How to clean a grass trimmer. How to wash a grass trimmer?

Best Answer: How to Clean a Lawn Mower’s Fuel Filter?

If a chainsaw is started without an air filter, it is not advisable to operate the tool without an air filter element, as contamination will get into the cylinder and thus reduce its service life. The real reason why the gasoline grass trimmer does not start is the clogging of the fuel filter.

clean, grass, trimmer, wash
  • We unscrew the bolt on the blade guard or release the catches.
  • We take out the filter and examine.
  • We pour petrol from the canister on the dirty filter and wash off
  • Wipe the place of installation with a rag soaked in gasoline.
clean, grass, trimmer, wash

What nozzle to use for mowing grass with a gasoline mower

There are two types of cutting heads or cutters in a chainsaw. These are spools of fishing line and steel or plastic discs. What is the best choice for working with benzovinstrument The site provides information on how to choose discs and fishing line for trimmers, as well as their types and design features. Let’s take a brief look at what types of cutters should be used on trimmers and gasoline mowers.

  • For mowing soft grass, a trimmer line is used, which is wound on a reel or spool. unlike metal discs, trimmer line is used when grass is growing near trees, houses, fences, and other obstacles. line for trimmer allows you to trim grass near obstacles without damaging the construction of the tool
  • Metal blades have 2, 3, 4 or more cutting parts for cutting coarse grass and weeds. Practice shows that the thicker the mowed thickets are, the more blades the cutter should have
  • Metal blades with 40-80 fine tines are designed for mowing different kinds of vegetation. It can be rough grass, weeds, dense thickets, or even small trees. The more blades on a mowing head, the more efficient the cutting head is
  • Plastic discs. used mainly on electric trimmers or cordless grass trimmers

The choice of cutter depends on the place of use of the tool. If it is planned to work in the homestead, then choose a line for the trimmer, and for mowing grass in the field or steppe, discs with 3-4 blades and more are used, as well as discs with fine teeth.

This is interesting! In most cases, cutters are not bundled with the tool, so the buyer can independently decide what he needs. a line for the trimmer or a steel disc.

How to adjust the lawnmower (carburetor)

Correct adjustment is the key to the successful operation of the machine in the future.

Newcomers sometimes do not know how important this process is for petrol and petrol trimmers, and skip it or simply do not know how to adjust the carburetor of a lawnmower, believing that the factory settings are quite enough. However, this is not the case. Inspecting all mechanisms and adjusting the carburetor should be done regularly.

Important information and tips on tuning the gasoline carburetor in gasoline mowers:

  • There are 3 screws in the carburetor: left (H), bottom (T) and right (L). To get to the screws, you need to know how to disassemble the lawnmower, and more specifically, how to get to the carburetor. This information must be on the data sheet.
  • The lower screw (T) is responsible for idling, the right one (L) for the amount of fuel entering the combustion chamber at low rpm, and the left one (H) is responsible for fuel entering the combustion chamber at high rpm.
  • Turn on the carburetor at idle speed. Correctly adjusted, it works evenly when the engine is hot and cold, at low and high revolutions. If something goes wrong, you need to turn the lower screw (T).
  • Adjustment of fuel flow at low rpm is done by turning the right-hand screw (L) a quarter turn anticlockwise.
  • Adjustment of carburetor on high revolutions is made as follows: open throttle and press maximum throttle. Turn the left screw (H) clockwise until rpm drops. Then turn the screw counterclockwise until the engine feels uneven. Then slowly turn the screw back clockwise until you hear the engine running smoothly and evenly.
  • The spark plug also serves as an indicator of proper carburetor adjustment. In case of faults, the spark plugs get soot on them, but if they are adjusted correctly, the working part of the plug will stay clean.

This is the most universal algorithm on how to adjust the carburetor on a gasoline mower. Individual adjustment depends on the configuration of your machine model.

The figures mean the following: one part oil, fifty parts petrol. From here: 1000 ml (1 liter of gasoline) divided by 50, we get 20 ml, that is 1:50.

This is how you calculate the composition of the fuel mixture (gasoline/oil) in any proportions. To add oil to gasoline not “by eye”, we can advise to take a 20 ml medical syringe, fill it with oil and “inject” it into a container to prepare the fuel mixture.

