How to clear snow with a snowplow with a mouldboard

Selecting and installing blades for a power tiller

Winters in our country can be quite snowy, so owners of mansions and private homes in Russia are often faced with a serious problem of cleaning debris, clearing paths and exits. For many years this problem was solved with the most common shovel. It’s not a bad option when it comes to a small area of the home. But if you need to process a large area, it is worth thinking about buying a power tiller with blades.

Consumables needed

When creating equipment for snow removal with their own hands will need different materials and tools. Therefore, take care of this in advance, so as not to be distracted in the process of making:

  • pipe from the profile;
  • conveyor belt;
  • bolts and nuts;
  • A can of paint;
  • chains;
  • pliers;
  • welding machine;
  • screwdrivers and a hammer;
  • vise;
  • file;
  • angle grinder;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • drill;
  • electric hacksaw.

Having all this at hand, you will quickly make a snowplow on a single-axle tractor with your own hands. But don’t forget that you also need the right schematic. This will be the key to a proper homemade blade.

Tips and tricks

Drawings of a plow for your minitractor with their own hands and snowplow can be made by any owner of a mini-tractor who has experience in this type of work. With this snowblower, you can easily clean the yard of snowdrifts on a regular basis. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that, while saving money, the device can be used both for private use and for commercial purposes, because the device is able to perform a large amount of work in a short time compared to manual work.

clear, snow, snowplow

It is recommended to adhere to the rules and dimensions when making the moldboard, which will be used together with the power tiller, independently. For any owner will not be difficult to work with the dimensions and design the device according to their needs and for a particular model of power tiller. Snowplowing with this device can be an easy and enjoyable activity. It is also important to take care of the condition of the metal surface.

It is best to treat it from time to time with a special primer, which prevents the metal from being affected by rust and subsequent destruction. The surface of the bucket can be coated with a frost-resistant paint.

Using a snowblower

Such a tool as a snow plow, which is coupled with a power tiller, is designed for clearing snow, debris, transferring soil from one end of the plot to the other, etc. п.

Such a tool can be used in different directions and places. For example, for the needs on a personal plot, in the field, for any economic activity.

Such a shovel greatly simplifies the process of cleaning something due to the large working surface.

A complete system looks as follows:

Such designs have a variety of modifications, which have common features. Basically, it is both the principle of operation and design of the device itself. Today, the purchase of such a device is not some kind of luxury. It is a common everyday technique for homeowners to use for their personal needs. They can be used with ease for clearing away trash and snow, leveling the garden plot, etc. п.

Tools and materials

To independently create a snowplow you will need:

  • sheet of steel 850x700x3 mm;
  • 4 steel plates 450h230h3-4 mm;
  • 850x100x3 mm sheet iron;
  • two eyelets for attaching rods;
  • 1 m square tube with a cross section of 40×40 mm;
  • M10,M12 and M8 bolts and washers and nuts;
  • Two bars with a length of 520 mm;
  • a set of drills for metal;
  • pliers;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • A sheet of thick, durable rubber;
  • a small but thick steel sheet;
  • angle grinder with metal disks;
  • apparatus for electric welding;
  • hand drill.

Diagram of making a shovel for power tiller

Principle of work with a snowplow for power tiller

The snow shovel of the motoblock before performing its functions must be properly installed. It is rotated by hand to the right or left side at an angle of up to 30°. The process of adjusting the position ends with setting a suitable angle and fixing the shovel in the chosen position with cotter pins. Grab area of the snowplow for a mobile power unit is usually one meter (some modifications may have different values) with a thickness of 2 to 3 mm shovel material. In industrial applications, these devices are made of high quality steel.

Rating of manufacturers

The most popular are considered Russian brands: search for components will not be difficult in the market of domestic products.


The equipment is equipped with a powerful motor, fueled by gasoline AI-92, the distance of throwing snow. from 8 to 15 meters. Snowplow copes with packed masses, wet snow, can operate at low temperatures. Feature. reduced noise and vibration during the use of machines.

Designed for private households, driveways and landscaping.

Failure to follow the rules of using the snowplow will lead to wear of the petrol parts of the equipment.


Model is equipped with an electric starter that allows you to quickly start the engine with an output of 0.65 to 6.5 kW. Bucket is sized to clean narrow aisles with a width of 32 cm.

The design of the device cleans snow that has caked on easily. Rubberized auger makes it easy to work with the treated surface and leaves no marks on the work surface. Plastic nozzle with adjustable angle of throw.


Machine is assembled in USA and China, quality of equipment remains at a high level. Bucket attachment cleans areas from fresh and icy snow, frozen snow and slush. Inside the bucket is a helical auger.

