowing grass, of course, systematize:

Blades for brushcutters and their application (blades for brushcutters)

The main material for the production of trimmer knives you like plastic or metal. The implementation of such consumables in almost everything depends on the 2 properties:

For safety reasons, the manufacturers of domestic not advise to put on the electronic grass trimmers iron knives. All electric and battery powered brushcutters are equipped with plastic blades. Based on the manufacturer, they will be one-piece design disc shape, with several blades, or in the form of a special mowing head that provides for the installation of removable blades of plastic.

A straight bar in a gasoline grass trimmer and a curved one in an electronic trimmer

Putting an iron blade on the electronic grass trimmer does not allow its design features.

  • The curved boom of the machine reduces the distance from its working part to the mower’s feet. The design of the blades of grass cutter is designed for a collision with a rock or other hard object.
  • The highest torque, which we mentioned above, for which the design of the collision of an iron blade with a rigid object, transmits a huge load to the flexible shaft of the grass trimmer and its engine. What causes their early breakage.
  • The handle of an electric mower in most cases does not have a limiting strip that acts as a stop. That does not rule out foot injuries.

These features only use plastic blades on trimmers with electronic motors. blades collide with obstacles and break, protecting the mower’s legs from possible injury.

Plastic blades handle overgrown and dry grass very well. They are understandable for mowing nettles and burdock trunks.

The use of iron blades on gasoline-powered trimmers is justified by their design features.

  • The smooth design of the bar increases the distance to the legs, giving the mower complete safety.
  • Comfortable U-shaped and J-shaped handles let you hold the tool firmly. The D-shaped handles of the brushcutter are fitted with a stop that rests against the mower’s leg to prevent the head from coming into contact with a hard obstacle.
  • Clutch of internal combustion engine allows to gain speed smoothly to a reasonable level. And if the blade hits a hard surface, it can absorb some of the impact.

Thus, gasoline grass trimmers with installed iron blade is ideal for use on large areas. They successfully cope not only with the highest coarsened grass, weeds, burdocks and nettles, but also bushes and young trees.

the blade shape of the blade on the grass trimmer does not affect the quality of work performed. Their condition does not affect the speed. Triangular, trapezoidal, rectangular forms are our client’s pre-production.

If you intend to make hay, it’s best to use a brushcutter with a blade with a lot of blades. Check carefully the discs with eight teeth or, in other words, discs with four large blades and four extra blades. 2- and 3-blade blades shred grass very well.

Putting the blade on the grass trimmer is not that difficult. The manufacturer has equipped their tools with a special pin to lock the gearbox and a key, using which unscrew the bobbin with the fishing line. The main thing when changing cutting parts is to observe safety procedures and the sequence of disassembly.

The brushcutter blade does not mow even with sharpening. Fix

The method of installation of the blade on the grass trimmer follow:

  • Remove the blade guard;
  • Lock the drive. For this purpose, you need to coordinate two holes. in the hub of the shaft and in the gear cup. After positioning the two parts, insert the dowel pin in the holes;
  • Unscrew clockwise from the hub bobbin with a fishing line or attachment nut that holds the dust cover (if the grass trimmer has not yet been used);
  • Next, install a cutter blade, so the way that the slits on the washer hub coincided with notches in the hole cutting blade;
  • Install the duster;
  • We tighten the fastening nut (counterclockwise) holding the locking pin;
  • Tighten it using a pipe wrench;
  • Return the blade guard to its destination.

As you can see, there are no complications. Now there is an option to safely proceed to mow the weeds in this area.

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Instruction on replacing the disk on a chain saw with a step-by-step description

Having understood the design of cutting blades, it remains to clarify the process of their replacement and installation on the tool. If you have a forestry head on the brushcutter, and you plan to install a metal disc, then no remodeling of the construction is not needed.

