How to clean the grass after a grass trimmer.

How to mow grass with a line trimmer

Domestic grass trimmer is the easiest to use and at the same time very effective tool. It seems to be really easy. plug tools into a socket and work. But there are still some nuances that you need to know in order for the grass trimmer to work long and productively.

Preparation of the site. You need to carefully inspect the mowing area and remove all foreign objects. stones, glass, wire, etc.д. Flew out suddenly from under the line during work, such an object can cause injury.

Setting up the cutting system. There are low-power grass trimmers that can only work with a fishing line, mowing soft and succulent grass. they do not need to have a cutting system installed. But some trimmer models, which have a motor with 1 kW and more power, can also work with a knife. If there are tough weeds or even a small bush growth on the site, you need to unscrew the nut of the working attachment and install the cutting blade. Then tighten the nut firmly with a wrench.

It is very important to wear safety glasses when working with a trimmer, because even if you have cleaned the area from debris, plant stems and grass can fly into the eyes. The same stems, grass and branches can injure your hands. That is why it is recommended to use gloves

Electric grass trimmer simply plugged in, but the battery needs to be charged for a few hours before work. Then if you have a shoulder strap, put it on your shoulder, if you have a backpack strap. on both shoulders. Grass trimmer is easy to grip: D-handle should be firmly grasped in the palm of your hand, and a garden trimmer with a bike handle (U-shaped) should be firmly grasped with both hands. Hold the grass trimmer above the grass, so that the line spool or the blade is parallel to the ground. Turning on the start.

How to mow properly. The cutting mechanism rotates counterclockwise. So, in order to make the cut grass fall on the already mowed area, easily, with simple movements, sweep the trimmer in front of you, from right to left. To remove the remnants of grass you need to mow in a different direction, from left to right. If the area is flat and large, divide it into imaginary squares and mow along the outside of such a square. If the area is on a slope, you should start from the bottom of the lawn, mowing across the plot in one direction. Reach the edge, go back and mow in the same direction, parallel. If there are many trees on the site, mow only with a fishing line, otherwise you can cut the tree trunk with a knife. In a garden like this it’s best to mow around the perimeter, cutting around the tree in a circle.

Finishing the job. Turning off the engine and taking the straps off the shoulders is not the end of the job. Carefully clean the bobbin and blade of grass residue. Then fold up the trimmer, if it is telescopic or collapsible, and hide it until the next mowing.

What kind of technique is possible??

To care for the lawn, you can use a variety of devices and equipment. grass trimmers, lawn mowers, brush cutters, garden shears or pruning shears.

The choice of one or another type of equipment depends on the size of the lawn, as well as its purpose.

For example, large golf courses require perfectly smooth mowing. only then can the ball roll over the surface unhindered. These fields are therefore usually cut with a specially equipped tractor or lawnmower.

Grass trimmer or lawn mower is good for small garden plots. And if your household does not have the right equipment, you can use a brush cutter or shears.

A tractor with special equipment

Professional tractors are a tractor equipped with a drive with multiple gears, hopper, reverse, different throwing methods, as well as height adjustment. Such equipment is used not only for mowing, but also for scarifying (cleaning of moss), aeration (loosening of the soil).

The advantages of tractors are:

  • good maneuverability on level grounds;
  • the ability to mow large areas quickly and easily;
  • multifunctionality, the presence in the kit of different nozzles;
  • comfortable handling.

Among the disadvantages are:


Secateurs. an uncomplicated gardening device in the form of scissors with sharp, wide blades and a spring-loaded handle. Although the secateurs are designed to trim trees, shrubs and weeds, they can also be used to cut small lawns or areas that are difficult to access, if necessary.

The advantages of using a secateurs are:

Disadvantage: time-consuming mowing process when working with large lawns.

clean, grass, trimmer

Lawn mowers

Lawn mower is a device on wheels, which can run on a gasoline engine, electricity or battery. Such devices are equipped with the function of adjusting the height of mowing the grass. You need to reduce or increase the height of the cutting blades relative to the ground surface.

Battery-powered mechanisms are the most convenient and mobile, but they have a limited operating time. Electric mowers can be used on small lawns, the size of which does not exceed the length of the power cable and carrying. Gasoline mowers are more often used for mowing large areas. soccer fields, stadiums, but they work much louder than the above models.