The equipment is equipped with protective skids, tires with large deep treads, providing excellent traction on flat and sloping surfaces. The model is equipped with a powerful engine (up to 12 kW), in the presence of speed adjustment functions, allowing you to save gasoline during cleaning of the yard.

This equipment is represented by a wide range of models, designed for small and large cleaning areas, coping with different types of snow.

Different design characteristics influence the pricing of snow blowers. Plastic nozzle rotation angle of up to 180 degrees. Gearbox is of cast housing construction, auger with teeth of high-strength steel. Wheels are equipped with self-cleaning treads, reducing the possibility of equipment slipping.


This equipment is more suitable for cleaning large areas. Available in a wide range of models and various modifications.

All products cope with the task of cleaning surfaces even at.30 degrees. Also has excellent flotation and fuel efficiency.


The attachment can handle temperatures from.20°C up to.100°F.20 to 5 degrees. Used only on level ground and available in two models, which differ in the method of attachment to the tiller.

From the regulation functions presented the ability to adjust the range and direction of the snow throw.


Russian-made equipment. Equipped with a toothed auger that shreds snow from the edges to the middle and transmits the mass to the nozzle. Direction and throw distance are adjusted with a screen; the height of snow removal depends on the placement of the skids.

  • The chain is located outside the working area and protected by a shroud that allows for quick replacement;
  • the auger is made by laser machining which increases the quality of the material;
  • light weight of the body;
  • Longer belt life due to the alignment of the pulleys.

“Neva MB”

The nozzle is attached to different models of power tillers, based on the engine power of the equipment, which affects the lack of universality.

The same nozzle is not capable of performing all its functions on the same type of power tiller.

  • “The MB-Compact deals with freshly fallen snow in small areas. To achieve the best result, it is necessary to use groundhooks.
  • “MB-1” is capable of shredding wet and rough snow. Best for cleaning medium-sized areas, parking lots, sidewalks.
  • On “MB-2” the nozzle removes all kinds of soft and deep snow masses. Versatile on any site. When cleaning asphalt or concrete, you should use standard wheels, when cleaning the ground. grousers.
  • “MB-23” copes with the removal of all types of snow cover exclusively in large areas.

Snow Plowing Techniques. Winter Operations Training Series 8 of 13

Homemade blade

Those owners who have no desire to produce a shovel, can easily buy it in a store, but due to the high cost of such units, more often the owners of private cottages and plots are interested in how to make a shovel on a single axle tractor with their own hands. In addition, there is a lot of information and drawings on the Internet on this subject. Such features allow you not only to save money, but also to make the machine of the right parameters.

Dumpsters for farm equipment (power tillers, tractors, ATVs, etc. п. ) greatly facilitate the process of snow removal. This is especially noticeable with large piles. Any snow-cleaning “gadget” for machinery consists of three elements: the working body, which comes into contact with the snow, the mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation, and the bonding node with the equipment.

Although the factory models and have many different types of designs for any agricultural devices, self-assembly of the snowplow element is uncomplicated, and can save a lot of money.

With the help of a homemade machine you can not only engage in snow removal during the winter, but also to remove debris, level the area and other necessary functions.

It does not matter what design is used by the owner. factory or the moldboard with their own hands. In any case, it will have three positions:

Before you start snow removal work, the shovel blade should be set in the right position, based on three possible. After determining and establishing the desired position, it is fixed with metal cotter pins. The width of the snow throwing area is usually one meter, but with a thickness of the steel used of 3-4 millimeters. Some factory models allow you to throw more snow. This is because the industrial samples are usually made of high-quality steel.

Principles of snow throwing equipment

Let’s watch a video on how a snowblower works:

Communal brush is also called a snowplow rotor and has the following principle of operation:

  • Before working with the attachment is carried out adjustment of the angle of attack of the brush and the pressure on the work surface.
  • Shaft with attached bristle brush rings rotates by touching the surface with the end part of the bristles, the snow mass is swept away.
clear, snow, snowplow

Brush provides soft, gentle cleaning of the work surface, suitable for mosaic floors, tiles, etc. д. The blades can be made of either polypropylene or steel wire. Let’s take a look at a video of how snow clearing with a power tiller takes place:

Screw-rotor mounted snow blower (snow blower), has the following principle of operation:

  • The rotor starts to rotate.
  • Toothed blades mounted on the shaft trim ice on the snow.
  • The blades pick up the clumps of snow and transport them to the impeller.
  • The impeller, rotating at high speed, shreds and throws the snow at a distance of 3 to 15 meters (depending on the type and capacity of the engine of the power tiller) through a special adjustable pipe in the right direction.

How we clean the snow with a power tiller with a rotor attachment, tells

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