How to coil a fishing line on an electric grass trimmer

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Thanks to these gardening devices, you can easily mow even a large garden plot. After purchasing this tool and doing some mowing, many people wonder how to correctly wind the line on the grass trimmer reel. For the inexperienced user, the first operation to replace it will seem problematic and time-consuming, because developers often do not fully reflect the instructions for changing the line in the instruction manual.

How to thread fishing line into a grass trimmer

Thread adjustment

If the mowing performance begins to drop, the length of the thread must be adjusted. The thread length can be optimally adjusted at any time during mowing by lightly touching (arrow) the thread head to the floor. However, this is only possible if the thread protrudes over the edge of the mower. at 3 cm.

Trimmer knife (see thread cutter). page. 8, D/8) automatically cuts too long thread ends If the thread ends are shorter than 3 cm, the length of the thread must be adjusted manually Press the button and pull firmly on the thread. WARNING: cleaning the yarn head, changing the yarn and manually adjusting the yarn length can only be done when the engine is off and the mains plug is unplugged!

Inserting new thread

Always switch the engine off and disconnect the mains plug before renewing the line! Press the lock (B/1) and turn the cover (B/2) as far as it will go (the nose on the cover (B/3) must be in the middle of the lock) Remove the cover (B/2) from the housing (B/4) Remove the spool (B/5) from the housing and remove the old thread.

Winding the line

Threading a fishing line into the grass trimmer reel is a relatively simple procedure, provided that you follow a certain algorithm of actions. When you have determined how many meters of consumable material are enough, wind it on the bobbin so that the coil does not exceed the diameter of the curbs. Once you have decided on the length of the cord, follow the instructions below:

coil, fishing, line, electric
  • Fold the consumables in half so that one end of the line is 10-15 cm longer than the other.
  • Start with the central rib which divides the grass trimmer bobbin into two parts. Find the groove where the cord should be inserted. Bend the last one in half.
  • Determine which direction you want to wind the line. To do this, look closely at the bobbin, which may have an arrow or inscription on it. It indicates the winding side. If there are no markings on the spool, look at the arrow on the mowing head. wind it up in the opposite direction.
  • Wrap the consumable material carefully, coil by coil. Try to keep the thread as tight as possible.
  • When you have finished wrapping, fasten the short end of the filament first. Insert it into the groove on the sidewall of the spool, which fits the diameter. Attach the second (longer) end in the groove on the other side of the grass trimmer’s bobbin.
  • Once you’ve secured the line, cut the ends. Do not forget to leave an allowance of about 10 cm.
  • Position the tucked spool on the mowing head of the device. This involves alternately inserting and pulling the thread into the output holes of the head to then place the device’s bobbin into the skin.
  • After applying the required force, pull the cord out of the fixing grooves and tighten the material. Once this is complete, put on the cover and secure it with the catches.
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Step-by-step winding the fishing line on the spool You can also wind the cord on the grass trimmer in another way, which charges two pieces of material instead of one. Replace as follows:

  • Bend one end of the cord into a hook.
  • At the bottom of the bobbin there should be a hole, which is designed to fix the fishing line. Insert the bent end of the thread there.
  • Wrap the cord material in the direction of the arrow to the desired level, which is no larger than the diameter of the grass trimmer spool.
  • Do the same for the second cell of the bobbin.
  • Assembling the head of the device is similar to the first method.

Choose a fishing line

The fishing line must be strong, stiff and flexible. in the trimmer it serves as a working tool for cutting the grass. Different line thicknesses. from 1.2 mm to 4.0 mm. are available. Most models are designed for a maximum filament thickness of 3 mm. Which diameter of line is right for your grass trimmer depends on a number of factors.

Depending on the hardness of the mowed vegetation:

Important note: if the filament is too thin, it will wear out the motor faster; if it is too coarse, the motor will overheat and malfunction prematurely.

The cord construction of the line is important:

  • round. universal, the strongest, for coarse grass
  • Curly. for soft grass;
  • twisted, notched. for longer, thinner stems.

Триммер электрический///установка лески. Electric trimmer/ / / fishing line installation

Important! Always choose lines of the type and specifications recommended by your brushcutter manufacturer. Such material will work long and well with optimal loads on the motor of the product.

How to coil a line on trimmers with a straight boom

On electric and gasoline trimmers with a straight boom and reducer at the end, it is necessary to insert a screwdriver in the hole under the reel. Then slowly turn the coil until the screwdriver goes even deeper and locks it. Then you need to turn the whole spool clockwise until it disengages from the grass trimmer. After this the coil can be disassembled. It can be assembled with snaps or twisted with a thumbturn.

If the coil is on the latches, you need to press on the sides of the latches base so that they will bend and release one half of the coil body from the other. The wing nut can be simply unscrewed. There may also be a third type of connection of parts of the spool, when one hand fix the lower part and the other the upper part of the spool, then turn them in opposite directions. When disassembling such a coil, you should also take care not to lose the spring inside it.

How to wind the line on the reel of the gasoline grass trimmer with your own hands

It’s no secret that an ordinary lawnmower can be used far from everywhere. In contrast, the trimmer is able to handle even very difficult areas. This is especially true for those tools in which the cutting element is not a knife but a fishing line.