There are also self-propelled and non-self-propelled lawnmowers. The latter need to be pushed forward, while the latter can only be followed from behind by holding on to the handles and determining the direction of travel.

Among the advantages of lawn mowers are:

  • Large lawns can be mowed quickly and easily.
  • High mowing quality. Especially even grass is mowed by spindle lawnmowers, so they are usually used to care for the fields for the game of Golf, as the ball can roll only on perfectly evenly mowed grass.
  • Cutting height adjustment function.
  • Self-propelled models make it easier to move them up if the lawn is on a slope.
  • Availability of a special tank for collecting grass clippings.
  • Some models offer a grass clippings shredding function.
  • high cost.
  • Low efficiency when working on bumpy terrain.
  • Mowing in hard-to-reach places is not possible. near bushes, trees, curbs, under the benches, in narrow places.


Lawn mowers are gasoline-powered mowers with straight bar, bicycle handles, forged shaft and backpack shoulder straps. Variable blade or multi-tooth blade option due to strong gearbox.

The machines are not only suitable for mowing small lawns up to 20 acres, but also for securing several hectares of land.

  • Mowing is fast and easy;
  • autonomous operation, mobility;
  • Availability of additional attachments: mowing heads and knives, saw blades, special cutters.

The disadvantages of the units include:

grass trimmers

Grass trimmer. a hand-held tool for mowing the lawn, made in the form of a rod, which has a handle, as well as a special spool and an electric motor. To put the device into action, it is enough to plug it into the socket. For mowing areas of large areas an extension cord of the required length is used.

Some models of trimmers are equipped with a gasoline engine, which allows you to work without the use of cords and carries.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, grass trimmers can be:

  • Battery-powered. such devices are characterized by mobility, the battery capacity is usually enough for 1 hour of work.
  • With the upper position of the engine. is characterized by high power, in appearance such grass trimmers resemble a brushcutter, can work with a knife or a fishing line.
  • With a bottom-mounted motor. less powerful grass mowers compared to the previous ones, can only work with a fishing line, are lightweight, convenient to work. However, when working with large weeds, hard and wet grass, problems can arise.

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The advantages of trimmers are:

  • Relatively low cost;
  • convenience when working both in open areas, and in difficult-to-reach places, such as around flower beds, near curbs, under benches.

The finer points of working with a trimmer on level ground

If you mow on flat terrain, you should be especially careful about the direction of rotation of the spool. First, it’s important for your personal safety and the safety of others. Second, taking this nuance into account will allow you to facilitate the work performed.

In principle, everything is clear with the first point. Because knowing in which direction various small objects (e.g., pebbles) fly away, you can always prevent and avoid possible trouble. And here is the second point, perhaps, requires some explanation.

Explain. If you do not take the direction of rotation of the reel into account when mowing, the cut grass may end up in an area which is still uncut. As a result, you and your machine will have to exert more effort to mow the grass that is under the blade of grass. over, the quality of mowing in such conditions will be considerably reduced.

That is, the direction of mowing should be chosen, taking into account the direction of rotation of the coil. So that the cuttings are flown on to an already mowed area.

Cleaning up mowed grass

If an automatic lawn mower with a special grass collector is used to cut the grass, there is no question of collecting it. In other cases, it is recommended to act on a case-by-case basis:

  • If it is too hot outside and the grass has been cut to 5mm or more, it is advisable to leave it in place. This will cover the growing greenery from the scorching sun.
  • If it is decided to mulch, the grass is also left on the lawn for a while. This is to allow it to wilt slightly.
  • If mowing is carried out in rainy weather or if it is too wet outside, the grass should be removed and sent to compost or fermented fertilizer should be prepared from it.
  • If the area on which grass grows, in a year is planned to be used for planting of cultivated plants, it is not necessary to remove the greenery. After lying there for a year, it can be an excellent fertilizer and fertilizer, protecting the area from weeds.
  • If you want to make your garden look nice, you must clear away the grass cuttings. If left lying on the ground, it will begin to rot and spoil the appearance of the property. And if it is harvested too late, it can leave gaps and become heterogeneous, affecting the appearance of the lawn as well.