Small amount of oil mixed with gasoline leads to increased wear of the cylinder piston group. Too much oil in the mix is not as fatal, but it’s just as bad. Piston ring coking, rapid formation of soot in the combustion chamber, engine power loss. The muffler mesh screen can get corked too. That is why some users (after the grass trimmer warranty period has expired) recommend that it be dismantled.

The gasoline used in the brushcutter is AI 92. You can check the exact gasoline type and type in the instruction manual. Do not try to “force” the engine by pouring 95-rd gasoline into it. This can lead to overheating, unstable operation of the grass trimmer and breakdown.

It is not recommended to leave fuel in the grass trimmer’s tank during a long break in operation. It’s best to finish the day’s work after you’ve used up all the gasoline. If it is not, the fuel will evaporate from the engine overnight, but a thin film of oil will remain, and the carburettor jets could get clogged. This will make it difficult to start the engine the next time.

Also observe the safety precautions for storing fuel. Many people pour gasoline into a plastic water bottle. Is it worth it to do this??

How to Clean Air Filter on a Trimmer

Sooner or later it will be necessary to wash the air filter of the grass trimmer Husqvarna or any other manufacturer. There is nothing complicated and you can remove dirt from it on your own within a couple of hours before mowing.

How to change the air filter in a trimmer

  • Unscrew the screw on the blade guard or unclip the catches.
  • Remove the filter and inspect. You will need gasoline to remove all accumulated oil and other dirt.
  • We pour petrol from the canister on the dirty filter and wash out all the oil. Squeeze it out and leave it to dry for at least 2 hours.
  • Clean the place of installation with a cloth soaked in gasoline.
  • Install everything in its place and cover it with the shroud.

Soapy water can be used instead of gasoline, but it still removes dirt not as effectively.

Blowing off or simply shaking out the debris is an alternative to flushing. These cleaning options are only suitable if there is no oil contamination.

Grass trimmer as a hedge trimmer

Lawn mowers can be used for cutting hedges. For this purpose, a special attachment with an oblong cutting part and movable blades is used. The blades are powered by the drive shaft of the brushcutter’s internal combustion engine. The design of the garden shears attachment is shown in the photo below.

The feature of these devices is the ability to change the angle of the cutting part. You do not need to turn off the engine, because a special control lever is provided by the design. Not only suitable for gasoline trimmers, but also for electric lawn trimmers.

Manufacturers produce devices with a working length of 55 cm, which allows you to choose a suitable option, depending on the size of bushes to be trimmed. Practical disadvantages of this equipment does not have.

The results of the work on flushing the lawnmower carburetor

The procedure of flushing the carburetor is not difficult, and takes no more than 1-2 hours. However, before you start the work, you need to consider the following points:

  • In the course of cleaning it may be necessary to replace parts and accessories that should be purchased in advance. If the lawnmower is Chinese, it may be difficult to find spare parts.
  • One should be prepared for the fact that the mechanism may be unsuitable for further use, so it will need to be replaced. The cost of carburetors depends on the model of the tool.
  • After the work is complete, you will need to resort to the adjustment procedure. There will be no difficulty with this, as detailed instructions on the adjustment of gasoline mowers and trimmers are described here.

How to fix a Husqvarna weed eater (no more bogging down)

The most important thing to remember when carrying out the work is the correct location of all parts and elements. The use of sealant is categorically contraindicated. Worn and dried out gaskets should be replaced.

If faced with the need to clean the carburetor of a brushcutter, then do not put off the procedure for a long time. Prepare your tool for the next season well in advance so as not to miss the opportunity to tidy up the territory around the house or make hay for winter.

Types of trimmers

The world owes the invention of the brushcutter to Houston entrepreneur George Bollas. One day, as he drove his car through a car wash, he noticed how the nylon-bristle wash rollers worked. They didn’t leave a scratch, so Bollas decided to apply the same principle when mowing the front lawn of his house. He had long wondered how to mow grass in hard-to-reach places without damaging the mower itself or the tree bark. Back home, he took a tin can, made a few holes in it, put a couple of lengths of thick fishing line through them and hooked it all up to the motor of his lawn mower. A few minutes later he was surprised to see a neatly cut lawn with untouched bushes and trees. His invention, nicknamed the “Weed Eater”, was launched on the market shortly afterwards in 1972. Weed Eater, was launched on a mass market.

clean, grass, trimmer, wash

There are two types of trimmers on the market today. gasoline and electric. Both are used for areas inaccessible to standard lawnmowers. Lawn edges, areas near fences and curbs, around bushes, trees, etc.д There are plenty of such places on any plot of land.