How the line head works on the brushcutter: why do you need to know the working principle?

Depending on the manufacturer, the heads differ not only externally but also internally in terms of construction. Most reels have a pressure spring inside (semi-automatic and automatic). Above is the instruction on how to disassemble the grass trimmer head without the spring, t.е. On the head of the manual type. The principle of dismounting a semi-automatic head with a spring inside is almost identical to the above instruction.

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The principle of operation of the semi-automatic grass trimmer reel is as follows:

  • Inside the head is a spool, which is planted on slits that prevent it from moving freely
  • The spool is actuated by a spring that presses it against the slots in the cover structure
  • A fishing line is wound onto the lead, the length of which depends on the tool itself. This length is normally 1 to 4 meters
  • If the length of the line needs to be increased, the excursion part of the reel is pressed during the work, so that it disengages from the slots. The line unwinds from the reel and becomes longer
  • Release the clamping force after letting go of the necessary amount of line, and continue mowing

The advantage of a power-line tool is that it does not require sharpening, as opposed to a metal blade. In addition, if a stone or wood gets in the way, the line simply snaps off without negatively affecting the gearbox and motor of the tool, as is the case with metal cutting blades.

Knowing the construction and the device of the types of mowing or trimmer heads, it is necessary to proceed to the consideration of the process of threading the line into the grass trimmer reel. This is the very moment that causes most owners of special tools difficulties.

How to wind the line correctly on a grass trimmer reel?

Despite the fact that the garden equipment has been used for quite a long time, for some owners of private houses it is still a novelty. That’s why there are often questions about how to wind the line on an electric or gasoline trimmer for grass.

This is essentially an uncomplicated operation, but all of its steps should be performed competently to achieve the desired result. over, in the instructions for use few manufacturers give an answer to this burning question. Read on to learn how to wind the line onto the grass trimmer reel.

How to wind the fishing line on the grass trimmer reel

First of all, you should know that grass trimmers have different working attachments. The reel can be designed for different lengths and thicknesses of the fishing line. this point should be taken into account when purchasing consumables.

So, how to charge the fishing line into the grass trimmer reel? The whole work is divided into several steps:

  • First dismantle the grass trimmer head.
  • Unscrew the line by turning the reel to the right.
  • Use your fingers to press in the two catches on either side of the flying leads and remove the top cover. You can pry open the cover with a screwdriver. Be careful when doing this: Automatic line feed reels have a spring that can forcefully throw the cover off the reel along with all of its contents.
  • Remove the old line scraps.
  • Now you need to find the middle of the line. To do this, unwind it to the required length (for example, 10 m), cut it off and fold it in half.
  • Hook the middle of the line in the notch provided or insert it in the hole provided. And start winding. Direction is indicated by an arrow, which is usually marked on the body of the grass trimmer reel (usually against the rotation of the drum). Some models have a double-sided spool, in which case the line should be wound in different directions, one end going one way and the other end going the other, with the line loop wrapped around the separating slot in the middle.
  • Leave loose ends of the line about 20 cm long each. You need to put them into the recesses later.
  • And finally, the last step is to assemble the reel. Reinstall the washers and spring. On the top ring of the spool there are two notches where you must tuck the fishing line tendrils. Put them through the holes and put the reel in the reel, making sure to pull the line without dislodging the spring.
  • Place the reel cover on top of the reel and close it with your fingers. The catches should click into place.
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When you switch on the weed trimmer, the excess line will cut off by itself with the trimmer blade.

As you can see, winding the fishing line on the grass trimmer spool is not difficult: the main thing is to do everything correctly. And here are a few more tips that will be useful to you when choosing a fishing line, its winding and subsequent work:

How to insert a fishing line into the grass trimmer?

Filling the mowing reel with cutting filament for grass trimmer is not a difficult task, but beginners gardeners will have to practice a little to be able to quickly insert the cord into the existing household grass trimmer in the future.

There are only a few ways to thread the grass trimmer’s mowing head. The first method is the easiest and is well suited for beginning gardeners.

Electric Grass/String Trimmer GH900 Black and Decker

In this case, the cord is inserted in the reel in the following sequence:

  • First, you will need to wind off about 6 m of grass trimmer line from the common bobbin, then cut the resulting section in half. The result should be two strands, each 3 meters long;
  • You will then need to make a hook of sorts at one end of the first piece, and insert it into one of the through holes located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Next, you need to start winding the line on the spool in the direction indicated by the arrow. While winding, the line should be made sure that it lies evenly on the surface of the bobbin and does not extend beyond the bobbin’s upper section. It is not necessary to reel the thread to the end, in your hands should remain about 15 cm of thread;
  • The remaining free end of the wound cord needs to be inserted into one of the notches located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Next, do the same procedure with the second piece of fishing line. It will need to be wound on the lower section of the bobbin;
  • As in the first case, do not wind the line on the lower section to the end. The remaining piece of thread will need to be inserted into the second slot of the bobbin.

After this operation the reel will need to be mounted on the grass trimmer and wound up. To check if strings are securely fastened, the throttle lever must be pressed all the way down so that the engine reaches maximum rpm. If the line does not fly out of the head, the line is secure and will not fly out of the filament spool while cutting the grass.

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