Running in of new equipment

Gardening equipment, having an internal combustion engine, just like a new car, requires a running-in period so that the engine parts rub against each other: the longevity of the appliance depends on this.

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To run in a new engine, you need to start the machine and let it run idle for a while. Then work in gentle conditions. at partial RPM and without load, ie do not rush into thickets of weeds with a trimmer in front of the house, and mow the lawn in front of the house.

It is not necessary to mow for the first time and work out the entire time period that the manufacturer expects. After 10-15 minutes of operation, turn off the engine and let the machine cool down.

Height and cutting frequency of the lawn grass

The cutting height of the lawn depends primarily on the species of lawn. For example:

clean, grass, trimmer

You can measure the height of the lawn with a ruler or tape measure so you do not make a mistake Source

As for mowing frequency, it is individual for each variety. See details below:

  • Meadow grass is mowed for the first time after it has produced seed. About this in June. And the cuttings are removed after a few days. Such manipulation allows the seeds to take root. The next mowing is at the beginning/middle of September.
  • Moorland lawns are mown in early July (if the weather is favourable: do not mow in rain). The inflorescences of the plant already produce seeds that fall into the ground. The second mowing is done after the summer flowers bloom. beginning of October.
  • Parterre lawns are mowed much more frequently. around once a week. The cutting height is calculated on the basis of the planting date of the ornamental crop on the lawn.

On how favorable conditions are chosen for mowing the lawn, depends on the further result.

How to mow grass with a trimmer head (grass trimmer reel, mowing head, grass trimmer bobbin)

Purpose of trimmer head (grass trimmer reel, mowing head, grass trimmer bobbin)

  • To remove all unwanted vegetation under walls, along fences, on curbs and around trees, posts, bushes, between stumps and other obstacles.
  • To mow lawns that are out of reach of a lawnmower.
  • To selectively cut thinned grass and weeds before mowing a grassland for hay.
  • To weed the bed between the plants.
  • To shred potato foliage in the vegetable garden before digging out.
  • To remove grass and weeds completely, e.g. from paths.
  • To sweep (creates an air vortex from the large revolutions of the grass trimmer’s line).


The trimmer head (mowing head or grass trimmer reel) has a high output when mowing grass, t.к. it is lighter for the metal blade and has a larger grip diameter of 45 cm, compared to 25 cm for the hay knife.

The consequences of violations

The removal of mowed vegetation in unauthorized places, the formation of an unauthorized landfill leads to an administrative fine.

Dumping trash in gullies, along roads, in woods or other places is a violation of environmental regulations and is punishable by a fine of 2,000 rubles or more. for private individuals and up to 250 thousand. for companies.

In case of repeated violation the fine increases to 3 and 400 thousand respectively.

Burning of waste at a wrong time or in a wrong place can lead to fines for violation of fire safety rules: up to 3 thousand rubles for individuals and up to 200 thousand rubles for companies. for private individuals and up to 200 thousand. for companies.

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Grass height: size matters

From May, the first cut of the year, periodical mowing of the lawn becomes obligatory. The frequency of cutting the grass depends on many factors that determine the intensity of its growth. It is advisable to keep the height of the lawn to a maximum of 1-1.5 dm. Optimum: up to 7 cm.

The height of lawn mowing is determined by the type of plants sown, the purpose of the lawn and the specifics of lawn care. Broadleaf lawns are usually mown to a height of 4 to 6 cm and fine-leaf lawns to a maximum of 4 cm. It is desirable to keep the grass at the same height, but during the hot months you can cut it shorter and water more often to prevent it from drying out.

Mow the lawn for the last time before frost sets in. This is necessary so that the grass can overwinter well. Too much or too little height should not be left.

No more than a third of the grass height can be cut at a time, because otherwise it will be difficult for the plants to regain their function. If the grass is seldom and shortly cut, it will get weaker and grow unevenly, with alternating islands of vegetation and bare soil. In neglected cases you may even need to reseed.

For the record! Creating a parterre English lawn requires a suitable climate. If we do not have such conditions, cutting the grass too short (less than 30 mm) is not recommended because of the likelihood that the plants dry out quickly and get hard growth instead of a soft carpet.

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