Homelite trimmer fix after winter storage

lawnmower. portable device. its weight seldom exceeds 5-7 kg, which is a weight advantage over rather heavy lawn mowers with wheels of their own.

Among the disadvantages of trimmers should be noted the inevitable unevenness of mowing, as well as the need to change from time to time wearing nylon line for the trimmer and carefully clean the tool from the remains of mowed grass.

Taking care of a gasoline trimmer

In the height of summer, when the grass-cutting season is not over and your tool no longer looks new, it is time to give it some maintenance.

In the height of summer, when the mowing season is not over and your tool no longer looks new, it’s time to give it some maintenance. Proper maintenance is the prerequisite for the trouble-free operation of your power tool.

Specialists from GreenLine, which has been producing gardening equipment for over 15 years and has been on the Russian market for 10 years, recommend that you start looking after your grass trimmer at the end of the summer. This was necessary because even with the first rains the grass-cutting season did not end, except that the mower, contrary to the recommendations, was probably used under harsher conditions than it was supposed to be. Typical examples of such improper use are: mowing waterlogged lawns, trimming bushes (and not only young ones), some people try to use a knife to break clods of earth in an over-cultivated bed. Such applications can be found all over the place, but if the grass mower is not made by hand, it will survive even that, the main thing is not to crush a brick.

After such exploitation the lubrication is washed out from the gear box as a rule, its fixing is loosened and also the cover plate is fixed, the air filter is likely to be clogged, especially if you like to leave the mower with a running motor on the ground. If you want the rest of the season and the next season to go smoothly, it is advisable to have a few uncomplicated manipulations done on the gasoline trimmer.

First, you need to drain the gasoline from the tank, then dry it and blow, as during operation it accumulates a lot of unnecessary engine debris. Then, it is necessary to unscrew the plug and use the starter to blow out the piston.

Next, you need to remove the dried grass from the gearbox, it is very often twisted around the axis, and in combination with the soil and water turns stony, forming a kind of “sponge”, which collects the grass with greater intensity.

Almost every gearbox has a revision screw that needs to be unscrewed and lubricated. GreenLine engineers recommend AZMOL 158. This grease is good for bearings and gears. There is no need to be spared grease, the excess will come out anyway. Tales about the special “super grease”. this is a loaf of “super services” that offer it, let’s leave it on their conscience.

Then you need to remove the air filter. It’s usually foam rubber and can be washed and dried or blown out, depending on how dirty it is.

While the transmission shaft is easily accessible, in some models, once the motor or gearbox is disconnected, it simply falls out of the boom. It is also desirable to lubricate with AZMOL 158. It adheres well, penetrates under the guide bushings and is trapped in the pores of the flexible shaft as well as on the surface of the stiff shaft. You might notice that when you wash your hands, unless you wear gloves.

It is recommended to check the muffler, especially if your mower was used by a neighbor, because it is unknown what kind of mixture he poured, it could be that instead of two-stroke oil, he used vegetable oil or olive oil. This might sound ridiculous, but it is quite common.

Some models might have a collapsible muffler. In this case it can be easily disassembled and washed. But if the muffler is intact, there is only one way out of this situation. remove it, as a rule, it is fixed on studs with nuts. and then try to start the engine. If the starting is sure and more stable than with a silencer, and the throttle response is instantaneous, it is most likely that the silencer needs flushing. Some craftsmen are able to soak it in kerosene, but as a rule, if the soot is strong, it is better to replace the muffler.

And finally, preparing gasoline trimmer for winter storage, it is recommended after the above operations, to wrap the motor and gearbox with a thick cloth, but in no case cellophane, as under it accumulates condensate, and it leads to oxidation of contacts and the appearance of corrosion. It is also desirable to store the grass trimmer in a dry room, not necessarily warm.

If you follow all of these simple recommendations your gasoline trimmer will work steadily at least until the middle of the next season, then you can do the same operations again.

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