To install the metal blade on the grass trimmer, follow these instructions:

  • To begin with, the plastic guard is removed. not necessarily. Depending on the tool model, the disassembly process may differ. If the trimmer has a metal cover, you do not need to remove it. The plastic housing is removed in order to install the metal housing
  • Lock the gearbox with a special Allen key or a screwdriver. The hole for locking the shaft can be on the side or face
  • Twist the mowing head or bobbin from the tool if fitted
  • Disc is installed in place of the head or bobbin. The inside diameter of the disc must fit into the groove. Install the nozzle so that the front side (with the letters) faces upwards
  • After installing the disk, a lock washer of the appropriate size is put in place. Then the fastening nut must be screwed in after having locked the gearbox shaft. The direction of rotation for tightening the fastening nut is counterclockwise
  • When you are finished, install the protective metal cover. If this is not available, the plastic guard must be left on

As you can see, the disc replacement procedure on the trimmer is not difficult at all, and takes no more than 5 minutes. The video below shows the correct way to change mowing heads and mowing discs on gasoline mowers.

Types of steel knives

Not all brushcutters are designed for disc or blade mounting. In order for the engine to “pull” the knife, it must be powerful, not less than 1-1,2 l.с. In addition, a rigid forged shaft must be installed inside the boom. If you have a gasoline grass mower or an electric grass trimmer with a curved boom, it has a cable inside, not a metal shaft. The blade won’t hold. it will break right away.

But, if everything is okay with the mower, and the manufacturer provides a knife in the kit, then feel free to use it.

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  • mixed vegetation;
  • The presence of dense and stiff undergrowth;
  • abundance of hard weeds;
  • For cutting corn or sunflower stalks;
  • Fresh shrub shoots sprouting.

The principle of cutting. the rotation of the blade on the shaft. The cutting width is usually standard for all brushcutters. a quarter meter, but there are also blades with a larger diameter.

  • The two-beam blade resembles a plate. Lightweight and suitable even for household trimmers;
  • Three-blade. the most popular for cutting weeds. It has a small base and three long blades;
  • The four-blade blade differs in that its base is larger and its blades are shorter. This design cuts the grass less, which is important when mowing for hay, because finely cut hay is difficult to collect afterwards.

blades make for more productive mowing. After all, it is the blades that effectively cut through tough vegetation.

Often, to increase blade durability, the blades are padded with Pobedite tips. Such a blade is much more rugged and hardy. But it is also heavier. So, don’t rush to install the multi-blade blade if you’re mowing soft clover, for example. Better save it for vegetable gardens, where you need to cut thick and tough corn stalks.

When mowing with a knife, look especially carefully for any treacherous rocks or hard bumps. If you bump into it, you’ll break or skew the blade, and you’ll put extra stress on the engine.

Selection criteria for grass trimmer discs and instructions for replacing them

Grass trimmers mow through the use of mowing head with a line and metal discs. Each type of cutting device has its own fundamental features. Cord is limited in its use to type of vegetation, so where a corded mowing head cannot be used, a metal disc is used. How to choose a cutting disk for grass trimmer, what they are and how they are ground, let’s find out details before buying the respective equipment.

The best cutting system for brushcutter: line, knife or disc

Grass trimmers can be electric or gasoline-powered. Gasoline models, in principle, have more power than electric models. For low power electric mowers. Plastic blades or light steel blades are usually used. The more powerful petrol mowers use both steel and plastic discs.

But it is not only the power that is limited. Because grass trimmers come with a rigid or flexible transmission. In devices with a rigid mechanism, the rotation is transmitted through a shaft, with a flexible mechanism. by means of a steel cable. A flexible cable is particularly subject to wear if a steel disc is mounted and the mowing loads are high. That is why only steel cables and plastic blades are used for brushcutters with flexible transmission.

Construction type is indicated in the instruction manual of the mower. And it can be identified visually. the grass trimmer with curved boom has a flexible gear. You need to know what type of gearbox you have before you buy the blade or disc.

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